The Boston Massacre - Snow and Gunpowder - Extra History

The Boston Massacre didn’t come out of nowhere--resentment between the early US colonies and the British army had been brewing for some time over the Stamp Act. A propaganda war ensued between the loyalists and the radicals. John Adams would get his revolutionary start as he worked to resolve this injustice...
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits11 months ago

    Boston, 1770. A frigid winter night. A British sentry strikes a local citizen. Civilians begins to gather. Reinforcements arrive to back up the young sentry. Insults and snowballs escalate. Then out of the darkness comes a shout: “FIRE!”

  2. liker 3000

    liker 300011 days ago

    the Brits were the good ones.And still are now.

  3. Max Gillatt

    Max Gillatt6 months ago

    CXVII 117 R just like every CIA coup

  4. bryant bibeault

    bryant bibeault10 months ago

    will you make a Jackie Robinson?

  5. luka tosic

    luka tosic10 months ago

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  6. George kikionis

    George kikionis11 months ago

    Pt 2 ??

  7. Scott Peterson

    Scott PetersonDay ago

    Rich Americans have always hated having to pay their fair share of taxes to pay for the things that actually benefit them. Just selfish, greedy and short sighted 🤮

  8. Inanis solis

    Inanis solis4 days ago

    We were not at fault for the "Massacre" why did they call it a Massacre five people were killed (5 innocent people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time) that's not a massacre it's people trying to make something a big deal out of something what is not THAT big of a deal (it was not a small thing either but Massacre is the wrong word)

  9. BlindingLight 7

    BlindingLight 75 days ago

    After watching this and taking 8th grade US history, I can say that shooting civilians in times such as those is not a good idea

  10. no , thank you

    no , thank you5 days ago

    *no taxation without repesantaion*

  11. josiah kibbey

    josiah kibbey5 days ago

    New favorite president John Adams

  12. Mr Sealio

    Mr Sealio5 days ago

    Woah, this was released 10 months ago.

  13. jadyn choi

    jadyn choi5 days ago

    How come this video is more clear than my History teacher?

  14. The great and powerful Doge

    The great and powerful Doge5 days ago

    Man, what my school taught us was soo different than what happened. My school made it seem like the soldiers where just killing without cause

  15. The AJ

    The AJ6 days ago

    Sorry, but it's The Boston "Massacre"

  16. Rhi the kitty Cat

    Rhi the kitty Cat6 days ago

    Why do these videos always appear when I need them😅

  17. Heyward Shepherd

    Heyward Shepherd12 days ago

    Why would they bring an 11 year old to a possibly violent protest, in the first place.

  18. GMan & Mom

    GMan & Mom16 days ago

    Throwing sharp shards that could ACTUALLY kill someone is not a "massacre" it's the crowd attacking soilders for no reason at all.

  19. Apex Tide

    Apex Tide16 days ago

    #PatriotsLivesMatter #EndRedCoatBrutality

  20. Shiny Prisma Why is dead

    Shiny Prisma Why is dead17 days ago

    *i n s u l t*

  21. Merrik Brewer

    Merrik Brewer17 days ago

    n0 i WilL N0t cLeAn My r00m m0m 8:32

  22. William Lobera

    William Lobera17 days ago


  23. Merrik Brewer

    Merrik Brewer17 days ago


  24. William Lobera

    William Lobera17 days ago


  25. William Lobera

    William Lobera17 days ago


  26. Merrik Brewer

    Merrik Brewer17 days ago

    noice i learned so much :)

  27. Merrik Brewer

    Merrik Brewer17 days ago


  28. William Lobera

    William Lobera17 days ago


  29. Rizu Brown

    Rizu Brown18 days ago

    They went with John Adams? But he's obnoxious and disliked!

  30. Rizu Brown

    Rizu Brown16 days ago

    @William Lobera YAS

  31. William Lobera

    William Lobera17 days ago

    is that joltik???!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!

  32. Lyric Bryant

    Lyric Bryant21 day ago

    “The shot heard around the world”

  33. Dek2007 Today

    Dek2007 Today25 days ago

    The drawings in this really hit me deep

  34. Kevin Vo

    Kevin Vo27 days ago

    Snowballs were Thrown, Snowballs turn to Ice Cubes, Ice Cubes turn to Oysters.

  35. Cloud Practitioner

    Cloud Practitioner27 days ago

    "The sentry felt that his life was in danger"

  36. Dillon Crowe

    Dillon CroweMonth ago

    Well... the way I see it, wouldn't you be annoyed if you supplied the most troops and militia in the name of defending the British Empire, then that very same Empire charged you for it? Example, here some statistics I've come up with from various books, websites, videos, and historic accounts, Great Britain sent about, 42,000 soldiers Of wich, 5,200 died The Colonies rallied about, 130,000 soldiers (mostly militia) Of wich, 7,600 died I can understand why the British taxed us, only if they can understand why we were pissed about it. Lol

  37. cameron freer

    cameron freerMonth ago

    I'm proud to have had John Adams as a president

  38. Averon god of Fire

    Averon god of FireMonth ago

    0:45 native man: oh that’s not too bad 0:49 native man:……fuck

  39. Bradley Cheese Pepperoni X

    Bradley Cheese Pepperoni XMonth ago

    I thought that the colonists had to home the majesty’s soldiers which made the colonists mad so they met with the soldiers in Boston and the colonists threw rocks and snowballs at the soldiers so the soldiers shot 5 colonists which ended up being the Boston massacre

  40. Ian Hogben

    Ian HogbenMonth ago

    To be fair, it was colonists who fought for Britain suffering major casualties. And, to top that, the king of England decided that he was done making more colonists fight and gave nearly all the land that people had been fighting for to the Indians. Proclamation of 1763. I'm not saying that colonists were completely reasonable, I just think that intro was unnecessarily one-sided. Great insight though and I love this channel.

