Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins quote Stephen A. Smith in response to Spencer Dinwiddie | The Jump


  1. Evan Harris

    Evan Harris28 days ago

    Dimwiddie is a dimwit if he thinks that.

  2. Pranav Prabhakaran

    Pranav PrabhakaranMonth ago

    Actually Dinwiddie quoted the Knicks fans from last year when they said it's the record from the previous season that matters. Spencer simply meant that the nets took this year's season series and are therefore currently thee best team in new york until the Knicks beat the Nets in a series similar to what the Knicks fans said last season.

  3. Jose Alvarez

    Jose AlvarezMonth ago

    Keep Kendrick

  4. Macsylvester84

    Macsylvester84Month ago

    Please keep perk!!!

  5. Jose Noel F. Teh

    Jose Noel F. TehMonth ago

    Keep guesting Kendrick Perkins. He's incisive and funny. Cheers.

  6. Son Brohan

    Son BrohanMonth ago

    Random springer guest: Stephen I brought you here to tell you I'm not a woman I'm really a man Stephen a: You're very wrong but let me tell you why

  7. B S

    B SMonth ago

    Perk is everywhere! Love it

  8. Quiet Storm

    Quiet StormMonth ago

    Who is KP again ?

  9. Beauchni Cherubin

    Beauchni CherubinMonth ago

    First team all back alley 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  10. Pow Getrekt

    Pow GetrektMonth ago

    As long as bucks are dumb hes staying ez.

  11. Justin Dminic

    Justin DminicMonth ago

    Still can’t believe Rachel is a voter

  12. E BO

    E BOMonth ago

    Anyone: “Stephen A every argument you make is not debatable because it’s 100% correct, and every source you have is 100% factually credible.” Stephen A: “first of all you’re wrong and here’s why”

  13. Drizzy_419

    Drizzy_419Month ago


  14. T R y s t a n

    T R y s t a nMonth ago

    i live in houston in perks neighborhood he deadass sells weed

  15. Michael Thompson

    Michael ThompsonMonth ago

    T-Wolves, take some notes from the Bucks please..............

  16. Dre Chillin

    Dre ChillinMonth ago

    Bryon Scott looks like he covered his mustache with playdough

  17. Vodka X Ice

    Vodka X IceMonth ago

    Dre Chillin 💀

  18. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMonth ago

    Stay off the greed

  19. Koh Smoger

    Koh SmogerMonth ago

    I’d said this once and I will say it again a fully healthy Kawhi is the best player in the nba. There is no one that impacts both sides of the court than Kawhi. I’m a fan of KD but I have to be honest. I thought Kawhi was the best in 2017 and I think Kawhi is the best right now. BTW Kawhi cooks Lebron. Kawhi turned the raptors from a bunch of chokers into a potential championship team or at least one that can really compete. As soon as he left the spurs they completely fell out of title contention. The Law is the Klaw and the whole world knows it now

  20. Alexander K

    Alexander KMonth ago

    Thank God for Kendrick Perkins !!

  21. mm mm

    mm mmMonth ago

    need sas on this show one time with Rachel

  22. Richard Soto

    Richard SotoMonth ago

    Kendrick all big back ally team 😭😂😂😂😂

  23. idenadesno

    idenadesnoMonth ago

    Kendrick Perkins First-Team All Back Alley lol

  24. Jaden Stegall

    Jaden StegallMonth ago

    “First team all back ally” son whoever doing these are disrespectful 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Boss Hogg

    Boss HoggMonth ago

    NBA & NFL players always end up wit messed up fingers

  26. droptop10001

    droptop10001Month ago

    raps shut his ass down

  27. CleveHenny 06

    CleveHenny 06Month ago

    Deandre still under contract ?

  28. Raghav Sundar

    Raghav SundarMonth ago

    I fucking love how in sync Byron Scott and KP are.

  29. Bo Rood

    Bo RoodMonth ago

    Spence is correct

  30. Austin Mark

    Austin MarkMonth ago

    did Lebron die or something? why r ppl saying KD is the best player in the world? or are they just setting up next years headlines for when Lebron is back from injury and continues being the best in the world "What happened to KD?" "is KD declining?" "Has Lebron returned?" "Were people wrong about Lebron?" yea i can see that being the narrative stretched over the entire 2020 season. theyre just setting it up now so they can act like lebron made some huge unexpected comeback next year. Lebron still the best and its not close.

