The Boston Massacre - Snow and Gunpowder - Extra History

The Boston Massacre didn’t come out of nowhere--resentment between the early US colonies and the British army had been brewing for some time over the Stamp Act. A propaganda war ensued between the loyalists and the radicals. John Adams would get his revolutionary start as he worked to resolve this injustice...
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits6 months ago

    Boston, 1770. A frigid winter night. A British sentry strikes a local citizen. Civilians begins to gather. Reinforcements arrive to back up the young sentry. Insults and snowballs escalate. Then out of the darkness comes a shout: “FIRE!”

  2. Max Gillatt

    Max GillattMonth ago

    CXVII 117 R just like every CIA coup

  3. bryant bibeault

    bryant bibeault5 months ago

    will you make a Jackie Robinson?

  4. luka tosic

    luka tosic5 months ago

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

  5. George kikionis

    George kikionis6 months ago

    Pt 2 ??

  6. Ethan Jefferson

    Ethan Jefferson6 months ago

    My favorite thing about this story is one of news papers reported that the apprentice that got knocked down (who was reportedly a young boy), rang the bell. Once people came out to see what was going on, the young boy pointed at the soldier and said “there’s the sonofabitch that knocked me down!”

  7. Joel Strong

    Joel Strong9 hours ago

    Palmer: Captain, will you order your men to fire? Preston: Of course not! Palmer: Why? You don’t want anyone to be hurt? Preston: No, you fool! They might shoot me!

  8. Henry Yin

    Henry Yin9 hours ago

    I know I am late and I don't know if somebody already said this but the British flag is wrong the whole episode

  9. iain roskop

    iain roskop6 days ago

    fuckin hell... xD 0:08 seconds in, and that face...

  10. Ridlinrin

    Ridlinrin6 days ago

    Anyone else hear "I know him" from Hamilton in the back of their minds?

  11. jade Ace

    jade Ace7 days ago

    Actually the sentry that fired because he dropped his musket after being attacked

  12. General Dakota

    General Dakota9 days ago

    People: attacks a soldier Soldier: fights back And yet people say that it's the soldiers fault

  13. Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel9 days ago

    This doesn’t really count as a massacre if only 5 died... :/

  14. Mago Leo

    Mago Leo11 days ago

    British soldier:Insulting an officer, you’re arrested The end

  15. Mago Leo

    Mago Leo11 days ago

    What would have happened if the British gave away the colonies to France

  16. OfficialFilip-DjordjicBA Djordjic

    OfficialFilip-DjordjicBA Djordjic14 days ago

    America was built on lies and propaganda. I am not an anti-capitalist, but looking only at facts. The Brittish had full right to defend them selfes at Boston and had a full right to tax the colonies. Building a nation on lies is not a true path to nationhood. America therfore is not a true only looking at facts.🇺🇸=🇬🇧

  17. Wesley Pipes

    Wesley Pipes15 days ago

    Why was there an eleven year old boy in an angry mob wtf

  18. Fighter11244

    Fighter1124415 days ago

    America: Thanks for helping us with the French Britain :) Britain: No problem America, can you help pay for the war debt? America: Why? Britain: Well, we sent over troops and sent you supplies to help you fight the French. America: Can we atleast have a say in what we are taxed on and how much? Britain: No. America: It's war then. "No taxation without representation!" Britain: Here we go again... Time to get into even greater debt...

  19. Fire Line

    Fire Line17 days ago

    Imagine if the U.S. Army did the same thing in Corpus Christi Texas today.

  20. GeorgeRMN

    GeorgeRMN20 days ago

    How is this not a movie???

  21. dafnesway

    dafnesway24 days ago

    Surprised there aren't that many Hamilton references in the comments.

  22. CountBifford

    CountBifford26 days ago

    Reminds me of the shooting of Michael Brown, which triggered the Ferguson riots. The cop was innocent of murder after all, but the riots were ultimately over legitimate grievances.

  23. Carmen Mencar

    Carmen Mencar26 days ago

    Really America.

  24. James Chan

    James Chan28 days ago

    Can you do an episode on Chernobyl?

  25. ThatGuy Man

    ThatGuy ManMonth ago

    Boston being Boston

  26. EpikMusKip

    EpikMusKipMonth ago

    Not to downplay the situation, but I don’t think it really deserves the name “massacre”. Only a couple people died, and the people who killed them weren’t going on official orders, among other things

  27. I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid

    I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupidMonth ago

    pew pew

  28. david death

    david deathMonth ago

    fire! america has just joined the game.

  29. negius hegratte

    negius hegratteMonth ago


  30. Sam Schafer

    Sam SchaferMonth ago

    everyone gangsta till the british soldier shoots

  31. Ian Crawford

    Ian CrawfordMonth ago

    British soldiers: fire The person actually leading: d’oh!

  32. Christopher Ferry

    Christopher FerryMonth ago

    The video (rightly) mentions that Crispus Attucks was a free man of color and native descent, but skipped over the part where Attuck's race was used by Adams in the trial as justification for the shooting. Attucks was portrayed as part of (and this is a quote from Adams) "“a motley rabble of saucy boys, negroes and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tars. - And why we should scruple to call such a set of people a mob, I can’t conceive, unless the name is too respectable for them.” Citation: Remember, the fist martyr of the American Revolution was an unarmed black man shot by uniformed officers of the law who were acquitted in court.

