Skeptics Vs. Believers: Alien Encounter Stories


  1. Juliano Perez

    Juliano Perez13 days ago

    Nobody ever - Also every idiots who knows nothing about Marijuana - "those people must be high of smoking Marijuana." Stfu!!!! 😂😂😂

  2. RainFalls Sketches

    RainFalls Sketches13 days ago

    This was posted 4 months ago But these people were very rude. I am not a believer in Aliens but I do believe in microscopic cells of planets we have not discovered/explored yet. I'm very open-minded to the factors that there possibly are Advanced aliens out there, but I'm skeptical. I come to a very scientific conclusion instead of blaming it on drugs or weed. Ghost on the other hand, I'm a strong believer.

  3. Sarah Vee

    Sarah Vee23 days ago

    I’m here for the Elon Musk Alien theory tho

  4. Sarah Vee

    Sarah Vee23 days ago

    Y’all need some education on the effects of marijuana 😑don’t make me hate this show

  5. MyNurse aka Michelle

    MyNurse aka Michelle23 days ago

    These ppl are thee worst storytellers. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕

  6. Amber Howard

    Amber HowardMonth ago

    And why does the concept of aliens get roped in to the supernatural.... Like if they did exist it was absolutely be 100% a natural thing that happened... Like it's life... made in our universe like we were made... Are we considered supernatural to the aliens..? Are they not made of the same elements from our universe? Did they come from another dimension? Like I don't get that part....

  7. TheHAHA199

    TheHAHA199Month ago

    That’s such a typical California liberal thing to say “I think you’re egotistic if you don’t agree with me that aliens are real” I think aliens are real but I wouldn’t call someone egotistic because they disagree with me.

  8. Meghan Mitchell

    Meghan MitchellMonth ago

    I hate when people compare believing in life outside our planet to believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny. We've barely seen our own galaxy and yet some how, people who've never even looked in a telescope, KNOW that aliens aren't real. I can't imagine being that arrogant. The universe is infinite and ever expanding, there's literally no way we're the only life in a space that goes on forever with an untold number of stars and planets orbiting those stars. Now whether they've been to Earth or not... That's debatable.

  9. Incentric

    IncentricMonth ago

    Smoking weed won’t make you hallucinate

  10. Smiley JoJo

    Smiley JoJo2 months ago

    Bruh weed cant make you fully visually hallucinate. Sure it can mess with your vision a bit but thats really it

  11. Heiderich Vladimir

    Heiderich Vladimir2 months ago

    Aliens should just pick the skeptics off the planet and then let s have fun when they bring them back like ok bish waddap now

  12. Kadence Lynn

    Kadence Lynn2 months ago

    okay but do they realize weed doesn’t really make u hallucinate lmao

  13. Marceline Queen

    Marceline Queen2 months ago

    Stick to Shane & Ryan.All these people are so rude & condescending.They arent entertaining at all.👎

  14. Kruger Tennant

    Kruger Tennant2 months ago

    I remember when i was young i saw 3 bright light up the sky at night the way it flew circling round and it gone few secs later. I was with my bro at that time but he didnt saw i think. Next day i told it to my mom and she think probably just a plane but i strongly believe to be ufo. Up till now i still remember to this day that i never forget what i saw up the sky. It got to be a ufo

  15. PurpleColonel

    PurpleColonel2 months ago

    You're surfing along, watching Shane and Ryan, then you come across videos like this on the channel and remember oh yeah, this is Buzzfeed...

  16. Tuff TalkTv

    Tuff TalkTv2 months ago

    In all my years of smoking weed i have never hallucinated lol or got the munchies from smoking tactics seem to be working in getting yall to spend that $$$ on fast food 😂

  17. Ozzy Laguna

    Ozzy Laguna2 months ago

    fucken dumbasses lol

  18. Elias Lubin

    Elias Lubin2 months ago

    Not even gonna lie,these peoples' opinions kind of seem worthless since they want to write off every single story as somebody getting high on makes me think they're pretty ridiculous because you dont hallucinate and see alien spaceships when you're high,that's a major exaggeration.

  19. Jaji Main

    Jaji Main2 months ago

    i have to exit out, these ppl are ridiculous and cringy.

