Skeptic Vs. Believer: Alien Encounter Stories


  1. jezus maravillas

    jezus maravillas5 minutes ago

    Just because you can not explain what they see doesnt mean they are on drugs people like you guys make me hate humans more and more humble yourself! You guys aren't even funny 👎👎 lol 🤷‍♂️

  2. Blank The Ninja

    Blank The Ninja2 days ago

    skeptics are idiots who are trying to be smart and superior. earth can’t be the only planet to inhabit life

  3. Zara Guler

    Zara Guler2 days ago

    if I had an encounter and someone accused me of smoking weed or taking drugs I'd be offended lol also pretty sure weed doesn't make you hallucinate?

  4. Smart DOGE

    Smart DOGE4 days ago

    You can tell Ryan and Shane were holding back laughter from watching.

  5. LilRedRav

    LilRedRav5 days ago

    I swear when I was 9, I had always looked at the living room window before I slept and once I saw a ufo. It looked like a classic ufo but I didn't hear any sound from it. I didn't tell anyone or grab my phone to video it because I was soooo scared of aliens at that time. It only lasted a few seconds anyway (it went back up into space I think).

  6. Teha Bakes

    Teha Bakes7 days ago

    People: i saw- Them: DRUGS.

  7. Debra Savage

    Debra Savage15 days ago

    True about vegas. Zero stars

  8. panaski

    panaski21 day ago

    I have to say I'm pretty skeptical of taking these stories at face value as well. Though that might be my inner Shaniac. When one person admitted something though the other person just agreed, so it seemed like there was no room for good conversation.

  9. sheery Ꮬ

    sheery Ꮬ23 days ago

    Cap cap

  10. Srinivas Pavan

    Srinivas Pavan26 days ago

    Y'all need to see project blue book.

  11. Maureen G.

    Maureen G.27 days ago

    Technically anything that is not natural is supernatural. Its super, above what is a natural occurance; otherwise not natural.

  12. Chanandler Bong

    Chanandler Bong28 days ago

    Brent looks like Christopher Wood.

  13. Sarah Surowka

    Sarah Surowka29 days ago

    Can we please just have videos from Ryan and Shane on this channel?

  14. Javier León

    Javier LeónMonth ago

    The girl with the mermaid shirt is so small minded it pisses me off tbh.

  15. Myth Fella

    Myth FellaMonth ago

    ........i'm expecting sara and shane--

  16. princess myia

    princess myiaMonth ago

    This one time my older brother and I stayed up late at night. As usual, I’d watch him play video games. Idky him playing video games was entertaining to me but it was. Then my brother left the room to go take out the trash, and I had walked back up to my bedroom to grab something (I think it was my phone) and I had seen a light glare outside but I thought it was a helicopter because it seemed to me to be a helicopter since it was a light coming from like high up in the sky so I didn’t think much of it. (However, there wasn’t a sound of a helicopter. My windows were closed but the sounds from helicopters are so loud that I would’ve been able to hear them through the window since it has happened before.) It wasn’t until I had went back downstairs and into my brother’s bedroom and noticed that he wasn’t there still that really made me impatient so I had walked outside. When I walked outside, I saw my brother outside of our home’s fence, nowhere near the trashcan-like damn near in the middle of the vacant street. He was staring up at the dark night sky. (The trashcans are in the front of our house and right alongside the sidewalk but everyone had their trashcans like that in our neighborhood). Anyway, I saw him staring up and the light was no longer there and there wasn’t a sound of a helicopter anywhere so I was kind have confused of what he was looking at or for. And my brother had instantly made eye contact with me and told me that he thought there was a UFO right above him but it had left really quick. Like usually with helicopters, there’s a sound and like a light down at whatever they’re looking for, and they’re really spottable but this light had almost seemed to have come from nowhere. The sky was blank; it was as if nothing had ever happened. I had consistently told him like no you’re kidding with me. This is a joke and you’re only trying to scare me but my brother looked really convinced-like truly excited from what he was telling me. So to this day, I’m still not sure if there was a plane or something nearby to have caused the light from above or if there was an actual UFO that my brother had seen...

  17. Sebastian A

    Sebastian AMonth ago

    Aliens: .... Skeptics: *DRUGS!*

  18. ペイン

    ペインMonth ago

    girl in the white t shirt is unbelievably unlikeable

  19. Alyse B.

    Alyse B.Month ago

    I’m glad I read the comments before continuing the video. I thought I wasn’t tripping. I was hoping to see Shane and Ryan. Hell, bring back Brent even!

  20. Amelia Mejorada

    Amelia MejoradaMonth ago

    Weed and alcohol aren’t hallucinogenic lmao

  21. Billie Eyelash

    Billie EyelashMonth ago

    Does no one know what a camera is for?

