Dark Phoenix Postmortem: An X-Men Franchise Retrospective


  1. RottenDoctorGonzo

    RottenDoctorGonzo20 hours ago

    New Atheists like Dawkins and materialists are the devil's work. They made us believe we're mere biological machines; that our longing for transcendence was a by-product of the clever mind. That the pantheon of Greek gods puts all gods on an equal footing. These are lies, my friends. Arm yourselves with actual philosophy, it has rules of logic that help us think to the best of our capabilities.

  2. os2nuke

    os2nukeDay ago

    Wow I disagree with you almost completely, never watching any reviews or retrospectives or whatever from you again.

  3. Lee;O Gone Wild

    Lee;O Gone WildDay ago

    I wish you would have touched on the casting change and the drastic change from makeup to cgi, both of those contributed heavily. Extremely good actors and makeup artists from the first 3 to god knows what. I did love days of future past because they brought back the old characters and the theme was a lot darker, since then, absolutely TERRIBLE. Sophie and Jennifer ruined this franchise. No reason Famke and Rebecca couldn’t come back.

  4. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan StewartDay ago

    WHAT A BUNCH OF JACK ASSES, that did not believe in the first film, before it was released!!!!! Smh. The one and only reason it does not hold up to this day, is because it looks so dated. Which ONLY HAPPENED, because they had their shooting schedule and post production had FOUR MONTHS cut out from under them.

  5. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan StewartDay ago

    AMAZING video. Wow.

  6. GREENACEx009

    GREENACEx009Day ago

    I might be the only one i here who actually liked Dark Phoenix.. They may have had a rushed plot but as seen here they were screwed with rewrites (allegedly because it was too similar to Disneys Captain Marvel) and the buyout meant they wouldnt get another movie to explore these characters. I liked that they actually werent afraid to get dark with character arcs even on smaller characters like Nightcrawler. I really enjoyed the recasting of the “prequel xmen” so its a shame these actors wont come back for an MCU version. People complain about continuity errors and weird plots but hey thats literally how it goes in the actual comics... so with some suspending of disbelief and the facts it got botched and rebuilt last minute, it deserved better than its box office numbers

  7. John Magin

    John Magin3 days ago

    Sophie married Joe Jonas, she's gonna be ok for a while.

  8. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley4 days ago

    Dark Phoenix rocks! $250 million earned, you robotic tone scumbags.

  9. clarissa35f

    clarissa35f4 days ago

    X-men is not Outdated. It's run it's course, and the fans have ZERO faith in a Fox X-men film, knowing that anything MCU produces would be 10 x's better. People are TOO excited about MCU X-men to care for anything Fox could have produced and they see any Fox X-men productions as just another obstacle that will Just push back any MCU X-men films... do not expect New Mutaznts on the big screen,... chances are they will just chuck it and swallow the loss, or put it on the Disney streaming service.

  10. Zach Da Mack

    Zach Da Mack4 days ago

    Good content but absolutely terrible awful narration and your cadence/tone make it impossible to listen to your voice.

  11. Jay McD

    Jay McD5 days ago

    Bury the entire Fox X-Men mess and let the dust settle for a good few years and reboot it Marvel style!

  12. The Russ Man

    The Russ Man6 days ago

    Sophie Turner running her mouth to/about the fans disappointment of the last season of GOT had more to do with this than advertised here... given it most certainly was not the ENTIRE reason for the monumental failure......

  13. Dade Lee Murphy

    Dade Lee Murphy6 days ago

    considering Stan lee has died I would not be surprised the shit they pull

  14. Jennifer Alvarado

    Jennifer Alvarado7 days ago

    Any version without Lilandra and D'Ken is not worth watching!

  15. EnigmaDrath

    EnigmaDrath7 days ago

    I assumed Logan WAS the final movie. Was totally blindsided when Dark Phoenix dropped, then totally confused as to why it existed at all :/

  16. Jason Kostelecky

    Jason Kostelecky8 days ago

    i liked Dark Phoenix, hated Logan, they completely killed the character Wolverine

  17. Ran Mckalser

    Ran Mckalser8 days ago

    Love sophie turner hate the movie

  18. Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho8 days ago

    X-men cracked the modern ensemble superhero movie. Blade was a great solo superhero movie, two years before X-men.

  19. Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho8 days ago

    I wish someone would publish a video showing how these executives make the studios their money. Is their only job to keep the studio afloat through mediocrity? It would seem if someone is doing a job well you would support them, but I dont believe these guys in charge know what a good movie is from what a bad movie is.

