4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Kim Nilsson

    Kim Nilsson2 hours ago

    The ”PRO” chef is trash


    AREEDA KHAN3 hours ago

    Lorenzooooo won

  3. Hero Suprayetno

    Hero Suprayetno3 hours ago

    always level 1: looks okay level 2: looks delicious level 3: looks fancy

  4. RingingEagle

    RingingEagle4 hours ago

    5:40 my food tech teacher is a Muslim and that bacon is not halal

  5. Putthatinur Pipe

    Putthatinur Pipe4 hours ago

    Oooh...A Lorenzo episode. Guess Ill see you next time

  6. Alex Warren

    Alex Warren4 hours ago

    Why do Americans say herbs without the h they say erbs

  7. nikegaming 3

    nikegaming 34 hours ago

    Level 1 is kairostime s wife

  8. nikegaming 3

    nikegaming 34 hours ago

    For real

  9. nikegaming 3

    nikegaming 34 hours ago

    Lol lv one is kairostime wife

  10. Simulation Operator

    Simulation Operator4 hours ago

    Nobody: Not a soul: Emily: I found these eggs on the street when I was 7.

  11. - MrMajiicmini

    - MrMajiicmini5 hours ago

    Level 1: YuMmY! Level 3: wTf YoU dIdNt GrOw YoUr OwN eGgS?

  12. SpArGaToRuL

    SpArGaToRuL6 hours ago

    I'm level 5

  13. Maya Seybold

    Maya Seybold6 hours ago

    You know, I actually like this food scientist better than the other one. She doesn’t just slam the level 1 chef for like 75% of her food science-ing

  14. skullier13

    skullier136 hours ago


  15. AquaMarineDolphinTeeth

    AquaMarineDolphinTeeth6 hours ago

    level 1 chef: exists Food Scientist: Hahaha, no

  16. Raka Siwi

    Raka Siwi6 hours ago

    Am i the only one seeing Emily not putting salt in the omelet?

  17. Tobias Huber

    Tobias Huber8 hours ago

    There could be only one Chef in this one: FISK!

  18. Danimal Planet

    Danimal Planet8 hours ago

    French style without browning tastes so much better IMO. Also way less room for error.

  19. Subuluf

    Subuluf9 hours ago

    Team Emily!

  20. Vishnu Haridas

    Vishnu Haridas9 hours ago

    Just realized I'm level 0

  21. Devara FT

    Devara FT9 hours ago

    I think this is the first time that the level 3 chef's food doesn't really look weird and overly complicated

  22. squink

    squink10 hours ago

    I always like the level 2 chef-

  23. Bagus Prihastomo

    Bagus Prihastomo10 hours ago

    Why I'm not discover this show more earlier, whyyy!?!? 😭

  24. Crantrex

    Crantrex10 hours ago

    1:20 i swear i saw him in a lifelock commercial

  25. ÅłwåyśMårgø

    ÅłwåyśMårgø10 hours ago

    When the level 3 put the paste, it sorta looked like poo...

  26. BlowFish

    BlowFish10 hours ago

    Level 5 uswork.info/videos/s10etP1p2bU-video.html the classic French is art. I was kinda underwhelmed with the Pro omelette tbh.

  27. anon 2000

    anon 200011 hours ago

    5:05 the filling low-key looks like a turd

  28. Roland sucks at skating

    Roland sucks at skating11 hours ago

    Where is frank, did she even lay her own eggs and sit on them for months like frank would?

  29. Ethaniel Plaza

    Ethaniel Plaza12 hours ago

    Me: eats level 3 omelet Waiter: That will be $36 Complete silence Me: What the beeeeeeeeep this expensive for a omelet

  30. ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo

    ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo12 hours ago

    *_sees new scientist_* **(X) DOUBT**

  31. chloe said

    chloe said12 hours ago

    Yea I’ve noticed almost always think the level 2 cook is the best the level 3 cook omelet looked horrible, Just to complicated/unnecessary. The level 1 cook bless her she was just trying her best. Idk why she thought it was a good idea to cook your eggs that way.

  32. Kaiya A

    Kaiya A12 hours ago

    Excuse me???!!! Who are you new expert???? Im personally offended!!

