Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019


  1. Dragon Ball Tdias

    Dragon Ball Tdias2 hours ago

    Good night..!top canal!!😏

  2. Hamun

    Hamun18 hours ago

    Should be Super story

  3. Dion OnTheRise

    Dion OnTheRise23 hours ago

    These sound like yakuza actors

  4. Harold Taylor

    Harold TaylorDay ago

    Please be in English 🙏

  5. Darth Vader

    Darth VaderDay ago

    Only For xbox? Fuck that i have a ps4

  6. John Pisani

    John PisaniDay ago

    wheres raging blast 3

  7. Asim Bashir

    Asim BashirDay ago

    Will it be on PC or only Xbox ?

  8. BQuillaGuy :D

    BQuillaGuy :D2 days ago

    Dragon Ball Rpg looks like a reformat to the old GBA games, which I absolutely don't have a problem about.

  9. Symbiotic Animator

    Symbiotic Animator2 days ago

    Dragon ball Z Budakai Tenkaichi 3: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  10. Anchor

    Anchor7 hours ago

    Symbiotic Animator no not yet

  11. Reddragonninja 59

    Reddragonninja 592 days ago

    how much does these actors get paid for saying the same lines in the same stories multiple times.

  12. NoOne Gsh

    NoOne Gsh2 days ago

    every dbz new game: let's kill krillin again.

  13. Gamelord 2.9252857

    Gamelord 2.92528572 days ago

    Is there ultra instics

  14. Mador9

    Mador92 days ago

    Is this real?

  15. Seven Proxies

    Seven Proxies3 days ago

    I like the somewhat faithful recreation of the anime aesthetics. But I think it would've been a lot more nostalgic if the motion and framerate wasn't so modernly "fluid" as it is. Instead I would've prefered that the devs actually tried to recreate the framerate of the original cartoons from the early 90's. It would've made the game stand out more, and would most likely have looked almost exactly like an episode from the anime, but being controlled by the player.

  16. Junaid Kaleem

    Junaid Kaleem3 days ago

    If the story goes till tournament of power it will be the most sold pc game in the world (after GTA V)

  17. Christian

    Christian3 days ago

    Wake me up when they make a DBZ Abridged game ....

  18. Bunni89

    Bunni893 days ago

    Oh it's another boring retelling of the Saiyan arc. With a name like DBZ Kakarot I got my hopes up that itd be an AU where we get to see what would have happened if Goku stayed as Kakarot and led the Saiyan invasion...

  19. Soufiane ARBIB

    Soufiane ARBIB3 days ago


  20. Saurabh Tripathi

    Saurabh Tripathi3 days ago

    It's the same damn story and the same damn game as the past ones with a new name ?

  21. Facundo Poviña

    Facundo Poviña3 days ago

    Oh great, the same story again, like all the db games, we want kid goku story not the same dbz repetitive story over and over again!! also would suit a lot better on a open world game, and fighting dinosaurs

  22. H. Art

    H. Art3 days ago

    You know, I'm pretty tired of seeing the same story :/ Like, they could do something original or do something like DB Multiverse, but with different characters, from GT, Super, Z or even AF, because why not.

  23. Bruno Lima

    Bruno Lima4 days ago

    Isso que é roer um osso!


    PROPAINZERO4 days ago

    This game is so innovative holy hell such a new idea why didn't I think to add the Freiza saga in a dbz game


    PROPAINZERO4 days ago

    Fuck yeah time to beat the story for the 20th time

  26. Titou 1er

    Titou 1er4 days ago

    “Okay, let’s do this one last time. My name is San Goku I was born on the Sayan Planet...”

  27. Byron Charles

    Byron Charles4 days ago

    Theres so much u can do with dbz i feel theres realy norhing else to add tbh its getting pretty borin the anime to theres so much u can do by giving characters new forms then have them fight a godly being just to think their about to lose then unlock another new form inorder to win (just my opinion)

  28. Magnatron

    Magnatron4 days ago


  29. Liam Does

    Liam Does4 days ago

    Thank god this is an rpg

  30. TheLionWarrior 25

    TheLionWarrior 254 days ago

    Anybody else missing the ultimate tenkaichi budokai mechanics and play style? I do But I don't think they gonna do anything similar to that again

  31. panggop jio

    panggop jio4 days ago

    Miguel relvas Dkagon ganem

  32. Сон Гоку

    Сон Гоку4 days ago

    1:15 100% Golden Freiza?