  33. Lacoulas 555

    Lacoulas 555Month ago

    What is the art for this episode?

  34. Ryan Wiggs

    Ryan WiggsMonth ago

    What I got from this is that my country didn't communicate well enough with the colonies to enforce the colonies

  35. Sketchycard

    SketchycardMonth ago

    The us still makes britain out to be the bad guy for the boston massacre, yet what did that guard do to get f*cking ice thrown at him? You know how much that hurts?

  36. Quintin Matheny

    Quintin MathenyMonth ago

    Innocent until proven guilty

  37. Bricky Thales

    Bricky ThalesMonth ago

    And country balls was born

  38. Nathan 42006

    Nathan 42006Month ago

    Did they get it wrong or was I just taught a different version

  39. Kenneth Tran

    Kenneth TranMonth ago

    0:36 that face though.

  40. D Flatt

    D FlattMonth ago

    I was wondering why I wasn't subscribed to your channel (as you have many good videos) until I saw this one. Anyway, cheers!

  41. Radosław Jura

    Radosław JuraMonth ago

    I know who was screaming "Fire!", Templars (Assassin's Creed 3)

  42. John carter Crawson

    John carter CrawsonMonth ago

    Do some episodes about bunker hill or the battle of Yorktown

  43. Max Gillatt

    Max GillattMonth ago

    All the fights seem to be Americans insulting and attacking british soldiers? It seems like all of this could have been avoidable if the American simply stewed with anger.

  44. Max Gillatt

    Max GillattMonth ago

    I thought u already did the Boston massacre?

  45. Alex Hurst

    Alex HurstMonth ago

    John Adams looks cute they way y’all drew him.😊

  46. Cristian Villanueva

    Cristian VillanuevaMonth ago

    Like 4 people died not a massacre thats more of an "incident" gives real massacres a bad name, which they do but you know what i mean.

  47. Adventure Time

    Adventure TimeMonth ago

    Why would the American's complain about something if they have much more rights then the english

  48. Erin Connelly

    Erin ConnellyMonth ago

    I did hear somewhere that more bullets were fired than there were soldiers. Some say they double loaded, others say a civilian loyalist fired out a window from behind the British. The musket barrel can be seen in some sketches of the event.

  49. 3rd Shift Philosopher

    3rd Shift PhilosopherMonth ago

    Nothing like salsa and Oreos

  50. Delta 2349

    Delta 2349Month ago

    Pls do a video titled "Brasil in war" that talks about the brasil joining ww2

  51. Alcrium Gaming

    Alcrium GamingMonth ago

    Imagine revolting for freedom and having slaves at the same time

  52. Erin Connelly

    Erin ConnellyMonth ago

    Thou Arts Matriarch And that was the greatest failure of the USA’s founding. It’s so dumb that they didn’t DO SOMETHING a little sooner and just kept pushing the discussion on abolishing slavery to a later date endlessly

  53. Deez_Newts

    Deez_NewtsMonth ago

    (Local Boston-Boi): *Sees fellow Boston-Boi get hit with a musket) *Pulls out shades and baseball bat*: "Time to go bonk."

  54. nygge

    nyggeMonth ago

    But where's Connor?

  55. Oscar Wind

    Oscar WindMonth ago

    Wow! Idiots disobeying the law and tossing rocks at armed guards and they get shot! Who knew? What could have possibly been going through the minds of scared,outnumbered men to fire on a crowd attacking them!?

  56. gamingspacemonkey

    gamingspacemonkey2 months ago

    Wait wait wait, who brings an ELEVEN YEAR OLD to a VIOLENT ANGRY MOB!?! I don't think it was the officials fault if some bastion of stupidity brought a kid to a assault.

  57. bisi kuku

    bisi kuku2 months ago

    British: you insulted me threw sharp rocks at me I was terrified and we did not even plan to shoot and the captain said halt so he could not have done it. colonies: we do not care

  58. bisi kuku

    bisi kuku2 months ago

    in addition -put's in the air picture of addition-

  59. dimebagdavey

    dimebagdavey2 months ago

    Lol, 3 people dead is a massacre? If only they could see the US now. They slaughter in the tens.

  60. Mr.banana gaming

    Mr.banana gaming2 months ago

    I am from America but dang though America were greedy a little tax and revolution

  61. Leonardo

    Leonardo2 months ago

    Why was I taught in our American Public School that the soldiers never stood trial???

  62. Robert Aylor

    Robert Aylor2 months ago

    Fucking great coverage.

  63. Heofonfȳr

    Heofonfȳr2 months ago

    Paul Revere was fake news. 18th century CNN.

  64. Goyon Man

    Goyon Man2 months ago

    Public opinions didn't care

  65. Goyon Man

    Goyon Man2 months ago

    Ungrateful colonies

  66. sajed abu lileh 0sajed

    sajed abu lileh 0sajed2 months ago

    the colonies where acting like children the soldiers had a right to defend themselves viva la Britannia