  33. Kookie _taekook

    Kookie _taekook12 hours ago

    Lorenzos food always look so appetizing

  34. Sofia M

    Sofia M12 hours ago

    Lorenzo's looks the best and sounds the best. He knows what he is doing in this series lol

  35. pxtrova

    pxtrova12 hours ago

    Lorenzo is the best. Every. Damm. Time.

  36. Paul Nguyen

    Paul Nguyen13 hours ago

    0:40 - you can tell she's a level 1 chef because she can't hold a knife properly

  37. InfernoHyper 76

    InfernoHyper 7613 hours ago

    How come they don’t flip them

  38. Dev 23

    Dev 2313 hours ago

    Hell nah who the new mf

  39. Chemical Z

    Chemical Z13 hours ago

    Level 1: it’s burned and undercooked Level 2:hahahahaha LEVEL 3: “laying the eggs”

  40. Chemical Z

    Chemical Z13 hours ago

    Level 1:It’s burned Lorenzo = HAHA Level 3: make my own fire to make the food with

  41. Dan the man

    Dan the man13 hours ago

    Barb is so generous

  42. Maximilian Mus's Spy

    Maximilian Mus's Spy14 hours ago

    Pornhub intro: 2:54

  43. Brandon Evans

    Brandon Evans14 hours ago

    why is she holding that stick?

  44. Julian_Is_A_Bot 07

    Julian_Is_A_Bot 0714 hours ago

    I feel like Lorenzo is a better chef than the the level 3's

  45. Chosen Mango

    Chosen Mango14 hours ago

    Level 1 Chef: level 1 confidence Level 3 Chef: level 3 confidence Level 2 Chef: NONE SHALL DEFEAT ME

  46. gang gang

    gang gang15 hours ago


  47. Katie Niday

    Katie Niday15 hours ago

    Level 1 chef: Didnt get any shells in it so now I'm a professional

  48. Ricky The Humanoid

    Ricky The Humanoid16 hours ago

    Bruh , you can *tell* that the Level 4 is reading a teleprompter 😂

  49. Ricky The Humanoid

    Ricky The Humanoid16 hours ago

    Level 1 : An omelette you make at home Level 2 : 5 Star Hotel/Restaurant somewhere in a rich city Level 3 : *Looks like a burrito*

  50. Lilith Kooks

    Lilith Kooks16 hours ago

    I will eat level 3.

  51. Sallynice

    Sallynice16 hours ago

    4 ways and 3 levels?

  52. Peter Alexis

    Peter Alexis16 hours ago

    By the time you finished the level 3 chef omelet, it would be dinner time

  53. Kenny L.

    Kenny L.17 hours ago

    Lorenzo is so confident that it’s cocky and annoying

  54. Shauna O'Toole

    Shauna O'Toole17 hours ago

    I like the joy Lorenzo has in cooking! I have that same joy. I always learn something new in these videos. Thank you, Epicurious!!

  55. Justin

    Justin17 hours ago

    I thought the food expert was a little girl

  56. Vortexion Elite

    Vortexion Elite17 hours ago

    I’m 11 and I cook better than expert

  57. BulletBeats

    BulletBeats17 hours ago

    Chefs when a USwork Chanel scientifically breaks down the process of an omelet: 0o0

  58. sujay talanki

    sujay talanki18 hours ago

    Who the hell makes omelets for dinner?

  59. snow bunny

    snow bunny18 hours ago

    the home cook food usually looks better in all these episodes 😂

  60. MeDontKnowMeName

    MeDontKnowMeName18 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: USwork algorithm: OMELETTE!!!!!

  61. DeepCFisherman

    DeepCFisherman18 hours ago

    It bothers me so much that they say there is four levels of food when its only 3.

  62. Danish Anton

    Danish Anton19 hours ago

    #2 won big time

  63. Runathehammer

    Runathehammer19 hours ago

    Level 2

  64. アスクAsko

    アスクAsko19 hours ago

    We definitely need a black mom level Lmao

  65. Dr.Gaming

    Dr.Gaming19 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s dishes are always the best to be honest

  66. DIO Brando

    DIO Brando19 hours ago

    There is the legend that Lorenzo is level 4 chef

  67. StylishMoose__

    StylishMoose__19 hours ago


  68. Hi Bruh

    Hi Bruh20 hours ago

    Let’s be real, the level 3 chief is to much of a drag, who’s gonna do all this when hey first wake up and are hungry?

