Game of Thrones - How to Betray the Audience in 3 Steps | Anatomy Of A Failure

Game of Thrones Season 8 finale aired recently, and not to great celebration. What started out as the most loved series ever, has suddenly become the most hated and ranted about shows in existence, with many fans feeling betrayed by the final season. In today's episode of everyone's favorite award-winning show Anatomy of a Failure, let's try to figure out the key reasons for why that is.
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Game of Thrones: Season 8
Jon Snow and Daenerys Stormborn fend off against White Walkers and the Night King, as well as Cersei Lannister's army of King's Landing. Featured are dragons, Jamie Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, with great battles of Winterfell and a battle of King's Landing. Brienne of Tarth, Davos Seaworth, Samwell Tarly too. Watch Game of thrones online. Game of thrones full episode. pg clean family friendly car home insurance education video essays. game of thrones how to ruin a great franchise.


  1. sdziscool

    sdziscool4 hours ago

    Holy shit, your palpatine example is going to turn into reality with episode 9

  2. averagejoe455

    averagejoe45512 hours ago

    "Filmento here! Let me tell you how to keep a shitty series ending still shitty, but written a bit better."

  3. averagejoe455

    averagejoe45512 hours ago

    "Grandpa, what's your greatest accomplishment in life?" "Well Timmy, I can honestly say I didn't watch a single episode of Game of Thrones." "Woooow!"

  4. Tiel Netel

    Tiel Netel21 hour ago

    you made a better ending than the writers now i can go on

  5. Char-Lee Wiebe

    Char-Lee Wiebe2 days ago

    Stop. trying. to do...the Shatner! ;) haha

  6. Blood0cean

    Blood0cean2 days ago

    Dude ur just a fairweather mary bowing to the direction of the social wind

  7. keywearer76

    keywearer762 days ago

    Man you managed to predict the Emperor will come back.

  8. Aerielle Saguil

    Aerielle Saguil2 days ago

    D&D kinda forgot about the millions who watch Game of Thrones.

  9. Frisbee

    Frisbee2 days ago

    The downfall of the show happened when all of the color disappeared. In the earlier seasons, every outfit the characters wore and every backdrop was colorful despite the horrors that were going on in the story. In the later seasons they decided "Black and gray. Black and gray everything." It's something that's nitpicky, I know, but kinda ironic in a way. In the same way that the color left the story, the brightness of the writing also disappeared.

  10. Brother Calvin

    Brother Calvin3 days ago

    “It’s like Disney bringing back Palpatine and killing him off” -Disney then reveals The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

  11. Gadiel Gonzalez

    Gadiel Gonzalez3 days ago

    Word to the wise. Stay away from popular media.

  12. Robertzon Torrevillas

    Robertzon Torrevillas3 days ago

    Dnd are not good at writing from scratch they are good at copying from a book

  13. sweet potato

    sweet potato3 days ago

    why r u giving spoilers to breaking bad man i jusg started watching BB and I m on season 2 now in 1 week

  14. Centurion

    Centurion4 days ago

    i wish i never watched season 8

  15. Tashawn Nicholas

    Tashawn Nicholas6 days ago

    How do these writers spend 8 years making scripts based on G Martin's books and advice, then once he is gone have no clue how GMartin would develop characters or story, or conclusions? Its like watching Apple try to simulate Steve Job's kegacy and conpletely missing the mark. How does Denaris be so nuanced and compationate suddenly turn psycho murdering tyrant in less than 3 episodes?


    INTROVERT OMEGA6 days ago

    As someone who didn't watch or care about Game of Thrones, I love this video

  17. Michel van der Linden

    Michel van der Linden7 days ago

    "a few key narrative decisions" You must be the kindest soul ever to be able to put it that mildly.