  22. Lyza Holt

    Lyza HoltMonth ago

    "These people don't know how to write" .... that just threw me off, I don't like her.. but the pretty girl in with pink hair was nice. Couldve made the whole video better tho

  23. Dawn Bennett

    Dawn BennettMonth ago

    we just want shane and rayan

  24. Danny Walker

    Danny WalkerMonth ago

    0:16 that's the guy Abathe from Gardner Museum Heist

  25. Thomas Reid

    Thomas ReidMonth ago

    I think Aliens are 100% real but they've yet to visit us, the whole thing of interstellar travel is near impossible, Earth to Pluto at 36,373 mph (New Horizon probe's speed) took 9 and a half, getting fast is possible but not to the point of going from one galaxy to the other which is 2 million light years away so it's pretty safe to say aliens exist since we exist so the chances of other life forms existing is very much possible but the chances of us meeting even the closest ones living to Earth is basically impossible, unless they've found a way to travel much faster than the speed of light, think it's in Futurama where the engine on their ship bends space around the ship instead of moving through space, something like that could exist but even that requires dark matter

  26. DocInAbox

    DocInAboxMonth ago

    Don’t put these people in place of Shane and Ryan

  27. kristofers lapins

    kristofers lapinsMonth ago

    3:44 awww thats just straight up a love story

  28. Caoba Draconis

    Caoba DraconisMonth ago

    2:54 radars don't work like that. Being "otherworldly" doesn't automatically make you immune to radars.

  29. Lone Wanderer

    Lone WandererMonth ago

    Only reason I disliked this video was because 1) they were rude and kept jumping to the conclusion of "weed". 2) it wasn't Shane or Ryan doing the video. 3) These people didn't take it seriously so there for these people made the video seemed half-assed.

  30. SaCeuran

    SaCeuranMonth ago

    I believe in alien life. The probability that we are alone in the universe seems very small, even though we only have an n of 1. That said, they haven't visited us.

  31. Eric TheBlackCat

    Eric TheBlackCatMonth ago

    You ever hallucinate on the giggle bush?

  32. Muffy pie

    Muffy pieMonth ago

    I'm not much of a believer, but even I wouldn't act this way, they dont look at the facts seriously it's childish. Whether real or not they need to be serious about it, skeptics don't have an open mind like at least SHANE has an open mind these people think this is just child's play and don't truly grasp the concept of the totality

  33. Ults_Namj_ 21

    Ults_Namj_ 21Month ago

    lmao why is everyone getting so upset over the people's reactions. it's just an entertaining video to fill the gap while Ryan & Shane are making another video for us, chill. it's all for fun lol

  34. Jose Galvan

    Jose GalvanMonth ago

    Weed doesn’t make you black out nor hallucinate...

  35. Blank

    Blank2 months ago

    The lady in the white shirt, please don’t put her back in these. She is just terrible.

  36. Space Racer26

    Space Racer262 months ago

    Of course that girl believes in aliens she probably does drugs

  37. Person’s Name

    Person’s Name2 months ago

    Great video concept but terrible commentary. Please redo this with better people who are chill and not obnoxious idiots. I couldn’t stand any of them. BYE

  38. Blue

    Blue2 months ago

    According to that woman, everyone does drugs and is drunk 24/7. I mean, of course she thinks that, I don't blame her for her brain being less developed than that of a regular human being, which results in her making these pathetic excuses to try and "debunk" these stories.

  39. bodysnatchers 4 ever

    bodysnatchers 4 ever2 months ago

    concept: this video, but only with shane and ryan

  40. Caity Stretton

    Caity Stretton2 months ago

    Ive seen a ufo!!! I was sitting in my backyard at night time, I looked up at the stars because i thought i saw a shooting star but i noticed it was going to slow and had around 20 stars going in a straight line across the biggest mass of space next to it! Each star was too far away from each other to be connected by anything human. But was moving perfectly in perfect sink. They looked like stars not planes. It was amazing.

  41. Aaron’s 2nd Account

    Aaron’s 2nd Account2 months ago

    Title: Skeptic Vs. Believer...... Me:Yep thats Shane and Ryan lol

  42. Ashley Bostick

    Ashley Bostick2 months ago

    Yo yall have a separate channel for a reason. Don’t bring other people on here that aren’t willing to even take this seriously condescending people are not what this channel needs

  43. Ashley Bostick

    Ashley Bostick2 months ago

    Are you serious? These people are so annoying 🙄 they didn’t even TRY they just passed it off as weed

  44. It's Dark

    It's Dark2 months ago

    Why are so many males here sound like they lack testosterone?

