Cyberpunk 2077 - Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer


  1. Jack Currie

    Jack CurrieHour ago

    Problem with this game is it will cost $10060 $60 for the game $10,000 for the hardware required for said game

  2. Yoga Amrulloh

    Yoga AmrullohHour ago

    What song in taxi?

  3. Samuel Fast

    Samuel Fast2 hours ago

    My most hyped game.. finally gets its release date revealed... on my birthday.

  4. Brayden Brown

    Brayden Brown2 hours ago

    The new watchdogs

  5. PointBlack

    PointBlack2 hours ago

    Your Breathtaking!

  6. Jonathan Lumbreras

    Jonathan Lumbreras2 hours ago

    3:42 what you’re here for

  7. xX FritoTheLay Xx

    xX FritoTheLay Xx2 hours ago

    GTA but in the future

  8. McLego 101

    McLego 1012 hours ago

    Person is sent to deliver a chip but is stopped and then shot but ends up being being found. Me as an intellectual: Fallout NV but futuristic and alot better textures?

  9. Master of Death

    Master of Death2 hours ago

    It comes out on my birthday!

  10. Oreo902

    Oreo9022 hours ago

    eldel fornais

  11. SuperSam

    SuperSam2 hours ago

    I just came after seeing Keanu’s face. We don’t deserve Keanu!

  12. Gavin Lee

    Gavin Lee3 hours ago

    I can't wait, this game is GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

  13. Miraç Çetedir

    Miraç Çetedir3 hours ago

    Waaaooow It's Fortnite Guy !!!!!!!

  14. Игорек Коцапов

    Игорек Коцапов3 hours ago

    Опа, спойлер к Джону Уик 3: он не только выживет, но и еще и до 201773 года доживет в кибер рукой

  15. earthly firefly5

    earthly firefly53 hours ago

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    earthly firefly53 hours ago

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  17. gabriella bruno

    gabriella bruno3 hours ago

    Is it just me that thinks that male V looks just a little bit like Jacksepticeye?

  18. panggop jio

    panggop jio4 hours ago

    your breathtaking

  19. ghgh gt

    ghgh gt4 hours ago


  20. Filipe Vaz Pascoal

    Filipe Vaz Pascoal4 hours ago

    É o John Wick???

  21. MarioAdultingCollegeVaughn GSU- Armstrong

    MarioAdultingCollegeVaughn GSU- Armstrong4 hours ago

    What's good I like it

  22. zan_ka

    zan_ka4 hours ago

    Orientuje się ktoś, które studio wykonało zwiastun? tym razem chyba nie Platige Image? Czy CDPR ma już swoich animatorów? :)

  23. SYNTIC 720

    SYNTIC 7205 hours ago

    Its all amazing but, can we all run it? Or just some medium spec pcs like mine: I5-8400 Gtx 1060 3GB 16 GB RAM Hope I will be able to run it cause of the wait since the trailer with the lady in the dress and spike arms.

  24. MartijnXD

    MartijnXDHour ago

    You should be fine! I think you would be able to play it on medium graphics

  25. Faust Scalpel

    Faust Scalpel5 hours ago

    DO NOT KNEEL TO THE SJW's who kill everthing that is and once was enjoyable. Gaming media does not speak for the consumers.

  26. uzzi Taylor

    uzzi Taylor5 hours ago

    What do you call Keanu Reeves after he hits the toilet ? Keanu releaved .

  27. Derek O'Brien-Wood

    Derek O'Brien-Wood5 hours ago

    Mr. Anderson!

  28. NuclearNuke41

    NuclearNuke415 hours ago

    I came here for the "Wake the **** up sameria. We got a city to burn." meme.

  29. Bartek Bialon

    Bartek Bialon5 hours ago

    MADE Poland baby

  30. AlexDownUnder

    AlexDownUnder5 hours ago

    Stand your ground and ignore all those sjw fuckwits, you guys are doing an awesome job...also give Kasia a pay raise for having to put up with these idiots.