  18. Lord Crane

    Lord Crane7 days ago

    I've seen a few posts stating that the showrunners are bad at their jobs (at least in writing), and the thing is, they really are. One of them is even the same guy behind X-Men Origins Wolverine, aka that movie that was so reviled the studio decided to ignore that it existed. They're movie writers, not show writers, so they treated it like a movie. Just rush along to the next big WOW scene so they can show off their special effects and such and amaze. Everyone always wonders why they did so well with the first seasons, but the reason for that was that they weren't in charge of the storyline, they were just adapting the works of Mr. Martin who had done all the writing for them already, which let them tell his story but cut out bits they felt were too boring to keep it fast paced. Only then they ran out of books around season 5 or so and just started winging it from there, and the writing quality went way down. A simple way to spot it is seeing Tyrion suddenly be a dumb side character because they don't know what to do with him. In short, the original seasons were praised for being so great at subverting what you would expect from a fantasy story, and doing so in a way that set up the subversions if you could spot the hints. The showrunners just learned that they win awards for subverting expectations from this and so decided to set up as many subversions as they could with little to no hint or logic beforehand to set it up because they thought people just liked subverted expectations (on top of halving the episodes so they could spend more money on CGI instead of storytelling). They in a way became the M. Night Shyamalans of TV because everything had to have a twist. "We expected Jon to fight the Night King!" "Nope!" "We thought Jaime was redeeming himself!" "lol, Nope!" "We thought Dany loved the innocent people!" "She loves the smell of burning innocent people now." "Wasn't Cersei pregnant?" "Maybe! Now let's watch her drink more wine to confuse you more!" Honestly I feel really bad for everyone else involved, because the acting was pretty good, the music was great, the visual effects were awesome...but the core of any story is the writing, and if the core is awful there's not much anyone else can do to help. As the old saying goes, no matter how much you pretty up a shit, it's still a shit. They said after that they were tired of the show and wanted to finish it up so they could do other things, but really after all this buildup if thats the case, why not hand it off/subcontract someone else to finish for you while you just provide some oversight or something? Better than pissing off your whole fanbase with a half-assed ending no one liked. It's just...such a let down after all these years. It's like if in Harry Potter Voldemort got killed off by George Weasley out of nowhere in book 6, then the final book was about Harry vs Umbridge and then Harry retires to live as a muggle.

  19. Lord Crane

    Lord Crane7 days ago

    Apologies for the long post, but I ramble sometimes.

  20. 8un3zz

    8un3zz7 days ago

    What good is it being "well shot" when it's too fucking dark to see?

  21. B Redfern

    B Redfern7 days ago

    The water bottle and the starb's cup are interesting representations of the basically "we don't give a shit about this show anymore" attitude of the writers and directors.

  22. ConspiracyKill Happens

    ConspiracyKill Happens9 days ago

    Im not really a fan of hate videos but I like this. Its well thought out and I feel like if this guy had been in the room at the writers table this might have come into effect. Sometimes the writers of a long show will get fatugued and its up to the rest of the team of writers to keep them honest and not rush an ending. you nailed it.

  23. D Heuzen

    D Heuzen11 days ago

    We don’t even get a real story for the night king, he is just empty evil when this whole story is all about humanness gray characters and story. And thank you for pointing out point 1. I can understand she kills the civilians if she has too much rage left after burning the castle.

  24. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan11 days ago

    Omg why the fuck did I get a Game of Thrones ad? (game ad) COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT Btw I don't even watch this, so can someone kindly give context about what the show is about, what was great about it, and why it went wrong? Thanks

  25. Jay Tealstone

    Jay Tealstone11 days ago

    I actually really liked Kylo killing Snoke (except for the lack of Snoke's influence in the plot, the scene was good though)

  26. Lola Twinkle

    Lola Twinkle12 days ago

    Show me exactly how Daenerys(who planned to break the wheel and make everything better and to NOT be ANYTHING like her father) is in character. You have zero evidence. There is far more evidence to show its OUT of character.

  27. Frankenstec

    Frankenstec12 days ago

    if you want to know why the white walker finale was so disappointing, go back to season one and listen to Old Nan tell Bran the story of the walkers

  28. MOMO

    MOMO12 days ago

    your points scratched the surface, the show began to die with season 7's time skips and the rushing.

  29. beatz04

    beatz0412 days ago

    One of my theories is that Dany got mad because she realized there was nothing she could take over, because afterall she knows she's not the rightful heir to the throne, but Jon is. So all her dreams and purpose in life falls apart. But even if that should have been the initial motivation, it's not built up in any way for anyone to understand. Poor writing at its worst.

  30. iNEXISter

    iNEXISter12 days ago

    Oh sweet summer child. There is SO much more wrong with season 8 than you know. Even everything you suggest wouldn't fix it in any meaningful way.

