Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga Official Reveal Trailer - E3 2019

The reveal trailer for Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga, shown at the Xbox briefing at E3 2019.


  1. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi16 days ago

    I want me looking hot kthx

  2. EBear More

    EBear More17 days ago

    I, and I think most people, haven't used this word in a long time, BUT I AM SIKED

  3. inkga10 player 1

    inkga10 player 119 days ago

    Hey like if u want another lego star wars

  4. Fezezen

    Fezezen19 days ago

    It won't feel the same

  5. ZOMBI The UetzTuber

    ZOMBI The UetzTuber20 days ago

    Omg I played complete saga on the Wii and I can’t wait to relive those memories!

  6. Clash with Billy

    Clash with Billy20 days ago

    I want Lego star wars the complete saga remastered

  7. bill ps

    bill ps21 day ago

    As a new game that will contain all nine films give the force awakens free.

  8. bill ps

    bill ps21 day ago

    Please make them talk just like you did in the force awakens!!!


    DALEK CAAN22 days ago

    Please let us play as gonk droids

  10. Leah Ashe Greatest Fan

    Leah Ashe Greatest Fan22 days ago

    Your journey... ...near its end... (* LEGO reveals the new game*)

  11. Leah Ashe Greatest Fan

    Leah Ashe Greatest Fan22 days ago

    If this will be an actually game, I will buy it no matter what!!!

  12. なぽ

    なぽ22 days ago

    0:25 He IS your father

  13. Foot Cream

    Foot Cream24 days ago

    *we need the gonk Droid.*

  14. Hello there Darkness

    Hello there Darkness25 days ago

    Only frikin xbox

  15. Daniel Duncan

    Daniel Duncan28 days ago

    Lando death sound cracks me up arrrg

  16. Joel Smith

    Joel SmithMonth ago

    The cantina better be the lobby like in the complete saga

  17. Nicholas Win

    Nicholas WinMonth ago

    Beautiful now that’s the awesome video game I will play on steam

  18. NIK 204

    NIK 204Month ago


  19. Camui No.2

    Camui No.2Month ago

    Is this kinda like star wars complete saga remastered, but with the latest films included.

  20. James Freeman

    James FreemanMonth ago

    I think i might get the Switch just for this 😂

  21. Anoymous 2000

    Anoymous 2000Month ago

    Im Glad i don t have to play episode 7-9 if i don t want to

  22. :Dillon Wingull

    :Dillon WingullMonth ago

    Wow, EA just became irrelevant

  23. Nayops 18

    Nayops 18Month ago

    0:16 Who else’s hyped❓🤔

  24. Rebarok

    RebarokMonth ago

    this lego after complete first mission| 0,00%

  25. Flannels and Gaming

    Flannels and GamingMonth ago

    I hope Solo and Rogue One get DLC

  26. Breatz

    BreatzMonth ago


  27. Tweety Man

    Tweety ManMonth ago

    Please custom charecters that can be implemented in some way

  28. LeeNyeThe GamerGuy

    LeeNyeThe GamerGuyMonth ago

    Im getting this

  29. Matt Radar Technician

    Matt Radar TechnicianMonth ago

    Definitely going to get this game LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker saga game

  30. Dipper Pines

    Dipper PinesMonth ago

    Is this coming to ps4

  31. TheMisterCookie

    TheMisterCookieMonth ago

    Cool. I have this on wii and i hope they don't mess it up.

  32. Exactinghades Gaming

    Exactinghades GamingMonth ago

    But will it have clone wars in it...... still Skywalker

  33. TheFreshLemon

    TheFreshLemon2 months ago

    If this was online multiplayer it would be even better

  34. TheFreshLemon

    TheFreshLemon2 months ago

    If this was online multiplayer it would be even better

  35. Kool Kid22

    Kool Kid222 months ago

    Just thinking the LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga should get a port, and then find out this exists. That game holds so many fond memories of when I was younger. I hope they keep the levels the same except update the graphics and maybe the gameplay

  36. Kevin Goodman

    Kevin Goodman2 months ago

    This is where the fun begins

  37. Infinitas

    Infinitas2 months ago

    This... this brings a smile on my face.

  38. Lordofshrek 89

    Lordofshrek 892 months ago

    Who’s ready for gunship cavalry 2?

  39. Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen2 months ago

    Am i the only person that wants talking in this game? yeah? okay cool i can be different

  40. Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen2 months ago

    @AndrewTRM they may do that its rumored that they will do that

  41. AndrewTRM

    AndrewTRM2 months ago

    I do, maybe they'll put in an ability to turn on and off dialouge

  42. Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen2 months ago

    He Protecc He Attacc But most importantly.. Lego Star Wars Bacc

  43. Oliver Mulligan

    Oliver Mulligan2 months ago

    I believe this game will be released 2020. But still, I'm so excited!

  44. TheMonsterShark

    TheMonsterShark2 months ago

    Random Person: Talks bad about all of the other lego star wars games (the original, the clone wars, the complete saga, etc.) Me and other Lego Star Wars fans: angry grunting noises

  45. FrogNibba

    FrogNibba2 months ago

    Is this the same game from 2005?

  46. AndrewTRM

    AndrewTRM2 months ago

    Yes But better

  47. Ness_the_robo

    Ness_the_robo2 months ago

    so literally just complete saga 2

  48. Clowny Leo

    Clowny Leo2 months ago

    *I’ve* *been* *Looking* *foward* *to* *this*

  49. The Mr. Man

    The Mr. Man2 months ago

    *_Explain this, atheists_*

  50. badreedine Djellali

    badreedine Djellali2 months ago

    I think the are going to make a remake of all old lego star wars games and a new lego star wars game and I think the new lego star wars game is star wars the last jedi

  51. Flame Lord

    Flame Lord2 months ago

    most importantly:NO GLITCHES!

  52. Ar0474

    Ar04742 months ago

    I find it funny that I just find out about this after I purchase The complete saga from the Steam Summer sale!! 😍

  53. Owen Ryan

    Owen Ryan2 months ago

    who else had the 10x multiplier in the complete saga?

  54. AnDY Der Echte

    AnDY Der Echte2 months ago

    Love this scene 0:25

  55. Kn2ghtsTV

    Kn2ghtsTV2 months ago

    Didn’t even know about this..... my childhood is literally getting remastered 😭

  56. Vance A

    Vance A2 months ago

    Better than Battlefront 2...

  57. sir percival

    sir percival2 months ago

    My scene is the best!!!!!

  58. Bartosz M

    Bartosz M2 months ago

    Please snoke in charakters

  59. BananaBoy

    BananaBoy2 months ago

    LEGO said this is the biggest Game they've ever done ...

  60. BananaBoy

    BananaBoy2 months ago

    I hope Lego makes a open world and when I mean a open world i mean the star wars galaxy :)

  61. Rose Ravenclaw

    Rose Ravenclaw2 months ago

    Every clone wars fan when they saw the word “films”: Ahh frick!

  62. Voryn the riolu

    Voryn the riolu2 months ago

    I want the only voice lines to be just the prequel memes

  63. imtheboss

    imtheboss2 months ago

    Darth maul! Yay!!!!