Wearbuds Are Like AirPods In Your Watch


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyMonth ago

    LaterClips - uswork.info

  2. Hawke Begun

    Hawke BegunMonth ago

    When lanch

  3. setting is improved

    setting is improvedMonth ago

    Does Androids work

  4. Called Storm28

    Called Storm28Month ago

    Ok i just rad that in Amerika is 5, in my country is already 11,sorry.

  5. Called Storm28

    Called Storm28Month ago

    I didn't get the email.

  6. Henrik Gønge

    Henrik Gønge22 hours ago

    Love your channel, Lew and god dammit, you look eerily like David Fincher. 👍🏻🤘🏻😵🇩🇰

  7. Doubts Bro

    Doubts BroDay ago

    Can we buy these now!?!?!?

  8. Asad Asif syed

    Asad Asif syed2 days ago

    Comment about ticwatch e

  9. DJ

    DJ3 days ago

    It's ok I guess but it's not for me I was expecting more I guess.🤔😒😴

  10. Hisflock777

    Hisflock7773 days ago

    How base driven are these buds? Would you say they're very bassy or just average in sound quality?

  11. Moses Esteban

    Moses Esteban3 days ago

    Wait.. earbuds it's use for coming call and out call? I dont understand because you make a music only.. thanks

  12. Mats Rudi

    Mats Rudi4 days ago


  13. alexanderakacorey

    alexanderakacorey4 days ago

    Are they water proof

  14. T PJ

    T PJ4 days ago

    backed this campaign. Got the early bird on it paying $49 really hoping they are as good as you are making it sound!

  15. The Potato Land

    The Potato Land4 days ago

    can you store music on the watch and listen to music on the watch?

  16. Jak Sal

    Jak Sal4 days ago

    *Only If this had a touch screen* That would be class

  17. gutsbriones

    gutsbriones3 days ago

    It does

  18. Dither Silvestre

    Dither Silvestre4 days ago

    I've seen this in kickstarter i think ot indigogo? SO PSYCH YOU MADE A REVIEW ABOUT IT =D

  19. Gery GG

    Gery GG5 days ago

    This is how the Power Ranger Work

  20. jeremy davis

    jeremy davis5 days ago

    I would lose that earbud after one week.....guaranteed.

  21. Uncle Bobby B

    Uncle Bobby B5 days ago


  22. josh

    josh5 days ago

    That band Aid Review Soon? Is It Loud Too?

  23. Harry Jordan

    Harry Jordan6 days ago

    AirPods charging in Apple Watch?

  24. Tyronn Russ

    Tyronn Russ7 days ago

    Its morphin time !

  25. Pep si

    Pep si8 days ago

    no use

  26. Kamikaze Hound

    Kamikaze Hound8 days ago

    Its kinda ug compared to other smart watches and reg watches.

  27. Patrick Tuohy

    Patrick Tuohy8 days ago

    Ubliest watch I have ever seen, hopefully they make it look at least half decent

  28. Rayhana Rahman

    Rayhana Rahman5 days ago

    Set 8 grammar

  29. MICHAEL Bullard

    MICHAEL Bullard8 days ago

    Soooo I went to best buy and start looking at ear buds and its like a liquor store and all the different flavors were is a man to start!!!! Anyways what about the JBL they are usually on point with sound and Sony? and Sol republic Air2.0? I'd like to see you review these I know i know but just saying .... I bought the powerbeats pro but I want better sound! 270with tax!

  30. Rad gamer

    Rad gamer8 days ago

    I want it

  31. Christhe Gamer

    Christhe Gamer8 days ago

    Apple is gonna get ya for saying that lol

  32. Andrew

    Andrew8 days ago

    How do I get it because it says Kickstarter isn’t a store and there are no guarantees because it might not go as planned so if I were to back the project would I get the product just like unbox therapy

  33. Jacob Costa

    Jacob Costa8 days ago

    Andrew 🤦‍♂️

  34. Name Named

    Name Named8 days ago

    I feel this should have an app drawer but not really. As long as it has the time and an option to pause/play your audio but pulling out your phone for texting or changing from a song to a podcast is no big deal. It has a microphone too right?

  35. A Aron Balake

    A Aron Balake9 days ago

    The watch design ugly as fuck..

  36. Daniel Kliemczak

    Daniel Kliemczak9 days ago

    Are they reliable?

  37. Luis Reyes

    Luis Reyes10 days ago

    Where my AirPods gang at ? 

  38. Kader Ouattara

    Kader Ouattara10 days ago

    I like this

  39. Awsaf Uzzaman

    Awsaf Uzzaman11 days ago

    Will these be on amazon

  40. Toni Casta

    Toni Casta11 days ago

    Do the waxbuds only pair if the watch is near by or do they pair with the phone on their own???


    WENHUI YE11 days ago

    This will be the most useful invention of the year.

  42. Stan Lee

    Stan Lee11 days ago

    The concept is neat , but the watch is not all that looking. Most of the time its beter to wait till the 3rd -4th generation. What happens when you loose one?


    SUKRUTH K12 days ago

    Please could you do the unboxing and review of Noise shots x5

  44. JackOfAllTradesMasterOfNone

    JackOfAllTradesMasterOfNone12 days ago

    It looks BULKY as all get out. The only smart watch I've owned was the Moto 360. Can anyone compare the bulk of this and the Moto 360?

  45. PiNkY Pereira

    PiNkY Pereira13 days ago

    Are these louder then the new beats power pro ?

  46. Randolph Ham

    Randolph Ham13 days ago

    Reminder that this product is already live at Kickstarter you can get them starting from $69 to $149 (Especial edition) @t

  47. alphagt62

    alphagt6213 days ago

    It’s a geek watch! Too big, gaudy looking.

  48. yoloz man890

    yoloz man89013 days ago

    Can you review the Lemfo M1

  49. Zain RT

    Zain RT14 days ago

    How can I get one??? Help

  50. Dante Thames

    Dante Thames14 days ago

    How u cut ur hand?

  51. Gyoubu Oniwa

    Gyoubu Oniwa14 days ago


  52. Abdullah Kashif

    Abdullah Kashif14 days ago

    Sooooooo... What does it cost???

  53. Becca Howes

    Becca Howes15 days ago

    Which phone did you use for this video?

  54. flo

    flo15 days ago

    i guess its onepls 7 pro


    GAMERS CREW16 days ago

    Are they sweat and water resistant ?

  56. Krishna Patel

    Krishna Patel17 days ago


  57. Agent C14

    Agent C1417 days ago

    As a person in marching band I could appreciate this product for the sound quality and being able track all my stuff, so I like the concept. The only problem is the bulk on that watch and not being able to use something like Spotify built into the watch (although it's early beta and things could still change)

  58. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody18 days ago

    Old lou would have put on that watch and said "you see this...were in the future people!" "You go around your freinds and your gonna look like your from your future. They're gonna think is this is guy from the future???" Lol