  31. Johnny Succ

    Johnny Succ5 hours ago

    Я устал это терпеть. Это ужасно. Сколько стоят тарифы на воду в этой вселенной? И почему V так и не вымыл шею?! Хорошо, я все понимаю, возможно он был занят, но было бы он человеком, отключил бы воду !!! Какой же он всё-таки кретин, из-за него на данный момент, страдает обычный, не аугментированный, угнетенный белый человек!! Одна надежда осталась на Джонни, я надеюсь, что он покажет ему, что происходит с теми, кто не выключает после себя воду!! Но я всё равно поставил лайк!!!

  32. Tyetyn

    Tyetyn5 hours ago

    CDPR, please for the love of God don't listen to the game journalist, SJWs, or that cunt Anita Sarkeesian! You're doing all the good right now, and I'm so pumped for your game that I'm going to pre-order on GOG so you get every penny you deserve.

  33. Eslaf di Emanon

    Eslaf di Emanon5 hours ago


  34. earthly firefly5

    earthly firefly53 hours ago

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  35. Zaints Alcomendas

    Zaints Alcomendas6 hours ago

    Now this was used as memes.

  36. Poor Gamer

    Poor Gamer6 hours ago

    noob kid:look its man from fortnite

  37. WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming

    WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming6 hours ago

    Why the hell is there over 5.3k dislikes. Give me a damn reason why anybody would hate this trailer

  38. MartijnXD

    MartijnXDHour ago

    @The Crow of Yharnam Because great games take a long time to make. Especially games that are this big.

  39. The Crow of Yharnam

    The Crow of Yharnam6 hours ago

    @WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming it's been FUCKING 7 YEARS it's ready!

  40. WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming

    WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming6 hours ago

    @The Crow of Yharnam yeah so what, you rather them hurry up and release a unfinished game or them to take their time and release a great and completed masterpiece

  41. The Crow of Yharnam

    The Crow of Yharnam6 hours ago

    Because it's taking a year to release :(

  42. Сергей Орлов

    Сергей Орлов6 hours ago

    Жду игру с 2013 года. Спустя 6 лет узнал дату релиза, понял, что нужно ещё подождать 10 месяцев. . Все ничего, но в 12 лет узнать об игре, а поиграть в неё 19 лет - это немного забавно.

  43. jinjun zhen

    jinjun zhen6 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves hell yeah ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. howard wy

    howard wy6 hours ago

    your breathtaking

  45. André Gomes

    André Gomes6 hours ago

    Came here just to press the like button

  46. dewert2

    dewert27 hours ago

    where can i get that built-in heater collar jacket

  47. TheRayBei

    TheRayBei7 hours ago

    They made an amazing game, they post an amazing trailer, they post it in in 4k.... BUT REALLY 30 FPS WTF DUDE

  48. DJRosted

    DJRosted7 hours ago

    Oh man, I really hope they don't blow this chance. Please let the Cyberpunk theme be like Altered Carbon. Pleaase.

  49. Борис Постоленко

    Борис Постоленко8 hours ago

    This is game or movie?

  50. MartijnXD

    MartijnXDHour ago


  51. InCitaTion孤單

    InCitaTion孤單8 hours ago


  52. KG Blitz

    KG Blitz8 hours ago

    Dude looked like punk ass Justin Timberlake. Thank god for character creation.

  53. Arnie Visoro

    Arnie Visoro8 hours ago

    watch cyberpunk 2077 be a super hyped up game only to be another shitty triple a disappointment cus its all the trend now a days

  54. Apocalyptix

    Apocalyptix8 hours ago

    This is sick.

  55. MySaluto

    MySaluto8 hours ago

    Что означает открытый мир? Объясните плиз не геймеру

  56. Cityvibe5

    Cityvibe58 hours ago


  57. Chrystian Deyette

    Chrystian Deyette8 hours ago

    I only clicked this for Keanu.

  58. atvkid0805

    atvkid08058 hours ago


  59. Bobby Caldwell

    Bobby Caldwell9 hours ago

    Please cdpr make the game you want to make. The only way we won't eat it up is if you pander. DO NOT PANDER. We believe in you.


    ASSASSIN CREED9 hours ago

    Is that kenu raves 😍😍😍😍

  61. artao5

    artao510 hours ago

    You should make a limited run of that Samurai jacket that V wears in the game. They'd sell out quick, I'm sure.

