Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectMonth ago

    UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha

  2. Adrian Hennessy

    Adrian HennessyDay ago

    i thought he threw it over the fence

  3. Lyla Tippey

    Lyla TippeyDay ago


  4. Sealington _123

    Sealington _123Day ago

    3:30 whats the app called

  5. Leo Gaming and Trickshots

    Leo Gaming and Trickshots2 days ago


  6. Abigail Davenport

    Abigail Davenport2 days ago

    I thought The ring was fake

  7. Nimesh Gayan

    Nimesh Gayan4 hours ago

    I like video love you

  8. Branden Kemp

    Branden Kemp5 hours ago


  9. Adam TGK

    Adam TGK12 hours ago

    More more please

  10. Tecnical Straight

    Tecnical Straight13 hours ago

    Subscribe My Channel All Guys Thnks

  11. Trang Miền Núi

    Trang Miền Núi14 hours ago

    Hello I'm Vietnamese. I like did youtuber . Can you help me? Ok


    MAB IDEAS15 hours ago

    My dream is to have a life like them, the have so much fun every day!!

  13. Zach Attack

    Zach Attack15 hours ago


  14. Van Darryl De Guzman

    Van Darryl De Guzman16 hours ago

    Ty...congratulations you have found an megalodon teeth

  15. Shane Donis

    Shane Donis16 hours ago

    Imagine Garret telling his wife

  16. samsam wapa

    samsam wapa17 hours ago

    Just found out that Garrett shaved his head

  17. King Kal

    King Kal17 hours ago

    The Phoenix gold mine is actually haunted ghost adventures actually did a episode there and they heard rocks being thrown seeing shadows and hearing voices and the mines have been close for years and years

  18. Libby Craven

    Libby Craven18 hours ago


  19. Libby Craven

    Libby Craven18 hours ago

    Did Garrett ever find his wife’s ring

  20. yer maw22

    yer maw2219 hours ago

    Did he find his ring

  21. Jaeden Sports

    Jaeden Sports20 hours ago

    I love this! Seriously I have watched this AT LEAST 6 TIMES IN ONE MONTH

  22. Tony Barnes

    Tony Barnes21 hour ago

    You are the best

  23. Tony Barnes

    Tony Barnes21 hour ago

    You are the best


    DOOM ETERNAL22 hours ago

    Garrett: Throws ring behind back Pool: plop

  25. Mr. Boomguy

    Mr. Boomguy22 hours ago

    Yeah, I wonder why Garret hasn't won in so long, he puts no affort into it.

  26. GaŁâχƴ

    GaŁâχƴDay ago

    He had gold 🤣🤣🤣 and did not win... Get a better judge 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Alexei Smirnoff

    Alexei SmirnoffDay ago

    They should do a metal detector battle 3 with Dallmyd

  28. Reap YT

    Reap YTDay ago

    Gold? pssssshhhh. walkie talkie? yeeeeee boi

  29. Toottootmickbubble Donald trump

    Toottootmickbubble Donald trumpDay ago

    Dude you found my necklace were I lost at the beach it’s the one with the T

  30. Isaac Sanders

    Isaac SandersDay ago



    COD GAMINGDay ago

    Tyler fans hit like for comment

  32. Nicola Estefani Espiritu

    Nicola Estefani EspirituDay ago

    Omyyy the Squirrel is Cute😍

  33. Damarsatrya Permana

    Damarsatrya PermanaDay ago

    I am Indonesia mister

  34. Ape PaX

    Ape PaXDay ago

    Cant tell difference from cody and coby both sound and look the same no offence

  35. Melissa Mendez

    Melissa MendezDay ago

    Cody should not have won.Cory found pure GOLD!

  36. Telstic

    TelsticDay ago

    Is no one gonna talk about 10:22 ? 😂

  37. Macjunyer Amac

    Macjunyer AmacDay ago

    My yard is a lot bigger



    during corys interveiiw rock falls 2 seconds later it resumes with him wearing a helmet

  39. Owen’s Game Mania OGM64

    Owen’s Game Mania OGM64Day ago

    Awesome I love your vids

  40. Narte Uzuha

    Narte UzuhaDay ago

    he should have just dropped it in front of him so he doesnt lose the ring

  41. Afsalkv Afsalmndy

    Afsalkv AfsalmndyDay ago

    Respect.... For your efforts..... Cony is cuttttieeeee

  42. Hasret Kutlu

    Hasret KutluDay ago


  43. 3boyzlab ST

    3boyzlab STDay ago

    1 more

  44. Milinium 5000

    Milinium 5000Day ago

    So mr milliger was just waiting in the closet for the moment

  45. Akatsuki Mayhem

    Akatsuki Mayhem22 hours ago

    In the pantry

  46. Uriel Blue Gutierrez

    Uriel Blue GutierrezDay ago

    Ty is wearing the same necklace coby found 5:33 coby found it

  47. Ryan Gunter

    Ryan GunterDay ago

    Legend has it that Garret is still looking for the ring👀

  48. David Sac

    David SacDay ago

    I hate that he got another one

  49. Vince Rodriguez

    Vince RodriguezDay ago

    Is metal detecting fun? I'm going to get one!

  50. Benji_019

    Benji_019Day ago

    I feel like i would be scared of mines if I ever go to one. They make me feel claustrophobic and I would imagine that the rocks would collapse on me.

  51. Axel

    AxelDay ago

    LoL I Remember Dude Perfect

  52. Apolo Romero

    Apolo Romero2 days ago

    How are they so talented.

  53. Sturdy Wood

    Sturdy Wood2 days ago

    Do a number 3

  54. V.O.L.K Geiming

    V.O.L.K Geiming2 days ago


  55. Ruth Kirchhofer

    Ruth Kirchhofer2 days ago

    I DEMAND A REDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Gamer Ball

    Gamer Ball2 days ago

    2:08 where the white hat ;-;