  33. V Guyver

    V Guyver5 days ago

    Oh hey, we get to play the entire story line from Dragon ball. *All. Over. Again.* For the hundredth time! I'm not trying to be mean. Just that they aren't doing anything new or creative. I also don't want time travel stuff anymore either. Look just give us a Dragon Ball game with an actual original plot and no recycling. Expand the universe instead of repackaging it like a second hand Christmas present.

  34. Ninja

    Ninja5 days ago

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT A SECOND that was supposed to be a one piece game

  35. Juan Medel

    Juan Medel5 days ago

    Alguien me podría decir hasta qué saga tendra?

  36. GuideBeauté Jeu

    GuideBeauté Jeu5 days ago


  37. Vandercus Dimachaeri

    Vandercus Dimachaeri5 days ago

    Plz give us a proper fighting system on this one. Proper as in Tenkaichi mechanics. It's a shame the potential is so lost, ps2 the only console to get it right.

  38. Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya

    Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya5 days ago

    I am overly hyped for Dragon Ball Project Z. This game looks awesome. Can't wait to play it.

  39. Talon farmer

    Talon farmer5 days ago

    Im thinking this game only goes up to frieza just because they have shown nothing else besides it, no pictures and none of the trailers show any hints of cell or buu

  40. sss sss

    sss sss5 days ago


  41. Bruno Cesare Marchesoni

    Bruno Cesare Marchesoni5 days ago

    FOR BANDAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ci devono essere tutti i personaggi e un multiplayer per forza !!!!!! E i vari posti in cui combattere ed i tornei !!!! Come Budokai Tenkaichi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Assolutamente non fate cavolate !!!!! La gente vuole una cosa simile e del tutto migliorata di Budokai Tenkaichi!!!! E già tutto buono !!! Ma fate una giocabilità nei comandi))))))) complessa !!!! Articolata !!!!!! E player vs player e player vs com!!!!!!!! Assolutamente!!!!!!!!!

  42. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  43. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  44. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  45. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  46. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  47. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  48. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  49. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  50. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago


  51. Maryh Santos

    Maryh Santos5 days ago

    Miguel relvas Dkagon ganem

  52. Alex Kidd

    Alex Kidd5 days ago

    Mais do mesmo!

  53. ILLmuse204

    ILLmuse2045 days ago

    Suprised kotaku didnt complain about the toxic masculinity 😏

  54. Koko Mmc

    Koko Mmc5 days ago

    I don’t wanna sound rude here but in Japanese they all sound like adolescents

  55. Maicol Leonetti

    Maicol Leonetti5 days ago

    Gosh, I know that with these words I will be hated by the whole comment section, but-- I always heard people saying that playing these games in japanese is much better than english or any other language. And I am right here, thinking-- seriously? All the characters except Nappa seems 14 years old kids yelling at each other while playing in the backyard. Am I supposed to take these scenes seriously or what?

  56. Nerdy Carly

    Nerdy Carly5 days ago


  57. Nerdy Carly

    Nerdy Carly5 days ago


  58. Nerdy Carly

    Nerdy Carly5 days ago


  59. Super Kami Guru

    Super Kami Guru5 days ago

    i'm sorry dude, i'm big on watching subtitled anime/foreign movies but the voices for Dragon ball Z in their own voices are cringey.

  60. Pat Sob

    Pat Sob5 days ago

    the Japanese voiceover is so good

  61. sǝɯɐظ ıuuɐʌoıG

    sǝɯɐظ ıuuɐʌoıG6 days ago

    DragonBall Z Ultimate Saiyajin Ztorm

  62. KnightofFunnyJunk

    KnightofFunnyJunk6 days ago

    So given what we know so far from the 10 minute Gameplay Demo this game is gonna play like a 3D open world equivalent to Legacy of Goku Expect lots of references to the OVA's and early Dragonball lore if one of the 1st sidequests you can do before going to save Gohan from Raditz is help Android 8 stop the Red Ribbon Army Since a lot of the shit from the Gameplay Trailer is between the Saiyan Invasion to Earth leading up to the climax of The Namek Saga I expect a ton of early to epilouge optional sidequests that reference OVA's that came out at that point in the story shit like Dr Wheelo and his enormous mech suit, Lord Slug the ultimate Super Namekian, Tuffles from Tree of Life, Garlic Jr and the Death Zone, maybe some shit with Bardock

  63. err0r0b0

    err0r0b06 days ago

    Those voices sound so weak and goofy..