  62. 93Dansnelling

    93Dansnelling10 hours ago

    Cant wait for this game! Subscribed....Something I would never do with Rock Paper Shotgun after their recent cheap shot at such a great Studio and my respect to Mike for slapping down these idiots...

  63. Mika L

    Mika L10 hours ago

    I F-ing can't wait!! Gonna take a big nap to april 16 2020 xD

  64. SansLord321

    SansLord32110 hours ago


  65. Polak zdzislll

    Polak zdzislll10 hours ago

    The fat man resembles Mark Henri :D

  66. Jerk of Hearts

    Jerk of Hearts10 hours ago

    If you don't like it, don't play it this game wasn't mad for you! Go and play some "gender Barby" or what ever else you furry people like to play.

  67. Antonio Zaragoza

    Antonio Zaragoza10 hours ago

    I usually don't buy games at full price or on release day... ...but this I'll make an exception for.

  68. earthly firefly5

    earthly firefly53 hours ago

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  69. C.S.Allen

    C.S.Allen11 hours ago

    I thought it was going to be a movie with KR!

  70. Dc H

    Dc H11 hours ago

    哇 fuck hot

  71. Udo Fröhn

    Udo Fröhn11 hours ago

    This one sparks joy

  72. Aludark

    Aludark11 hours ago

    dude even before the game; in the demo, i loved jackie :( he was the real bro. i hope he is okay

  73. Dr. VegaPunK

    Dr. VegaPunK11 hours ago

    my biggest fear of this game is that cd projekt red focus to much on character creation that neglect the story of the game and end up being the biggest screw ups because they decide to appease some SJW asshole

  74. Dr. VegaPunK

    Dr. VegaPunK5 hours ago

    ​@Rácz Béla Rácz ok what do you not understand ? the company is the one that decide on what to focus on, not the employees they already emphasize that they give great though and care to character creation they haven mention at all how the story gonna progress or is about, they only give us the setting of the story and that's it that lead me to believe that they haven't really flesh out the story of the game just what they want the game to be and setting of the story by emphasizing of the gameplay and character creation they might not have time to flesh out the story

  75. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz6 hours ago

    @Dr. VegaPunKthe people who do the quests and story are not the same who make the character creation so idk what you're talking about

  76. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz6 hours ago

    @Dr. VegaPunK still doesn't makes sense

  77. Dr. VegaPunK

    Dr. VegaPunK6 hours ago

    @Rácz Béla Rácz not really since they can focus on a very in debt character creation and neglect to make the story to make sense among a few other things

  78. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 hours ago

    What you're saying is total nonsense

  79. Bartuik

    Bartuik11 hours ago

    Song at 3:53 ?

  80. Vixiarz 69

    Vixiarz 6911 hours ago

    5300 people don't know what lose 😂

  81. Nolfe123

    Nolfe12311 hours ago

    CD Project Red and Keanu Reeves are the nicest guys of their fields, gaming and movies.

  82. Alex Rendel

    Alex Rendel11 hours ago

    Is dat John Wick?

  83. Kuźnia Formy

    Kuźnia Formy11 hours ago

    some one know song at start trailer ?

  84. Jan Nowak

    Jan Nowak11 hours ago


  85. Filippo Clozza

    Filippo Clozza11 hours ago

    how to ruin a good game... put keanu reeves in there.

  86. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 hours ago

    I diagnose u with retardation

  87. chris kingston

    chris kingston11 hours ago

    Do not remove anything from the game coz of the press. Your selling the game 2 me not them.

  88. Joseph Mora

    Joseph Mora12 hours ago

    Your breathtaking Keanu Reeves: No, you

  89. shadow Kia Witch

    shadow Kia Witch12 hours ago

    OH look jonny nemonic got an upgrade

  90. AbdiZ Channel

    AbdiZ Channel12 hours ago

    This video may have this kids shouldn’t see Meanwhile we are in the back seat of a car swearing away with a man bleeding out of his stomach

  91. urla TV

    urla TV12 hours ago

    it would be more epic if it was released in april 20th, 2020 because it would be 4/20/20

  92. FreedomWarrior

    FreedomWarrior13 hours ago

    A game that wants to be a movie. Horrible. I want a game, not a freakish thing that isn't a game nor a movie.

