The Day Kobe Became the BLACK MAMBA

In today's video we discuss the game that turned Kobe Bryant into the Black Mamba. Love him or hate him Kobe is an all time great and moments like these are what define him as a player, never backing down from a challenge. Worst job in the world: guarding the Black Mamba.
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Beat: "Trap Sax" - Nish
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  1. Jimothan

    Jimothan4 days ago

    I was born March 15th, 2004😁😁

  2. Travis Marion

    Travis Marion4 days ago

    I always hated that dumb ass lower jaw snarling look he would make... But it is what it is.

  3. Events Crypto

    Events Crypto4 days ago

    Kobe declared himself ‘The Black Mamba’

  4. Ken Hart Jr Ifaleke Ogunda Tokpa OriTegunse

    Ken Hart Jr Ifaleke Ogunda Tokpa OriTegunse6 days ago

    Better long range jump shooter than MJ imho...

  5. Juan Flores

    Juan Flores8 days ago

    So the black mamba has a killer under bite

  6. Lukas

    Lukas11 days ago

    Kobe was playing for his freedom damn it

  7. La Man

    La Man18 days ago

    The music is boring and disturbing. Get it out and just tell the story.

  8. Jacob Simpson

    Jacob Simpson18 days ago

    He was black since he came out of hjs moms pp

  9. iSellTNL

    iSellTNL18 days ago

    Throwback to the legendary trap sax 🤩😈😭

  10. skalawitz

    skalawitz20 days ago

    I'm just saying here but I like #8 Kobe than #24 Kobe. Not really a fan, in fact I hated Kobe cos he good, really good.

  11. marcus kanga

    marcus kanga21 day ago

    Kobe been black Mamba all his life💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 shout kobe💯💯💯 great vid💯💯💯💯✊

  12. Mario Tesla

    Mario Tesla24 days ago

    Love the vids. But lose the music please

  13. Monique Bryan

    Monique Bryan25 days ago

    Too much talking.

  14. Seth Bradley

    Seth Bradley26 days ago

    Buy a show of hands how many people actually know where the name black mamba comes from?

  15. your mother

    your mother27 days ago

    i cannot stand this music

  16. M. Rizzy

    M. RizzyMonth ago

    Kobe is the closest thing you’ll get to Jordan.

  17. Idanchase Games

    Idanchase GamesMonth ago

    Kobe became the Black mamba on my 2nd birthday.

  18. Slurzzシ

    SlurzzシMonth ago

    *Mamba Mentality*

  19. Warren Gatling III

    Warren Gatling IIIMonth ago

    The only snake we respect 🐍🐍🐍 The BLACK MAMBA

  20. bruceownsu

    bruceownsuMonth ago

    when a man says fuck bitches get money...

  21. weeno

    weenoMonth ago

    15th of March was known as the Ides of March in ancient Rome, a day for settling debts. I had to do a double take when you said the date because it was just too perfect. Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March, the Black Mamba was born on the Ides of March. Good shit.

  22. Nicholas Alexander Montañez

    Nicholas Alexander MontañezMonth ago


  23. fresh2def234eva

    fresh2def234evaMonth ago

    I remember this game like yesterday and this was when I said Kobe better then tmac ...tmac. Was scared in the sec half

  24. Jon Konchar

    Jon KoncharMonth ago

    Coming back to a video with the legendary trap sax😭😭🙏RIP

  25. 2K Dev

    2K Dev9 days ago

    Danny he can’t use the trap sax (Background music) anymore as it is copyrighted now

  26. Der nba fan

    Der nba fan13 days ago


  27. Danny

    Danny14 days ago

    I just discovered him

  28. Danny

    Danny14 days ago

    This guy died???

  29. SamYG

    SamYG27 days ago

    Jon Konchar facts bruh

  30. Brewers 101

    Brewers 101Month ago

    1 mil subs

  31. Brewers 101

    Brewers 101Month ago

    10 more subs to 1 mil

  32. Da Guz

    Da GuzMonth ago

    Remember the time Kobe’s elbow was fouled by Mike Bibby’s face? The ref’s kissed his ass. Kobe wasn’t shit. I stopped watching the playoffs after that call.

