Game of Thrones - How to Betray the Audience in 3 Steps | Anatomy Of A Failure


  1. Chase Leonard

    Chase Leonard2 hours ago

    To be fair GoT does the big thing in the second to last episode being the BIG episode in every season and the last episode is the setup for the next plot thread episode.

  2. Feng Termyos

    Feng Termyos9 hours ago

    ah a GOT game pop up during a GOT critics irony..

  3. Michael Riddell

    Michael RiddellDay ago

    I had already forgotten about this show

  4. Maximus Brutus

    Maximus BrutusDay ago

    Game of Thrones - How to Betray the Audience in 2 Steps: Stannis killing his daughter. Step one: You are my daughter no matter what. Step two: burn baby, burn.

  5. Le Van Nguyen

    Le Van Nguyen3 days ago

    I agree with you that the way you rearranged the events and details would have made the final episodes much better. But still gotta say, that can only point out that the directors are complete idiots who couldn't even do that. But no way that sort of story turn would justify the whole show. I tried so hard to love and find things to love the ending, but I just couldn't. It was so bad I wish I never watched the show, ever! Now I have to remember it as one of the most disappointing show ever!

  6. NANI Blacku Knighto

    NANI Blacku Knighto3 days ago

    while dany kind of forgot about the iron fleet

  7. 1 2

    1 23 days ago

    Pretty bad video. Misses a lot on why s8 was so shit. Read comments by others here.

  8. Easy Eagle

    Easy Eagle3 days ago

    All Queen Daenerys had to do was destroy the Red Keep. Kill Cersei, Kill everyone there... problem solved. Enslave the rest of city whatever.. Crappy writing is crappy writing.

  9. Greg LeVitre

    Greg LeVitre3 days ago

    The writing decisions made in this season were obviously made very quickly instead of properly developed and blatantly for the reason of keeping it as cheap as possible. It reminds me of the ending of Falling Skies which was a great show up until the very end when they went for the cheapest and easiest way to end it. I wouldn't say GoT was a great show before the end though, it was mostly too slow paced and uninteresting, relying on edgy sex and brutal murders to keep people watching, except for some moments here and there (like the episode you mentioned where dude fought The Mountain) that were interesting. And the world is a poorly developed. The best fantasy is in novels, Hollywood just hasn't learned how to do fantasy properly yet (with the exception of Peter Jackson).

  10. Greg LeVitre

    Greg LeVitre3 days ago

    Episode 3 was absolutely NOT a well shot episode. It was a cinematic mess. The audience couldn't make out what was even happening most of the time. It was a blur of movements and silhouettes, and that's just the visual elements- the writing is also extremely pathetic. Literally nobody is in command of the living army at any time. The most retarded part was when the Dothraki rushed in and everyone else just stood there watching as they got cut down. Why would everyone stand there watching?! There are literally no tactics being implemented at all. The Writers made that awful decision because they wanted to establish the threat of the White Walkers early on, but the threat had already been established long ago in the story so not only was that establishment unnecessary, it made all of the characters look like simpletons who don't even understand the basics of battle tactics. The proper way (and this isn't advanced tactics- it's VERY basic) to make use of a berserker force like the Dothraki would be to send them in then the rest of the forces support them. But it shouldn't have even came to that because the defenders should have been making full use of siege defenses rather than trying to match a far superior force on even ground. I lost respect for every character in a leadership position in that army when I saw that.

  11. Pisqué Dune

    Pisqué Dune4 days ago

    Went from "this is the greatest show ever" to "I removed every episode from my pc because I know I'm never gonna rewatch it again, knowing how it ends." Nice going fags.

  12. Andracoz

    Andracoz4 days ago

    Aww they didn't end it exactly how i wanted BooHoo, i susppose you wanted Dany flying off into the sunset with her dragons and some unicorns.

  13. Brent Ryan

    Brent Ryan4 days ago

    Snow’s betrayal is abudantly divorced from the Hero’s Journey for Daen or Jon, that is the fundamental problem in the opinion of mine. If they had actually done their job, the entire seasons would be bought by someone who stopped watching after the first episode... There were better stories to read and watch than one with B list villains killing children, for the point of view of mine. My dad loved it and has watched it since the, and I got to hear about things second hand... So, the most emotion felt is sympathy and empathy for my father, who was robbed of an actual 8th season; Instead of crappy fan fiction from uninterested b’list writers/directors hired to write about a close to a show that which they failed to care... This is like when Betsy Braddock became Lady Mandarin, except Daeni didn’t get race’body changed from British into a Japanese woman.

  14. Brickbon Brickbotop

    Brickbon Brickbotop5 days ago

    Rhaegal should've died in king's landing

  15. christopher reyes arias

    christopher reyes arias5 days ago

    just thinking about the final that you proposed makes me feel the excitement that i didn't get on the real finale

  16. Tyran Vz

    Tyran Vz5 days ago

    Dude, same thing everyone has said


    WESTECH MEDIA5 days ago

    "Commentary tracks aren't part of the narrative." BEST. QUOTE. EVER. 😂😂😂 🤟

  18. DerGuteHut

    DerGuteHut5 days ago

    I don't feel betrayed at all...some people might just suck at guessing what is going to happen and can't handle it well.

