Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Goggles

    Goggles6 hours ago

    Hope they let you earn the quarantine costume stuff in normal gameplay. Wanted to get everyone suited up in hazmat gear.

  2. SpecttraL Eagle

    SpecttraL Eagle9 hours ago

    So is this gonna be anything like Rainbow Six Seige?

  3. smurfYT Account

    smurfYT Account12 hours ago

    Pleez give Outbreak back to meeee. I didn't get all the skinsssssssssss.

  4. M r C h i l l

    M r C h i l l12 hours ago

    Maybe its lion ? The one laying down maybe he turns into an alien for a bit then gets cured ?

  5. Silent Human

    Silent Human15 hours ago

    Community: If only outbreak didn't go Ubisoft: *Hold my shitty servers*

  6. Mario Top

    Mario Top16 hours ago

    Ubisoft please no zombies again ..... thanks !

  7. Sackass Mcgree

    Sackass Mcgree21 hour ago

    please ubisoft bring tachanka some wheels for his turret

  8. KevinHere_YT

    KevinHere_YT21 hour ago

    Is the thing thats growing on the guy arm giving anyone the chills or is it just me

  9. 34

    3421 hour ago

    Thank God the zombies wont see nokk on cams

  10. Sweaty Swimmer

    Sweaty Swimmer23 hours ago

    Now that I think of it why the hell Wasn’t blitz a playable op in outbreak ?

  11. Boi

    BoiDay ago

    When the defenders become zombies

  12. David Pullin

    David PullinDay ago

    Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave. Maybe he comes back to life as a zombie to give goobisoft the good ol schmackin schmonk

  13. seudcube 3251115

    seudcube 3251115Day ago

    This isn't a quarantine ladies and gentlemen....its a breach (you'll get this if you played rainbow six when lion was released)

  14. randomshittutorials

    randomshittutorialsDay ago

    So is this a new game or like an addon? Or what.

  15. FatTiger4

    FatTiger4Day ago

    I'm whatching this epic trailer but there is no share button so I can send it to me friends WHY

  16. Hans Wurst

    Hans WurstDay ago

    The more people needed for R6 quarantine, the less people we have to fix Siege

  17. Omar Ayoub

    Omar AyoubDay ago

    new game or DLC ?

  18. Xero Wing

    Xero WingDay ago

    Oh hey ela 😂

  19. Abhisek Xahu

    Abhisek XahuDay ago

    The most important question is will Jager have his ACOG back and can he spawn peek the zombies before they spawn?

  20. Xandertron

    XandertronDay ago

    When did Vigil become american?

  21. joseph lawson

    joseph lawsonDay ago

    Y is r6 turning into division

  22. Han

    Han2 days ago

    I was hoping that this will be the new ip, but i'm dissapointed


    STICK PERSON2 days ago

    This guy in the trailer is so me

  24. Flames Xu

    Flames Xu2 days ago

    Isn't this just outbreak like wtf

  25. tinyGIRAFFE

    tinyGIRAFFE2 days ago

    i really hope they change how the shooting mechanics and feel of the weapons are in this. the rgm they had for this in siege felt horrible to play.

  26. Jaython Mexia

    Jaython Mexia2 days ago


  27. V.I.P. PyroTM

    V.I.P. PyroTM2 days ago

    My skin is fucking screeching at the sight of his arm!

  28. Charlie Ropke

    Charlie Ropke2 days ago

    WTF is this age restricted

  29. RaptorMark

    RaptorMark2 days ago

    Doc: *what if one of the zombies used to be the hostage* Fuze: *hold my LMG*

  30. KilouKil

    KilouKil6 hours ago

    Fuze with a LMG?

  31. Blast

    Blast2 days ago

    I’m going to No life this game


    CRYS-LEGENDARY2 days ago

    they should make it like zombies in black ops or mabey timelines might get confusing


    CRYS-LEGENDARY2 days ago

    they never talk about it in siege even tho it was verry important

  34. Frank Thefake

    Frank Thefake2 days ago

    Maverick ?

