Two Million Thanks!

We hit two million subscribers on February 27, 2019! We put this little video together to say thanks to everyone who has joined us along the way.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits11 months ago

    Thanks for your support in making this channel possible--our work is continually inspired by all of you sharing the cool things you've made in response to our show, whether it's as simple as helping someone have a better day, or as involved as producing and publishing your own video game. Here's to many more videos and shows to come!

  2. LordBloodySoul

    LordBloodySoul7 months ago

    2.1 by this time and we are still rolling strong :3

  3. Victor E

    Victor E11 months ago

    Congratulations also can u do warsaw uprising ( you dont have to)

  4. MadDog95

    MadDog9511 months ago

    Where was the picture of all the artists ?


    ADESTROYER811 months ago

    Extra Credits and thank you for making history videos for us

  6. Kem

    Kem11 months ago

    Thank YOU for your informative and well made videos! You deserve it!

  7. peter phoenix

    peter phoenix5 months ago

    is that what you look like and do you have a cat?

  8. Brody Miller

    Brody Miller7 months ago

    I don't think you deserve them anymore. I love your channel but. That new video proved me you dont love games as much as you act like you do.

  9. Oversimplified 2027

    Oversimplified 20278 months ago

    I know im still new but 8ve started actually watching mainly the gustory and game part since the potato famine series

  10. Harold Patagane

    Harold Patagane10 months ago

    I love you Extra Credits and please make more ww2 video

  11. Benjamin Jones

    Benjamin Jones7 months ago

    Harold Patagane considering their last video how about no

  12. Vinay Kapadia

    Vinay Kapadia10 months ago

    Who knows who you're 2millionth subscriber was Walpole.

  13. tvdetectivefan

    tvdetectivefan11 months ago

    So long, bye.

  14. SteamHound Trains

    SteamHound Trains11 months ago

    Bismarck Always has a Plan...

  15. Jake 85086

    Jake 8508611 months ago

    It was walpole

  16. Emils Melnis

    Emils Melnis11 months ago

    Howd I miss this

  17. NutritionalToast with a T

    NutritionalToast with a T11 months ago

    I've been watching since Semini Tragedy

  18. Christian Kroemer

    Christian Kroemer11 months ago

    2 million subs, great accomplishment... Now get back to work, Walpole!

  19. NarendraAIM

    NarendraAIM11 months ago

    You guys deserve 3 million more for being a infocartoon channel.

  20. C 6

    C 611 months ago

    Hold up, Whomst the hecc is this Walpole fellow?

  21. jonn mace

    jonn mace11 months ago

    What a milestone for a nice channel. Congratulations.

  22. TotallyNormal

    TotallyNormal11 months ago

    Been here for a while, I’ll never stop watching!

  23. Erclair

    Erclair11 months ago

    Goal achieved is a new target unlocked.

  24. dolphfan

    dolphfan11 months ago

    ***now get to 3 million***

  25. Art Kallaba

    Art Kallaba11 months ago

    The beat dropped harder then Casius at Carrhae

  26. SilvortheGrand

    SilvortheGrand11 months ago

    2 Million. You deserved this.

  27. MR AMX CDC

    MR AMX CDC11 months ago

    Oh what’s up it’s gothrem!!!

  28. That's a very good question

    That's a very good question11 months ago

    What's actually great about EC. Is *The lack of ads and most of the episodes are sponsored* Yay.

  29. MistaFadora

    MistaFadora11 months ago

    I wonder how much are dead? Im sorry

  30. dexter floy

    dexter floy11 months ago

    Congratz guys! wp!

  31. Mac Laganse

    Mac Laganse11 months ago

    congrats on your two million

  32. Edd the dude

    Edd the dude11 months ago

    The 2,000,000 sub was Walpole

  33. Collin Williams

    Collin Williams11 months ago

    The cat’s lust for subscribers is like a wendigo

  34. ILikeGames 847

    ILikeGames 84711 months ago

    I was the 2,000,000th!