  19. LUDIK

    LUDIK5 days ago

    Creo q lo hicieron para que los "fans" sigan hablando de GOT incluso después del fin de la serie...

  20. Uncle Daniel

    Uncle Daniel5 days ago

    the madara uchiha treatment

  21. Sumit Vijaykumar

    Sumit Vijaykumar6 days ago

    this video is all about complaining GOT final season. this video is shit. just stop talking about GOT

  22. Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena

    Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena5 days ago

    This show was in our lives for 9 years and you just wanna forget how shitty it was. Fuck off piece of shit.

  23. Tobias Dont matter

    Tobias Dont matter6 days ago

    They... they... those mother fuckers. they villinized our favorite character.

  24. Jolan Polfliet

    Jolan Polfliet7 days ago

    i start looking at GOT in 2019

  25. Marthy Nicolas

    Marthy Nicolas7 days ago

    From this day i'm still thinking why a broken boy bcome the king? Who only do is sit there and watch.

  26. Otissor

    Otissor7 days ago

    your accent makes me want to jump off a bridge

  27. Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena

    Miguel Ángel Pérez Labarcena5 days ago

    Then do it. One less stupid piece of trash in the world.

  28. John Terpack

    John Terpack7 days ago

    Snoke was nothing like the king in GoT. I challenge anybody to show me anything in either of Snoke's two film appearances that built him up to be the biggest, baddest baddie ever or that he was any different than Palpatine in the OT. Nobody cried when Palpatine got killed by his apprentice. So what makes Snoke getting killed by his apprentice worse? If people had expectations for Snoke based on things outside the films, that's on them, not the script. That's just what you get for fantasizing about fan theories and expecting a film to abide your desires rather than telling its own story. All that theorizing put the filmmakers in a no-win situation. They already caught flack for "just copying" the original trilogy, but then they get flack for not copying the OT and having the apparent villain get thrown off a balcony by his suddenly-redeemed apprentice in the third film. I have yet to see a single criticism of the new trilogy that doesn't either apply equally to the OT ("they got the physics all wrong" or "too much comedy") or amount to just a whiny, "I didn't get what I wanted" (Snoke wasn't actually Darth Platypus or Rey wasn't Han and Chewie's secret love-child). The king in GoT, however, was very much built up to be the Omega Man destined to lay waste to the world. That's all I heard in the couple seasons I watched, "winter is coming". I got tired of the weak storytelling early, so I was spared the disappointment. But I can easily see why fans of the show were utterly, universally stunned by the finale.

  29. mahmoud sad

    mahmoud sad7 days ago


  30. Anarion da Numenor

    Anarion da Numenor8 days ago

    FIrst 5 minutes: ey it cool video that guy know something 6.27: subscribe

  31. Bernard Geisel

    Bernard Geisel8 days ago

    Hyperbole. It's pronounced "hyper-boh-lee". Sorry, it's a pet peeve of me and I don't know why it bothers me so much lmao. Love your analysis of films. Thanks for all the time you put into the channel to keep us schlubs occupied. Keep it up good sir.

  32. eungeran07

    eungeran078 days ago

    7:29 And what about the dragons decision @flimento? did she make it for him? like you say she chose to go crazy, was the dragon just following orders? cuz at the end it makes a decision to roast the iron throne. i dont get it. if the dragon knew that the throne was making people do "bad" things, why did he burn the city? why didnt he just tell danny this isnt good? I dont wanna burn all the innocent momma. whhhhhhhyyyyy? this is why its so fucking stupid. dont defend it.

  33. dota leavers

    dota leavers8 days ago

    s8 ep3 is the peak. so production cash in immediately...

  34. Praetorian

    Praetorian8 days ago

    No. You don't understand. The final episode never needed action or the climax.. it could have ended with a crescendo without stakes like LOTR. You present a good case but ultimately a story doesn't need to follow your path. It needs to impact and weave into a worthy conclusion.

  35. goofycker

    goofycker8 days ago

    Season 1 was great, from there on it went down...... just downwards.......... to the bottom................................

