Kyle Kuzma Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


  1. YungKiki

    YungKiki48 minutes ago

    When he’s not the starting forward for the lakers due to fucking ad😻

  2. jennie kim 97

    jennie kim 97Hour ago

    you should take bts sneaker shopping please

  3. jayson teolus

    jayson teolus2 hours ago

    So thats how he sound like

  4. Guadalupe Ulloa

    Guadalupe Ulloa2 hours ago

    Can y'all do a sneaker shopping with Tobin Heath

  5. Rick

    Rick2 hours ago

    Playboi Carti onnis bit!!!!

  6. Nathaniel Berhane

    Nathaniel Berhane3 hours ago

    his and shannon sharpe episode had the best pick ups in my opinion.

  7. glaz trash

    glaz trash5 hours ago

    Brandon ingram next


    NANI MDNA7 hours ago

    High waters

  9. Obeisances

    Obeisances8 hours ago

    nobody: Joe La Puma: Classics

  10. TarXan

    TarXan8 hours ago

    Get lonzo to do this

  11. Dswizz96

    Dswizz969 hours ago

    Okay so I’ve noticed they all have that black card... do they just let them use that card when they film an ep and have them use their own personal card off camera? Or is that some American Express black premium card that all the millionaires have?

  12. Jake Moon

    Jake Moon10 hours ago

    Go sneaker shopping with Clint Frazier

  13. Amore’ Gets shiftyy

    Amore’ Gets shiftyy10 hours ago

    I liked the ad the vid and commented

  14. Corvus Glaive

    Corvus Glaive13 hours ago

    He sounded like me after they say “we don’t accept military discount “!🤨


    TROY TAYLOR14 hours ago

    Have a look at this limited edition shoes! Get your own now! #HIPHOPJUNKIE BY TROY TAYLOR #HOUTEX

  16. facundo martinez

    facundo martinez14 hours ago


  17. Ryosuke Takahashi

    Ryosuke Takahashi14 hours ago

    Flight Club ripped his ass off big time

  18. Raisin Bran

    Raisin Bran16 hours ago

    Bruh looks Chinese cough cough geremy lin face ass

  19. Rafh Allan

    Rafh Allan20 hours ago

    Man kuz's face when he heard the price lmaoo

  20. DeAndre Page

    DeAndre Page22 hours ago

    Survived the New Orleans Pelicans trade: 😀😀😀 Frontcourt: Forwards = Lebron & Kyle Kuzma Center = Anthony Davis

  21. hamza shami

    hamza shami23 hours ago

    Whoz here after he didnt get traded

  22. Patrick Libunao

    Patrick Libunao23 hours ago

    Fred Vanvleet goes sneaker shopping with Complex

  23. Patrick Libunao

    Patrick Libunao23 hours ago

    Kuz in the full OVO fit. Lebron wasnt trading him lol

  24. TripleBeamDreamz

    TripleBeamDreamz23 hours ago

    kuzma the goat

  25. Timothy Nicdao

    Timothy NicdaoDay ago

    Jo koy should be in the next episode of sneaker shopping

  26. Bubs_12 Æłęx

    Bubs_12 ÆłęxDay ago

    Sneaker shopping with Obama

  27. Saw Click

    Saw ClickDay ago

    Dangelo russell???

  28. ledgardo123

    ledgardo123Day ago

    He staying and it’s lit 🔥

  29. Logan Neal

    Logan NealDay ago

    Flight Club bro... smh lol they probably already charging $500+ for the OG black and red LeBron 16's talkin' bout "they classics already" Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, gtfo here. I hope Kuz returned all pairs after the episode ended lol

  30. Zach Covely

    Zach CovelyDay ago

    You can get those FOGs on StockX for $150💀💀💀

  31. Robe S

    Robe SDay ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the pink shoes that’s by their head when they talking?

