The Day Kobe Became the BLACK MAMBA


  1. MrFraiche

    MrFraiche12 hours ago

    Don't let this story distract you from the fact that Steve Nash has as many MVPs and Kobe and Shaq combined. There's privilege even in the NBA.

  2. Epic Trends

    Epic TrendsDay ago

    Anthony Bennett sucks he is now in the G-League.

  3. Charlie's PlayStation

    Charlie's PlayStation2 days ago

    So.. where did he get the name?

  4. Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford

    Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford2 days ago

    March 15, 2004 The Black Mamba was born 🔥

  5. AnaboliChris

    AnaboliChris3 days ago

    My favorite player but very cheesey and lame thing to do for publicity

  6. Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman4 days ago

    It’s still a crime Kobe has only one MVP

  7. Mr. Fish

    Mr. Fish5 days ago

    been binging all these videos, ive quickly grown to hate the repetitive music bed

  8. Mr. Fish

    Mr. Fish5 days ago

    But adore the videos, top notch work man

  9. Rob Harms

    Rob Harms6 days ago

    Is the Anthony Bennet thing a joke? Dude is trash

  10. 206jamesglenn

    206jamesglenn7 days ago

    how he did not go to prison for rape, big time wrong

  11. Gus Keyser

    Gus Keyser8 days ago

    “There is no Shaq stopper except the free throw line.” Me: I know your trying to be funny but think logically what about three point line?

  12. DYA 2K

    DYA 2K8 days ago

    That y he’s my favorite player

  13. NBAPineappleboi

    NBAPineappleboi11 days ago

    Kobe is so inspirational

  14. İsmail Cem İzgi

    İsmail Cem İzgi17 days ago

    He was a bench player for 3 years and teams second scorer for 4 more years, he played on a shity team for 3 years after that and in the and he played 3 years of his career 34 to 37 by the way after torn achilles again with a shity team. And yet he pulled up this career numbers and squeezed two rings of his own in 7 career years with relatively good teams and health. This guy is the most respected player of all time in my humble opinion.

  15. jarocla66

    jarocla6617 days ago

    thanks to the annoying trumpet, I'll finish this story on another USwork post

  16. Pounce Boi

    Pounce Boi22 days ago


  17. Franchedarcheeseco REAL

    Franchedarcheeseco REAL23 days ago

    I was born on March 15 but not 2004 and I’m pretty good at basketball

  18. static1217

    static121724 days ago

    Yo I need the link to this background music. Man that saxophone is chill!!

  19. Lex Go

    Lex Go23 days ago

    Nish- trap sax

  20. P4n3K

    P4n3K24 days ago

    Kobe became the Black Mamba when they told him MJ was called black cat, and Kobe was obsessed about MJ

  21. B Mann

    B Mann24 days ago

    That’s why i laugh when they make lebron GOAT comparisons. MJ, Kobe, a few others, Lebron

  22. itsawinnerfereal

    itsawinnerfereal25 days ago

    Dave chappelle mention this is his special.

  23. Billy Bedard

    Billy Bedard25 days ago

    That game happened on the same day I was born

  24. Mike Boyd

    Mike Boyd25 days ago

    That tongue in his mouth has a mind of it's own. It never stops moving. Kind of freaky!

  25. 1.61803398875

    1.6180339887525 days ago

    Black Mamba or not Jordan was the best of all times.

  26. Howard Ellis

    Howard Ellis25 days ago

    Kobe Bean Bryant number 24only 1 behind Jordan literally 😎🦁🌹🔥🙏🤬🤣🍔🐒🐵😎🦊🍖🥚🍟🤲😫😪😴😭😅

  27. ray cerda

    ray cerda25 days ago

    You need to get some different music the music in the background is shit

  28. Klipklapklop •

    Klipklapklop •25 days ago

    Damn this nigga really gave everything for Basketball even his family

  29. ernanv24

    ernanv2425 days ago

    I thought he became black mamba when he drop 81 points

  30. Notorious Bran

    Notorious Bran25 days ago

    Kobe was born the black mamba


    JON MORSETTE25 days ago

    Yao Ming blocked Shaq

  32. Charles Charles

    Charles Charles25 days ago

    Kobe was always the Black Mamba you just brought it out in me that's all that makes up after they let him down scripting from title to titles for it and it was the Black Mamba that mean take care of your own. Coming from Detroit

  33. Charles Charles

    Charles Charles25 days ago

    We know you ain't too cool with Detroit the one thing about Detroit we love straight up ballers that's right we don't care where you from but we love straight out good ball player like yourself just want to say we love you guys hard Workout you put in to be the best and we also congratulations you when your fourth child yes just coming from Detroit Kobe Brian peace out my brother.

  34. neku kishi

    neku kishi25 days ago

    still kobe has the most missed shot in NBA still came no close to JORDAN

  35. legendarydreamer `

    legendarydreamer `24 days ago

    neku kishi hater

  36. Allan

    Allan26 days ago

    The day Kobe Bryant became The Black Mamba was the day (or night) he raped that girl in his motel room.

  37. sunmanpatoo

    sunmanpatoo26 days ago

    This video made me finally respect Kobe for the great that he is. HARÉ KṚṢṆA!

  38. jakegetscake

    jakegetscake26 days ago

    I lived right near the country club/hotel that Kobe had that issue with that chick but Kobe’s always been my favorite player at one point I lived in LA and my dads girlfriend was kinda big in commercial industry and got us tickets all the time it was amazing around 2007 seeing him ball

  39. Bofa Boy

    Bofa Boy27 days ago


  40. Dom sugar

    Dom sugar27 days ago

    New sub here👍

  41. Dom sugar

    Dom sugar27 days ago

    When they accused kobe for rape thats when he entered the hall of fame illuminati.. Bc stars b4 the enter the illuminati they need to be emarrassed in front of the public's eye thats how it goes ay thats another story if u believe in that shit or not. Kobe my best player behind MJ 23 aka BLACK MAMBA😎

  42. Cro nus

    Cro nus27 days ago

    Dr. J let the way fool

  43. Noob OP

    Noob OP27 days ago

    Black mo mamba

  44. Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist

    Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist27 days ago

    Why does he have to be the "black" mamba, why can't he just be a mamba? (I'm joking)

  45. Yeboi Derrick

    Yeboi Derrick27 days ago

    why kobes ears so small

  46. Lil Pappy Squeeze

    Lil Pappy Squeeze27 days ago

    Basketball is just a game fellas get on your grind invest ur bread let’s get rich out here

  47. Cid Vlogs

    Cid Vlogs27 days ago

    Kobe "The Best"

  48. JASSON Barajas

    JASSON Barajas27 days ago

    An the day Jordan became air Jordan an big desiel cause hes huge big like a motor

  49. SGF ŦrAiN

    SGF ŦrAiN27 days ago

    I read the day Kobe became the BLACK

  50. Comedy Squad

    Comedy Squad27 days ago

    So he basically became amazing because he dropped 37 after scoring a point in the first half Stop the clickbait

  51. Lucas Sinclair

    Lucas Sinclair28 days ago

    I laughed the day he became The Black Mamba. That's what I always called my long turds growing up!

  52. JB PJr

    JB PJr28 days ago

    So, I've got to damn near catch a rape charge before I can be the greatest drywaller ever?

  53. Finnja

    Finnja28 days ago

    Iove the jxmy music it’s so iconic now 😂😂