Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!


  1. Tim Mahler

    Tim Mahler52 minutes ago

    Wait does that mean I one of you are a mistake? 😂

  2. Brienna Brienna

    Brienna Brienna55 minutes ago

    As I was watching this I was getting really claustrophobic

  3. Everything lays 11

    Everything lays 1156 minutes ago

    StOp sMacKing Mom

  4. Summer Odom

    Summer Odom58 minutes ago

    Grayson’s the cuter twin. I’ve never watched them before haha

  5. Lps_ Girl

    Lps_ GirlHour ago

    That means one of you were a mistake

  6. Nicole Olivas

    Nicole OlivasHour ago

    13:33 Ethan: smacks ball Grayson: “stop smacking mom!” IM DEAD!😂🤣

  7. Emilie Roberge

    Emilie RobergeHour ago

    *avoids abortion debate*

  8. Litzy Flores

    Litzy FloresHour ago

    Stop slapping mom!

  9. hannah golladay

    hannah golladayHour ago


  10. Asya Pranzini

    Asya PranziniHour ago

    No one: Doctor: hAlF oF a TwO lItEr bOtTlE. Sweety it's a liter

  11. Baeked Kookie with Tae

    Baeked Kookie with TaeHour ago

    omg i remember when i was tiny and i did something hoo hoo my mom would threaten me w "shall i send u back into my womb"

  12. Chaz Pickles

    Chaz PicklesHour ago

    The doctor thought u were crazy

  13. ᗰIᒪKY ᗯᗩY

    ᗰIᒪKY ᗯᗩY2 hours ago

    the way ethan says “women’s tummy’s” is so wholesome

  14. Laura Flynn

    Laura Flynn2 hours ago

    did he just say “half a two litre bottle”? what’s up with saying “one litre bottle”

  15. Reyna Espinoza

    Reyna Espinoza2 hours ago

    The doctors facial expressions says it all 🤣

  16. Goodnight Moon

    Goodnight Moon2 hours ago

    I want moms reaction to this video on camera 🤞🏼

  17. SheClutches

    SheClutches2 hours ago

    This Doctor is looking at y’all like your morons for acting these dumbass questions. 🤣 Also I’ve never heard anyone except a 5 year old call it a belly.

  18. michael scott

    michael scott2 hours ago

    I thought the doctor was finna cry when Ethan said “sO gReTHan wAs jUSt a A liTTLe sLiME gUy” and he said “suRe🥺” I was like of dang y’all made him cry

  19. SheClutches

    SheClutches2 hours ago

    Ethan I love you, but you’re always such an asshole to Grayson in videos & he never treats you like that in videos. I say in videos cause idk how y’all act off camera, but I hope you treat Gray better off camera.

  20. michael scott

    michael scott2 hours ago

    y’all just make me happy.💓

  21. DC Sushi

    DC Sushi3 hours ago

    How babys in the womb be like:

  22. Robux The Goat!! Studios

    Robux The Goat!! Studios3 hours ago

    XD the doctor looks like he feels uncomfortable answering these questions especially sine they are like teens I think...

  23. Jaidyn Leisti

    Jaidyn Leisti3 hours ago

    I ate my fucking twin and I’m sad about it

  24. sucipx

    sucipx4 hours ago

    The doctor looked so uncomfortable.

  25. Fiona Manuel

    Fiona Manuel4 hours ago

    you guys ethan didn’t say he was dairy free in this video !

  26. Fiona Manuel

    Fiona Manuel4 hours ago

    who tf edited this video

  27. mia cocciolillo

    mia cocciolillo4 hours ago

    Wait you missed the part where on of you died for a min

  28. Ally Moon

    Ally Moon4 hours ago

    Their questions are killing me😂

  29. Genius Suga

    Genius Suga4 hours ago

    That poor doctor's expression says it all right i feel kind of sorry for him

  30. Camryn money

    Camryn money4 hours ago

    I wish I didn’t eat my twin

  31. Shanessa Smith

    Shanessa Smith4 hours ago

    *HALF OF A 2 L BOTTLE* could’ve just said 1L😑

  32. Mara palomares

    Mara palomares5 hours ago

    Why does grason have his nails painted ?????

  33. Shanessa Smith

    Shanessa Smith5 hours ago

    ‘And this week we’re taking it way back’ Grayson: that was *SO BAD* Ethan: *wAs ThAt GoOd?*

  34. Nessa Byrne

    Nessa Byrne5 hours ago

    “so warm water?” “for sure” absolutely died laughing at that idk y but i found it hilarious 😂

  35. Jimin s LOSt jams

    Jimin s LOSt jams5 hours ago

    Why am I watching two grown men sit in a ball pretending to be in their moms womb 😂

  36. Daniela Lopez

    Daniela Lopez5 hours ago

  37. Joseph

    Joseph5 hours ago

    Ethan : *breathes in womb* Grayson : stop suffocating mom 😒

  38. minecraft bitch 69

    minecraft bitch 695 hours ago

    nobody: the doctor:😅🙂😟😕🤨😐😦😯🤔😧😲😬

  39. Thegirlwithapinkbag

    Thegirlwithapinkbag5 hours ago

    How did that doctor manage to keep a straight face?

  40. Haz Hughes

    Haz Hughes5 hours ago

    That was sooo funny 😂😂😂

  41. Lorena Flores

    Lorena Flores6 hours ago

    plot twist: Greathan... or is it NOLAN?!

  42. Angel C.

    Angel C.6 hours ago

    Omgggggg!!!!!!!!! Cross your eyes when they are both on the screen!!!!!!! Then you see Grethan

  43. Emma Al thakafi

    Emma Al thakafi6 hours ago

    The doctor was regretting this from the first question 😭😭😭😭

  44. elise bliss

    elise bliss6 hours ago

    “stop smacking mom” woah there grayson 😂

  45. Lara Webb

    Lara Webb6 hours ago

    Ethan :" we were grethan" Doctor: what the hell?!

  46. Lara Webb

    Lara Webb6 hours ago

    They both say belly and tummy allot lol

  47. Lara Webb

    Lara Webb6 hours ago

    How could they do the womb simulator if they're still in the womb

  48. Skert Skeet

    Skert Skeet7 hours ago

    Ethan: jokes on you I can breath fluid I’m a bab- *drowns* Gray: I don’t think he can.... Me: LMFAO

  49. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie7 hours ago

    22:42 gah damn

  50. stacy kim

    stacy kim7 hours ago

    lowkey feeling claustrophobic