You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes: Morning Routine


  1. Anju Anita

    Anju Anita2 hours ago

    Just burn the mobile home. WEIRD FLEX, BUT OKAY.

  2. Ava Dias

    Ava Dias5 hours ago

    Guys do not make fun of people who are gay because they are loyal and will protect you and Gay is not disgusting it’s just two guys who like each other 👍👍 Like if you agree to you shouldn’t bully gay people

  3. Canady Thomas

    Canady Thomas6 hours ago

    Taylor: I was like “don’t think about it”

  4. butterfly

    butterfly14 hours ago

    2:12 that guy standing behind Taylor with a white cap is joe ... all credit goes to @butdarling_itsgoingtobeokay on insta ...

  5. Sam Chavan

    Sam Chavan32 minutes ago

    Where??? Who?? Which one!??? Plzz tell ... I just can't figure out..

  6. Autumn Lewis

    Autumn Lewis19 hours ago

    Lol so they lip sync... shooting a video is awkward ash

  7. Jill Roozee

    Jill RoozeeDay ago

    Taylor Swift is cool who igres

  8. Jill Roozee

    Jill RoozeeDay ago

    And cool if you go to the loven tour lol see me

  9. martina ferrero periz

    martina ferrero perizDay ago

    It’s a real tatoo?

  10. Kelly J. Gamer

    Kelly J. GamerDay ago

    Can I just say that, my birthdays in pride month

  11. Amy Amy

    Amy AmyDay ago

    Me When I Rage That I Throw My Phone: 2:25

  12. Melissa mignan

    Melissa mignanDay ago

    You can see joe a little bit everywhere 😌😌

  13. Eunice Cruz

    Eunice CruzDay ago

    I love you so much taylor you are so beutifull

  14. Bosco Yeung

    Bosco YeungDay ago


  15. Lady Jewelyn

    Lady Jewelyn2 days ago

    Found our Daddy Joe supporting Mommy Tay. @1:21 @2:09 and @2:13. 🥰

  16. Football Fans

    Football Fans2 days ago

    Song magnificence and Taylor Swift Queen who agrees with me in this opinion, I feel free to press you and subscribe to my channel and press the button I hope you 😢😢 bell❤👍👍👍👍👍👍

  17. The Hoverboaders

    The Hoverboaders2 days ago

    1:54 was iconic

  18. Fatima Amir Azim

    Fatima Amir Azim2 days ago

    Isn't it funny how she was stressing when filming a song called you need to calm down

  19. Fatima Amir Azim

    Fatima Amir Azim2 days ago

    She knows how to wink and still looks good

  20. Two Three

    Two Three2 days ago

    That pool metaphor is a wormhole aimed at some helpless pool guy.

  21. Faheemah bera

    Faheemah bera2 days ago

    Hi Taylor can you please make a sad crush song

  22. Zaynab and the Dog

    Zaynab and the Dog3 days ago

    I know no one cares but I'm cutting my really long, that I've been growing most of my life, off. I wanted to tell someone other than my friends

  23. nixnguyen

    nixnguyen3 days ago

    That wink at 0:21 -- I died, went to Heaven, and came back to life to watch the wink again

  24. Christopher Mueller

    Christopher Mueller3 days ago

    Please get that tattoo permeant. It's honestly the coolest thing ever.

  25. Giannina Lilian

    Giannina Lilian3 days ago

    She cant walk heels :/

  26. Iga D

    Iga D3 days ago

    I looove taylor!

  27. Precilla Pabilario

    Precilla Pabilario3 days ago

    Omg #tailorswiftcoolest

  28. So Pheak

    So Pheak4 days ago


  29. Sherbi WOLF10

    Sherbi WOLF104 days ago

    I love the message in the end of the video

  30. Dollsney Channel

    Dollsney Channel4 days ago

    Are you sure this is really my Taylor...

  31. •ѕυηяιѕє

    •ѕυηяιѕє4 days ago

    is she lip syncing

  32. someone special

    someone special4 days ago

    Me : laughing at videos at 3am My family : you need to calm down , you are being too loud !

  33. sunny love

    sunny love4 days ago


  34. MinsTastic

    MinsTastic4 days ago

    Wowwww i thought this fire was just editing,,, Taylor swift really does love to go all out 😂

  35. Cute Gaming :3

    Cute Gaming :34 days ago

    i love hows shes just like: “DONE WITH THE POOL.”

  36. best of anooshka time

    best of anooshka time4 days ago

    Who do you love more Talyor swift - comment Katy part - like


    FRIENDS CREATIVITIES Channel4 days ago

    2:13. I saw Joe alwyn!! Did u??

  38. Dora The explorer

    Dora The explorer4 days ago

    Who is more powerful Taylor Or Fire

  39. Sierra Puckett

    Sierra Puckett5 days ago

    Everyone's getting a little thicker and looking sooo **HEALTHY** YASS QUEEN 👑

  40. Reece Grucza

    Reece Grucza5 days ago

    The actual video cuts out the ice 😂

  41. Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan

    Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan5 days ago

    thought that the interior of the caravan would be filmed in studio, but it was filmed in the actual caravan

  42. Casey Sermons

    Casey Sermons5 days ago

    I'm loving the behind the scenes footage. Keep it coming. And yes, that tattoo rocks!

  43. Abdo&Huda Syrai

    Abdo&Huda Syrai5 days ago

    I just love every music video she makes,the lyrics,the details Love how smart and creative she is I just love her Taylor Swift Supporter and Fan Forever ✌👊

  44. Jane

    Jane5 days ago

    I love the call for change at the end of every video

  45. Jane

    Jane5 days ago


  46. Jane

    Jane5 days ago

    Is it bad I want that back tattoo

  47. Ruba Albakouni

    Ruba Albakouni5 days ago

    Ilove you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  48. fabio jenson

    fabio jenson5 days ago

    taylor swift that good morning america elephant dung beetle shit eating routine face ass bitch

  49. teresa martinez

    teresa martinez5 days ago

    i love taylors tattoo

  50. Ashlynn Parnell

    Ashlynn Parnell5 days ago

    Love you Taylor

  51. Gabbie’s Pillow

    Gabbie’s Pillow5 days ago

    at the begging I didn’t pay attention to what she was saying cause I was distracted by how pretty she is

  52. Jo Dalinkus

    Jo Dalinkus5 days ago

    Nothing beats a life performance,