Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. R o s a l

    R o s a l4 minutes ago

    Season 1: Where is my boy? Season 2: Where is my Hopper?

  2. michaels polaroid

    michaels polaroid4 minutes ago

    now, i need alison sudol and johnny depp to answer the webs most searched questions

  3. Sophie Cunningham

    Sophie Cunningham11 minutes ago

    I low key came to see if hopper really died

  4. Peyton Ritzer

    Peyton Ritzer17 minutes ago

    us minnesotans are so proud that winona was born here🥰


    MUSIC MANIAC40 minutes ago

    9:20 idk he sound kinda canadian

  6. Rachel Hope

    Rachel Hope46 minutes ago

    Rigged. You can’t tell me not 1 shoplifting question didn’t come up

  7. David Meladze

    David Meladze48 minutes ago

    7:05 he sounded like thor to me

  8. Joseph Arcuni

    Joseph Arcuni53 minutes ago

    She looks like an older Danielle panabaker

  9. Mrflimflam Pls sub

    Mrflimflam Pls sub53 minutes ago

    How does Joyce Byers repair her tires With WHEELS WHERE WHEEL

  10. Ken Rupple

    Ken RuppleHour ago

    Hey, my first name is Kenneth and my brother's name is David!

  11. Ken Rupple

    Ken RuppleHour ago

    I love Winona!! Ever since "Lucas" she has been my dream love. I love her big brown eyes. When she has short hair, she is very beautiful.

  12. The Real Jebus

    The Real JebusHour ago

    Does Winona have a big brown beaver?😉

  13. Nadir Suter

    Nadir SuterHour ago

    david harbour o göbek ve sakalla bir sheakspeare oyunundaki kral gibi.sahneye çıkıyormu acaba?

  14. ronan 7

    ronan 7Hour ago

    so we just ignored the british hopper?😂😂

  15. Meghan Rose

    Meghan RoseHour ago

    I'm a Scorpio too! I'M SO HAPPY!

  16. thegrimyeaper

    thegrimyeaperHour ago

    Nothing about her stealing?

  17. Seashell Lps

    Seashell Lps2 hours ago

    I’m not even kidding I can’t watch any stranger things themed vid without spoilers. *😭*

  18. Pavlosgamer 9

    Pavlosgamer 92 hours ago

    Fat hopper is like a big cookie

  19. Duncan

    Duncan2 hours ago

    Holy crap she looks like a hot 28 year old. Shes nearly 50.

  20. Ugh Why

    Ugh Why2 hours ago

    Rip fat Rambo (or not)

  21. Seijuro TheAlastor

    Seijuro TheAlastor2 hours ago

    Winona Ryder is so cute...

  22. Calzilla38

    Calzilla383 hours ago

    OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Custard The Cat

    Custard The Cat3 hours ago

    David harbour can look like Orson Welles

  24. Haley Avveduto

    Haley Avveduto3 hours ago

    David: i am TOO big Winona: NO U ARE NOT STOP THAT david=my best friend at lunch winona=me

  25. Sagar

    Sagar3 hours ago

    Why didn't nobody ask if she can still hear coconuts knocking together xD

  26. Mari Back

    Mari Back3 hours ago

    Winona Ryder is kinda retarde heh? "Is this googled?" Yeah, that the hole point!

  27. Otro Adolecente Más en Internet

    Otro Adolecente Más en Internet3 hours ago

    I fell in love of David 😍😍

  28. Lithus17

    Lithus173 hours ago

    You *SUCKED* as Hellboy btw.

  29. Alexa Snyder

    Alexa Snyder4 hours ago

    Danielle Panabakers look alike. I swear it was her in the thumbnail

  30. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump4 hours ago

    if hoppers ur fav stranger things character like this comment

  31. AllyYt

    AllyYt5 hours ago

    Oml david is so unregistered it comes to heathers. Her name so veronica. The red mallet girl is Heather c

  32. pthfan712

    pthfan7125 hours ago

    Winona ryyderrrr

  33. Jonathan Pal

    Jonathan Pal5 hours ago

    David Harbour knows whats up, telling us not to be on social media!

  34. Isabella Teets

    Isabella Teets6 hours ago

    Is it weird that I played willie and im 12?! #HopetobeonTV

  35. Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams6 hours ago

    David harbour being knowledgeable in astrology only strengthens my thirst

  36. David E

    David E6 hours ago

    Here's a question: why are Ryder and Harbour two people I could see hanging out with. They are so adorable and normal. So much fun with Stranger Things. Last half of 2010s is the Stranger Things era.

  37. Squirrell69

    Squirrell696 hours ago

    hopper is alive☺️

  38. Aaron Young

    Aaron Young6 hours ago

    "Who does Davud Harbour look like?" Me: _Bryce Harper_

  39. Dylan Milbourne

    Dylan Milbourne6 hours ago

    I haven't seen two people with this much chemistry since Cooper and Gaga

  40. Popskiptea

    Popskiptea6 hours ago

    How big is David Harbour? Big and that’s the way we like him!

  41. Jacopo Latilla

    Jacopo Latilla6 hours ago

    are they actually a couple?

  42. Leonard L Church

    Leonard L Church7 hours ago

    David looks like a less depressed dan harmon. Change my mind

  43. beste gn

    beste gn7 hours ago

    david is just like us he’s fangirling and so excited when he’s talking w winona

  44. Jacopo Latilla

    Jacopo Latilla7 hours ago

    Just finished wachting S 3. I am so happy to see him again! Jim s the dad I always wanted

  45. Blue Skyla

    Blue Skyla7 hours ago

    Their size dynamic is about the same as me and my husband.

  46. Patricia Lyke

    Patricia Lyke7 hours ago

    "So these are googled?"

  47. SinisterDays

    SinisterDays7 hours ago

    *78% Nicholson.*

  48. R0BC4CHE

    R0BC4CHE7 hours ago

    "Who does David Harbour look like?" Just look up "Gronkh" on USwork.

  49. Brian Furnell

    Brian Furnell8 hours ago

    She shares it with me too :)

  50. Sukh Vansh

    Sukh Vansh8 hours ago

    They so cute together