Brendan Schaub - The Biggest Fight of His Life - This Is Not Happening

All of Brendan Schaub’s training culminates in a massive UFC fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. (Contains strong language.)
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  1. Comedy Central Stand-Up

    Comedy Central Stand-Up2 months ago

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  2. pablo felix medellin

    pablo felix medellinDay ago

    stfu looser

  3. Doomspud Roflcopter

    Doomspud RoflcopterDay ago

    Run the jewels!!

  4. Geoff Tarkanian

    Geoff TarkanianDay ago

    Banton Skob

  5. Slayer 363636

    Slayer 3636363 days ago

    Take a drink everytime he lies.

  6. Carson Udager

    Carson Udager3 days ago

    13:20 true bro

  7. Edwin G

    Edwin G5 days ago

    What a Liar!!! JOE Rogaine had to embarrass him on a podcast and made him realize he can't FIGHT!! he wanted to keep fighting, its all on VIDEO!!!

  8. Enrique Calderon

    Enrique Calderon5 days ago

    Your ex gf ronda rousey??

  9. Patrick star

    Patrick star7 days ago

    Least he's a better comedian

  10. Xx Yy

    Xx Yy7 days ago

    Notice how everytime theres "laughs" its either a close up on his face or an angle that doesnt show the crowd.

  11. Patrick Cunningham

    Patrick Cunningham7 days ago

    This story is #1 bullshit

  12. marco ramirez

    marco ramirez7 days ago

    He just started and he’s honestly pretty good, he’s gettin hate for no reason, remember he just started

  13. Adi Badugu

    Adi Badugu7 days ago

    Brendan pouring it on a little heavy

  14. Hunter Umel

    Hunter Umel10 days ago

    Not funny at all but he’s a good story teller

  15. Hunter Umel

    Hunter Umel10 days ago

    This would be a lot more entertaining to watch if it was actually funny

  16. Hunter Umel

    Hunter Umel10 days ago

    Never mind gets a lot funnier towards the end

  17. PJ Grantland

    PJ Grantland10 days ago

    You gonna lead with Brandon huh?

  18. Phantom-Gaming

    Phantom-Gaming12 days ago

    Shamrocks hotdog skin had me laugh

  19. j m

    j m14 days ago

    as expected never found a single joke funny from brenda scrub. hes as worst as joe rogan doing stand up.

  20. Dalton Summersell

    Dalton Summersell11 days ago

    j m yet here you are watching his videos.

  21. They killed pookie

    They killed pookie14 days ago

    Ice-T a legend..he need a movie

  22. Shahwiqar Shahin

    Shahwiqar Shahin15 days ago

    Pretty good routine.

  23. jenny lee

    jenny lee15 days ago

    This guy is a complete douche and thinks just because he hired a Korean ball licker man servant he can make offensive asian jokes.

  24. chipmunktubetop

    chipmunktubetop16 days ago

    He is one sexy motherfucker.

  25. 808AllDay

    808AllDay16 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the punchline

  26. Brandon Granger

    Brandon Granger17 days ago

    Great story and hilarious , bring this energy to your next special.

  27. Jaime Martinez

    Jaime Martinez17 days ago


  28. Vic Marion

    Vic Marion18 days ago

    Awesome one hundred percent factual or not, this guy can tell a story it was hilarious. Wished many others had the insight to realize that they chose the wrong profession and move on.

  29. frankymacf

    frankymacf18 days ago

    Excellent story telling Schaub boi!!

  30. J Sko

    J Sko18 days ago

    God his best bit is still so bad.

  31. Angelo Mike

    Angelo Mike20 days ago

    I only came to see how cringe is to watch when he so badly trying to make funny unfunny stories.

  32. TotalTank

    TotalTank20 days ago

    Dudes actually funny I can guarantee the haters don’t even know why they hate him he’s quality

  33. Ndk_89 90

    Ndk_89 9016 days ago

    He paid your ass to say this little bitch

  34. Ian LukeMitchell

    Ian LukeMitchell21 day ago

    what amazes me the most about this story is that Travis Browne was number 2 HW at some point. The same guy who took a highly telegraphed flying kick to the face against Fabricio Werdum.

  35. Groo Wanderer

    Groo Wanderer21 day ago

    I realize there was some embellishments, but the one that bothers me is his own self realization about retiring? Nah, didn't happen. Rogan made him cry. That's how it went down.

  36. Rob Dumbell

    Rob Dumbell21 day ago

    Why is he lying

  37. Jonathan

    Jonathan22 days ago

    For the people who don't know, this is all a lie.

