[2019 FESTA] Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories by BTS

Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories
Video source from BTS
Actor JK


  1. Awkwarddoodler

    AwkwarddoodlerHour ago


  2. BTS 1004

    BTS 1004Hour ago

    정국아 오늘도 마니마니 사랑해💜🐰💜🙆‍♀️

  3. 《Army》 Zezo

    《Army》 Zezo2 hours ago

    I don't know why when I start watch jungkook I cry !!!...💜💜I love U

  4. Ramisha Satti

    Ramisha Satti2 hours ago

    still crying

  5. filha do BTS

    filha do BTS4 hours ago


  6. anna paula Morena

    anna paula Morena6 hours ago

    I miss you💜💜💜

  7. Harrypotter BTS

    Harrypotter BTS7 hours ago

    I am crying this is adorable

  8. Kay Noona

    Kay Noona7 hours ago

    I still cry. It's just so sweet and wholesome how much they love him ♥️

  9. Mr.Android Cabreflei

    Mr.Android Cabreflei8 hours ago

    no se que decir son tan hermosos y junkook me enseño a ser valiente BTS me enseño a amarme a mi mismo mi sueño es que alguna ves los pueda ver en persona aka en mi pais PARAGUAY CHAUUU

  10. Flawless BTS

    Flawless BTS8 hours ago

    보고싶어 정국아

  11. siham Al iraqia

    siham Al iraqia8 hours ago

    I miss you 💜

  12. 미유미유

    미유미유10 hours ago


  13. Cutorable Taekimio

    Cutorable Taekimio11 hours ago

    Bangtan TV : *Inserts windshield wiper laugh*

  14. Χρυσα Τ

    Χρυσα Τ13 hours ago

    I'm still not over it. Jungkook I love you and I always will😭😭😭

  15. Only Jungkook

    Only Jungkook13 hours ago

    정국아 언제나 너와함께, #AlwayswithJK



    I always come back here. Always come back here to realize how much i actually love. With the whole meaning of this word. Our jungkook. He is now a grown man and i can't even picture my life without him or the other members. He is my bias for a reason. Actually many reasons. I wish i could just tell him someday. To be less strict on himself. And tell him how much he means to me.

  17. *캉나

    *캉나14 hours ago

    사랑해 국 그냥 그냥 사랑해

  18. mimiyah cocoyah

    mimiyah cocoyah15 hours ago

    정국아힘내데뷰때부터봐온 성실하고착한황금막내 정구기십년이십년오래오래보자

  19. _09011090

    _0901109016 hours ago

    정국이는 무슨 일이 있어도 행복해야 해 알겠지?

  20. Borahaeee

    Borahaeee16 hours ago

    * video starts * * sight starting to be blurred * Me : ah shit, here we go again

  21. Jody Allie

    Jody Allie16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who was crying while watching this video😢 Jimin and Jungkook are my life😊 my heartu was never this soft before😢

  22. A.R.M.Y BTS

    A.R.M.Y BTS17 hours ago


  23. chu hit

    chu hit18 hours ago

    정국아 사랑해 ~!! 콘서트에서 보자 응원하러갈게

  24. aisi Nasufi

    aisi Nasufi18 hours ago

    This video make me happy 😊😊💜💜💜❤❤

  25. jnjnjn jeon

    jnjnjn jeon19 hours ago

    jungkook ahh i miss you so much

  26. Safira Istiqomah

    Safira Istiqomah19 hours ago

    I purple youu💜


    BABY KOOK ARMY20 hours ago

    this is so much heart melting... I fell for you even more kookie😫😭

  28. Benjawan N

    Benjawan N20 hours ago

    Hi Jungkookie How are you baby? I hope you happy , healthy ,eat a lot I love you SO much Don’t worry I got your back ! #AlwayswithJungkook 💖🤝

  29. sara elnaggar

    sara elnaggar21 hour ago

    This will remain a beautiful memory, for us and for our euphoria, and this version is so so so prescious.

  30. Fitriah MS

    Fitriah MS22 hours ago

    I miss all of you. Really. Seriously. I'm quite happy bcos your vacay has ended, even that's mean that you guys will have to start working again. I hope you guys will stay strong despite all criticsm from some jealous people. Army will always and be with you, no matter what happen. Dont worry baby. Lets stay together for long time and appreciate time that we have now.

  31. Sunie._ Kookie

    Sunie._ Kookie23 hours ago

    💜💜💜 начало💜💜💜

  32. tess howell

    tess howell23 hours ago

    Am I still crying 3 months later? Absolutely

  33. Mountain Goats Trekking

    Mountain Goats Trekking23 hours ago

    beautiful :3 q tiernooooooooo

  34. ismi Mujahidah

    ismi Mujahidah23 hours ago

    Jadi sedih dan terharu liat video ini, jadi keinget juga gimana dating scandal rumor pasti buat dia worries, maafkan keegoisan kami kookie 💜

  35. Hani Maisarah Ishak

    Hani Maisarah IshakDay ago


  36. noemi maldonado

    noemi maldonadoDay ago

    i want to cry when i see this golden

  37. LOVEK- POP

    LOVEK- POPDay ago

    i love jk🐰😘

  38. Omotayo Ayelade

    Omotayo AyeladeDay ago

    I love you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Dina

    DinaDay ago

    Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I just open this video and I instantly feel better, love you bunniii💜

  40. yeethaw

    yeethawDay ago

    that awkward moment when the video ends with a black screen and you see ur reflection and how much of a sobbing mess you are

  41. Burcu İsra Yılmaz

    Burcu İsra YılmazDay ago

    Ağzını yerim çocuk

  42. Nnenne Olivia

    Nnenne OliviaDay ago

    just covered this song if anyone wants to check it out 💜💜💜

  43. *فاطمه*فاطمه* bts.

    *فاطمه*فاطمه* bts.Day ago


  44. kathy TL

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  45. Luz Cristaldo

    Luz CristaldoDay ago

    I love it

  46. Rosemeire Galdino

    Rosemeire GaldinoDay ago

    Não sei por que mais eu chorei demais fofo kook sem palavras

  47. hasnol amri

    hasnol amriDay ago

    I'm stannnn

  48. hasnol amri

    hasnol amriDay ago


  49. NaNa A

    NaNa ADay ago

    You are the cause of my EUPHORIA 💜

  50. minerva

    minervaDay ago

    :( te amo tanto

  51. Iranyx

    IranyxDay ago

    I hope you're ok and that you are happy 💜

  52. Kanw Noon

    Kanw NoonDay ago

    Love you jk, love your voice so much

  53. Joonie’s Moonchild

    Joonie’s MoonchildDay ago

    0:07: the first 2 notes Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  54. P'pimwimol Ngamboon

    P'pimwimol NgamboonDay ago

    Miss you💜😔

  55. Nur Alisanur

    Nur AlisanurDay ago

    Kangen kookie......

  56. Amely Dark

    Amely DarkDay ago

    аж плакать захотелось от такой милоты ❤❤❤

  57. Luigi Mele

    Luigi MeleDay ago

    here is another way of how to die :,)

  58. Myeuphoriajeon

    MyeuphoriajeonDay ago

    This video was posted on my birthday.. Still not over it💜😭

  59. Kate Bodyo

    Kate BodyoDay ago

    thank you junkook) for the wonderful emotions you give us, with your birthday this past birthday, sorry it's so late, but the most important thing is that I want you to be happy no matter what, I love you forever, probably you will never see this message, just wanted

  60. Ranie Jungkook army BTS forever

    Ranie Jungkook army BTS foreverDay ago

    I like bts Jungkook 💪🏻💕