1. Olivia Sui

    Olivia Sui14 days ago


  2. jcortez130

    jcortez130Hour ago

    Your boyfriend is on Goldbergs!!!! My mom and I watch that show!!!!

  3. //Mînðleşs\\ //Wønðer\\

    //Mînðleşs\\ //Wønðer\\Day ago

    Ily Olivia ☺

  4. Loki Wolf676

    Loki Wolf6762 days ago


  5. *Berserk* *Vertex*

    *Berserk* *Vertex*4 days ago

    JK xD

  6. Ryc Villafranca

    Ryc Villafranca4 days ago

    Olivia Sui I’m a girl

  7. Bernie Randolph

    Bernie Randolph42 minutes ago

    Yea. Don't recommend this horseshit channel to me ever again cucktube

  8. Angelina Bueno

    Angelina BuenoHour ago

    Anyone else notice they have the same face at 0:04 lol

  9. Savannah Verts

    Savannah Verts4 hours ago

    “Fourth grade was hard for us” same bro

  10. Lee Gacha

    Lee Gacha7 hours ago

    9:24 I sneezed when he turned his board up and it looked like I sneezed on his board. I broke the 4th wall my dudes.

  11. NicKirby 624

    NicKirby 62417 hours ago

    I think Olivia is really cool but I’ve never heard of a girl afraid of butterflies

  12. Daniel Bradley

    Daniel BradleyDay ago

    Yo straight up thought Sam was "Token" for a second

  13. Francis James Desjardins-Miller

    Francis James Desjardins-MillerDay ago

    Jeff shouarts

  14. Kairu W

    Kairu WDay ago

    “Who do I think is the funniest on Smosh?” Anthony

  15. Chillie -

    Chillie -Day ago

    No one: Courtney: *OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*

  16. Leon Low

    Leon LowDay ago

    Whites only

  17. Fluffy Jackie

    Fluffy JackieDay ago

    Peanut Eminems

  18. toddy bear

    toddy bearDay ago

    Omg Olivia has the same fear as me have an aphobia of butterflys

  19. Rohan Singh BAJWA

    Rohan Singh BAJWA13 hours ago

    I have been kamakized by total seven butterfly’s right in the face

  20. Mya Rose

    Mya RoseDay ago

    There should be one her work boyfriend and wifey Courtney






    Where is Noah?

  23. MDC CMS

    MDC CMSDay ago

    if it’s a smosh family then is shayne and Olivia’s work relationship is incest?

  24. TheRed Shadow.

    TheRed Shadow.Day ago

    I dropped my phone at least it hit the notifications

  25. Tessa Strickland

    Tessa StricklandDay ago

    Olivia's scared of butterflies?????

  26. td chamei

    td chameiDay ago

    I ship Olivia and shayne!!!! Even tho Olivia is with Sam 😍💝🥳

  27. biscuit

    biscuitDay ago

    I genuinely feel bad for Sam, like Olivia is flirting with other people right in front of him and then forces herself onto him even though he is clearly uncomfortable grinds my gears. She said she hates selfishness even tho like all of her actions were selfish. 😭😭

  28. Subscribe to2 Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to2 Pewdiepie2 days ago

    Olivia do u love shayne

  29. KG Skates

    KG Skates2 days ago

    Can we talk about how Courtney's just eating a lollipop like

  30. Tosha Ellis

    Tosha Ellis2 days ago

    Both of her boyfriends are in the Goldbergs

  31. Life of a triplet

    Life of a triplet2 days ago

    R they from schooled and the Goldbergs

  32. Magnus Chang

    Magnus Chang2 days ago

    she acts like rice gum

  33. StainZ

    StainZ2 days ago

    So she has 2 boyfriends? Cuz that girl is always a slut

  34. Jordan Salmora

    Jordan Salmora2 days ago

    Ian cackling from behind the camera

  35. Elizabeth Marston

    Elizabeth Marston2 days ago

    No one even knows any of this stuff about me


    BTS FIFA WORLD CUP2 days ago

    LOL KEITH 😂 😂

  37. Menghan Wang

    Menghan Wang2 days ago

    Never watched this channel before, but this video is kinda cheesy. And I think awkward. Maybe it’s just me, but if my boyfriend invite me to his work doing this shit with his “work wife” I think we are done. Lol

  38. Keep Calm Just Smile

    Keep Calm Just Smile2 days ago

    I luv shayne's laugh

  39. Kj Collins

    Kj Collins2 days ago


  40. Shayla NGO

    Shayla NGO2 days ago

    lol Shayne and sam, both s's and they literally think the same XD

  41. Micaela Ri

    Micaela Ri3 days ago

    Her boyfriend never get mad at her cause kissing courtney or another member of the squad?

  42. Wishing Ghost

    Wishing Ghost3 days ago

    I didn’t even know shartney(courtneyxshane)was a ship... Btw I looked that up

  43. Panda Lover

    Panda Lover3 days ago

    Get this video to 60k like in the next 24hr if you love smosh!

  44. Sports Kid

    Sports KidDay ago

    Panda Lover it’s at 60k

  45. Sarah H

    Sarah H3 days ago

    2:18 Everyone is just such a big mood right here.

  46. mvru _be_happy

    mvru _be_happy3 days ago

    My Courtivia Feels :'(

  47. Joshua James

    Joshua James3 days ago

    dang i thought i found a new awesome channel to watch until she bashed Jon Oliver. Bold move since hes the most popular talk show host right now and think he has like 6 emmys for his awesome work!

  48. Maria Terrinha

    Maria Terrinha3 days ago

    Sam (idk if he is) but looks like a character from the Goldberg's

  49. Lily Hoenicke

    Lily Hoenicke3 days ago

    Youp he is jeff

  50. Allen Glafke

    Allen Glafke3 days ago


  51. Tyler Bartle

    Tyler Bartle3 days ago

    Jeff I’m gonna tell Erica you’re seeing someone else

  52. MelodyHopeGaming

    MelodyHopeGaming3 days ago

    What is a work boyfriend? Kinda confused..

  53. Gamer Neko

    Gamer Neko3 days ago

    I ship Courtney and Olivia more..

  54. AJ Evans

    AJ Evans3 days ago

    That’s not your real life wife that’s Geoff Shwarz

  55. LaVa_ DuDe_

    LaVa_ DuDe_4 days ago

    You would want to be Drake? TheDooo would not approve.

  56. Robo Chicken

    Robo Chicken4 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact they are both on the Goldberg’s lmao

  57. JellyPanda

    JellyPanda4 days ago

    12:05 "I feel like it's Starbucks. I always see half a Starbucks left on the table" Great callback Courtney!

  58. no Name

    no Name4 days ago