  38. Carter Hathaway

    Carter Hathaway11 days ago

    @Anthony C to be fair you can get a beach house in idaho in coeur d'alene

  39. Jonathan

    Jonathan14 days ago

    @Anthony C LMFAO!! Smh, I don't even know where to start. I said this story wasn't true and it wasn't funny. You say that comics lie all the time and that you didn't think it was funny. SO YOU'RE AGREEING WITH ME! Maybe you are indeed the simpleton in this conversation, cuz you've done nothing but backpedal and have spoken in platitudes just like your hero scahub, but please keep these special Ed comments coming

  40. Jonathan

    Jonathan14 days ago

    @Anthony C so let me get this straight. You are claiming that "comics" lie to make stories funny, yet you admit that this wasn't funny. Interesting lol

  41. Jonathan

    Jonathan14 days ago

    @Anthony C so you're telling me you found this funny? Let me guess, you life in a farm and your parents are cousins? It's either that or you have as much brain damage as Schaub himself 😂

  42. Jonathan

    Jonathan14 days ago

    @Carl Heater okay....ill...go... outside.....? 🥱

  43. Suzette Desrosiers

    Suzette Desrosiers23 days ago

    I love him. His vulnerability makes him even funnier...not to mention sexy as hell, 😆

  44. born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe23 days ago

    This dude is painfully unfunny.

  45. Pachanga Manga

    Pachanga Manga23 days ago

    Thought this was standup

  46. BenbanksTV

    BenbanksTV24 days ago

    im 2 minutes this guy gonna tell a 15 minute story and make a gay joke at the end????

  47. SanS T

    SanS T24 days ago

    I am impressed! He was hilarious!

  48. Chuck NorrisApproval

    Chuck NorrisApproval24 days ago

    This is hot garbage. Joe Rogan is a fucking dork for helping the loser get a special

  49. mma

    mma24 days ago

    all lies this man is lying

  50. erick leon

    erick leon25 days ago

    wait that was in the mandalay bay not mgm grand !

  51. erick leon

    erick leon25 days ago

    in his special he was watching “ace ventura” not bloodsport..hmmm

  52. Mika -

    Mika -25 days ago

    Is this comedy now? 😂

  53. The Son of the BattleCry

    The Son of the BattleCry25 days ago

    Beige frequency look into it and you'll never like this idiot

  54. The Son of the BattleCry

    The Son of the BattleCry25 days ago

    Brendan is the worst comic ever he's only relevent because of daddy Joe

  55. Dustin Stephens

    Dustin Stephens26 days ago

    His Dana White voice is subtly great

  56. kool kreeps

    kool kreeps26 days ago

    Story is fake. Brendon schaub says that his dad showed him the UFC when he was 10. So that would be 1993. UFC didn't get released on VHS till 1998

  57. Tommy Thounaojam

    Tommy Thounaojam7 days ago

    You can do a video recording and put on a vhs!

  58. James Sins

    James Sins26 days ago

    not comedy but a great story

  59. Mostly Sports

    Mostly Sports26 days ago

    Did they pay the crowd to laugh?!! WTF?!!

  60. Sean Mcbrearty

    Sean Mcbrearty27 days ago


  61. J

    J27 days ago

    Wish Nate Diaz would’ve knocked this idiot out. He still a Connor McNuggets dick rider.

  62. Kasper Ancher

    Kasper Ancher27 days ago

    It kinda falls flat for me, when 90% of it is a lie. Just go watch the Joe Rogan intervention where Schaub believes he still can be the best and even out wrestle Velasquez.

  63. lame DUCK

    lame DUCK27 days ago

    He should stick to telling stories, when he tries to be funny he looses it, he is not a funny man but when he just tell the real story it is great...everybody can get some laughs with the right lines but the funny ones can do it with every line and he just aint that man....

  64. kevin madrid

    kevin madrid27 days ago

    Dude fucking hilarious. Why better then Rogan

  65. Iceman

    Iceman28 days ago

    Man,l laughed more watching him getting knocked out than this crap

  66. yessum15

    yessum1526 days ago

    Hey whatever makes your bitch ass giggle, you lonely hater couch potato.

  67. Jesse Stevenson

    Jesse Stevenson27 days ago

    Agreed. Absolutely horrible. I never cracked a smile even once.

  68. Javier Ortiz

    Javier Ortiz28 days ago

    Good fucking bit

  69. John Tynan

    John Tynan28 days ago

    Awful shite

  70. Hash Ketchum

    Hash Ketchum28 days ago

    Brendan "concussion Shuffle" Schaub

  71. nathan greer

    nathan greer28 days ago

    Funny to see the general public have a sick belly over this tool