  36. walter white

    walter white9 days ago

    It's not about plot, story, entertainment or characters in modern movies and TV. What is absolutely paramount and the main priority is forcing toxic feminism onto the audience as much as is humanly possible. All women *must* be strong, empowered, superior, supreme badass independent wahman that certainly don't need no man. All men (especially those nasty white heterosexual ones) must be portrayed as weak, inferior, stupid, evil, bullies and cowardly with no redeeming features at all and many times all character traits of Trump thrown in as a bonus prize. The females will always be inspirational and courageously brave. The wahman will either take a defiant stand or liberate herself and her fellow sisterhood from toxic masculinity, white male privilege, the patriarchy and also gender wage gaps!! She will be a complete Mary Sue character that is completely perfect in every single regard just like Rey and Captain Marvel combined. She will have no character development or growth and the movie will have no story at all but it will have is lots and and lots of feminism, misandry, gender identity politics and degradation of boys and men at every available opportunity. As we all know TV Shows and Movies must be about how great, superior and lovely all women are cos they have a vagina and how bad, awful and inherently evil all boys and men are because they have a penis. Thats all that matters folks!!! When it comes to entertainment these days it's clearly of the upmost importance that we send the message that all white heterosexual men are bad and all women are so perfectly strong and amazing! And we must ram this down everyones throats every 5 seconds over and over like a mantra until everyone believes it. Bring one gender down and destroy it to elevate and empower the other gender. Because thats what *EQUALITY* is all about!!!! And anybody that doesn't agree with the feminist indoctrination and propaganda thats *not* even being carefully concealed anymore is just clearly a Misogynist, a Nazi or a basement dwelling troll thats scared of *strong empowered women*

  37. Brandon Aguilar

    Brandon Aguilar9 days ago

    Why watch this garbage show when you can play Zelda

  38. UnravelFrenetics Project

    UnravelFrenetics Project9 days ago

    And the same guys are writing a Star Wars movie...

  39. 54markl

    54markl10 days ago

    Hey, it was just a Soap Opera! Jeez, I could have sworn .... 😱

  40. 54markl

    54markl10 days ago

    Don’t worry. I’m sure all you readers have wasted a lot more years of your lives than just eight. 😂

  41. Laverne Blaszczyk

    Laverne Blaszczyk10 days ago

    It would've made more sense if Dany went nuts directly after Missandre died...sigh, so disappointing

  42. JackAlope !

    JackAlope !10 days ago

    1:48 A few seconds before this was said, I ripped a wet fart. Is that ironic or just synchronicity?

  43. John Wilkinson

    John Wilkinson10 days ago

    Maybe... If Jon was fighting the knight king, but was actually distracting him from the assassin who ends up killing the king, then Jon dies from his wounds. This could've led to Dany becoming more and more bitter through the next 5 episodes -- with other backstabs and culminates with her destroying everything.

  44. Jim Caplinger

    Jim Caplinger11 days ago

    I think these two writers (D&D) had to prove to Disney that they could make a complete hash of a well-established franchise in just a couple of hours... Sound Familiar?

  45. Gemma Kemp

    Gemma Kemp12 days ago

    Your commentary on Dany is spot on mate! Thank you!

  46. Nathan Nope

    Nathan Nope12 days ago

    The funny thing is, if the ending happened in real life, no one would care, because unlike reality, fiction has to make sense.

  47. Super Lufc

    Super Lufc12 days ago

    This season ruined the whole show for me.

  48. Jim Le

    Jim Le12 days ago

    Man this video drags on forever. Did you review the script for this one because it's not as tight as other ones you've made. The points were well made though.

  49. Kim Reid

    Kim Reid13 days ago

    It was rushed all the build ups for nothing

  50. Real Cold Cases

    Real Cold Cases13 days ago

    I think if you recently got into Game of thrones and binged 8 seasons at once, you wouldn't notice that the quality of the show really started going downhill after GRRM left. Season 5 and 6 were still great, but the strong dialogue and character development wasn't there anymore. All of the 'clever' characters, such as Tyrion, Varys, and Little finger suddenly had nothing to do or say. People were pretty forgiving of this because like I said, GRRM wasn't assisting, and the show was still really good! And then season 7 came along, and virtually EVERYONE noticed that the quality had gone down. But again, the battle scenes kinda saved it and we all just assumed they were saving their efforts for the final season. We don't even need to go into how and why season 8 sucked. ALL of it was awful. The bitch fest between Sansa and Dany, Jamie's arc, Tyrion basically being resorted to a 2nd Davos, Vary's doing nothing, Jon having 2 lines the entire show. The only thing that could have saved this train wreck was if Bran ended up being a villain all along. It's the only thing that would have made some sense.

  51. Rose C

    Rose C13 days ago

    True Betrayal: Spending 16 minutes on a video just to say "D&D was so focused on copy/pasting the books to their movie that they didn't bother paying attention to any of the character/story arcs, resulting in them making up conflicting shit in a rush to end the movie and their misery of having to make sure everything actually fits together."

  52. SallinKari

    SallinKari13 days ago

    The problem with subverting expectation is when you promise one thing and then don't pay it off. Basically if you promise the world and then hand them a pile of shit, you can't really be shocked to find out that your surprise twist doesn't go over well. On the other hand, if you go beyond, that's when it works. Think of it this way, make someone think that for their birthday you're going to give them a jalopy because, hey, they need a car. So here comes the day, you lead them into a car lot to hand them their car, past this really nice new car towards this old beat up junker. You pull out the key dongle, press the button to unlock the car... and the new car behind them beeps.