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Adults react to Hot Ones and take on the spicy challenge during
questions. Watch to see their reactions.
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Adults React To Hot Ones


  1. FBE

    FBE4 months ago

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  2. Orbit007

    Orbit0073 months ago

    You should have shown the one woth Halle Berry, She just eats all of it, ni coughing, no milk,

  3. Caleb Payne

    Caleb Payne4 months ago

    Use the twins more FBE!

  4. ND Junction

    ND Junction4 months ago

    they gave Bill vegan nuggets? So what? the sauce has tons of beef extract/products

  5. eric hernandez

    eric hernandez4 months ago

    Yg ate the wings better than the host

  6. That Guy Called Tunde

    That Guy Called Tunde4 months ago

    Thanks I literally asked for this last vid haha

  7. Andre Rushawn

    Andre Rushawn3 months ago

    I'm dyin bwoo

  8. Andre Rushawn

    Andre Rushawn3 months ago

    I'm dyin

  9. malia arakaki ka’io

    malia arakaki ka’io3 months ago

    love tylers shirt LOL

  10. Holly-rose Mck

    Holly-rose Mck3 months ago

    You should have shown the sasha banks one

  11. real juice

    real juice3 months ago

    I just hate they don’t eat the wings completely :(

  12. Halo Jumper

    Halo Jumper3 months ago

    15:50 she need some milk.

  13. Jason Cadua

    Jason Cadua3 months ago

    “It’s ABC motherf***er”

  14. Clutch Kick

    Clutch Kick3 months ago

    of course my spicy latina has no problem with the heat

  15. Chelsea Mac

    Chelsea Mac3 months ago

    I’ve missed the twins! They look so good and grown!

  16. XMarxtheSpot

    XMarxtheSpot3 months ago

    >watches all hot ones episodes >FBE new video >watches people watch all the hot ones episodes i've already watched

  17. alex scallops

    alex scallops3 months ago

    the blonde girl's personality was WACK

  18. Bram vK

    Bram vK3 months ago

    alex scallops how the fuck can someone’s personality be WACK?

  19. Itzel Arceo

    Itzel Arceo3 months ago

    My man sean

  20. tomitstube

    tomitstube3 months ago

    would have been better if we knew what they were eating.

  21. El Rey Del Mundo

    El Rey Del Mundo3 months ago

    @tomitstube every season before the season start they have a whole episode going on about the sauce lineup.

  22. tomitstube

    tomitstube3 months ago

    @Megha Singhania what sauce?

  23. Filthy Hanzo Main

    Filthy Hanzo Main3 months ago

    Bruh as if you dont know hot ones

  24. Megha Singhania

    Megha Singhania3 months ago

    It's chicken wings lol!!

  25. Grace Sarfowaa

    Grace Sarfowaa3 months ago

    The ladies really kept their composure till the end...real heros

  26. Syntrax Mellow

    Syntrax Mellow3 months ago

    Habanero ain’t spicy that’s my daily snack only cause my mom always cooks with salsa and chillie

  27. Bonsy

    Bonsy3 months ago

    They should of showed yg’s

  28. El Rey Del Mundo

    El Rey Del Mundo3 months ago

    Should have shown DJ Khaled freaking out after biting into his first wing.

  29. cook j

    cook j3 months ago


  30. 123haninhk

    123haninhk3 months ago

    Madison, as always, never watched anything before.

  31. Pedro

    Pedro3 months ago

    Sean Evans is the best host! great questions all the time.

  32. IndoN1nja

    IndoN1nja3 months ago

    My guy wearing a "catch my woah" shirt and no one mentions it😂

  33. Angelo Frago

    Angelo Frago3 months ago

    he also wore a "HODOR!" - Hodor shirt in another video

  34. Muhammad Rouhan

    Muhammad Rouhan3 months ago

    I feel old

  35. pandoralover21

    pandoralover213 months ago

    missed the twins

  36. Billies Blohsh

    Billies Blohsh3 months ago

    5:43 is Billie since she’s the reason we most likely clicked on this video..

  37. Luis Mejia

    Luis Mejia3 months ago

    No what the fuck

  38. Christian Torres

    Christian Torres3 months ago

    Not really

  39. AirBornTempo

    AirBornTempo3 months ago


  40. andita nurma

    andita nurma3 months ago

    I just notice that fbe use billie as clickbait in some videos 🙄

  41. Darius Loera

    Darius Loera3 months ago

    Learn the term *clickbait* before using it. If anything the title *Hot* *Ones* and Sean Evans made me click the video

  42. Doctorine

    Doctorine3 months ago

    I don't think clickbait means what you think it means lol

  43. Kiana Kaapuwai

    Kiana Kaapuwai3 months ago

    How is this clickbait she was in the video

  44. Roland Sampouw

    Roland Sampouw3 months ago

    not in this one tho

  45. crush đéo rep

    crush đéo rep3 months ago

    These wings are fuckin R A W

  46. margareth michelina

    margareth michelina3 months ago

    16:36 He took his twin sister's milk

  47. jester.

    jester.3 months ago


  48. tarantula

    tarantula3 months ago

    We don't need no water the said ,oh millennials 😂😂😂

  49. Niana K

    Niana K3 months ago

    Tom is hella cute!!!