  64. whyz yttf

    whyz yttf6 days ago

    The game looks good but in majority of the DBZ game's are based on the same story again and again why not do different like xenoverse something like an orgin based game or a what if story game or a future trunks game that'd be awesome or do a street fighter vs DBZ game LoL something new and exciting to explore

  65. 4k Stormbreaker

    4k Stormbreaker6 days ago

    dbz games is dead

  66. MK_Critic_

    MK_Critic_6 days ago

    Looks shitty

  67. Nani House

    Nani House6 days ago


  68. Born Sekai

    Born Sekai6 days ago

    Raging blast 3 please that’s literally the only one we need

  69. Angel Espinoza

    Angel Espinoza6 days ago

    Siempre y cuando no metan la mierda de super todo está bien

  70. Owen Luna

    Owen Luna6 days ago

    Looks like straight TRRRRRRAAAAASSSSSHHHH

  71. Krykey

    Krykey6 days ago

    New DBZ game retells Frieza Arc Frieza: ahh shit, here we go again

  72. GameFrostYT

    GameFrostYT6 days ago

    All I know that this story might contain the following phrase: *KAKAROOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!*

  73. The Inner Mind's Eye

    The Inner Mind's Eye6 days ago

    pleeeeeaaaaseee play similar to Tenkaichi 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. MeeMo

    MeeMo6 days ago

    I don’t wanna sound rude here but in Japanese they all sound like adolescents

  75. FreeTv

    FreeTv6 days ago

    O y’all just gon keep remaking his game till y’all get it right huh still looks lit

  76. fasilah keita

    fasilah keita6 days ago

    Back when Vegeta was a cold and calculating Saiyan.

  77. Mitchell N

    Mitchell N6 days ago

    Can’t wait to watch tfs gaming

  78. zeswa00x

    zeswa00x6 days ago

    I wish it would have been xenoverse 3



    I'm feeling a sense of deja vu

  80. Salt-Upon-Wounds

    Salt-Upon-Wounds6 days ago

    I'm insane from Earth!

  81. Marcus Lopez

    Marcus Lopez6 days ago

    Bruh they keep taking old shit and making it new... and some how I keep buying it all NANIIIIIII ...!?

  82. pako joe

    pako joe6 days ago

    Is this going to be Xbox only?

  83. marilia0607

    marilia06076 days ago

    Is this exclusive for xbox?

  84. Sanket Sathe

    Sanket Sathe6 days ago

    It's just for 1 minute 32 second but this trailer just showed so many episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

  85. Mahendren Vathanan

    Mahendren Vathanan6 days ago

    Will this game have DBGT and DBS,well that is Kakarot story too.....?

  86. Chronic Munchies

    Chronic Munchies6 days ago

    Subtitles...smh... DUB WOULD HAD BEEN BETTER...

  87. ya boi

    ya boi6 days ago

    This trailer gave me goosebumps

  88. Robin Thomas

    Robin Thomas6 days ago

    yall missing the point

  89. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe6 days ago

    Goku's story is old, but legendary.

  90. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe6 days ago

    I can see why this Dragon Ball game is named Kakarot. Goku wanted Broly to call him Kakarot at the end of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie.😄

  91. stephen the dude

    stephen the dude6 days ago

    There better be Dragon Ball stuff in this. We need kid Goku

  92. stephen the dude

    stephen the dude3 days ago

    @Facundo Poviña PREACH. unfortunately that's probably never going to happen 😓 but we can still dream

  93. Facundo Poviña

    Facundo Poviña3 days ago

    i say make the whole game kid gokus story, i refuse to play the same dbz story AGAIN

  94. Versace Kitties

    Versace Kitties6 days ago

    Dbz is overhyped and is for fags

  95. J. Zea

    J. Zea6 days ago

    Goku- New Dragonball game how many times do I have to save the earth 😂 I always have to start over and over and do the same story like what the hell 😡

  96. namekman01

    namekman016 days ago

    things this game should have: 1. ability to customize your own goku 2. original dragon ball fights 3. ability to choose forms we want (maybe i dont want blue hair... maybe i want ssj4... ik gt was crap, but i like ssj4)

  97. Elias Varner

    Elias Varner6 days ago

    is this game xbox exclusive because if it is i really dont want to buy an xbox but KAAAKKKAAAARRROOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  98. Warrior J Gamer

    Warrior J Gamer6 days ago

    We need gameplay!!!

  99. A C

    A C6 days ago

    Same shit just a different way to play it. Like always...

  100. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'6 days ago

    I wonder how many times can we replay dbz story

  101. crayhack

    crayhack6 days ago

    Why would I play this instead of just watching the anime?

  102. RR Yase

    RR Yase6 days ago

    Can I go shopping with Bulma and protect my farm from dinosaurs?

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