  69. Thomas The Tank

    Thomas The Tank21 hour ago

    bruh barb's omlet lookin like mixed yellow and green playdough

  70. Briksawse

    Briksawse21 hour ago

    Why does Lorenzo’s food also look better than the experts food

  71. jordie ann mcfarlane

    jordie ann mcfarlane22 hours ago

    "I usually just give in and make scrambled eggs with stuff in it"....... totally me

  72. Anthony Jose-sillah

    Anthony Jose-sillah22 hours ago

    Level 2 chef is better than pro lol

  73. indianCoolGuy

    indianCoolGuy22 hours ago

    This new fit food scientist

  74. Torva

    Torva23 hours ago

    Why Does Barb's Omelet Look Like A Level 1 Omelet? And Lorenzo's Omelet Look Like A Level 3 Omelet And Emily's Omelet Look like a Level 2 Omelet.

  75. shy boy101

    shy boy10123 hours ago

    How I rank chefs Doesnt cut off finger when using knife automatic level 3

  76. Hi Hello

    Hi Hello23 hours ago

    Has anybody ever thought of how many ketchup bottles she has used

  77. Hopkins Asson

    Hopkins Asson23 hours ago

    That's the most Garbage I'm heard about making an omelette there is no way any of these people are even cooks farless chefs lol


    I AM DANNY EL23 hours ago

    I just put the eggs in the pan and mess it up when I try to flip it... and that's basically it

  79. Buffalol

    BuffalolDay ago


  80. Cookie Jar

    Cookie JarDay ago

    *Why is no one talking about Emily not putting ketchup on the omelette? 🤣*

  81. Alexandre Xavier

    Alexandre XavierDay ago

    we're almost in 2020 and you guys still use Fahrenheit and no Celsius

  82. mia shushi_

    mia shushi_Day ago

    level 1 : more like never cooked before level 2 : home cooked level or own a cooking show ... level 3 : fancy hotel or restaurant level

  83. Casso Wary

    Casso WaryDay ago

    lorenzo always cooks the most appetizing looking dish

  84. Michael Haburay

    Michael HaburayDay ago

    2:35 who the hell told you to put water in your eggs Probably Hitler

  85. Homie DoMore

    Homie DoMoreDay ago

    This the first time Emily's food wasn't horrendous.

  86. Jess Pearson

    Jess PearsonDay ago

    Lorenzo should just advance to level 3 or level 5 to be honest. Level 5 means ‘ur a celebrity’

  87. black jack

    black jackDay ago

    Level 1 and level 2 are overcooked

  88. Shadow Heart

    Shadow HeartDay ago

    Why do they always say '4 levels' but always show three dishes?

  89. Abigail Cote

    Abigail CoteDay ago

    This is like the least extra level 3 chef I've ever seen. All of the ingredients are ones you can buy in a store, you just have to know where to go to find that variety of mushrooms. I know where I am they're pretty commonly found at co-ops that source from local farmers. other than that it's a pretty simple recipe for a pro chef in this series.

  90. Ayzep

    AyzepDay ago

    I'm here for Lorenzo.

  91. Citrus woab

    Citrus woabDay ago

    Level 2 is always better than the experienced cooks 🤷🏽‍♀️ level three always does something extra to throw it off

  92. Jipz

    JipzDay ago

    Just from the thumbnail you can tell Lorenzo is in the video

  93. blythe emily

    blythe emilyDay ago

    let’s all be honest here Lorenzo’s food always looks so good. like he needs his show on youtube or something.

  94. Joe Smo

    Joe SmoDay ago

    Barbs looked the best


    THAC0MANICDay ago

    oh good my fav cooking show where the food scientist talks about how WATER is a liquid and how cream cheese is creamy and how the level 3 chef likes to make his own oxygen to use to help grow his own plants on his own custom farm and likes to make his own cow at 4 AM.

  96. Devildaily Official

    Devildaily OfficialDay ago

    Mom Can Make Level 3 omelette

  97. Insha Nizamani

    Insha NizamaniDay ago

    I love lorenzo's attitude and laughter Like if u agree

  98. Alexander Sakhnenko

    Alexander SakhnenkoDay ago

    7:27 demons?

  99. InfernoGaming NL

    InfernoGaming NLDay ago

    7:59 Eggs dont have carbs, So thats a lie.

  100. Jennifer Trinta

    Jennifer TrintaDay ago

    Lorenzo for the win 👑🔥👏