  35. Alhamdulil-Lard !

    Alhamdulil-Lard !2 days ago

    well done ubishit . selling another dlc as a full prize game

  36. The_Fog_Man

    The_Fog_Man2 days ago

    recicle assets what you can expect from ubisoft

  37. Mr. David

    Mr. David2 days ago


  38. XApfel666

    XApfel6662 days ago

    I think it's a cool game mode but I don't think this game will have a long live span of you are doing the same thing over and over but only with different maps

  39. SSD ART

    SSD ART2 days ago

    awwwwww, i was hoping for a proper PvE rainbow six coop game. A better and deeper version of Terrorist Hunt, not surreal type outbreak game :-(

  40. Juggernog Addict

    Juggernog Addict2 days ago

    Split screen MP plz


    SOVIET PUG LORD2 days ago

    Me: Shows this trailer to my R6 crew My R6 crew: Outbreak sucked Me: :3 i liked it...........

  42. Aidansky

    Aidansky2 days ago

    Can’t wait!

  43. Blu

    Blu2 days ago

    I'm guessing those zombie things are just silver players...

  44. Unrealistiiic

    Unrealistiiic3 days ago

    phew fuze not there

  45. B3T0

    B3T03 days ago


  46. Dues ex mankind divided :

    Dues ex mankind divided :3 days ago

    Spooky boy and thicc girl?

  47. just a senpai

    just a senpai3 days ago

    If fuze rescued him there wouldn't be a trailer

  48. Defaulti Boi

    Defaulti Boi3 days ago


  49. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer3 days ago

    Plot twist: the person you play as is the recruit and now they are the recruitee

  50. Naim Forde

    Naim Forde3 days ago

    So basically outbreak again

  51. Meza Clan Gaming

    Meza Clan Gaming3 days ago

    So is this an entirely new game or a add-on to rainbow six siege?

  52. doom guy68

    doom guy683 days ago

    yo,seems lit

  53. KINGSkillz

    KINGSkillz3 days ago

    Division+rainbowsix now that would be a good game

  54. Legionofgaming D

    Legionofgaming D3 days ago

    So is this a continuation of outbreak?

  55. The Sneaky Sleuth

    The Sneaky Sleuth3 days ago

    If it’s just outbreak for 60 bucks that’s gonna be a little disappointing

  56. potato

    potato3 days ago

    Why not just releasing the downgraded version of it ?

  57. SzajsowyPL

    SzajsowyPL3 days ago

    Every Player with Rainbow six Siege should get this for free or Pay less. Sorry for my English :)

  58. Plot_C

    Plot_C3 days ago

    Why is Ela ...so ugly

  59. Funny Master

    Funny Master3 days ago

    It’s funny they took the zombie mode out of siege to give it back

  60. SEBAX0907

    SEBAX09073 days ago


  61. Cam Uk

    Cam Uk3 days ago

    Still gotta pay another 60 after games release to get all operators I bet


    LITTYGAMING3 days ago

    Will this be a game or dlc

  63. Random Night Lord

    Random Night Lord3 days ago

    Omfg its outbreak

  64. Jordan O

    Jordan O3 days ago

    Korean operator, American accent

  65. YPG

    YPG3 days ago

    Can we just get a proper singleplayer Rainbow Six game? I missed the Raven Shield days.

  66. Devin Soap

    Devin Soap3 days ago

    Outbreak again??

  67. スパイシーラーメン

    スパイシーラーメン3 days ago

    Aren't they both defender's

  68. Trixie Glimmer

    Trixie Glimmer3 days ago

    Look everyone, a trailer that told us...NOTHING!!!

  69. JKXD

    JKXD4 days ago

    Oh god I'm not gonna make it..... oh... rescue's here- EW ELA??? GROSS I'LL JUST SHOOT MYSELF

  70. K1ngSc0ut 24

    K1ngSc0ut 244 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I kind of expected Jager and Smoke. Or maybe Ash and Thermite.

  71. xd Jojacs

    xd Jojacs4 days ago

    operation chimera breakout again but yellow instead of red

  72. Pootis Bird :3

    Pootis Bird :34 days ago

    You call this a teaser??

  73. spades512

    spades5124 days ago

    Rainbow Six Forearm

  74. Minkerknight밍커나이트

    Minkerknight밍커나이트4 days ago

    Are we gonna have other Ubi game characters? We had something like that in Ghost Recon: Wildland, where we had Sam Fisher, Siege operatives. I think that will be great as I really enjoyed playing alongside with other Ubi characters when I was playing Ghost Recon: Wildland.