  31. Cringy Wamen

    Cringy Wamen12 days ago

    Honestly, no civilians had to die. If you think about Cercei's naked walk through the city, she went literally through the whole place and every single person wanted to shame her, rape her or even kill her. I doubt that even when facing something as scary as a dragon, the civilians would turn to Cercei's side. They hate her to their death. That's something a dragon would not change in my opinion. Therefore it would make more sense if Daenerys showed up, told the people she only wants Cercei and that she knows what she's been doing to the Kingdom. People would immediately storm the castle and pull Cercei out to give her to Daenerys. Imagine this: About a few thousands of people run into the castle. The guards would literally have no chance to stop them so the only choice Cercei has left is to stay as high as possible behind locked door. Then she'd realize that she's helpless, that even the Mountain and Jaime cannot protect her as she hears the civilians screaming and banging behind the door. In that moment she absolutely looses faith in everything and steps on the balcony wall to commit suicide and jump down. But as soon as she leans forward to fall, Drogon's giant head suddenly appears right in front of her as he landed on the roof and snapped at her. Cercei is startled, falls backwards on the floor and that's when Daenerys commands Drogon to climb down and drop Daeny onto the balcony to Cercei. ..someone gotta think up the rest but in my mind this is a good idea. 😂🤷

  32. Antonio Santamaria

    Antonio Santamaria13 days ago

    the funny part is that they said that the battle of Winterfell would surpass the LOTR battle of Helm's Deep...i can't even say "nice try"

  33. 4assedmungoose

    4assedmungoose13 days ago

    Love your accent! Are you a Finn? :P Best regards!

  34. plushdogg124

    plushdogg12413 days ago

    To summarize: David and Dan were two journeymen writers who had no experience writing, directing or running a Television show and simply had to adapt the genius work of George R.R. Martin. David and Dan ran out of source material and were exposed as two journeymen writers who had no idea how to conclude one of the most popular television shows in history - thus botching the finale. Keep in mind D&D literally said their only goal was to make it to the Red Wedding. And if you go back and re-watch, the quality began dipping after that episode as a result of them taking more and more creative liberties without the talent or experience to justify those choices (or to execute them).

  35. Yash Pandey

    Yash Pandey13 days ago

    Give ur views on other seasons of Game of Thrones

  36. ylham eresov

    ylham eresov13 days ago

    Hope NFL players and soccer moms are happy now

  37. override367

    override36713 days ago

    I was expecting Cersei to fill the red keep with thousands of people and having Daeny say "lol fuck you" and burn all of them with Cersei. That would be coherent and make sense. As it stands she goes out of her way to massacre a significant percentage of the 7 kingdoms' population. She doesn't even kill Cersei directly, for all she knows, Cersei escaped the city - she isnt even the one who sends people to confirm she's dead!

  38. Death Maze Challenge

    Death Maze Challenge15 days ago

    The problems with this show have started in season 4. The character arcs have been broken. And there can be no satisfying ending if the story is fake and unsatisfying anyway. About endings that don't have some big-fight-finale tho.. I think that's nonsense. A big fight at the end of some story, where some hero barely manages to defeat evil, is only the biggest cliche ever and deeply unsatisfying. You can't just remove evil at the push of a button, either with or without big-fight-finales. You weave things carefully all throughout, and twist and surprise the audience at every turn, and hopefully you have something meaningful for the end. But the end should be something built, not dropped like a crapload. What they've done was make a big mess and then fix everything all of a sudden at the end, just like in awful Hollywood action movies.

  39. Leah Dede

    Leah Dede15 days ago

    Your "fix it by rearranging the broken pieces" method solves about maybe 11% of the major issues with the season, but I have been invested in this show and these caricatures since I was in seventh grade so I tend to be picky, also a major issue that you didn't mention was the ruined caricature arcs

  40. Ironwolf 95

    Ironwolf 9516 days ago

    Um does this video not have audio?

  41. Filmento

    Filmento16 days ago

    fixing it atm, from copyright

  42. Odin

    Odin16 days ago

    Your ending would be wayyy better. Especially with the whole mad king burning everyone repeating itself story line. And also!! The mad king gets killed by a sibling lover (John in this case but still, I think they are siblings no?).

  43. Jay B

    Jay B17 days ago

    Dark ? You obviously did not have a good television..... And besides, she burnt King's Landing because of Missandei. Maybe you did not understand DRACARYS from Missandei. Am quite puzzled by your reflection. Really weird.... "They should know whom to blame when the sky falls down upon them" ,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Smiddy Wesson

    Smiddy Wesson18 days ago

    I stopped watching when she first rode the dragon. Loved the show, I had a great time. What we need to understand is it's diminishing returns in these matters, and it's best to walk away early with a win. Sorry, but there you go, or maybe we can discuss the last episode of LOST.

