My Boyfriend Cooks My Favorite Dessert


  1. Sophia whitacre

    Sophia whitacre7 hours ago

    Jenna I'm only 11 years old and I can cook better than you

  2. ashley duncan

    ashley duncanDay ago

    Make his favorite dessert

  3. The Inferior Channel

    The Inferior ChannelDay ago

    This is the most chaotic video

  4. Jasminanya

    JasminanyaDay ago

    The heart on the plate was like sooo cuuute!!! 😍 I wish my boyfriend would do that! 😯

  5. Unavailable User16

    Unavailable User162 days ago

    12:07 how my cupcakes look when I play Papa's Cupcakeria

  6. Victor Vazquez

    Victor Vazquez2 days ago

    Sometimes Julien gets so under my skin because I’m an Aries and I hate how he holds the mirror to my Aries-nees

  7. Macie Bender

    Macie Bender2 days ago

    Julian is so hilarious oh my god

  8. Haylee Is A Harry Potter Nerd

    Haylee Is A Harry Potter Nerd3 days ago

    Julien's Famous Song is at 11:54

  9. Geralynn Conley

    Geralynn Conley3 days ago

    hii im a cancer you guys should have an libra kid(if you ever want a kid...?) but because then the compatibility with all of you will be equal(even though the fam is good already) but im just sayin you don't really have to(why am i still typing!?!!!?)

  10. 007 Bond

    007 Bond3 days ago

    Jenna: “do I look like a rabbit” Me: *looks at her outfit* “you look like big bird”

  11. halle nicholas

    halle nicholas3 days ago

    Jenna is me red velvet and cheese cake are the BEST ouuuu beacchhhhhh

  12. Dry Noodles

    Dry Noodles3 days ago

    Awe Julie don’t be insecure about your breathing 🥺 I really think you might wanna get that checked out tho dude idk I’m not a doctor

  13. Sofia ._M2005

    Sofia ._M20053 days ago

    Jenna looks 25👀

  14. Clint Tompkins

    Clint Tompkins4 days ago

    I wish so bad that I had someone who looked at me the way julien looks at Jenna. I feel like that’s said a lot but I am drop dead serious.

  15. touchy2017

    touchy20174 days ago

    She’s such a nag. Let him bake! Geez...

  16. Sarah Hajj

    Sarah Hajj4 days ago

    Jenna can make anything look good

  17. TheAnnaVid

    TheAnnaVid4 days ago

    Honestly this is my irl OTP. I also love how julien obliges to anything Jenna asks of him so calmly and well sportedly. Same with Jenna. (Unless it’s involving a deep fryer)

  18. Al

    Al4 days ago

    i get so much anxiety from this aries bullshit send help to jenna pls i would not survive that

  19. Telara Day

    Telara Day5 days ago

    5:51 Julien does that in like EVERY video. Does ANYONE know what its from???

  20. Jer T.

    Jer T.5 days ago

    It sounded like Jenna said Christina Tosi is Flaking xD

  21. Druid 369

    Druid 3696 days ago

    Whys he breathn so heavy?

  22. Aus Kpop Multifandom

    Aus Kpop Multifandom7 days ago

    So like, I have misophonia and I can't even be in the same room with my family eating normally because it's too loud. Julian eating obnoxiously loud and I'm using headphones, I'm either gonna blackout or vomit everywhere

  23. ANaturalDisaster

    ANaturalDisaster7 days ago

    I would like one An Avacado,, Thanksss, one We Goin To McDonald’s If I Don’t Do My Work?, and one Road Work Ahead? Uh Yeah I Sure Hope It Does

  24. Kawaii Dog 46

    Kawaii Dog 467 days ago

    Le chat chapeauté

  25. Kawaii Dog 46

    Kawaii Dog 467 days ago

    Thnx Siri for the translation

  26. Kawaii Dog 46

    Kawaii Dog 467 days ago

    The cat in the hat

  27. Sadboi

    Sadboi7 days ago

    “ *i am danger* “

  28. Serenity Hardeman

    Serenity Hardeman7 days ago

    Jenna looks like big Bird

  29. Елена Ценкова

    Елена Ценкова8 days ago

    Julien being kermit(nasty) for 16 minutes straight

  30. Sarah Click

    Sarah Click9 days ago

    The more I watch their videos, the more I realize that despite my bday being in April, I am not an Aries.

  31. Edgy, Anxious Cinnamon Roll

    Edgy, Anxious Cinnamon Roll9 days ago

    Kermit's strained cry is me on a daily basis

  32. London

    London9 days ago

    Take a shot every time she says ‘julian’

  33. Amy Federer

    Amy Federer9 days ago

    Hy-ster-ic-al 😂 PS I’m the same way about cleaning up while cooking! That definitely could have spilled everywhere.

  34. X X

    X X9 days ago

    14:35 it really is exciting. 😁😁love both of you and when I’m sad you make me laugh and forget I was sad. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️

  35. maegan arnold

    maegan arnold10 days ago

    "Do i look like a rabbit?!" Little did she know a year later she would look like a rabbit.....

  36. Colin Rocks

    Colin Rocks10 days ago

    When I was a kid my mom was and still is vegan people ask me and her the same thing and me because I’m vegan too 🙂

  37. Singing Bird

    Singing Bird11 days ago

    Jenna looked like a fukin pimp at the start 😂

  38. Lou :3

    Lou :311 days ago

    *_I am danger_*

  39. Pizza Lord

    Pizza Lord11 days ago

    14:37 Why does Kermit look so high 😂lol

  40. Secretbearside 33

    Secretbearside 3311 days ago

    Please make more food videos 😁😁😁

  41. BB Master

    BB Master13 days ago

    I am a virgo too and i am here like AAAAAAAA

  42. Becky Jensen

    Becky Jensen14 days ago

    “You look like Big Bird went to Coachella.” 😂

  43. Enyo

    Enyo14 days ago

    Hey Julien! I have sooo much cupcake batter all over my spatula! Wanna lick it off? Yes. This was hot.

  44. HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke

    HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke14 days ago

    where do I get that coat?

  45. Michael Guevara

    Michael Guevara14 days ago

    Does anyone know what song that is???

  46. Isabel Medinilla

    Isabel Medinilla14 days ago

    Julien and I are complete opposites as Aries and when we cook

  47. Eleven Baker

    Eleven Baker14 days ago

    so we just not gonna talk about when julian went:👌

  48. george miller

    george miller15 days ago

    hi kyra

  49. george miller

    george miller15 days ago

    Kyra Ziara I wanna be with you so baddd

  50. Kyra Ziara

    Kyra Ziara15 days ago

    @george miller heyyy im notttt

  51. george miller

    george miller15 days ago

    you're gorgeous

  52. taurus moon

    taurus moon15 days ago

    *no, in fact, you look like big bird went to coachella*

  53. Inger

    Inger16 days ago

    During the eating of the cupcake Kermit was sitting so still in the chair that I thought it was a picture.

  54. lucy ossi

    lucy ossi17 days ago

    "do i look like a rabbit to you?" *names her dog bunny*

  55. shock_and_awww

    shock_and_awww17 days ago

    Love these two like they're family - and the fur babies, of course