  33. JN TV

    JN TVMonth ago

    Tmac was fr kobes rival. Such a talent if it wasnt for injuries. The best player to ever wore #1. Kobe and Tmac my two all time fav players

  34. Dodge Ram

    Dodge Ram2 months ago

    Was it the day he was charged for rape?

  35. Zarif Shabazz

    Zarif Shabazz2 months ago

    Y’all are toxic with Anthony bennett

  36. Micah Grosso

    Micah Grosso2 months ago

    am i the only one who read this as "the day kobe became black obama"

  37. Anomali

    Anomali2 months ago

    Copy bryant.

  38. RJ ThePoet

    RJ ThePoet2 months ago

    Loved this.

  39. b c

    b c2 months ago

    Go Colorado Cobra!

  40. dairon castro

    dairon castro2 months ago

    Best of all time no question

  41. Disco stu

    Disco stu2 months ago

    Wtf kobe gave himself that nickname

  42. Henning Schröder

    Henning Schröder2 months ago

    that backround music really grinds my gears

  43. Densest no Chikara

    Densest no Chikara2 months ago

    Kobe is better than lbj come at me

  44. Hamilton the hamster

    Hamilton the hamster2 months ago

    troydan needs to watch this

  45. YT Xewoh

    YT Xewoh2 months ago

    he forgot yao ming the unstoppable asian beast

  46. MrFraiche

    MrFraiche3 months ago

    Don't let this story distract you from the fact that Steve Nash has as many MVPs and Kobe and Shaq combined. There's privilege even in the NBA.

  47. Grant Newman

    Grant Newman3 months ago

    Anthony Bennett sucks he is now in the G-League.

  48. Charlie's PlayStation

    Charlie's PlayStation3 months ago

    So.. where did he get the name?

  49. Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford

    Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford3 months ago

    March 15, 2004 The Black Mamba was born 🔥

  50. AnaboliChris

    AnaboliChris3 months ago

    My favorite player but very cheesey and lame thing to do for publicity

  51. Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman3 months ago

    It’s still a crime Kobe has only one MVP

  52. Mr. Fish

    Mr. Fish3 months ago

    been binging all these videos, ive quickly grown to hate the repetitive music bed

  53. Mr. Fish

    Mr. Fish3 months ago

    But adore the videos, top notch work man

  54. Rob Harms

    Rob Harms3 months ago

    Is the Anthony Bennet thing a joke? Dude is trash

  55. 206jamesglenn

    206jamesglenn3 months ago

    how he did not go to prison for rape, big time wrong

  56. Gus Keyser

    Gus Keyser3 months ago

    “There is no Shaq stopper except the free throw line.” Me: I know your trying to be funny but think logically what about three point line?

  57. DYA 2K

    DYA 2K3 months ago

    That y he’s my favorite player

  58. NBAPineappleboi

    NBAPineappleboi3 months ago

    Kobe is so inspirational

  59. İsmail Cem İzgi

    İsmail Cem İzgi3 months ago

    He was a bench player for 3 years and teams second scorer for 4 more years, he played on a shity team for 3 years after that he played 3 years of his career (34 to 37) after torn achilles, again with a shity team. And yet he pulled up this career numbers and squeezed two rings of his own in 7 career years with relatively good teams and health. This guy is the most respected player of all time in my humble opinion.

  60. Abraham Batara

    Abraham Batara22 days ago


  61. jarocla66

    jarocla663 months ago

    thanks to the annoying trumpet, I'll finish this story on another USwork post

  62. Pounce Boi

    Pounce Boi3 months ago


  63. Franchedarcheeseco REAL

    Franchedarcheeseco REAL3 months ago

    I was born on March 15 but not 2004 and I’m pretty good at basketball

  64. static1217

    static12173 months ago

    Yo I need the link to this background music. Man that saxophone is chill!!

  65. Lex Go

    Lex Go3 months ago

    Nish- trap sax

  66. P4n3K

    P4n3K3 months ago

    Kobe became the Black Mamba when they told him MJ was called black cat, and Kobe was obsessed about MJ

  67. B Mann

    B Mann3 months ago

    That’s why i laugh when they make lebron GOAT comparisons. MJ, Kobe, a few others, Lebron

  68. itsawinnerfereal

    itsawinnerfereal3 months ago

    Dave chappelle mention this is his special.