No video :(

santa tell me music video *walmart version*


  1. Natalie

    NatalieMonth ago

    i aspire to be just as positive and cute as jenny

  2. Maisie Randall

    Maisie Randall2 months ago

    why is this better than the actual video

  3. Aoibhinn Haughey

    Aoibhinn Haughey3 months ago

    why am I watching this in march lol

  4. Isabel Adams

    Isabel Adams3 months ago

    "WaLmArT vErSiOn" 😍😍😂

  5. Reghan Feehery

    Reghan Feehery4 months ago

    I want to see the target version of this !!

  6. Lynn Van Kralingen

    Lynn Van Kralingen5 months ago

    this is so so cute awh

  7. Yung Nooda

    Yung Nooda5 months ago

    What is this

  8. Hân Gia

    Hân Gia5 months ago

    But they sometime copy Ariana Grande

  9. Hân Gia

    Hân Gia5 months ago

    Is not boring

  10. Hân Gia

    Hân Gia5 months ago

    I love it!

  11. alacarteno

    alacarteno5 months ago


  12. Lingerie Saldaña

    Lingerie Saldaña6 months ago

    I love it ❤

  13. Jasmine

    Jasmine6 months ago

    I need friends

  14. Makyden Parreira

    Makyden Parreira6 months ago

    This is so cute!!!

  15. Abby Steere

    Abby Steere6 months ago

    Hannah reminds me of Serena from gossip girl sometimes

  16. orchids cano

    orchids cano6 months ago

    nice video

  17. Maddie Clark

    Maddie Clark6 months ago


  18. alyssa wagner

    alyssa wagner6 months ago

    y’all are so adorable wow

  19. alyssa wagner

    alyssa wagner6 months ago

    i liked this video at the ad

  20. I Love Windex

    I Love Windex6 months ago

    I’m sorry but this was really cringy.

  21. adaywithlucie

    adaywithlucie6 months ago

    such a GREATTT video! loved it

  22. Myravenhale

    Myravenhale6 months ago

    So happy hannah found the best quality friends so happy for this bean

  23. Myravenhale

    Myravenhale6 months ago

    Marry me jenny

  24. kayla renee

    kayla renee6 months ago

    I can tell Hannah's seen the actual music video bc I have too lmao

  25. Amanda June

    Amanda June6 months ago

    youtube friends?!

  26. Itsanikaa

    Itsanikaa6 months ago

    Who’s knows the blonde girls channel ? ( Jenny)

  27. myers mclennan

    myers mclennan6 months ago

    “jenny no”

  28. Rios Familia

    Rios Familia6 months ago


  29. Elissa Craig

    Elissa Craig6 months ago


  30. Manouka K.

    Manouka K.6 months ago

    oh lol

  31. maddy tried

    maddy tried6 months ago

    oof she got copywrite

  32. hannah

    hannah6 months ago

    this is a mood

  33. McKinley Pounders

    McKinley Pounders6 months ago

    this is so cute

  34. Grace Prdomo

    Grace Prdomo6 months ago


  35. Catie Churchwell

    Catie Churchwell6 months ago

    y’all look so fun! Wish I had a friend group like this :))) keep doing you Hannah 💓 love the videos!!!

  36. It’s Jahanie

    It’s Jahanie6 months ago

    LOVE THIS ... lol 😂❤️

  37. bailey wood

    bailey wood6 months ago

    I love this wow

  38. jessika Freeman

    jessika Freeman6 months ago


  39. Olivia Hanson

    Olivia Hanson6 months ago

    i love your room omg 🤩



    I love the vibes

  41. Isabelle Comfort

    Isabelle Comfort6 months ago

    this honestly was so cute and not cringe at all🤩

  42. Mirian Santos

    Mirian Santos6 months ago

    soooooo cute

  43. Saraye Maxwell-Lyster

    Saraye Maxwell-Lyster6 months ago

    Ha hahaha I love thissss

  44. Ava G

    Ava G6 months ago

    I’ve watched this maybe 100 times🎄🎅🏻🌟❄️😂

  45. Autumn Mills

    Autumn Mills6 months ago

    that is so cute ahhhhh

  46. Sassa Permudya

    Sassa Permudya6 months ago

    will ariana copyright this video? 😂😂😂

  47. Anna Gates

    Anna Gates6 months ago

    so cute!!

