BRIGHTBURN - Official Trailer #2

The world will never be the same. #Brightburn in theaters May.
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What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.
Elizabeth Banks
David Denman
Jackson A. Dunn
Matt Jones
and Meredith Hagner
Directed by: David Yarovesky
Written by: Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn
Produced by:
James Gunn
Kenneth Huang
Executive Producers:
Brian Gunn
Mark Gunn
Simon Hatt
Dan Clifton
Nic Crawley
Kent Huang
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  1. Jorge Escalante A.

    Jorge Escalante A.7 hours ago

    El abuelito de Goku arreglaba este pedo... Tiraba al chamaco de cabeza !!

  2. Navin Tamang

    Navin Tamang9 hours ago


  3. Nik Doodle

    Nik Doodle12 hours ago

    Oh look it is anti superman. Never knew superman had a brother.

  4. Damon Tsekos

    Damon Tsekos17 hours ago

    Another silly, and idiotic movie that passes as "horror"....Don't waste any time, or money on it!

  5. bill withers

    bill withers20 hours ago

    when the world realize negros wwill have this kinda power soon cause theyre the realjews

  6. Danny Biggs

    Danny BiggsDay ago

    Today year old when I realize he is Superman Prime

  7. Memento

    Memento2 days ago

    worst movie ever

  8. Raymond Grover

    Raymond Grover2 days ago

    What a pissy Superman

  9. Josiah Lalbiharie

    Josiah Lalbiharie2 days ago

    Brandon: *exists* Pennywise: *exists* Brandon: im about to end this mans whole carer

  10. Justin Crew Sane's Country of A Better Russia

    Justin Crew Sane's Country of A Better Russia2 days ago

    ask odd agent

  11. just somebody that you used to know

    just somebody that you used to know2 days ago

    we need batman.

  12. JustEDMs

    JustEDMs3 days ago

    Where is Lex Luther when we need him...!!!!

  13. Devante Starz

    Devante Starz3 days ago

    Well so my dad just gave me the sex talk, time to break in my crush house

  14. Naveen Kumar

    Naveen Kumar3 days ago

    This movie justifies Man of steel.. can totally understand why kal el needs more time to settle in.. Because one wrong turn can make him go bonkers.. Zach is a great visionary..

  15. The Everything

    The Everything4 days ago

    New best movie pennywise vs brightburn

  16. Lady Tee

    Lady Tee4 days ago

    This reminded me of 'The Omen', totally freaked me out! This film is charity gone wrong!! If I see an abandoned baby in the woods, I'm running for my life!!

  17. Nicole 015

    Nicole 0154 days ago

    Is this movie out

  18. Lara Vladusic

    Lara Vladusic4 days ago

    1:40 😳

  19. Codehawk64

    Codehawk644 days ago

    Well guys, this is why you dont pick up and raise alien babies fallen from the skies. You just give it to your local government. Considering how realistically psychopathic most twelve year olds are, this is more realistic than superman in the real world.

  20. music felix

    music felix5 days ago

    this is evil version of superman😱😱😱😱😱

  21. Pranay Marepalli

    Pranay Marepalli5 days ago

    Kyle Breyer: “He’s not our son!” Jonathan Kent: “You are my son!” Love the parallels in these two films.

  22. Adamzgaming1

    Adamzgaming15 days ago

    He is superman


    DURAI MANIKANDAN5 days ago

    Who came tamilrockers

  24. Mahi 16

    Mahi 165 days ago

    I just saw the's unnecessarily depressing movie.....the whole movie is like Ben Aflecks Batman's worst nightmare.....

  25. Skellington

    Skellington5 days ago


  26. ed games

    ed games5 days ago

    This is the Superman everyone should fear

  27. maria palominos

    maria palominos5 days ago

    Esto se parece a superman negativo

  28. Khairunnas

    Khairunnas5 days ago

    Imagine this trailer but with Billie Eilish Bad Guy song........

  29. Lady Tee

    Lady Tee4 days ago

    That's the song to the end credits! Watch the film if you don't believe me.

  30. BLASTARD royale

    BLASTARD royale6 days ago

    Superboy is that you

  31. Music Adi 🎶

    Music Adi 🎶6 days ago

    Anyone: What is this S on your chest? Kal-hell:it means "Satan."

  32. Chanika Seepershad

    Chanika Seepershad6 days ago

    Lex Luthor finally gets to say I told you so🤭

  33. Stranger Things .Fillie

    Stranger Things .Fillie6 days ago

    شيء حلو انو يخلون الي عندهم قوه خارقه اشرار كل شوي ابطال ملينا 👍

  34. will ben oni

    will ben oni6 days ago

    after evil superman it'll be very cool for Mr Gunn to make a movie about alternate version of batman which is owlman or batman who laughs.