  31. Major Lux

    Major Lux27 days ago

    Austin Mark you’re wrong and here’s why.

  32. King Funeral

    King FuneralMonth ago

    KD is not tha best player in the league watch Thinking Basketball video on him

  33. Koh Smoger

    Koh SmogerMonth ago

    Your right I think Kawhi is

  34. PhillyReese215

    PhillyReese215Month ago

    Dry snitching.

  35. LoL LoL

    LoL LoLMonth ago

    African players dont really care about big market long as the bread is right then it's all good.

  36. Ty Lito

    Ty LitoMonth ago

    Espn has all these bums as analysts lmao

  37. Ty Lito

    Ty LitoMonth ago


  38. Kyng Symba

    Kyng SymbaMonth ago

    3:29 When they say it.. Ur Welcome ✌✌

  39. Terryon McMillion

    Terryon McMillionMonth ago

    It's in the description...

  40. Sarang Desai

    Sarang DesaiMonth ago

    This man Stephen A. Smith is single handedly keeping ESPN alive.....

  41. Drool Alot

    Drool AlotMonth ago

    Thanos: you should have gone for the head. Stephen A. : you're wrong and here's why

  42. New York Knicks

    New York KnicksMonth ago

    Giannis well retire a Buck..... not sure if he'll win a championship there but I certainly hope he does because he's loyal.

  43. Geoff Thompson

    Geoff ThompsonMonth ago

    If Kyrie and KD end up on the same team together NBA conspiracy theories are running wild next year.

  44. Judah Dakid

    Judah DakidMonth ago


  45. Kalu Abay

    Kalu AbayMonth ago

    Me: I'm wrong Stephen A Smith: well first of all you're wrong and let me tell you why

  46. Singullar A

    Singullar AMonth ago

    Byron "Calls Magic Johnson Earvin" Scott

  47. iSmokeThrax

    iSmokeThraxMonth ago

    Nigga named spencer 😂😂

  48. Fashow People United

    Fashow People UnitedMonth ago

    Knick vs Nets First Round

  49. Ball Smack

    Ball SmackMonth ago

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, this is why this is happening. Maybe it has to do with a college journalism course, a media analyst degree or whatever. Tell me something? Why is Kendrick Perkins a guest anchor on the jump? What has he done on the court in Boston and Cleveland to merit this anaylist opportunity on ESPN? I'm not hating! I'm honestly asking because most, if not all of the former Players who are now working for the networks made tremendous contributions in the sport they played and their body of work, "Sometimes That Alone Merited Them An Analyst Position For A Network", and with others, their college degree helped them land employment opportunities in media and journalism. I'm simply stating that for KP, it must be his degree. It couldn't have been anything he did in his playing days in the NBA. I remember a big body. Someone who held his ground in the post and was looked at by some as an enforcer. Someone who set an occasional pick, but also someone who couldn't even be relied upon to roll to the basket to complete a play if the pick developed a lane to the basket. What I don't remember him being was a low post scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, solid defender, or even a solid help defender. A big NBA body who could clog the middle and make it difficult for some to finish, yes, I'll give him that, but it had to be his degree that Merited him his cameo appearances. Not what he did while he was in the league... I could be wrong and am not trying to dis the brother or hate, but once again, from ESPN, to TNT, to CBS, most of the former players who are analysts are primarily there because of their body of work in their Sports Profession. What's KP's story???

  50. Howard Davis

    Howard DavisMonth ago

    Rachel talking like the Bucks didn't already build a team around him🤨

  51. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010Month ago

    Kendrick Perkins js dressed like an Alpha and a Que.

  52. Ty Hamell

    Ty HamellMonth ago

    Rough I thought his father and mother were professional athletes

  53. Daniel Tayong

    Daniel TayongMonth ago

    This brotha is special!

  54. FreeWxll

    FreeWxllMonth ago

    Shittt, they might wanna tell D-Lo that

  55. Money Soft

    Money SoftMonth ago

    please someone save this vid cause when bucks lose they gonna be saying bud should lose his job giannis too la lmao

  56. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    Brehon Mills -The Stock InvestorMonth ago

    Giannis is his own man! He don’t follow trends!

