UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!
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  1. Chris Miramontes

    Chris MiramontesDay ago

    Tony weird

  2. Spiders, Inc.

    Spiders, Inc.3 days ago

    *Tony watching UFC in Dana's hot tub* - “Who put this thing together? Me, that’s who! Who do I trust? Me!” - (Tony Montana voice)

  3. human memory

    human memory3 days ago

    Tony is a type of guy who use performance decreasing drugs

  4. Christian Vance

    Christian Vance4 days ago

    I fuckin love tony Ferguson

  5. Christian Vance

    Christian Vance4 days ago

    He didn’t wanna win that way.

  6. Tanner Holmes

    Tanner Holmes4 days ago

    Crowds suck. They all get drunk and forget they just watched two men pumble eachother for their entertainment. Have some respect.

  7. YouTube TV

    YouTube TV4 days ago

    Chicago fans are straight up retarded

  8. heera khan

    heera khan4 days ago

    Khabib will kick your boy IN SHA ALLAH

  9. The98xander

    The98xander5 days ago

    They booing like it was Tony's fault tf 😩😭


    GLORY IN THE 3RD5 days ago

    "Had nothing to do with the punch" lol I guess his socket just randomly pops throughout the day....lol

  11. TS winn Pilot

    TS winn Pilot5 days ago

    Next Eagerly waiting for Khabib vs Tony .It must happen this year

  12. TS winn Pilot

    TS winn Pilot5 days ago

    I admire the simplicity of Cowboy Cerrone

  13. Romes Republic

    Romes Republic6 days ago

    Tony clearly had the upper hand in the second round, and Cerrone was taking a lot of damage. However this is not a real win, and Tony knows it. This should have been deemed a no contest with an immediate rematch set up.

  14. Ask The Pro DJ

    Ask The Pro DJ7 days ago

    Your not a good father, you cuss like a sailor and you're using your kid as a shield for you lose, put him down and face the music like a man! Dana can you ban this silliness of bringing you kid up at Post-fight thanks, I know you think this is stupid too.

  15. Mastermind

    Mastermind7 days ago

    We need 26_3 VS 28_0


    ZX14R BUSA KILLER8 days ago

    Tony, the type guy to refuse recess in elementary school cause he don't play!

  17. Tim_GRIFTER_Tool

    Tim_GRIFTER_Tool8 days ago

    Chicago is a dump. Why they boo tony. Shit city with tons of crime because of the filthy rat people that live there.

  18. SwishiiHub

    SwishiiHub8 days ago

    He a real ass mf for acting the way he did tho.

  19. Fray Jay

    Fray Jay8 days ago

    Dont know why tony is so sad he won that. Forced him to do something that blew his eye up

  20. Abdul

    Abdul9 days ago

    Cowboy my ass that's Tony Ferguson shut your ass for ever

  21. Steve 523

    Steve 5239 days ago

    That punch was mid throw as the bell rang. Def not on purpose

  22. Bangin' Badger

    Bangin' Badger9 days ago

    Dude! Donald couldn't have taken that loss any better. When Joe left, that smile, even though he was all battered up. What an awesome guy.

  23. JT H

    JT H9 days ago


  24. Jessie Christ

    Jessie Christ9 days ago

    Joe just made a Tony the type of guy joke Tony Ferguson the type of guy to push the camera man away from him to get a shot of his opponent.

  25. zzZombieszzZ

    zzZombieszzZ10 days ago

    2:25 unfair the list not say khabib this is bs

  26. faisal albalushi

    faisal albalushi9 days ago

    are you stupid????

  27. Kaocoda silfangors

    Kaocoda silfangors10 days ago

    Tony is the type of guy to give Corner advice for his opponent between rounds.


    DON'T BE SCARED HOMIE10 days ago

    Tony is most hardcore fans favorite fighter-WITHOUT DOUBT -KHABIB IS WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS-FACT-

  29. Ben Jimmy

    Ben Jimmy10 days ago

    Dan Miragliotta is an idiot

  30. Orlando Hernandez

    Orlando Hernandez10 days ago

    Wow what a fight . Sucks it ended short.

  31. En1gma Kish

    En1gma Kish10 days ago

    Tony is the type of guy to make a lion feel like Tony Ferguson.

  32. Gab Riel

    Gab Riel11 days ago

    Tony’s a fucken beast man.. elite of the elite !!

  33. Muhammad Ari

    Muhammad Ari11 days ago

    Im a khabib fan, but its stupid crowd there to booed tony

  34. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago

    props to cowboy man, he stood his ground but el cucuy gonna do his thing. cant fuckin wait for the khabib fight!

  35. Donny Dimes

    Donny Dimes12 days ago

    Tony doesn't even look tired and he doesn't look touched much.