  32. Kiata Higgins

    Kiata HigginsDay ago

    what shoes is he wearing in this video

  33. Koy Ladlad

    Koy LadladDay ago

    try one collector big boy cheng from phil 😂😂😂

  34. chris pierson

    chris piersonDay ago

    bro payed $1700 fa sum spoons😭😭

  35. Gabriel Gonzales

    Gabriel GonzalesDay ago

    Joe lookin like the background dancer for an Usher music video. #JoeNeedsToBeStopped

  36. Jude Kim

    Jude KimDay ago

    Kuz will get a ring soon with Bron and AD

  37. Ka Kulafu

    Ka KulafuDay ago

    Kuz buying shoes coz Lonzo,Ingram and Jhart got traded 😂

  38. dakid astroleek

    dakid astroleekDay ago

    And now the lakers traded him 😩😩😩😩😴😴😴😴

  39. Punky MK7

    Punky MK7Day ago

    They make money off the video, they have these people pay full price for shoes, they get clout off these people... they are fucking everyone on the show and getting paid out for it lol

  40. Rom Anzures

    Rom Anzures2 days ago


  41. Matias Barrera

    Matias Barrera2 days ago

    Rafa nadal pleseee!!!!

  42. John C

    John C2 days ago

    You guys should get Kawhi Leonard on the show

  43. Bishop Dnt

    Bishop Dnt2 days ago

    LA Bron AD and Kuzma it's a rap

  44. Umer_khan

    Umer_khan2 days ago

    Can u guys bring NAV ON THE SHOW PLZ

  45. EH .10

    EH .102 days ago

    Who here after my nigga done survived the clear out? We getting that chip next year with Bron and AD, LETS GEDDITTTT

  46. CWGriswald1492

    CWGriswald14922 days ago

    Kuz looks like he's 7'

  47. Rodolfo Grimaldo

    Rodolfo Grimaldo2 days ago

    Y’all should do Ayo & Teo next

  48. Peterkiks

    Peterkiks2 days ago

    $270 for the FOG skylons.. lmao

  49. Loko_

    Loko_2 days ago

    Do Kylian Mbappe next

  50. 1Acre

    1Acre2 days ago

    Scam for those seans

  51. Grace Solarin

    Grace Solarin2 days ago

    Literally can we get a single WNBA player on here. I would kill to see Elena delle Donne, sue bird, Candace Parker, Chelsea grey, maya Moore. Please just one at least!!!!

  52. Aaron Walton

    Aaron Walton2 days ago

    We all know flight club be burning everybody w them high ass prices 😭😭

  53. Jair Garcia

    Jair Garcia2 days ago

    Do DABABY next for sneaker shopping with complex

  54. John Lenoard

    John Lenoard2 days ago

    One like for every time he said “dope”

  55. paulo delos reyes

    paulo delos reyes2 days ago

    check this insane shoe hype collection

  56. RubyTV

    RubyTV2 days ago

    This was horribly made, first of all GOAT and FC are partners sooo your saying that he has a deal but has to pay?? and 3 sneakers?? plus there was no good dialouge here - this series going downhill quick unfortunately

  57. Kyle Kane

    Kyle Kane2 days ago

    Bring Twenty one pilots on the show!

  58. PROD. KAGE

    PROD. KAGEDay ago

    they ass

  59. Daniel Vo

    Daniel Vo2 days ago

    Get lebron james

  60. Debbie Avidane

    Debbie Avidane2 days ago

    Yo u Shld do Zion

  61. mini MO

    mini MO2 days ago

    Do an episode with the youtuber KSI

  62. Aundrea Nunez

    Aundrea Nunez2 days ago

    Kuz 🤩

  63. Yeh Y

    Yeh Y3 days ago

    sneaker shopping with Adam Silver pls

  64. Jackson Harling

    Jackson Harling3 days ago

    Kuzma buying new shoes for when he gets traded for AD

  65. tekashi 69

    tekashi 69Day ago

    Mrs Cleo that you?

  66. Jackson Harling

    Jackson Harling3 days ago

    Kuzma buying new shoes for when he gets traded for AD

  67. sanveer123

    sanveer123Day ago


  68. Sauce Jackson

    Sauce Jackson3 days ago

    KUZ !

  69. Joel Samarripas

    Joel Samarripas3 days ago

    He rocking that OVO

  70. Shane Cameron

    Shane Cameron3 days ago

    Size 15 wotherspoons Jesus.

  71. Keyonna Williams

    Keyonna Williams3 days ago

    Y’all should invite cardi b to complex

  72. William Roblero

    William Roblero3 days ago

    overpriced AF

  73. Browar -_-

    Browar -_-3 days ago

    What are your sneaker on this video complex?

