Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Claire Dietrich

    Claire Dietrich11 minutes ago

    SHE SHOULD DO THE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES (the similar to oreo ones) NEXT!!!

  2. Claire Dietrich

    Claire Dietrich23 minutes ago

    Left-handed Claires unite! You got another right here!

  3. GhostHostMemories

    GhostHostMemories29 minutes ago

    dark chocolate twix is just as good.

  4. Sadia Ahmed

    Sadia Ahmed2 hours ago

    I don't like twix but I'm here for Claire

  5. dleonidae

    dleonidae2 hours ago

    Question: Does the bloom ruin the chocolate? If no, then that's a feature; as was stated, the Saffitz Sheen

  6. Christina W.

    Christina W.4 hours ago

    gourmet makes, the only show where you get to watch the host sand cookies to shape

  7. Lindsay Girle

    Lindsay Girle7 hours ago

    I hate this show...every time i watch it i always end up really hungry. Stop being so great at your job ;^;

  8. CokeBlue

    CokeBlue7 hours ago

    17:08 1000 degree hot knife reborn

  9. Mintz -

    Mintz -11 hours ago

    I wanted to cry because I couldn't try the carmel lmao😣

  10. Rinealdo Ramlin

    Rinealdo Ramlin12 hours ago

    OMG 8 inches

  11. Juan Coyt

    Juan Coyt12 hours ago

    i wanna hug her :(

  12. Randy Karnes

    Randy Karnes13 hours ago

    I wanted her to coat one with chocolate and then use a hair dryer to blow on them. That would remove excess chocolate and give that wavy pattern.

  13. morgan_marie_19

    morgan_marie_1913 hours ago

    Claire: “Nobody knows about the holes” Me: “I KNOW ABOUT THE HOLES. DONT SKIP THE HOLES!!!!”

  14. Kylie Amber

    Kylie Amber13 hours ago

    Claire’s a lefty 😱 finally I’m not the only one ......

  15. HI H

    HI H15 hours ago

    I bet hers taste way better than twix

  16. MacGoesMeep

    MacGoesMeep15 hours ago

    i did not know about the holes in twix until i watched this

  17. Nathalia Stapleton

    Nathalia Stapleton16 hours ago

    Try to make CATCH please 🙏🏿

  18. Hayden Beck

    Hayden Beck17 hours ago

    I freaking love Brad, he’s so adorable

  19. Cutman3030

    Cutman303017 hours ago

    I am 60,000% with Claire on the righty tighty confusion. I still have a hard time with that.

  20. Drake Schumacher

    Drake Schumacher19 hours ago

    At the end when they talk about how when you start something and it sucks but by the end it turns out well and gives a sense of accomplishment is basically what all chefs go through daily when preparing for a busy dinner service.

  21. Stacey Johnston

    Stacey Johnston19 hours ago

    Twix is a biscuit not a cookie v

  22. Rachelle Lazar

    Rachelle Lazar19 hours ago

    Claire, you should do a series where you recreate candy or snacks that don’t exist anymore!

  23. Russell Martin

    Russell Martin20 hours ago

    Could u do sour patch kids next please

  24. Kaye Nicole

    Kaye Nicole21 hour ago

    I eat my Twix frozen 😬🤗

  25. Doopadoo Man

    Doopadoo Man22 hours ago

    Did anyone else get a weird audio affect with her voice and the pitch, like were there weird frequencies? Or are my headphones just f*cked.

  26. Shera Vinn

    Shera Vinn23 hours ago

    I love the videos, it'd be awesome if you guys could add subtitled manually for the closed captions instead of auto generated, since I'm hearing impaired and it makes it a bit difficult to know what you mean when the subtitles are wrong.

  27. Indira CG

    Indira CGDay ago

    Why didn't she just use the same mold from the snickers video?

  28. Elizabeth Siciliano

    Elizabeth SicilianoDay ago

    Eating kit kats while watching

  29. NiGHTSaturn

    NiGHTSaturnDay ago

    Brad doesn't seem to remember that this is gourmet makes! It's not supposed to taste exactly like the original product! It's all about making it better!

  30. NiGHTSaturn

    NiGHTSaturnDay ago

    I wonder why they never tempered chocolate with a Microwave. Ann Reardon on How To Cook That has a whole video about it. Microwaves aren't fancy enough?

  31. Asaad Malshy

    Asaad MalshyDay ago

    amazing cooking skills - 0 efficiency though.

  32. S S

    S SDay ago

    something: goes wrong claire and every other astrology obsessed millennial: IS MERCURY IN RETROGRADE

  33. Billy Hughes

    Billy HughesDay ago

    Enrobe is such a great word, and how can something be too buttery. Not possible.

  34. Kenndra Benoit

    Kenndra BenoitDay ago

    My new fave is Gabby 😂, more Gabby pls

  35. MmmChezBurgerz

    MmmChezBurgerzDay ago

    Gaby's my favorite. XD

  36. Federica Savuto

    Federica SavutoDay ago

    For the lefty righty situation, don't know if this will help, but in italy we use"il tempo stringe" which is a phrase for "clock is ticking" but the words mean "time tightens" so we remember that clockwise motions tighten bolts and screws etc. hope this will help somebody

  37. VibrantComplex

    VibrantComplexDay ago

    how dare you nibble on that delicious twix incorrectly (you're meant to eat the caramel first then eat the biscuit bit) also, they do a white twix now woo

  38. Ann Cecilia Gregory-Larson

    Ann Cecilia Gregory-LarsonDay ago

    Gourmet makes suggestion, fruchocs or Tim tams biscuits.

  39. Tom Kord

    Tom KordDay ago

    Clockwise is Closed, and Anti-Clockwise is Anti-Closed.

  40. DanTuber

    DanTuberDay ago

    She did well. Just the colour of the choc is very different.

  41. Elizabeth Ayres

    Elizabeth AyresDay ago

    Oh God, why am I enjoying this so much right now? ! 1) Claire. 2) The Gin.

  42. Blackdragon6

    Blackdragon6Day ago

    Peanut Butter twix is delicious you knobs!!!!

  43. Salocinist

    SalocinistDay ago

    29:00 Claire's face when Brad came in was just like 20 emotions in half a second lmao

  44. Leen Attia

    Leen AttiaDay ago

    15:18 Brad: Can I smell it? *shoves face inside pan*

  45. Bryce Webster

    Bryce WebsterDay ago

    30:06 honey!?!?!? are they dating

  46. Jacob C

    Jacob CDay ago

    the holes in the cookie are so that they cook all the way through.

  47. Amber Webb

    Amber WebbDay ago

    i enjoyed the "righty tighty, lefty loosey" moment lol

  48. Shion Akiyama

    Shion AkiyamaDay ago

    Its kar-mol

  49. Gommie

    GommieDay ago

    You're not putting a cookie on the Caramel though. You're putting a biscuit on it.

  50. deavle3

    deavle3Day ago

    Ideas for more candies. Try odd Asian snacks.