  36. michael konstantinovich bordwell

    michael konstantinovich bordwell12 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to show how to win a fight and look like a dipshit while doing it..

  37. michael konstantinovich bordwell

    michael konstantinovich bordwell12 days ago

    2bit Retro it was as bad as a late shot gets without a fighter being penalized or dq’d..and Tony’s the second best in the lightweight division and far from the best in the business..Tony was goofy to begin with and keeps taking damage..

  38. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago

    if its the late punch you are referencing, that was heat of the moment man no later then 1 second. gottta be hard to hear,f impossible as a fighter in the moment, cant hate my boy for that

  39. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago

    dipshit how bro? el cucuy is the best in the business right now, u better appreciate him before hes gone! khabib is next!

  40. astralseeker

    astralseeker12 days ago

    fact is , its is much better the fight ended like this, because the rest would have been cerone taking more and more damage. and that was alreayd enough. much respect for those 2 warriors

  41. sweet

    sweet12 days ago

    joe is a liar tony didn’t hit him to the nose after bell

  42. En1gma Kish

    En1gma Kish12 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to feel like Batman for real and go beat every best fighter in a world.

  43. nxt vs aew

    nxt vs aew12 days ago

    Wack ass up

  44. مبارك بسكرة زقاد

    مبارك بسكرة زقاد12 days ago

    It's khabib time🦅🦅🦅

  45. مبارك بسكرة زقاد

    مبارك بسكرة زقاد11 days ago

    @2bit Retro we will see

  46. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago


  47. Kristopher Rice

    Kristopher Rice13 days ago

    Damn that was gross wtf😂😂😂

  48. Sixjays forsythe

    Sixjays forsythe13 days ago

    Tony mad emotional😂

  49. jordan boyd

    jordan boyd13 days ago

    Dumbest fans are the one saying cowboy wanted out.

  50. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago

    i never seen a person more happy in my life then cowboy was when his face was disfigured. LOL

  51. Loizos Pantelides

    Loizos Pantelides13 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to raise the referees hand

  52. Perry Griffin

    Perry Griffin13 days ago

    Time for Tony vs kahbib make it happen let's go el cucuy !!!!!!!!!!

  53. Арман Кобек

    Арман Кобек13 days ago

    Tony is better than Conor and Habib

  54. Nagavito Sumi

    Nagavito Sumi13 days ago

    Tony and cowboy has the best chance to beat khabib. Great off their back,

  55. 2bit Retro

    2bit Retro12 days ago

    cowboy is good but not el cucuy good bro, he would look lost while tony would be smiling and slicing khabib up from the bottom!

  56. electro boom992

    electro boom99213 days ago

    "Tony the type of guy who is standing infront of a mirror doing faceoff with himself then screaming wooooo"

  57. VR-46

    VR-4613 days ago

    Tony “the fucking face changer” ferguson

  58. Zoheb Shaikh

    Zoheb Shaikh13 days ago

    With khabib the fight will be completely different khabib will take Tony down easily and smash him like others khabib time baby

  59. SlamboGaming TM

    SlamboGaming TM12 days ago

    💯 Right

  60. Stainless Stove

    Stainless Stove13 days ago

    Man. MMA crowds seem to be becoming more and more disrespectful. I hate seeing fickle fans boo and boo when these men take years of their lives to fight. They may choose to do it but some some class and god damn respect. This crowd and every crowd in brazil are an absolute joke.

  61. Конрад Дюселдорф

    Конрад Дюселдорф13 days ago

    Hmmmm, YT recommended?

  62. Achum walling

    Achum walling13 days ago

    He is always have both booooo and wooo. But I like this guy man he will be lightweight champion .

  63. Tài Hà

    Tài Hà14 days ago

    Fuck the fans

  64. Obitrice For life

    Obitrice For life14 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to decompress Cowboy’s eye so they can have an immediate rematch.

  65. Tommer Tuck

    Tommer Tuck14 days ago

    you can tell he's remorseful for that late hit. cheer up Tony, we all make mistakes.

  66. Hablo

    Hablo14 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to call sick to a doctors appointment

  67. Rehan Mohamed

    Rehan Mohamed14 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to do an exorcism on a priest

  68. Kenan Huseynli

    Kenan Huseynli14 days ago

    0:07 ref??!

  69. A.M.K.

    A.M.K.14 days ago

    Was the eye swollen from air or blood?

  70. dc42nr86

    dc42nr8612 days ago

    Air. He had a broken orbital bone. When he blew his nose, air was forced into the sinus cavities around the eye.

  71. Daniel Frank

    Daniel Frank14 days ago

    Tony the type of guy to get you in a choke hold and keep asking if you're okay while choking you out.