  57. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMonth ago

    Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor so he should buck the trend and turn down the Supermax so the team can afford a better supporting cast

  58. Cory Goodman

    Cory GoodmanMonth ago

    Are these guys morons? He was clearly being facetious messing around with the fan/Knicks. These guys are the ones that need to put the weed down. Then maybe they could tell a joke from a statement of fact.

  59. Hecameup

    HecameupMonth ago

    Perkins lookin like an African Warlord

  60. H Ali

    H AliMonth ago


  61. Kevo The Goat

    Kevo The GoatMonth ago

    Stephen a Smith need to copyright that ASAP

  62. javon hawkins

    javon hawkinsMonth ago

    Somebody better draft perkins Espn or Fox i love dude takes on the nba

  63. Ty Richardson

    Ty RichardsonMonth ago

    If it’s jus kd the nets r better.

  64. Korey Paul

    Korey PaulMonth ago

    Pretty sure if Magic asked his boy Byron his thoughts on D'Angello Russell, Byron said trade him...👀

  65. Nate Williams

    Nate WilliamsMonth ago

    1:41 I like how Giannis just causally travels lol

  66. Tristan Wright

    Tristan WrightMonth ago

    Nobody: People that think theyre making a clever comment: "stephen a smith: i thing youre wrong and heres why"

  67. Kyle Doyle

    Kyle DoyleMonth ago

    Anybody else tired of the media just assuming. The Knicks are gonna he relevant for the 1st time in 50 yrs

  68. IMALEO93

    IMALEO93Month ago

    Perk and Stack 5 should have they own show or something, both free agents, strong personalities , known vets that keep it all the way 100

  69. Surf Surfing

    Surf SurfingMonth ago

    Same needs to be said for that NBA all-team list with no Klay. They were passing that thang around when creating that list.

  70. Gnar Gnar Binks

    Gnar Gnar BinksMonth ago


  71. Dan Dan The Muscle Man

    Dan Dan The Muscle ManMonth ago

    Them quoting SAS made my PP hard

  72. michael edwards

    michael edwardsMonth ago

    Stephen a might have to copyright that catchphrase now lmaoo

  73. Edge Lord

    Edge LordMonth ago

    I was told Rachel Nichols can " GET IT !" . what pray tell ?

  74. sebastian Metayer

    sebastian MetayerMonth ago

    AD ain’t even make a all nba team 😂

  75. Dream

    DreamMonth ago

    sebastian Metayer didn’t play enough

  76. pimpmastaa101

    pimpmastaa101Month ago

    Perk the GOAT

  77. Jergstein Feierabend

    Jergstein FeierabendMonth ago

    Perkins probably faced a blunt to himself before this lmao

  78. Josh H

    Josh HMonth ago

    nah he's just from south Texas

  79. Lesane Crooks

    Lesane CrooksMonth ago

    Why is rachel dressed like a bucks cheerleader

  80. Goat Man Goat Man

    Goat Man Goat ManMonth ago

    Stephen a: the brother is on another level Weed dealer: thank me later fam

  81. Christopher Rodney

    Christopher RodneyMonth ago

    He’s something special. LOL

  82. I am ZAE

    I am ZAEMonth ago

    Oh the irony

  83. 1026

    1026Month ago

    If your team is not located in N.Y, MIA, L.A, G.S or Boston you've got now hope of netting an MVP calibre player in free agency or keeping them after their rookie extension. Unless you draft a European player who is MVP calibre. i.e Duncan - Spurs Nowitzki - Dallas Giannis - Milwaukee

  84. Alan Brown

    Alan BrownMonth ago

    My mind hurts from trying to read that shit

  85. Sarang Desai

    Sarang DesaiMonth ago

    OKC - Westbrook? Ik Houston didn't draft Harden, but he became a SUPERSTAR in Houston. He was a star in OKC, but became a SUPERSTAR in Houston. Lillard - Portland You necessarily have to do what you just said....

  86. Ziva Maria

    Ziva MariaMonth ago

    Freak will retire a billionaire.

  87. Jack Mehoff

    Jack MehoffMonth ago

    Rachel wearing that old B-team celtics dancers jumpsuit haha

  88. Golden Stacked Warriors

    Golden Stacked WarriorsMonth ago

    anyone: *breathes* Stephen A.: well first of all you're wrong and here's why

  89. abdou Hsissi

    abdou HsissiMonth ago

    Here is the bottom line

  90. wee5935

    wee5935Month ago

    Calls Magic Johnson "Earvin" lmao you def need that on your CV

  91. taylor860gang

    taylor860gangMonth ago

    From where he came from I'm sure he would be more then happy to sign that deal. Congrats to him and being able to support his family for years to come

  92. NV_1790

    NV_1790Month ago

    Stay of the weed? More like this man is ON CRACK!!!!!!!