  20. Luke Hamilton

    Luke Hamilton2 months ago

    Don't believe all this propaganda bullshit...I would rather know truth, than some really cool-sounding lies. There is a much bigger secret than aliens, and yet it's not a secret at all. Watch this to learn what's up: @

  21. jezus maravillas

    jezus maravillas2 months ago

    Just because you can not explain what they see doesnt mean they are on drugs people like you guys make me hate humans more and more humble yourself! You guys aren't even funny 👎👎 lol 🤷‍♂️

  22. Blank The Ninja

    Blank The Ninja2 months ago

    skeptics are idiots who are trying to be smart and superior. earth can’t be the only planet to inhabit life

  23. Zara Güler

    Zara Güler2 months ago

    if I had an encounter and someone accused me of smoking weed or taking drugs I'd be offended lol also pretty sure weed doesn't make you hallucinate?

  24. Smart DOGE

    Smart DOGE3 months ago

    You can tell Ryan and Shane were holding back laughter from watching.

  25. LilRedRav

    LilRedRav3 months ago

    I swear when I was 9, I had always looked at the living room window before I slept and once I saw a ufo. It looked like a classic ufo but I didn't hear any sound from it. I didn't tell anyone or grab my phone to video it because I was soooo scared of aliens at that time. It only lasted a few seconds anyway (it went back up into space I think).

  26. Teha Bakes

    Teha Bakes3 months ago

    People: i saw- Them: DRUGS.

  27. Debra Savage

    Debra Savage3 months ago

    True about vegas. Zero stars

  28. panaski

    panaski3 months ago

    I have to say I'm pretty skeptical of taking these stories at face value as well. Though that might be my inner Shaniac. When one person admitted something though the other person just agreed, so it seemed like there was no room for good conversation.

  29. sheery Ꮬ

    sheery Ꮬ3 months ago

    Cap cap

  30. Srinivas Pavan

    Srinivas Pavan3 months ago

    Y'all need to see project blue book.

  31. Maureen G.

    Maureen G.3 months ago

    Technically anything that is not natural is supernatural. Its super, above what is a natural occurance; otherwise not natural.

  32. Mon SG

    Mon SG3 months ago

    Brent looks like Christopher Wood.

  33. Sarah Surowka

    Sarah Surowka3 months ago

    Can we please just have videos from Ryan and Shane on this channel?

  34. Javier León

    Javier León3 months ago

    The girl with the mermaid shirt is so small minded it pisses me off tbh.

  35. Myth Fella

    Myth Fella4 months ago

    ........i'm expecting sara and shane--

  36. myia

    myia4 months ago

    This one time my older brother and I stayed up late at night. As usual, I’d watch him play video games. Idky him playing video games was entertaining to me but it was. Then my brother left the room to go take out the trash, and I had walked back up to my bedroom to grab something (I think it was my phone) and I had seen a light glare outside but I thought it was a helicopter because it seemed to me to be a helicopter since it was a light coming from like high up in the sky so I didn’t think much of it. (However, there wasn’t a sound of a helicopter. My windows were closed but the sounds from helicopters are so loud that I would’ve been able to hear them through the window since it has happened before.) It wasn’t until I had went back downstairs and into my brother’s bedroom and noticed that he wasn’t there still that really made me impatient so I had walked outside. When I walked outside, I saw my brother outside of our home’s fence, nowhere near the trashcan-like damn near in the middle of the vacant street. He was staring up at the dark night sky. (The trashcans are in the front of our house and right alongside the sidewalk but everyone had their trashcans like that in our neighborhood). Anyway, I saw him staring up and the light was no longer there and there wasn’t a sound of a helicopter anywhere so I was kind have confused of what he was looking at or for. And my brother had instantly made eye contact with me and told me that he thought there was a UFO right above him but it had left really quick. Like usually with helicopters, there’s a sound and like a light down at whatever they’re looking for, and they’re really spottable but this light had almost seemed to have come from nowhere. The sky was blank; it was as if nothing had ever happened. I had consistently told him like no you’re kidding with me. This is a joke and you’re only trying to scare me but my brother looked really convinced-like truly excited from what he was telling me. So to this day, I’m still not sure if there was a plane or something nearby to have caused the light from above or if there was an actual UFO that my brother had seen...