  35. Marcus

    Marcus11 months ago

    when you've been here since the Justinian history episodes

  36. Nipun Rudra Prasad Ashok Kumar Anand Saxena

    Nipun Rudra Prasad Ashok Kumar Anand Saxena11 months ago

    Love you and your channel!!!

  37. Nipun Rudra Prasad Ashok Kumar Anand Saxena

    Nipun Rudra Prasad Ashok Kumar Anand Saxena11 months ago

    Congrats! !!!! On reaching 2 Mil subs !!!!!



    Guys make video on India -pakisthan partition

  39. Silvadic

    Silvadic11 months ago

    Nice! Great work on you videos!

  40. Calvin Nathan Uy

    Calvin Nathan Uy11 months ago

    This is perfect! A collection of the best idols of the studio! Walpole, Guthrum, Frankenstein, and the Shikome! Along with some group members, this is something we won’t forget! LETS GET 3M BABY!!!!!

  41. Lastgamer 64

    Lastgamer 6411 months ago

    Congratulations! Keep up the great work and thank for the educational vids!

  42. a single weed

    a single weed11 months ago

    It was Walpole

  43. Teiyufel-chan

    Teiyufel-chan11 months ago

    UwU one of the channels that has well optimized content for it's viewers, 10/10

  44. Steven Hays

    Steven Hays11 months ago

    yall r great, keep it up

  45. Mxple Animates

    Mxple Animates11 months ago

    0:05 ... Why....

  46. Marrs101

    Marrs10111 months ago

    Give that cat an episode, for the love of cold beer...

  47. I’m already Sans Undertale

    I’m already Sans Undertale11 months ago


  48. Jasmine DoggieTvn

    Jasmine DoggieTvn11 months ago

    Here before 2 mil squad

  49. Jelle D van Rinsum

    Jelle D van Rinsum11 months ago

    Congrats you guys! You've been putting out quality content for years now, you've earned it :D

  50. Comment God

    Comment God11 months ago

    Well Deserved keep it up.

  51. Time's of the Azuressence

    Time's of the Azuressence11 months ago

    you got there because of walpole

  52. Wizard Perry

    Wizard Perry11 months ago

    I'll admit. I stopped watching after Dan left. I think he had a great impact on how much I enjoyed your videos. Still, it's good to see you guys growing and hope Dan is in a better place. Much love :)

  53. ぉゔぇrれd パンダ

    ぉゔぇrれd パンダ11 months ago

    Celebrate good times come on RED PANDA POWER

  54. ぉゔぇrれd パンダ

    ぉゔぇrれd パンダ11 months ago


  55. Reality is Sad

    Reality is Sad11 months ago

    I've been watching you for 4 years now and I quote "I am so proud of this community" *Congrats on Two Million!!!*

  56. Zecory 3

    Zecory 311 months ago

    Now to 1 BILLION SUBS!

  57. Mint Leaf

    Mint Leaf11 months ago

    This is gunna be in history. ( Heh heh )

  58. Cristopher Cutas

    Cristopher Cutas11 months ago

    Zoey keeps her eyes on the price. Good girl zoey.

  59. Vanguard

    Vanguard11 months ago

    Why let a few million subs get in the way of setting a 10 million milestone?

  60. Wils The Limit

    Wils The Limit11 months ago

    Shoots up Fireworks CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! COME ON!!!

  61. Queen Elle

    Queen Elle11 months ago

    Congrats! Love your channel. ☺💕

  62. Adrienne Gormley

    Adrienne Gormley11 months ago

    love Zoe to bits

  63. Daniel Staples

    Daniel Staples11 months ago

    1,999,996 1,999,997 1,999,998 1,999,999 1,999,999.5 1,999,999.6 Now you just messing with us USwork

  64. S. VdL

    S. VdL11 months ago

    holy heck you guys deserve this- this channel is entertaining, educational, and my parents approve of it. keep up the great work! :)

  65. Nomecla Absorber

    Nomecla Absorber11 months ago

    The talk of apex oh god

  66. pieeater108

    pieeater10811 months ago

    I remember when you guys were at 500K.. so happy to see you develop and grow, to the future guys