  50. Tsär Sh

    Tsär Sh3 months ago

    You should've put fucking Bobby Lee ep on this 🤣🤣🤣 it's absolutely the best without a doubt

  51. Thomas

    Thomas3 months ago

    Yeah or coolio

  52. Oilerpa

    Oilerpa3 months ago

    I love Hot Ones! They need more famous people

  53. Keeping It Real Awesome

    Keeping It Real Awesome3 months ago

    Love hot ones an this was definitely one of my favorite episodes 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  54. Jessica Knight

    Jessica Knight3 months ago

    I love Sean Evans and Hot Ones!

  55. StelfTIGRESS

    StelfTIGRESS3 months ago

    legit sitting eating some chicken and hot sauce 😂😂 how fitting

  56. Stephanie Giraldo

    Stephanie Giraldo3 months ago

    I was hoping they'd feature MGK bc he's the reason there's The Last Dab lol

  57. Tyger Yoshi

    Tyger Yoshi3 months ago

    Episode of Guitar players play Guitar Hero!~

  58. Dovah Kiin

    Dovah Kiin3 months ago

    Alton Brown was probably the best hot ones episode.

  59. The Thing

    The Thing3 months ago

    He's the best, period.

  60. Zach Ryan

    Zach Ryan3 months ago

    Wheres tina the tiger

  61. Sarah Palmer

    Sarah Palmer3 months ago

    I love hot ones! I just ordered the classic sauce😝

  62. G Jw

    G Jw3 months ago


  63. CuriousPrince

    CuriousPrince3 months ago

    I thought Tom was just a collage student

  64. SpongeBob NiggaPants

    SpongeBob NiggaPants3 months ago

    Are we not talk about dudes “catch my woah” shirt


    KIM RODRIGUEZ4 months ago

    I love this episode and cool fact my brother has a few of the hot sauces and he tries them

  66. ehh887

    ehh8874 months ago


  67. TAYLOR _ QUEEN 13

    TAYLOR _ QUEEN 134 months ago

    I'm here for Billie eilish ❤

  68. Marina Abroad

    Marina Abroad4 months ago

    THE TWINS ARE BACK!!!! :D :D So happy

  69. vii hgg

    vii hgg4 months ago

    It’s not just A and B .. it’s ABC motherfvckers

  70. Dhairya Jarande

    Dhairya Jarande3 months ago

    This edit was hilarious

  71. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose4 months ago

    we can tell tom loves sean evans

  72. aneesa

    aneesa4 months ago

    that fr looks so good tho

  73. Aayan Ahmed

    Aayan Ahmed4 months ago

    Can u guys talk about icardi and maxi Lopez beef ting

  74. Brian Twiss

    Brian Twiss4 months ago

    1:27 Here we see the face of a man who has just realized he should have called in sick.

  75. Future2k

    Future2k4 months ago


  76. caresha please

    caresha please4 months ago

    michael and miracle😭😭

  77. flawless amazement

    flawless amazement4 months ago

    The black people were a full mood

  78. Iyuna Murphy

    Iyuna Murphy4 months ago

    Exactly and they barely showed their answers. 😒🤦🏾‍♀️

  79. Junes

    Junes4 months ago

    **mild chicken** white people: 15:48

  80. Dunder Mifflin

    Dunder Mifflin4 months ago

    I came here for Billie

  81. N-Word Pass

    N-Word Pass4 months ago

    just go watch the video on the original channel then.......

  82. Sarah Tonin

    Sarah Tonin4 months ago

    As a brown person I am disappointed in Alberto. Lol

  83. Aditya Patil

    Aditya Patil4 months ago

    8:32 they seem happy eating chicken 👀

  84. CTRL Pxwerfull

    CTRL Pxwerfull4 months ago


  85. LVZ

    LVZ4 months ago


  86. MrMahn21

    MrMahn214 months ago


  87. Sydney Charter

    Sydney Charter4 months ago

    look here

  88. kyleen lipinski

    kyleen lipinski4 months ago

    was homeboy really eating that ranch with a spoon? LMAO