  48. arianna salbe

    arianna salbe6 months ago

    does anyone know where hannah got the fuzzy 1/4 zip jacket? Ive literally looked everywhere

  49. joey isabella

    joey isabella6 months ago

    this is actually the cutest thing ever

  50. Martina Perrogon

    Martina Perrogon6 months ago

    I love this

  51. Martina Perrogon

    Martina Perrogon6 months ago

    I love this

  52. Brian P

    Brian P6 months ago

    This is the cutest!!!! Love you girls😘😋😊

  53. Zoe Weitzman

    Zoe Weitzman6 months ago

    i love how half of this video is jenny laughing

  54. Lærke Brink

    Lærke Brink6 months ago

    love this

  55. Savvy

    Savvy6 months ago

    I literally got chills Hannah I love this❤️❤️

  56. macy brooke

    macy brooke6 months ago

    how did you not get copyrighted? lol

  57. Yok Yok

    Yok Yok6 months ago

    Nice video! More more video (more vlog❤️💓) I love you.. 😍💕

  58. Jessica Seebacker

    Jessica Seebacker6 months ago

    Aaahhh this is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. It’s Elysian

    It’s Elysian6 months ago

    Please do more videos like these with your friendssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I 😍 it

  60. Rawan 101

    Rawan 1016 months ago

    Why Walmart ??

  61. this girl purple you

    this girl purple you6 months ago

    I thought this will be filmed in walmart 😅

  62. unathi

    unathi6 months ago

    *instanly feels lonely*

  63. Kaya Maya

    Kaya Maya6 months ago


  64. Filippa Calabro

    Filippa Calabro6 months ago

    On an irrelevant note, I don’t think Hannah and Emma are friends anymore...

  65. Hanni Hanni

    Hanni Hanni6 months ago

    Lovvvvve it😻🎅💗

  66. cynthia page

    cynthia page6 months ago

    this is the cutest thing ive ever seen

  67. Shister Noodle hair

    Shister Noodle hair6 months ago

    IM OBSESSED🤪🤪😂😂😂

  68. brooke miller

    brooke miller6 months ago

    such Christmas vibes!!❤️🤩

  69. 100 subs 0 vids?

    100 subs 0 vids?6 months ago

    *_actually me and my best friends_*

  70. Sophia Tahernia

    Sophia Tahernia6 months ago


  71. Malieah Habisch

    Malieah Habisch6 months ago

    I LOVE

  72. Maya M

    Maya M6 months ago

    YAAAASSSSS all i have to say.....

  73. Chloe O'Donnell

    Chloe O'Donnell6 months ago

    More like the Gucci version

  74. Simranjeet Kaur

    Simranjeet Kaur6 months ago

    Wdym Walmart Version 😂😂

  75. Liana N

    Liana N6 months ago

    I like how you don’t zoom in every 2 seconds on random stuff but you’re still relatable and have manners, and actually try to look nice :)

  76. charlotte s

    charlotte sMonth ago

    Liana N tEAAA

  77. Live it Loud

    Live it Loud6 months ago

    This was awesome 🤩 Ari would be proud

  78. saf

    saf6 months ago


  79. Mal Leann

    Mal Leann6 months ago

    Walmart version? Are you sure this isn’t the Gucci version!! 💗

  80. LaurLaur

    LaurLaur6 months ago

    This deserves all the likes in the world

  81. Katri TOM

    Katri TOM6 months ago

    They were so serious, but then that blonde one 😂😂😂

  82. Maymay92

    Maymay926 months ago

    What happened to Paige? She used to be in everything....

  83. Stones and Breyer

    Stones and Breyer6 months ago

    This is literally the cutest Christmas music video ever 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  84. Margaux Lichine

    Margaux Lichine6 months ago


  85. Alyssa Schrader

    Alyssa Schrader6 months ago

    this is the cutest thing ever. i love ya so much! also you should come visit troy michigan! that's where i live and would love to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Odette Vargas

    Odette Vargas6 months ago

    this was so funnyyy

  87. sofia •

    sofia •6 months ago

    I wanna do this with me but they are not going to agree bc they never do and will

  88. Margarida Dias

    Margarida Dias6 months ago


  89. Jacquie W

    Jacquie W6 months ago

    This is so cute!!

  90. Julia Gannon

    Julia Gannon6 months ago

    I loveeeee this

  91. WildFlowers OfTexas

    WildFlowers OfTexas6 months ago

    you and your friends are just adorable ☺️☺️🌲

  92. Lyndee Pham

    Lyndee Pham6 months ago

    how u not get copyrighted

  93. Aahana Bagga

    Aahana Bagga6 months ago

    why is this lowkey good

  94. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorer6 months ago

    Toby honestly stole the show HAHAHAHAHA

  95. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorer6 months ago

    Toby honestly stole the show HAHAHAHAHA

  96. Mian Jemina Denosta

    Mian Jemina Denosta6 months ago


  97. Tosin Oke

    Tosin Oke6 months ago

    I lovee this

  98. Neregi mm

    Neregi mm6 months ago

    Hahaha this was amazing! Hey I’m a new USwork and just uploaded and ASMR video! Please watch and subscribe and comment! I’ll sub back💓

  99. Susan Carolynn

    Susan Carolynn6 months ago


  100. Brillana Boyd

    Brillana Boyd6 months ago

    dont understand why my life is hell:((

  101. Lauren Wright

    Lauren Wright6 months ago

    i missed you today hannah :(