Debby Ryan & James Charles React To Cameron Boyce Death


  1. Tae- Tae

    Tae- Tae15 days ago

    Rip may you rest in peace I thank you for my memories

  2. maliboo

    maliboo12 hours ago

    @Corgi wtf?? Your a heartless idiot -_-

  3. Ethan Baccinelli

    Ethan Baccinelli3 days ago

    Tae- Tae a week ago he died and he’s already irrelevant 😂 u will not be remembered

  4. kaidan ordonezgreen

    kaidan ordonezgreen6 days ago


  5. Emilee Graham

    Emilee Graham9 days ago

    Aj Maxwell yes he is

  6. memes 4 life

    memes 4 life9 days ago

    @Corgi youre dog sh##

  7. dalyg83

    dalyg835 hours ago

    Whoever did a dislike they are sick!!😔👿😡🥀

  8. brand media49

    brand media4918 hours ago

    All he wanted to do is make peice with the time he had left

  9. TheMemphisLovers

    TheMemphisLoversDay ago

    Debby Ryan didn't have a heart attack I saw it on the news and it said it was fake and the rumers had something to do with it

  10. Minecraft_Girl _2467

    Minecraft_Girl _2467Day ago

    #clickbait title

  11. GOLDEN panda

    GOLDEN pandaDay ago

    RIP Cameron was my celeb crush- ;w;

  12. niema hunter

    niema hunter2 days ago

    I just found out:(

  13. Estrellita Parga

    Estrellita Parga2 days ago

    R.I.P Cameron Boyce 💔Always take the funny and good ones💔We will miss you. You made us laugh and be better people. May you rest in peace dear friend by God's side. Hope you will make heaven a happy place to. #CAMERONBOYCE

  14. Hortencia Diaz

    Hortencia Diaz2 days ago

    How did he pass away

  15. Ryleigh Brown

    Ryleigh Brown3 days ago

    Cameron Boyce, thank you for bringing me a smile in my face. U are awesome and I thank you 😘

  16. Reginald Whitfield

    Reginald Whitfield3 days ago


  17. Life Debater

    Life Debater4 days ago

    This sucked but as someone who's had a seizure I know that he died peacefully

  18. Just cristal 25

    Just cristal 254 days ago

    That is sad so depressing:(

  19. Mellow Fishticks

    Mellow Fishticks4 days ago

    your story isn’t finished man . hope you’re feeling a lot better up there , all the love 🙏🏽💙

  20. Kim Williams

    Kim Williams4 days ago

    Stop ads

  21. saltwater angling

    saltwater angling4 days ago

    Social media destroys lives no thanks

  22. Jerardo Reyes

    Jerardo Reyes5 days ago


  23. Jerardo Reyes

    Jerardo Reyes5 days ago


  24. Anniah Salas

    Anniah Salas5 days ago

    R.I.P you beautiful soul. We will never forget you

  25. The Gamingkid

    The Gamingkid5 days ago

    He is good man and died so young he was 20 may you rest in pace thanks for the memories ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Anne Liz Ybarra

    Anne Liz Ybarra5 days ago


  27. Spice Mice

    Spice Mice6 days ago

    How people are still milking this shit give him a break

  28. Petra Westmont

    Petra Westmont6 days ago

    Cameron Boyce had a strong voice and even though he died the echo from his voice will never die out

  29. Lyrik Guerra

    Lyrik Guerra6 days ago

    He was the 2 king of pop

  30. Melinda Hardin

    Melinda Hardin6 days ago

    I loved him so much i hope u are in a better place

  31. Deanna Marek

    Deanna Marek6 days ago

    Who is so rude to dislike this video Edit: I just don’t get why over 2000 people would dislike this video

  32. Amy .W 6T

    Amy .W 6T6 days ago

    I miss him already?!😢😢😢😭😭😭Why him I loved him, he was my fav in descendants!

  33. Wesley Engstrom

    Wesley Engstrom6 days ago

    Damn just thinking you were watching him as a teen now you’re a little older now he’s dead I feel sympathetic with mix feelings of him dead you know like how the hell is this possible.

  34. Ashley A

    Ashley A6 days ago

    this is how sad this is👎


    KTN GAMING7 days ago

    I remember the night I heard about it, it was 12:05 am July 7th. I thought it was a false rumor but when I found out it actually heart broke into a million pieces knowing that my childhood influencer is gone. I never thought he would pass so young.

  36. antonio Miramontes

    antonio Miramontes7 days ago

    We will all miss you Cameron Boyce

  37. Jia Desai

    Jia Desai7 days ago


  38. Artez Cage

    Artez Cage7 days ago


  39. Devindra Boss

    Devindra Boss7 days ago


  40. Dat One Bear

    Dat One Bear7 days ago

    I actually thought it was a joke when I heard about it way too young to be taken away from this world



    Thank you for the amazing childhood. RIP 💔💔

  42. Vegito_ Super

    Vegito_ Super7 days ago

    Shapes:pentagon hexagon octagon and thisniggagone

  43. Vegito_ Super

    Vegito_ Super7 days ago

    Do the Cameron boyce

  44. chelsea walton

    chelsea walton7 days ago

    You are so sweet and nice and kind to people thank you

  45. SkatingLola

    SkatingLola7 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Now my dream May never come true

  46. Scott Masin

    Scott Masin7 days ago

    I might not be a famous person and I might not have met him but just from his acting career his heart was so strong RIP Cameron Boyce

  47. Kmell 2234

    Kmell 22347 days ago

    He was cool amazing funny comedic and now he's gone

  48. Mochi Chan

    Mochi Chan8 days ago

    I never watched “Jessie” But RIP if I did watch it I would’ve cried because he would’ve been my favorite, hearing from other people about how funny, nice, Sweet, He was good person from what I heard...

  49. PokéBros xD

    PokéBros xD8 days ago

    I hated Disney so im glad he's dead

  50. PokéBros xD

    PokéBros xD6 days ago

    @Faith Bennett eat shit u fucking weeb

  51. Faith Bennett

    Faith Bennett6 days ago


  52. Marlee Garcia

    Marlee Garcia8 days ago

    He was so amazing this is such a tragedy😭😭,he was always the most amazing,kind,patient,loving person he could be to everyone. He was absolutely one of a kind. My heart goes out to all his friends and family❤️❤️ May he Rest In Peace💗💗

  53. Suby Ali

    Suby Ali8 days ago

    It's so sad I used to love him he will never be forgotten

  54. Emma Anderson

    Emma Anderson8 days ago

    So sad

  55. Mariam Maghraby

    Mariam Maghraby8 days ago

    I wish I met him 😢😢😖

  56. The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

    The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic8 days ago

    Trying to capitalise off of death. Sad.

  57. Serene Rowland

    Serene Rowland8 days ago

    "descent kid" he wasn't descent. He was amazing.