  93. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 hours ago

    @JamesHLanier because he's a sad little bitch

  94. JamesHLanier

    JamesHLanier7 hours ago

    Why do you hate fun?

  95. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 hours ago

    @FreedomWarrior you're just an idiot, stop playing games if you hate them so much and let us enjoy them

  96. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton9 hours ago

    FreedomWarrior Get your head out of Spoilness.

  97. FreedomWarrior

    FreedomWarrior10 hours ago

    @Ryder Barton My expectations were fairly low to begin with, but they went even lower after watching this. Since around 2007 video-games began to decline in quality exponentially, (there are some exceptions) but since 7 years or so, generally, or there are games that are copy of copies or they are just uninteresting and there is even less games that excepts to this rule. This Cyberpunk 2077 looks like that more uninteresting stuff is coming.

  98. Yassine

    Yassine13 hours ago

    can I play it with a gtx1060 6gb

  99. gabriel deleon

    gabriel deleon10 hours ago

    Rtx 2070 or better

  100. Zigo Rami

    Zigo Rami13 hours ago

    Zabił murzyna uuuuuuuu gra nie poprawna politycznie

  101. Adamus

    Adamus14 hours ago

    Polska jest zajebista! CDPR jest zajebiste!!!! 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎💪💪💪💪💪

  102. Obet

    Obet14 hours ago

    what's the song?

  103. Samuel Dias

    Samuel Dias14 hours ago

    :( q pena q eu não poderei jogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

  104. alienstl

    alienstl14 hours ago

    CD Project Red please, take my money! :D

  105. Derrick Peter Red

    Derrick Peter Red14 hours ago

    Oh Yeah....!

  106. Sir Zockalot

    Sir Zockalot14 hours ago

    So far I love everything about this game, but why did they put the dude from this year's E3 trailer on the cover of the game even though you can play as whoever you want?

  107. Cem Celen

    Cem Celen15 hours ago

    fuck yeaaaah

  108. DarkThomy

    DarkThomy15 hours ago

    Funny fact, the music in the end is supposed to be one of Johnny Silverhand x) You can hear it during the first big gameplay demo at your appartment

  109. Carl Boragay

    Carl Boragay15 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves.......

  110. Carl Boragay

    Carl Boragay15 hours ago

    It's amazi̇ng!

  111. Pro J

    Pro J15 hours ago

    Keanu podgrzał mocno atmosferę. Świetny ruch Redów. A co jeśli... czeka nas kolejna bomba w postaci soundtracka zrobionego przez Daft Punk? To by był chyba największy rozpie**ol w tym biznesie. DP dawno nie zrobił nic poza epizodami z The Weekend... To oczywiście mój wymysł, ale skoro jest Keanu, to może być i Daft Punk.

  112. Comic Cartoons And Movies

    Comic Cartoons And Movies15 hours ago

    Everyone: Keanu Reaves Me: Is Samurai Sean Gunn?

  113. Asia81

    Asia8116 hours ago

    1:56 Homer Simpson ?

  114. Bedirhan Canbaz

    Bedirhan Canbaz16 hours ago

    Postpone the release date of the game.

  115. Matt Smoke

    Matt Smoke16 hours ago

    10 Million views! C'mon Cyberpunks! Make it happen!


    DROID POOL16 hours ago

    This isn’t in game graphics is it?

  117. Not Tmk

    Not Tmk16 hours ago

    How do cyborgs bleed?

  118. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 hours ago

    Because they're partly human ?

  119. Schadowfall

    Schadowfall17 hours ago

    would be insane if you would find cirilla from wither 3 there, she was in this world i think xD

  120. Eduardo Silva

    Eduardo Silva17 hours ago

    Guys i still dont have the money, my brother's been sick and i had to expend quite a lot, but in 2 weeks i get a new paycheck and i will pre order this, because it looks awesome and i want you guys to know that! You guys rock cd pr!

  121. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams18 hours ago

    Ya know now that I think about and we got the info from the next demo maybe this is how V got the chip connected to johnny silverhand. Idk im just saying lol