  35. Maaz Kalim

    Maaz Kalim6 days ago

    Less than a week from now, I only watched a scene of this flick and boy..: *MINOR-SPOILERS AHEAD* I seeked throughout the playback-bar of this flick, since it has been added to the ama‿zon>® prime video® in my country and found a pivotal scene near the end of this. THE FINAL-SHOWDOWN BETWEEN HIM AND TORI( his[ ADOPTIVE] mother; Ms Elizabeth Banks' character/role). Wow... The tension from anticipation! I was like: "Sure he's gonna do something very, very, very bad to her" but was genuinely too-scared to even guess[timate] what( as banal as the outcome was). And that too, when the said sequence lasted for total of less-than ~10 secs. So ghastly! And that too, when I I'm the type to get "bored" by most of the audiovisual horror pop-culture.( Believe It Or Not[, nothing do with any any IP BTW]!) And I was 'kinda'[ UNINTENTIONALLY] aware of the outcome of that sequence beforehand. *P.S.* Had to type[ ALMOST°] the whole-text twice. As is my perennial misfortune. °C'mon, nothing is ACTUALLY binary beyond[ theoretical] concepts. Also, at least I got to add( which I was gonna do anyways, though - later than sooner) a crucial disclosure other than the perennial case of refining the unsaved-draft/-manuscript.

  36. Siva Kishore Gowda

    Siva Kishore Gowda6 days ago

    Worst movie

  37. Waqas Shahab

    Waqas Shahab7 days ago

    For all my research and found that Brightburn is not Superman.

  38. Hugo Torres

    Hugo Torres7 days ago

    this is a bruh momentum

  39. fallen angel allah

    fallen angel allah7 days ago

    In brightburn2 i want to see his real parents beating him whith belt.

  40. Leek Emartel

    Leek Emartel7 days ago


  41. Muthu M

    Muthu M7 days ago

    Why this bad guy not killed by anyone...Only this guy killed poor people...This is the story of this movie 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  42. Keerthi Bhat

    Keerthi Bhat7 days ago

    The worst movie i have ever watched

  43. rajesh raj

    rajesh raj7 days ago

    Worst director worst film

  44. rajesh raj

    rajesh raj7 days ago

    Very very very worst film ever I seen

  45. samanth ganti

    samanth ganti8 days ago

    Wow mocked dc and wb by this movie...opposite to superman

  46. Kunal Ghute

    Kunal Ghute8 days ago

    Third class movie

  47. Khumlo Kankhuhring

    Khumlo Kankhuhring8 days ago

    The Shittiest movie ever!

  48. crazy movies

    crazy movies8 days ago

    awesome trailer. the movie is also awesome but it should be more detailed.

  49. Surabhi Marathe

    Surabhi Marathe8 days ago

    I have watched this movie and it is terrible. He just kills everyone and there is no plot. Nothing about his backstory is revealed except what he arrived to Earth on. I do not recommend this movie

  50. Mike Panklang

    Mike Panklang8 days ago

    Spoiler: Brightburn grows up to he Homelander.

  51. AJaXX JaM

    AJaXX JaM8 days ago

    He was a total psychopath, and he came from a race of superior, psychotic killers. Great story.

  52. Rudra Jha

    Rudra Jha8 days ago

    If Clark was in the same class , he would have saved everyone

  53. Kid Power

    Kid Power8 days ago

    I was interested to see it, but honestly it sucked and i'd even say just skip this one all together.

  54. Priya Dinesh

    Priya Dinesh9 days ago

    I don't like this movie... Not intresting... Waste of time

  55. shadow music #instruments

    shadow music #instruments9 days ago

    Some one call wwwipe out this mothet**f** beast.......

  56. Jhon Ames

    Jhon Ames9 days ago

    His parents are pam and jim. Give them back roy

  57. Sims Fantasy

    Sims Fantasy9 days ago

    So basically superman turned evil at young age lol

  58. Sammie Candela

    Sammie Candela10 days ago

    So basically every white middle class child on a school being bullied.

  59. Dhanush Kalpana

    Dhanush Kalpana10 days ago

    This is one of the worst movie in the world.

  60. Anshul Patil

    Anshul Patil10 days ago


  61. shadwo xii

    shadwo xii10 days ago

    Anyone watched it how is it? Wirth?