  45. Peter Tromp

    Peter Tromp18 days ago

    Months later, I'm still in disbelief at the way D&D ended this show - in the worst way possible: not giving a flying fuck.

  46. Lx Sin

    Lx Sin19 days ago

    GoT fans before: U gotta watch it please. Its reaaaallllyyy good. GoT fans later: Do not even think about watching that fucking show.

  47. 1981Mog

    1981Mog19 days ago

    "Daenerys isn't evil!" translate - "I really want to bang/be Daenerys"

  48. Nick Lab

    Nick Lab21 day ago

    I would have been happy if it had been presented like this

  49. 3rdEYE Jedi

    3rdEYE Jedi21 day ago

    For the 1st time i agree with everything you said.

  50. Stephen Holtom

    Stephen Holtom22 days ago

    I think you're normally on the money with your analyses, but dropped the ball in several ways on this one. Probably because you binge-watched 8 seasons all in one go, and just heard the complaints about the last season. In fact, there were plenty of problems with the previous seasons, and they progressively got worse. Seasons 1-4 had enough brilliant characters, political intrigue, surprising (but logical) twists that we overlooked the small issues. After that we get Jon resurrecting, terminator Arya, faceless men being pointless, insta-travel, dumb decisions etc etc and over several series the number of complaints just grew. Just an analysis of the last episode(s) kinda misses what progressively went wrong. It should also be noted the show writers gave the story some fundamental issues. For example, you mention that the Night King could never be the main antagonist as he doesn't talk. But apparently in the books, the white walkers talk, and have actual motivations. The decision to just make them mincing snowmen on the TV show meant that the war, set up in the very first scene of the first episode, was only ever going to be about f-off CG battles. There's nothing else to do with those characters.

  51. Danlin Zhou

    Danlin Zhou23 days ago

    The editing between 6:18 and 6:27 really got me lmaooo

  52. Drahcir Nomlas

    Drahcir Nomlas23 days ago

    Fuck game of thrones I do not even watch anything from HBO anymore fuck it all I burned all my targaryen merch and rage quit all that shit......

  53. nairbvel

    nairbvel23 days ago

    I think it all came down to time (as you insinuate); the show was supposed to end, the budget was blown on the Winterfell episode, the showrunners were impatient to get to their next cash cow... so screw the character development, screw the character arcs, screw good writing, "we know where we were going so let's just teleport to the ending because the journey takes the time we don't want to give it."

  54. yaklin104

    yaklin10424 days ago

    Why is it that every single video criticizing GoT has an ad for the stupid mobile GoT game?

  55. Silver2909

    Silver290924 days ago

    1) The Night King killed because HAHA ARYA HAS TWO HANDS WHAT YOU GONNA DO ? 2) Dany burning KL for no reason. 3) Destroy the complete storyline of Jamie by just making him come back to square one because why not. 4) Jon, the rightfull heir to the Iron Throne being exiled because of a bunch of ex slaves, much wow. 5) Putting the most useless character on the throne making him the undisputed most evil person in the show : Bran. I wanted to break my TV when he said that he came all the way for the throne LIKE WHAT MATE ? DIDN'T YOU SAY YOU DIDN'T CARE AT ALL ? PLUS YOU KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN ! 6) Not answering any questions and forsaking a douzen of plot points that will now never be adressed. Yeah, season 8 is a complete failure. Nothing is to be saved.

  56. Sommyarup Roy

    Sommyarup Roy25 days ago

    I like the fact annoying audience got betrayed . One could handle only so much pompous morons

  57. bummers

    bummers25 days ago

    Can someone do a fan cut using your flow and redo the last two episodes?

  58. Mateusz Zieliński

    Mateusz Zieliński26 days ago

    You missed nearly everything that was wrong to the audience. Good job on putting wrong diagnosis.

  59. MississippiRebel

    MississippiRebel26 days ago

    What is just crazy to me is that GOT was AMAZING for the most part (especially the first few seasons) and by the time season 8 came it's like they said fuck it and just didn't care! How can they go from being that good to being that bad so quick??? You would think since it was the final season that they would want to finish the show with their best writing!

  60. Tom Merker

    Tom Merker27 days ago

    great analysis and solution to the fans complaints

  61. The Starchan's

    The Starchan's27 days ago

    *clears my throat* True dat

  62. greg unnamed

    greg unnamed28 days ago

    11:10 lul that was awesome! : D