  93. Sarang Desai

    Sarang DesaiMonth ago

    More like "ON CWRAK".... That NY accent is so hard to understand sometimes....

  94. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsMonth ago

    "STAY off the WEED!!"

  95. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesMonth ago

    Rob Pelinkerrrr, stay off the weed-duhhhhh.

  96. Giacomo Gessaga

    Giacomo GessagaMonth ago

    Rob and kember walkah

  97. Raytesian Douglas

    Raytesian DouglasMonth ago

    Lmao he stays calling him pelinker

  98. David Stephens

    David StephensMonth ago

    What’s wrong with Spencer being confident

  99. fbi taha

    fbi tahaMonth ago

    Kendrick is a mix between james harden and barry white

  100. C. Moore

    C. MooreMonth ago


  101. ripdajacker23

    ripdajacker23Month ago

    Harden gets free throws at the beginning of next season for that lol

  102. Quincy Parrish

    Quincy ParrishMonth ago

    fbi taha damn 😂😂😂

  103. Sniper

    SniperMonth ago

    I know KD and Kyrie are great players and probably DJ and who else will they got? And will KD and Kyrie coexist if Kyrie and Russ game is almost identical with Uncle Drew have that shooting but Westbrook have the Rebound.

  104. Sniper

    SniperMonth ago

    They are SG in a PG body

  105. darkinferno1219

    darkinferno1219Month ago

    Sniper except Russ’ and Kyries games are literally nothing alike.

  106. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesMonth ago

    No cap perkins should replace pierce as an ESPN analyst

  107. Last Of The Starmakers

    Last Of The StarmakersMonth ago

    Fuck no

  108. Brooklyn Breed

    Brooklyn BreedMonth ago

    @taylor860gang no cap=no lie

  109. taylor860gang

    taylor860gangMonth ago

    What is cap?

  110. Quincy Parrish

    Quincy ParrishMonth ago

    Mike Jones Deadass

  111. aaron berhane

    aaron berhaneMonth ago


  112. As A Black Man

    As A Black ManMonth ago

    Byron and Perkins: STAY OF THE WEEDUH Stephen A: yall are wrong, and let me tell why yall are wrong

  113. Jcrow275

    Jcrow27522 days ago


  114. Sunny Darko'

    Sunny Darko'Month ago

    Your name LMAO

  115. 龙燕

    龙燕Month ago

  116. Simba

    SimbaMonth ago

    I love your name lmao

  117. Jakeem

    JakeemMonth ago

    He's going to sign the supermax take half the salary cap and when they can't surround him with good players he's going to leave

  118. Raghav Sundar

    Raghav SundarMonth ago

    that's what I'm saying. Historically, supermaxes have destroyed teams' chances at a championship.

  119. taylor860gang

    taylor860gangMonth ago

    Or people will complain about management

  120. Kyle Ferguson

    Kyle FergusonMonth ago

    Geeeezzzuuusss that will be almost a million dollars a week he will be making just from salary


    DEVIN DAVISMonth ago

    Stephen Smith loves to criticize but has probably never picked up a basketball

  122. Terryon McMillion

    Terryon McMillionMonth ago

    He played college ball...

  123. Tonya Johnson

    Tonya JohnsonMonth ago

    He played D2 basketball in college. And even if he didn't play ball, most media members haven't played basketball professionally themselves but still criticize players, and most times they are correct

  124. JackoVX

    JackoVXMonth ago

    He was in D2 college i believe.

  125. T- Mac

    T- MacMonth ago

    He played basketball back in the day.

  126. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago

    Dinwiddie: I love the Nets Stephen A: STAYYY OFF THE WEEEEEDDDDDHHHH

  127. Quincy Parrish

    Quincy ParrishMonth ago

    LeeTravius Mckay 😭😭😭

  128. wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928

    wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928Month ago

    This proves Nets players and fans r alittle delusional. They will never over take the Knicks as the king of NY and never will get real attention as the Knicks. KD and Kyrie with the Knicks underrated young core will be better than the Nets.

