My Boyfriend Cooks My Favorite Dessert

Here is the recipe we used
And also because I know everyone asks where I got my leisure suit from (and jacket as well, not sure if she still makes them) they are both by an independent designer that I adore named Laina Rauma. Yes they are expensive, which is why I wear my leisure suit as much as possible cuz GIRL IM TRYNA GET MY MONEYS WORTH. But for those of you that are interested this is her website either way I'm sure you could find similar ones for less I know a lot of you already have and tweet me pictures all the time lol.
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  1. Melanie V

    Melanie VDay ago

    Julien’s spanish has me dead

  2. Dragon’sScaleGaming

    Dragon’sScaleGaming3 days ago

    “Cuplate: Come get y’all cakes”

  3. Maria Shark

    Maria Shark5 days ago

    I need name of song with 'fuck me...' please

  4. kristen c

    kristen c6 days ago

    Vegetarian here and I agree,my mom every time she goes to a restaurant. Even if they do have vegetarian options she thinks l want a damm salad every time like what's up with that?!🤔

  5. marex318

    marex3187 days ago

    His cooking style also gave me anxiety. 😬

  6. Elle Costanzo

    Elle Costanzo7 days ago

    Bless you Jenna, for having so much patience for Julian's shenanigans 🤣

  7. junkfolders

    junkfolders10 days ago

    Cuplate: you order something that is $4.95 and you pay with a five dollar bill. “Look at this GRaAph!” Plays

  8. Sage Gummerson

    Sage Gummerson11 days ago


  9. Backlash

    Backlash12 days ago

    Jenna marbles acts like a beat for 16 minutes and 10 seconds

  10. Alyssa Sweeney

    Alyssa Sweeney14 days ago

    is anyone going to mention his suspicious looking tachanka helmet because i can't find any comments about it and i waNT TO KNOW IF IT'S R6 SIEGE RELATED

  11. Gissell Castro

    Gissell Castro14 days ago

    Lmfao it’s a familia peluche jacket 🤣 if you know you know.

  12. Caroline Karpenko

    Caroline Karpenko16 days ago

    i wonder if when jenna has kids will they be vegan or gluten free

  13. Claudia Esparza

    Claudia Esparza17 days ago

    The way Julien eats makes my stomach hurt.

  14. Tannya Deleon

    Tannya Deleon18 days ago

    Jenna falling in love with julien all over again at 13:01 ☺️

  15. Rheanna Shockency

    Rheanna Shockency21 day ago

    Julian ain't got no reason being that *T H I C C*

  16. Emma Rud

    Emma Rud21 day ago

    why is peach so flipping beautiful lol

  17. Emma Rud

    Emma Rud21 day ago

    someone make a vine cupcake shop please and thank you

  18. Olivia Dudas

    Olivia Dudas22 days ago

    jenna: *b i g. b i r d.*

  19. mirrbot

    mirrbot25 days ago

    I’m fucking obsessed with you guys lmao “straight up leisurin’”

  20. Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith27 days ago

    So why did you have an anxiety attack today? Me: I tried to watch Julien cook... (ʘ言ʘ╬) juliennnnuh

  21. Rachel Wilson

    Rachel Wilson28 days ago

    Jenna looks like maclemore

  22. miwa himiko

    miwa himiko28 days ago

    he threw the wisk and i thought it was a knife 🤣😂

  23. Mossears133

    Mossears13329 days ago

    Jenna: can you not be Aries in my face Julien: can you not stress noise in my ear

  24. Nathan Crossan

    Nathan CrossanMonth ago

    Ohmygod she skinned big bird for her coat

  25. the1stfallenangel94

    the1stfallenangel94Month ago

    Vegan and gluten free julian sound like my mom. Though not celiac disease just allergic to gluten... I think... or maybe she does and it's my sister who is just allergic. Either way julian is just like my mom

  26. Allycay 101

    Allycay 101Month ago

    U technically never made Juliens favorite dessert yet.... ;)

  27. babyhannahbear

    babyhannahbearMonth ago

    watching julien measure the wet ingredients with the dry ingredient measuring cup and vice versa is making me so uncomfortable hahaha

  28. Claire Audient

    Claire AudientMonth ago

    Yo soy MAS que TANTE que MARBELL 💃🏼🦀

  29. BerriSerious Games

    BerriSerious GamesMonth ago

    They said a man that can cook is sexy, well I didn't had that feeling by watching this video

  30. LilNymphy

    LilNymphyMonth ago

    13:10 Peach is right there waiting her turn lol. That girl always wants food. Lol

  31. Brynna Gruetzmacher

    Brynna GruetzmacherMonth ago

    Julian is true chaotic good energy

  32. janedoe kelz

    janedoe kelzMonth ago

    Julien is too much for my Virgo nerves

  33. JadedJules

    JadedJulesMonth ago

    It is over a year later and I’m still waiting for Jenna to drop the sites where she got her leisure suits

  34. friarpark

    friarparkMonth ago

    Me screaming JULIEN NO and the horrible mouth sounds oh my god make it stop

  35. Jasmine Bautista

    Jasmine BautistaMonth ago

    julien and jenna cooking for eachother and being the best couple is my favorite thing to watch

  36. Taylor Kacirek

    Taylor KacirekMonth ago

    To be clear Jenna, we not only like to see what you eat, but we also like to see the messsy disfunction that is these video.