  20. Chris Foster

    Chris Foster10 days ago

    But why ohWhy would they kill off mystique in the final ....just ridiculous decisions all round....but that was so unnecessary

  21. Caleb Bay

    Caleb Bay10 days ago

    I didnt see it because, Wemon treat men like trash these days.. It makes me wanna "exsorsist vomit"

  22. ShadXGhost _

    ShadXGhost _10 days ago

    This movie was boring that I even slept thought the action scene lol and I want my refund of my ticket logan was one of the best movie in my opinion so yeah...

  23. Sunnu Valentine

    Sunnu Valentine10 days ago

    Nooooo!! Hell no! X-Men did NOT ... NOT "...herald the comic book movie boom which continues unabated to this day"... BLADE DID!!! You "comic book twistorians" are afflicted with a SERIOUS case of "Cognitive Dissonance" when it comes to giving Wesley Snipes' "Blade" the much deserved props as the TRUE "herald of the comic book movie boom". FOH...!

  24. RedwoodTheElf

    RedwoodTheElf11 days ago

    It's not the LAST X-men film. There's still the New Mutants film. With Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane.

  25. zpetar

    zpetar11 days ago

    It looks like it is all happening in some parallel universes. In X-Men: Apocalypse we already saw Jane as host for Phoenix force. No explanations whatsoever. People could think it is just another one of her hidden powers suppressed by Charles Xavier. Than there comes Dark Phoenix and everything we saw in X-Men: Apocalypse doesn't make any sense.

  26. Headles Norseman

    Headles Norseman11 days ago

    Dark phoenix came out at a very bad time... in the wake of the avengers juggernaut, any action super hero movie is going to feel cheap. If this movie came out a few years ago, it would have gotten much better reviews. timing is everything

  27. Otto Roberts

    Otto Roberts12 days ago

    Just say Doug. Then say ree. Not Doogray Scott lol

  28. Alexander Devaux

    Alexander Devaux12 days ago

    Your voice is too stilted you sound like Looper/WatchMojo. Otherwise, not bad.

  29. Hammern28

    Hammern2812 days ago

    Haven't seen this movie, honestly I actually forgot it even existed. Think I will keep it that way.

  30. Andiror

    Andiror12 days ago

    Dark Phoenix was a huge miscast... whoever plays Sansa is only good at playing a spoiled brat. It's like casting john travolta as a physicist. Cast Travolta as a jock who can dance and now your talking. Better actresses? I dont know... Emily Blunt... Keira Knightley... Even Arya would have been better... Or just an unkown who can act!

  31. leftcoaster67

    leftcoaster6713 days ago

    X-Men itself has been up and down. The Dark Phoenix Saga would need HBO and spread out over a season to be done correctly. X-Men and Fantastic Four seem to be the same as the DCEU. Just not written very well.

  32. Jossy Beth

    Jossy Beth13 days ago


  33. Cookie Pam

    Cookie Pam13 days ago

    It wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it but because I know the actual story come the comics, they could have made this waaaay bigger. I was left wanting more...

  34. Tin Tizzy

    Tin Tizzy14 days ago

    Dark Pheonix should have been rated R and trippy like the show Legion.

  35. Henry Smith

    Henry Smith14 days ago

    The reason people consider dark Phoenix the worst one is because it is the last one and for the final movie to not be good really sucks.

  36. Mourning Star

    Mourning Star14 days ago

    I don't know why but I'm thinking that "X-People" will fail

  37. Ruthless Savage Hatred

    Ruthless Savage Hatred14 days ago

    I really enjoyed dark Phoenix

  38. Luke J.

    Luke J.14 days ago

    no need for mystic in any of the movies. Especially first class.

  39. r2dxhate

    r2dxhate15 days ago

    So when is Dark Phoenix coming out?

  40. Mary Elizabeth

    Mary Elizabeth15 days ago

    Where the heck were the comic nerds? How could they let Tom Rothman do so much damage not once but over and over?! Ugh!!

  41. pjamese3

    pjamese315 days ago

    The X-Men timeline isn't messed up. It's separated to the point that only comic fans (or science fiction fans) could understand it. The 1st 3 movies were in one reality. The 4 "prequels" (from First Class through Dark Phoenix) were set in an alternate reality where everything started in the Sixties and everyone was born earlier. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was set prior to the 1st X-Men movie. The Wolverine and Logan were set either in the 1st X-Men reality where Logan had to kill an adult Jean or they were off by themselves (hopefully with a better Dark Phoenix storyline.) The Deadpool movies may be in the First Class reality or on its own (depending if we saw adult Jean Grey and Scott Sum er in that quick shot in Deadpool. I forget.) Marvel will eventually ntually give us a proper, cosmic Dark Phoenix story (after 3-4 movies to build things up.) p. s. - Rothman is an idiot. He's the anti-Feige.