  41. Jetsonic

    JetsonicMonth ago

    So besides being a nation of tax dodgers we were founded by them too. The religious freedom claim was b.s.

  42. T Dog

    T DogMonth ago

    I miss the old guy

  43. Javier Arana Solano

    Javier Arana SolanoMonth ago

    personaly, after seeing so much history about the US you realise that the Americans always were maybe just a little too greedy, like they didnt payed the british for the supposed protection and then they also didnt payed the french after they funded the revolution, and eventualy the US also became a colonial power colonising other lands from the pasific and a couple of islands of the caribean, later on during the cold war the US literaly manipulated a lot of small countries to become capitalistic and it literaly even seems that compared to the Soviets the Americans were more eager to start a nuclear war, just to stop communism, yea the US definitely let the power go to his head many times during history

  44. D R

    D RMonth ago

    Why did I have to see an Oreo in salsa?

  45. Reza Far

    Reza FarMonth ago

    Both sides were right. If Britain had no defended their colonies then those people would have largely been killed. The colonies had no foresight to see that and the British had a very strict dog minded way on how to recoup their loses.

  46. noah

    noah2 months ago

    I never understood this story. The British gov would allow the colony government to hang British troops??

  47. noah

    noah2 months ago

    The british should have just let the colonies have representation in parliment. When the US broke free it was the starting point for britian nonstop expanding. They did hold onto their empire for another 150 years.

  48. impulse toaster

    impulse toaster2 months ago

    Those Americans took a fat L

  49. AirplaneExpert

    AirplaneExpert2 months ago

    Just a normal day in Diamond City.

  50. Narayanan Viswanathan Iyer

    Narayanan Viswanathan Iyer2 months ago

    Ironically, this only served as a preamble to all the massacres that followed...

  51. Michael Cmar

    Michael Cmar2 months ago

    I don't get this at all why would you attack a group of soldiers with guns morons every single one of them, those soldiers were obviously innocent

  52. The Peoples Republic Of Disney

    The Peoples Republic Of Disney2 months ago

    school told me that they had shot into a crowd for no reason besides some rocks being thrown at them. here i see that the British soldiers had a right to do such a thing. i mean what did they want if they were shouting fire. meanwhile the officer who shot the kid needs to be jailed no right

  53. Pi is the best

    Pi is the best2 months ago

    Americans; there is really only one side to this massacre John Adams; “there is another”

  54. Andrew Dodson

    Andrew Dodson2 months ago

    Extra credits does realize they used the 1801 version of the Union Jack, right?

  55. ritwik basu

    ritwik basu2 months ago

    Pfffft You call this a massacre?? Try Jallianwalabagh you snowflake.

  56. Harlequin

    Harlequin2 months ago

    I'm from Europe thats why I may don't get it, but why it is called Massacre? I mean "only" 5 people died and its not like the soldiers just arraived at the city and thought it would be funny to kill some unarmed civilians. No there where cornerd and provoked for hours and even the court ruled in their favor later. Shouldnt "Boston Incedent" be a more a appropied name?

  57. Otto Von Krusth

    Otto Von Krusth2 months ago

    Americans really are brats from the moment they stepped om their stolen land to this present day

  58. Zamolxes77

    Zamolxes772 months ago

    4:20 You have to give redcoats props for massive balls of steel. 7 of them walk in a crowd of several hundred angry people. I can see how they conquered largest Empire in history. Take a look at romanian protests from spring and last year, jandarmerie is out in force and just clubs passerbys. And John Adams had such massive balls, that he created his own gravity field. He goes and defends the rights of hated men, contrary to the fad of "kill them".

  59. Annica Rose

    Annica Rose2 months ago

    I literally can’t even learn in my class because the kids are always yelling and the teacher doesn’t know how to teach so thank you for single handedly teaching me about this so I don’t fail

  60. heres Butler

    heres Butler2 months ago

    Hard to believe that now the us has massacred the nhs

  61. DelayAnimation

    DelayAnimation2 months ago

    2:23 "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" You wanna know what's not fair? Something that wont get into my mind.

  62. Mbc23 FR

    Mbc23 FR2 months ago

    Who knows if the witnesses were not fake?

  63. S billings

    S billings2 months ago

    British: pew pew pew pew Americans: we about to end this empires whole career. The seven years war was fought to protect British interest, I made some cool friends in the UK arguing this point. A few pints later and we're all laughing at the Germans. Back to back world war champs

  64. Ze Frendly Medic

    Ze Frendly Medic2 months ago

    Did you meant: Civilian insult against good British Royalists?

  65. Ryan’s Imagination

    Ryan’s Imagination2 months ago

    I played as crispis attuks in a play

  66. Torin Lupo

    Torin Lupo2 months ago

    They literally put somebody else's gun pointing at them while shouting " FIRE! " like how was that supposed to go?

  67. Sammuel Parris

    Sammuel Parris2 months ago

    The moral I take from this story is be true to your morals as John Adams did regardless of what others think or what the consequences may be. Who knows? They might elect you President someday

  68. Rimsha Kanwal

    Rimsha Kanwal2 months ago

    Nobody literally nobody 3 people got killed in Boston back in 1770 Americas: that’s Massacre

  69. Nature Brothers

    Nature Brothers2 months ago

    5:51 HONEY BADGER!!!!

  70. I don't Know

    I don't Know2 months ago

    1:21 groups during group presentations

  71. Patrick Loweth

    Patrick Loweth2 months ago

    Me at school 5:08

  72. XR40

    XR402 months ago

    3:58 "...led by Crispus Attucks..." Seriously? _Led by?_ And just which contemporaneous account is that from? Btw, the other men killed were Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr - But I suppose their lives don't matter...