  37. Christiana Soto

    Christiana SotoMonth ago

    gorden ramsey said that red velvet is just red dye

  38. elba bellisario

    elba bellisarioMonth ago

    as a celiac vegan from spain who is a fuckin mess and never finds food like desserts i can eat, this video speaks to me. also, jenna knowing so much about gluten free food and cooking is so sweet, my boyfriend is the same, he loves cooking and he’s always thinking about gluten free versions of things he can make me. yall are my favorite people ever

  39. Travon Mckiver

    Travon MckiverMonth ago

    Almost had a nervous fucking break down watching this.

  40. Noelia Gutierrez

    Noelia GutierrezMonth ago

    Watching him cook is so chaotic yet he works so fast

  41. Tsaiyana Smith

    Tsaiyana SmithMonth ago brother is an aries and is nothing like julien lol

  42. Michelle Blank

    Michelle BlankMonth ago

    Jennaaa make Julie’s fav dessert

  43. Meagan Arnold

    Meagan ArnoldMonth ago

    Ok, so I'm super late watching this and idk if y'all ever see these comments... but if you want a freaking excellent gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc. dessert, there's a place called Dempsey's... in of all places... Little Rock, Arkansas. Not 100% sure they do vegan intentionally, but I'm confident they can do gluten free vegan stuff if you ask. They can and do ship their stuff too.

  44. Elise Hanson

    Elise HansonMonth ago

    Anyone else have to fast-forward through all the parts where Julien was licking his fingers? Ha ha. (I had to train my husband to lick his fingers silently. It's possible, I promise.)

  45. J V

    J VMonth ago

    Yo THEY REALLY NEED TO GET ON THAT 24 hr Cupcake place with vine names IM ALL FOR IT!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  46. Bella McCord

    Bella McCordMonth ago

    if they were to make a cupcake shop with all of the cupcakes named after vines, "this is why mom doesn't fuck!ng love you" should actually be a special made of a baker's dozen... plus one, because, ya know, mom doesn't love you.

  47. Sadie Mae

    Sadie MaeMonth ago

    *What’s the deal with brown sugar? Amiright ladies!?!* ...when I tell you I died.. I have the toughest time with brown sugar lmao

  48. professor bongo

    professor bongoMonth ago

    "it's gonna taste like *finger* " -jenna marbles

  49. Abigail Ware

    Abigail WareMonth ago

    hella asmr with Juliens mouth noises

  50. Bountiful Countiful

    Bountiful CountifulMonth ago

    I like how they say please~ that’s something really small and insignificant but my dummy ass would be like “knock that shit off right now bitch” while julien is like “plsstop” And I appreciate dat

  51. Megan& Tommy

    Megan& TommyMonth ago

    I love how he doesn’t know what he’s saying in Spanish

  52. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonMonth ago

    “Idk you just… have all it. Iss proly fine”

  53. Marco Jacinto

    Marco JacintoMonth ago

    Julien is such a perfect husband! 💖 Even when he decides to act nasty and annoying! 😂

  54. LilShibe 103

    LilShibe 103Month ago

    This whole video is like a mood

  55. Charlotte Eidelman

    Charlotte EidelmanMonth ago

    starry lane bakery in san diego has vegan and glutenfree cupcakes/desserts

  56. Beaste Beat

    Beaste BeatMonth ago

    I am vegetarian and just eat cheesy shit and veggie burgers

  57. slightly peeved possom

    slightly peeved possomMonth ago

    i,too, like to sit at the table like a people and purr for cupcakes.

  58. A is for Annihilation

    A is for AnnihilationMonth ago

    Again, I'm an Aries & I would strangle Julien in the kitchen (I love him tho, but that is not all Aries). He's a trip to watch tho.

  59. A is for Annihilation

    A is for AnnihilationMonth ago

    Jenna, I know this is over a yr old but have u had WoW Bakery gluten free cookies? (Target, some grocery stores) Key lime white chocolate is the absolute best & I hate vegan & gluten free food. These do not taste gluten free. Good luck finding them but you're welcome if u do. Fuck the other flavors. Key lime all day.

  60. Quincy

    QuincyMonth ago

    im gluten free and vegan for allergy and health reasons and its super hard to be motivated to cook complicated dishes that i can eat and its just super cute and inspiring to see all yalls baking videos love that thanks