  45. katherine

    katherine2 months ago

    watching this video made me realize how boring and unentertaining i am

  46. Aldinho 871

    Aldinho 8712 months ago

    She really said she saw Santa and Rudolph😂😂😭

  47. Jasmine M

    Jasmine M2 months ago

    People like them are the reasons why I keep my stories to myself... Better to not be told than telling someone who takes you as a joke, delusional, and or on drugs.


    GHOSTEFACE2 months ago


  49. strawbeb

    strawbeb2 months ago

    i swear to god aliens could literally come to earth and be like "hey we're aliens" and people will be like "youre just a hallucination dude lolz when did i start doing drugs"

  50. Eymi Garcia

    Eymi Garcia2 months ago

    Ok but can u put people who aren’t annoying to react 🤥😒

  51. SomethingDangerous1

    SomethingDangerous12 months ago

    Bunch of adult children reading teenagers’ best efforts at trolly alien encounter fiction

  52. Diyanah A.

    Diyanah A.2 months ago

    Eli lowkey cute. That is all. Goodbye.

  53. P C

    P C2 months ago

    Such a good channel, the content was terrible.

  54. Loui Shunk

    Loui Shunk2 months ago

    Where’s the evidence for any of these stories

  55. Flying Potato

    Flying Potato2 months ago

    Egotistical .... what?

  56. Indybot

    Indybot2 months ago

    Ballsy to straight up dunk on the fans who sent in stories. That was maybe the most interesting aspect. Unless they were written by employees and this whole filler bit is staged. Unsolved and Ruining History are the most tolerable things your terrible company makes. This video is neither of those. It's just phoned-in clutter.

  57. Sonya Macleod

    Sonya Macleod2 months ago

    Just keep only Shane and Ryan on this channel it just doesn’t work without them 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

  58. euglenii

    euglenii2 months ago

    A whole town doesn't drink and does drugs at the same time

  59. Al

    Al2 months ago

    i don't know why i have to say this but the guy with the black jacket has the smallest forehead i have ever seen.

  60. Aspiring BlkDoc

    Aspiring BlkDoc2 months ago

    People lie...

  61. Bryan Bazan

    Bryan Bazan2 months ago

    Humans fear what they don't understand

  62. Elizabeth LovesYT

    Elizabeth LovesYT2 months ago

    That brown haired girl was awful. I wish someone punched her in the face.

  63. Alexa Bella Muerte

    Alexa Bella Muerte2 months ago

    These ppl have zero business being on camera

  64. Alexa Bella Muerte

    Alexa Bella Muerte2 months ago

    This was awful

  65. Juulintraincars

    Juulintraincars2 months ago

    2:20 flight at 20,000 feet Please get my reference

  66. Sarai Cortez

    Sarai Cortez2 months ago

    What if all those UFO are all those crafts that have gotten lost in the Bermuda triangle and they are in a parralel world or time and the reasons why there aircraft's aren't plane like is because in there world the gravity and air are different from our world maybe thicker thus explaining why they are much faster than our plains and the color is always silver to try and blend into the sky mirror like and the lights at night are just for show lol.

  67. Chason Ng

    Chason Ng2 months ago

    LED night kites

  68. Amanda Jean

    Amanda Jean2 months ago

    Aliens are real... go check out the work of Dolores Cannon and her book The Three Waves Of Volunteers... there’s a bunch of USwork videos on it as well

  69. TheRealDanBond

    TheRealDanBond2 months ago

    1) Aliens are not supernatural 2) Use reddit stories, they're better

  70. Zachary

    Zachary2 months ago

    So like i think this was yesterday and the day before yesterday, there was this huge star i saw and it usually moved from time to time, when ever i looked away from that specific star it was at a different spot each time..SO idk.

  71. Kandy Harlequin

    Kandy Harlequin2 months ago

    People dissing the buzz feed crew cause they don’t believe the stories 😂 like come on, most the time you read people’s stories and they are so fricken fake 🙄 they are just being honest and shutting them down for once instead of going along with it too keep everyone happy. Buzzfeed, thank you!!

  72. D S

    D S2 months ago

    A skeptic is just a person that hasn't thought through a situation very thoroughly.

  73. MissObIivious

    MissObIivious2 months ago

    They bleep out her S*** but not his S***? Maybe he said it so fast and low the editor didn't catch it

  74. 張寓凡

    張寓凡2 months ago

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  75. Софья Акишева

    Софья Акишева2 months ago

    Don't think there are aliens that look like the ones from movies and fantastic books. Probably they are just some tiny microbes, plus the universe is constantly expanding AND there are SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on this Earth. I think we are not alone.

  76. Ken Hoang

    Ken Hoang2 months ago

    It's God toying with us. The Asian girl was cute tho.