  42. zymphad

    zymphad17 days ago

    Movies Simon Kimberg had large contribution: X-Men Apocalypse, X-Men Last Stand, Mr. Mrs. Smith, XXX State of the Union, This Means War, Dark Phoenix, Fantastic Four. How does this man keep getting work? His work is trash!

  43. SuperOmnicron

    SuperOmnicron18 days ago

    Victoria Alonzo is Tom Rothman 2.0 ... she will completely f#%knit up. The MCU in general is on life support...anytime an agenda is attached to. Beloved franchise and its fan base are derided as “manbanies or trolls” that’s like saying we don’t need your money. 😂 The comment X-Men is an outdated name is ridiculous and that franchise will reap what it soen.

  44. Timothy Verrinder

    Timothy Verrinder18 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence was another reason this film was a bust, her lackluster "give me a damned paycheck already " performance hurt the film, but also Jennifer Lawrence's make up was horribly comical. Once Jennifer Lawrence got a name behind her and way too full of herself, she insisted that the Mystique make up be changed because it was too uncomfortable. The Mystique make up in Dark Phoenix looks like what the local high school drama class would come up with if they were doing a high school production of Dark Phoenix. One more bit I think everyone can agree that John Byrne's version of Jean Grey / Phoenix / Dark Phoenix should have been the template for the live action character. That version of the character is beautiful, sexy, built, powerful, vulnerable, intelligent and terrifying. Sophie Turner was simply miscast. Famke Janssen was a hell of a lot closer to the Jean Grey character than Sophie Turner could ever hope to be. It's not Mrs. Janssen's fault that studio interference turned X -Men The Last Stand into an internet meme. Now let me make this clear, Miss Turner is a fine actress, and she is a lovely looking woman, but she was wrong for the part. For those of you thinking I'm being a bit hard on Miss. Turner, I'm really not. I wouldn't cast Steve Buscemi as CONAN, even though Mr Buscemi is an outstanding actor. I would not cast Al Pacino as James Bond. Miscasting happens all the time, hell John Wayne once portrayed the Persian / Mongol ruler Tamerlane in the film The Conqueror. The film and Wayne's portrayal were a complete disaster. I knew something was wrong when I saw Apocalypse. The fans were a hell of a lot more interested in Olivia Munn's sexy Psylocke character than they were in Sophie Turner's bland Jean Grey.

  45. Schoollaus Daleru

    Schoollaus Daleru18 days ago

    Do you got copyright or fair use strike from youtube for using movie pics or footages in your video?

  46. Timothy Verrinder

    Timothy Verrinder18 days ago

    Three Reasons the movie failed Sophie Turner, Sophie Turner, Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner was completely miscast as Jean Grey. Aside from having red hair Sophie Turner did not have the screen presence to portray Jean Grey.

  47. MagicianFlip69

    MagicianFlip6918 days ago

    I liked the dark phoenix

  48. 999SickBoy666

    999SickBoy66618 days ago

    This may very well be the blandest, most useless attempt at movie (or franchise) analysis I've ever had the misfortune of wasting my time on. More than half of this video could've been summarized by showing a single-page graph of the BO performances with the RT scores (but I see you are the kind of morons who read the "tomatometer" instead of the actual scores) for the franchise. Everything else is, essentially, made of speculations, suppositions, theories and _bits_ of industry-insiders info, mostly recycled from other outlets. Also, you seem to be particularly enthusiast in targeting Rothman - who, granted, is an idiot but no more than countless others. I'm not going to bother anymore talking about your content, because is so bland it's embarassing, but there ARE a few things you said I'd like to point out for how moronic they are. "Greatest comic-book movies of all times" is an expression that means precisely neither jack nor sh1t. There's only one "time" - ours, the last 30 years - in which comic book movies have been made with some degree of effectiveness and, before that, there were VERY few attempts at a comic book movies, at all. "The studio-admitted budget is X but the rumored budget is much higher due to Y" this is also crap. Hollywood studios actually pump movies budgets and minimize revenues because it's most convenient, for them, to show that a movie lost money. "Dark Phoenix" going so bad may very well be the _best_ thing for Sophie Turnet carreer. She isn't exactly a great actress, but she _does_ have some acting chops - after GoT went to shit (which, to me, happened somewhere between season 2 and 4) and now this, there's a chance she'll never have to work again in this industrial pos and *could* have a chance to work in _actual_ movies (which, nowdays, mostly means "independet films").

  49. Gaby George

    Gaby George19 days ago

    “Warner brothers took his two X-2 screenwriters, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty” Wait...Michael Dougherty? As in Godzilla King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty?

  50. lee Lewis

    lee Lewis19 days ago

    I liked it. I could see problems and felt rushss and cut. But better than some