  37. Sebastian A

    Sebastian A4 months ago

    Aliens: .... Skeptics: *DRUGS!*

  38. ペイン

    ペイン4 months ago

    girl in the white t shirt is unbelievably unlikeable

  39. Amelia Mejorada

    Amelia Mejorada4 months ago

    Weed and alcohol aren’t hallucinogenic lmao

  40. Reece Turner

    Reece Turner4 months ago

    Does no one know what a camera is for?

  41. Lyza Holt

    Lyza Holt4 months ago

    "These people don't know how to write" .... that just threw me off, I don't like her.. but the pretty girl in with pink hair was nice. Couldve made the whole video better tho

  42. Dawn Bennett

    Dawn Bennett4 months ago

    we just want shane and rayan

  43. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker4 months ago

    0:16 that's the guy Abathe from Gardner Museum Heist

  44. Thomas Reid

    Thomas Reid4 months ago

    I think Aliens are 100% real but they've yet to visit us, the whole thing of interstellar travel is near impossible, Earth to Pluto at 36,373 mph (New Horizon probe's speed) took 9 and a half, getting fast is possible but not to the point of going from one galaxy to the other which is 2 million light years away so it's pretty safe to say aliens exist since we exist so the chances of other life forms existing is very much possible but the chances of us meeting even the closest ones living to Earth is basically impossible, unless they've found a way to travel much faster than the speed of light, think it's in Futurama where the engine on their ship bends space around the ship instead of moving through space, something like that could exist but even that requires dark matter

  45. DocInAbox

    DocInAbox4 months ago

    Don’t put these people in place of Shane and Ryan

  46. kristofers lapins

    kristofers lapins4 months ago

    3:44 awww thats just straight up a love story

  47. Caoba Draconis

    Caoba Draconis4 months ago

    2:54 radars don't work like that. Being "otherworldly" doesn't automatically make you immune to radars.

  48. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer4 months ago

    Only reason I disliked this video was because 1) they were rude and kept jumping to the conclusion of "weed". 2) it wasn't Shane or Ryan doing the video. 3) These people didn't take it seriously so there for these people made the video seemed half-assed.

  49. SaCeuran

    SaCeuran4 months ago

    I believe in alien life. The probability that we are alone in the universe seems very small, even though we only have an n of 1. That said, they haven't visited us.

  50. Eric TheBlackCat

    Eric TheBlackCat4 months ago

    You ever hallucinate on the giggle bush?

  51. Muffy pie

    Muffy pie4 months ago

    I'm not much of a believer, but even I wouldn't act this way, they dont look at the facts seriously it's childish. Whether real or not they need to be serious about it, skeptics don't have an open mind like at least SHANE has an open mind these people think this is just child's play and don't truly grasp the concept of the totality

  52. Ults_Namj_ 21

    Ults_Namj_ 214 months ago

    lmao why is everyone getting so upset over the people's reactions. it's just an entertaining video to fill the gap while Ryan & Shane are making another video for us, chill. it's all for fun lol

  53. Jose Galvan

    Jose Galvan4 months ago

    Weed doesn’t make you black out nor hallucinate...

  54. Blank

    Blank4 months ago

    The lady in the white shirt, please don’t put her back in these. She is just terrible.

  55. Space Racer26

    Space Racer264 months ago

    Of course that girl believes in aliens she probably does drugs

  56. Person’s Name

    Person’s Name4 months ago

    Great video concept but terrible commentary. Please redo this with better people who are chill and not obnoxious idiots. I couldn’t stand any of them. BYE

  57. Blue

    Blue4 months ago

    According to that woman, everyone does drugs and is drunk 24/7. I mean, of course she thinks that, I don't blame her for her brain being less developed than that of a regular human being, which results in her making these pathetic excuses to try and "debunk" these stories.

  58. bodysnatchers 4 ever

    bodysnatchers 4 ever4 months ago

    concept: this video, but only with shane and ryan

  59. Caity Stretton

    Caity Stretton4 months ago

    Ive seen a ufo!!! I was sitting in my backyard at night time, I looked up at the stars because i thought i saw a shooting star but i noticed it was going to slow and had around 20 stars going in a straight line across the biggest mass of space next to it! Each star was too far away from each other to be connected by anything human. But was moving perfectly in perfect sink. They looked like stars not planes. It was amazing.

  60. Aaron’s 2nd Account

    Aaron’s 2nd Account4 months ago

    Title: Skeptic Vs. Believer...... Me:Yep thats Shane and Ryan lol