  75. Swirly derp

    Swirly derp4 days ago

    Lord Tachanka better use his new ppsh if he's in this

  76. nicodemus grace

    nicodemus grace4 days ago

    So, does this mean that every time we get a operator in Siege that we get one in a second game too? Cuz that would be kinda lit, buying one operator and getting it for both games.

  77. ODSTDaniel7

    ODSTDaniel74 days ago

    Wait will this be a crossover with characters from Rainbow 6: Siege, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon?

  78. ODSTDaniel7

    ODSTDaniel72 days ago

    《 Temmie 》 Your right it might be.

  79. 《 Temmie 》

    《 Temmie 》2 days ago

    No i think this is going to be a crossover between Minecraft and Roblox

  80. Vicente Guedes

    Vicente Guedes4 days ago

    R6 é o melhor jogo mundo pqp 🤧🖤

  81. Jacked up Jake

    Jacked up Jake4 days ago

    Ela lookin hella ugly

  82. MattyferSVK

    MattyferSVK4 days ago

    Here's my theory: The wristband could be a temporary cure to hold off the parasite but not for long, kinda like Zombrex in Dead Rising.

  83. Supershadebam1234

    Supershadebam12343 days ago

    Caties gotta have her zombrex

  84. xFlying Floydx

    xFlying Floydx4 days ago

    If this game will be online only like Siege I’m gonna be very friggn disappointed.

  85. bmcamareno24 E

    bmcamareno24 E4 days ago

    The real question is if there is acog?

  86. Panda Lord

    Panda Lord4 days ago

    *Rainbow 6 Siege* Character idea Name - Reflect Ability - She can attach a mirror like object on the side of her gun. Instead of peeking she can use the mirror to see the enemies position, and then peek. Downside - The mirror object can be destroyed, but she has 1 more mirror. The mirror can be attached on whatever side the player is peeking. Ex: peeking left - puts mirror on left side. Same for peeking right. This probably is going to be liked not viewed by Ubisoft, but hopefully it will!

  87. KilouKil

    KilouKil6 hours ago

    It's like Blackbeard shield but for see the position of the ennemies?

  88. Beastmode-YT

    Beastmode-YT4 days ago

    Dang when I thought r6 was scary enough

  89. Quill

    Quill4 days ago

    The infection on his arm gives me chills

  90. Salvador nogueira da Silva

    Salvador nogueira da Silva4 days ago

    This is not a dlc its a new game go ce gcgmaer

  91. Defalt Criminal

    Defalt Criminal4 days ago

    God Ubisoft u make me want to test it out first when and if u make it

  92. Death

    Death4 days ago

    Dlc or full game? Hopefully dlc, because thats where it belongs. If it’ll have siege content and isnt a dlc, i’m gonna be fucked off.

  93. acmspade

    acmspade4 days ago

    wrong direction, Ubisoft. Should make a bigger, better Siege. zombie stuff is played out.

  94. Rainbow six KURD

    Rainbow six KURD4 days ago


  95. Donard Nojas

    Donard Nojas4 days ago

    Ela and Vigil roamed so deep that they ended up in a different game.

  96. Comment Section Man

    Comment Section Man4 days ago


  97. Allen P

    Allen P4 days ago

    they are going to divert attention from the main game so the future seasons will have reused weapons like in phantom sight, so this game is not really that good for the overall community

  98. Idaho

    Idaho4 days ago

    Community: Hey could we do outbreak again? Ubisoft:

  99. The Dude

    The Dude4 days ago

    That looks cool af

  100. Flow_ Cat

    Flow_ Cat4 days ago

    0:10 Me after watching horror movie

  101. CDKRuthless

    CDKRuthless4 days ago

    Dude I’m 16 and I just wana see the trailer I should have changed my birth date

  102. Spooky Wegion

    Spooky Wegion4 days ago

    DP-28 UP!

  103. codyyim1

    codyyim14 days ago

    Joe, do you wanna play a zombie game?

  104. The Noob Gaming

    The Noob Gaming4 days ago

    Vogel and ela

  105. Jackson Keeler

    Jackson Keeler4 days ago

    I’m confused as to how everyone knows this was vigil. I mean it maybe looked like him? He doesn’t really yell in the game so I didn’t know that was his voice. Ela I could tell tho because her clothes and voice stick out. Ok nvm I just got it. His gun and he has his gadget on his back ahah

  106. Jaiddden YT

    Jaiddden YT4 days ago

    So we not gonna mention this mans arm!?