  129. Tonya Johnson

    Tonya JohnsonMonth ago

    @T- Mac That is false, Lakers fans are much more delusional, they always feel that they'll get the marquee free agent every offseason. When was the last time Knick fans thought they'd get 2 superstars as big as KD and Kyrie? Not in the last 20 years have they felt like this

  130. T- Mac

    T- MacMonth ago

    And Knicks fans a must delusional fans in NBA history. Knicks suck ass for past 20+ years and you WILL NOT and I repeat you WILL NOT SIGN KD AND IRVING

  131. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    Exactly, these mf'ers jumped on the bandwagon way too quickly, need to pump the brakes on the Nets hype

  132. pickle ell

    pickle ellMonth ago

    I hope the bucks don't spend too much on Middleton

  133. Chimill Rimbert

    Chimill RimbertMonth ago

    Yea I tried with him...hes to inconsistent

  134. ousama hachoumi

    ousama hachoumiMonth ago

    Build a team around him. The bucks have already built a team around him. You have an all star and a all nba guy in there. This isnt some bum team like charlotte. They just finished 1st in the standings and are on the verge of being in the finals. Rachel is so clueless. Women...

  135. bEASToUTtHEbOX

    bEASToUTtHEbOXMonth ago

    KP gettin that FOX and ESPN bread...

  136. bEASToUTtHEbOX

    bEASToUTtHEbOXMonth ago


  137. DerrickKet562

    DerrickKet562Month ago

    You’d think he’d smile more often.

  138. TShorty929

    TShorty929Month ago


  139. Munchino H Hill

    Munchino H HillMonth ago

    @Prisoner #627 no limit soldier, g unit wore black fam

  140. Prisoner #627

    Prisoner #627Month ago

    While dressing like a G Unit member.

  141. P H

    P HMonth ago

    So she saying pelicans didn't do much to keep ad even though they swept the 3rd blazers

  142. P H

    P HMonth ago

    Pelicans tried got a game from the warriors

  143. sebastian Metayer

    sebastian MetayerMonth ago

    Tonya Johnson ever since Katrina who the fuck wants to go there lmao

  144. Tonya Johnson

    Tonya JohnsonMonth ago

    @taylor860gang It's not the Pelicans fault that most of their team leaves them for better markets. NOLA isn't too attractive to free agents

  145. taylor860gang

    taylor860gangMonth ago

    Wasn't that last season? So they gonna be 2 years removed from that

  146. Justin Ejimah

    Justin EjimahMonth ago

    giannis had a rough upbringing? i thought him and his brothers were ball boys for nba teams? and what does a rough upbringing even suggest when it comes to free agency? That he would prefer financial security? that hes particularly humble? didnt lebron have a rough upbringing? and he invented flip flopping

  147. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    Research Giannis' background before speaking.

  148. Melvin HHCP

    Melvin HHCPMonth ago

    Respect to Kendrick Perkins.

  149. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago

    Rachel: my name is Rachel Stephen A: well first of all you're wrong and here's why

  150. Barkley Small

    Barkley SmallMonth ago

    How much time am I gonna see the same jokes

  151. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago

    @Major Marketing no I didn't

  152. Major Marketing

    Major MarketingMonth ago

    Copied comment for likes. Lame

  153. Docter Khumalo

    Docter KhumaloMonth ago

    My best ever S.A.S voice to read that, I'm done 😂😂😂

  154. Last Of The Starmakers

    Last Of The StarmakersMonth ago

    Rachel: "Stephen A. you are never wrong and you know everything in the universe." Stephen A: "You're wrong and here's why."

  155. J-Strokes

    J-StrokesMonth ago

    The problem is Stephen A ego would have saying "Well ya know, I can't necessarily disagree with thaaaaat" So inaccurate

  156. aaron berhane

    aaron berhaneMonth ago

    Roy Batty Stephen A is carrying First Take tho no one would watch fist take without Stephen A

  157. Roy Batty

    Roy BattyMonth ago

    Rachel: Stephen A you deserve 10 mil/year Stephen A: I disagree with you and here's why

  158. Gabriel Chavarria

    Gabriel ChavarriaMonth ago

    I love how Perkins talks.

  159. Dr0pkidd

    Dr0pkiddMonth ago

    Like a real country boy.