  74. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee3 days ago

    That intro is gonna be a no for me dawg.

  75. Brian The cool kid

    Brian The cool kid3 days ago

    Can ricegum be in this show plz

  76. Evolve Dunks

    Evolve Dunks3 days ago

    You guys should do it with paul george

  77. Stealing Content since day 1

    Stealing Content since day 13 days ago

    *Talks about literally nothing* “We’ve talked about everything”

  78. RobbieMTG

    RobbieMTG3 days ago

    Imagine sneaker shopping with Kawhi Leonard......

  79. TEE SEO

    TEE SEO3 days ago

    KUZMA ♡ legend in the making !

  80. Rohan Chetan

    Rohan Chetan3 days ago

    Hasan Minhaj goes sneaker shopping with complex

  81. Max Islas

    Max Islas3 days ago

    Kid cudi please

  82. navdeep tiwari

    navdeep tiwari3 days ago

    Get Lonzo ball or all the ball brothers 1 by 1

  83. Nick Kenner

    Nick Kenner3 days ago

    The checkout at the end looks like something off of 2k lmao

  84. LS_ Devan

    LS_ Devan3 days ago

    “We got the small bags todayyy” Lmaooo, mans was low key throwin shots. 💀

  85. LS_ Devan

    LS_ Devan2 days ago

    Well, to be fair...we’re both wrong. You said 2 bags, when there was actually 3. So, there’s that. 😐

  86. Ashley Montre

    Ashley Montre2 days ago

    LS_ Devan bruh he literally said we only Got the small bags today sorry G 😂

  87. LS_ Devan

    LS_ Devan2 days ago


  88. Ashley Montre

    Ashley Montre2 days ago

    Nah he said that’s all they had, they didn’t have any big bags, that’s why they gave him 2 small


    AJFRANKY3 days ago

    Kylie Jenner goes shoe shopping

  90. bobbywitthesauce

    bobbywitthesauce3 days ago

    2 bandz ???? 😂😂😂😂😂 he coulda got dem bitches for free

  91. Fili Corona

    Fili Corona3 days ago

    They should do drizzy drake pls like this so complex see this

  92. tukey williams

    tukey williams3 days ago

    Consignment stores rip you tf off

  93. Imran Gomez

    Imran Gomez3 days ago

    Yo bring logic back

  94. Giratina the god

    Giratina the god4 days ago

    do kodak

  95. Rob Shin

    Rob Shin4 days ago

    Would you be open to changing the red + white flashing graphics during the checkout? My friend with epilepsy doesn't watch the end of your sneaker shopping videos because the flashing color changes are difficult to watch. I don't have epilepsy and also find the color changes to be kind of violent on the eyes. Thanks for your consideration. The sneaker shopping series is great and we are big fans!!

  96. The Chief

    The Chief4 days ago

    Do it with Devin Booker

  97. Milo Kirby

    Milo Kirby4 days ago


  98. greenhouse

    greenhouse4 days ago

    paq goes sneaker shopping

  99. Angel Hicks

    Angel Hicks4 days ago

    da baby

  100. Simon B

    Simon B4 days ago

    Could someone explain to me how these 3 shoes cost him 2868 dollars? Are they vintage or something? I dont get this culture and the inflated prices.

  101. Frank Mack II

    Frank Mack II4 days ago

    He got the plug! I would of grabbed some socks lol 2k for that I'm good God Bless

  102. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar4 days ago

    What about the shoreline mafia crew

  103. Sam Thaler

    Sam Thaler4 days ago

    yall need to get clint frazier on this next

  104. Antoni Nicolas

    Antoni Nicolas4 days ago

    Kyle is signed with GOAT, and is now purchasing sneakers from Flight Club which is owned by GOAT? Why ain't he just get them for free?

  105. raymond young

    raymond young4 days ago

    kuzma u come across like a wannabe....ur a wannabe preppy arrogant FAKE...arrogant SOB...dont even try to hide ur entitled attitude

  106. El Rino

    El Rino4 days ago

    I paid 140 for the FOG not no damn 260😐

  107. Cristian Mendoza

    Cristian Mendoza4 days ago

    Joe: when do you move to New Orleans ? Kuzma: what? Joe: oh shit never mind