  77. Hec†or G.

    Hec†or G.2 months ago

    Why do they think they were all smoking weed? Do they have any receipts to back it up?

  78. T S

    T S2 months ago

    When I was like 8 I lived in the middle of no where in AZ. It was night time and me and my mom were driving to my cousin's house. I remember looking out of the window, seeing a light in the sky that looked like a glowing line way in the distance. I was looking at it for like 5 seconds and then I saw it get bigger (or closer), get smaller again and then POOF... It was gone, this all happened within 10 seconds. Not to mention the "UFO" looked like it was above one of the largest Nuclear plants in America that was located in the same town I lived in (Tonopah, AZ).

  79. toast

    toast2 months ago

    That blonde girl was super cute and so was Merperson shirt girl so ill give this video a pass UR WELCOME FOR MY CANDOR

  80. hollandaise

    hollandaise2 months ago

    You should bring in people who have seen aliens to tell this story instead of people sending in stories

  81. Hannah Spratt

    Hannah Spratt2 months ago

    Whould people just accuse aliens, drugs, or demons because there just scared or just don’t understand what there seeing. I want to see an alien

  82. Fiyah Faith

    Fiyah Faith2 months ago

    Answer for everything: They were high.

  83. Bri .x.

    Bri .x.2 months ago


  84. Rain &Rainbows

    Rain &Rainbows2 months ago

    I never understand why the aliens wouldn't want to be seen? If they're so powerful, why are they hesitant to be seen? And also, there are so many astronomers, science enthusiasts, and so many people with a telescope who spend all their nights looking at the skies but see nothing? But random people on the street happen upon them. Like what's up with that?

  85. Morgan Andreas

    Morgan Andreas2 months ago

    Okey i dont really belive these stories howeveeeeeer weed do not make you hallucinate.

  86. Rice Krispies

    Rice Krispies2 months ago


  87. Percyjackson Fan

    Percyjackson Fan2 months ago

    This is really annoying please just keep this to the main buzzfeed channel these people are not funny

  88. Mary Light

    Mary Light2 months ago

    Hey Buzzfeed people: NOT EVERYONE DOES DRUGS 24/7!!!! Just because you do, doesn’t mean every man woman & literal *child* in the world does. Also maybe you should seek a rehab center if you think it’s so common place? 😕 Just sayin’.

  89. Lonex Omen

    Lonex Omen2 months ago

    Dont ever make these again I only want the goon bois

  90. Lorraine Williams

    Lorraine Williams2 months ago

    4:53 then prove it. Where is the physical evidence? Video? Photo that is not obviously doctored? In a world with so many cellphones, why no proof?

  91. Lily Stark

    Lily Stark2 months ago

    Hate the fact that they don’t take it seriously :/ they always suspect weed

  92. Colton Stover

    Colton Stover2 months ago

    "a huge light moving along with us" shows image of moon

  93. Local Legends Berton Moran

    Local Legends Berton Moran2 months ago

    Just let Ryan and Shane do it.

  94. GVC Pipe

    GVC Pipe2 months ago

    Not even a minute in and we’ve already reached peak stupidity.

  95. Max Headroom

    Max Headroom2 months ago

    That brunette girl who keeps mentioning marijuana as the reason to the sightings is so ignorant, Marijuana does not give you Hallucinations, I thought this was common knowledge by now but I guess not. Keep your ignorant mind out of 2020.

  96. Elsa Bermudez

    Elsa Bermudez2 months ago

    I don´t wanna be rude and I´m sure this people can be entertaining but... This was not it, the topic is really interesting but was done poorly, stick to Shane and Ryan or people that are actually interested and passionate about things

  97. Jostein

    Jostein2 months ago

    Skeptic's, must be weed

  98. Chey Lee

    Chey Lee2 months ago

    When I was like, 9, I was outside watching the stars in my garage with my parents. I saw this strange, hovering arrow head shaped drone. I pointed it out to my parents and they saw it too. We went inside to go get something to take a picture. When we came back outside though the hovering thing was gone. We were gone for barely a minute and a half so I don’t know how it moved that quickly. Believe me or not but I know what I saw that night.

  99. Shannon Gibson

    Shannon Gibson2 months ago

    Please do an unsolved on the "Manchester Pusher"

  100. Lycareki

    Lycareki2 months ago

    1. these people clearly are not in the ufo community and so they have like no knowledge about it whatsoever 2. some of the stories are actually genuinly believable and these people don't know how many folks have experienced things similar to this 3. sad that they have to mock people for telling their stories. even if they're fake, like... why?? why do you feel the need to???

  101. Ethan Elliott

    Ethan Elliott2 months ago

    I saw a weird thing in the sky told my dad and he said he saw one too