Learning to Play Magic #2 - What's in a Color? - Extra Credits

Download Magic: The Gathering Arena on PC today: bit.ly/2JCLzP8 Today, we dig into the lore, personality, and philosophy of all the different Magic colors, as a prelude to strategy.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits2 months ago

    What color(s) are in your deck(s)?

  2. ZanathKariashi

    ZanathKariashi4 days ago


  3. Gandel /Gerlant

    Gandel /Gerlant4 days ago

    wild:red and green

  4. Emrys0211 Gamers

    Emrys0211 Gamers11 days ago

    Extra Credits Bant G/W/U

  5. Vagrant Fiction

    Vagrant Fiction25 days ago

    I'm a Izzet boy at heart and depending on how mean I feel that day I usually go with Grixis or Jeskai.

  6. Mudclip11

    Mudclip1126 days ago

    I will always be a Dimir man at heart. Casting tricky spells and killing stuff. Whats not to like.

  7. Carlo Bissolotti

    Carlo Bissolotti4 days ago

    I'm playing Izzet drakes, mono red cavalcade, mono black zombie jank, boros feather, simic merfolk. dimir ashiok, singleton 4 color elementals, boros krenko and azorius birds, plus another 6 or 7 decks that are too weak/too jank to be played ever, on Arena of course, otherwise I'd barely have enough money to make one competent paper deck

  8. SndFX2

    SndFX24 days ago

    I'm kind of mad that you didn't go in WUBRG order

  9. Zeker Boy

    Zeker Boy6 days ago

    I love Magic and I love is series.

  10. Healer169

    Healer1697 days ago

    I love that black magic music mysterious & creepy.

  11. Haruhi Suzumiya

    Haruhi Suzumiya7 days ago

    and together we are the 6th color of magic

  12. UarchT

    UarchT7 days ago

    Please do two colors as well!!

  13. eadan pritz dmon

    eadan pritz dmon8 days ago

    I feel you missed a bit for a few of the colors but this was nice

  14. Hannahble -

    Hannahble -10 days ago

    I found this series as a new player because my friend gave me a ton of cards and I would already die for Zoe. (Also thank you for such helpful tips and descriptions! Its like you read my mind!)

  15. NanoBlade

    NanoBlade18 days ago

    As a green playing Green Day fan, this video was everything

  16. Valentin Füller

    Valentin Füller22 days ago

    (White has more Vampires than black)

  17. Mehtab Rai

    Mehtab Rai23 days ago

    Blue is best.

  18. Artsy charmander Char

    Artsy charmander Char24 days ago

    Solid black my favourite

  19. Thief

    Thief24 days ago

    I’ve always thought of black as “You can have anything if you’re willing to pay.”

  20. Sam Rice

    Sam Rice25 days ago

    Laughs in colourless artefact

  21. Mordaic

    Mordaic25 days ago

    Black/Red player here. Ready to start pantsing Azorius nerds

  22. Raya Koth

    Raya Koth27 days ago

    3:49 "But nature can be cruel and uncaring" (Insert Zoey and "meow" here)

  23. Jean Barque

    Jean Barque27 days ago

    I didn't watch the video yet (watching a live stream about hogaak ban etc.. ^^) I would like to know your opinion on how you would disperse green mechanics in other colors if green would be taken out or never exist (I try to make a TCG a bit inspired on mtg with 4 colors that are very close to the 4 other colors). EDIT: ok now I did see it. My question still remains (I have my idea since a couple days but I would like your opinion). Btw this is how I see it: in mtg kird ape ape, loam lion and wild nacalt are all connected to green and absolutly need it, I replace it (and the green white creaters with good stats as 3/3 for 2, 4/4 for 3, etc) by red and white like having a kird ape that needs a plain, a loam lion that needs a moutain and the green white creatures being RW. for the dorks and ramp side of green I let it to blue and black even if in mtg black and red can eventually, rarelly create mana and blue never because I look it as a duality with RW more aggressive (with red staying the aggressive and with giving life, protection etc) and blue black more slow and more control. so I made a black and a blue dork that each can produce blue or black ressource. What it your opiinion about my approch?

  24. Jeffrey Wiggins

    Jeffrey Wiggins27 days ago

    My favorite deck is Black/Blue control/sacrifice. I love it.

  25. Daniel Driscoll

    Daniel Driscoll27 days ago

    hahaha when are we doing virtual card advantage and who's the beatdown ?

  26. Ben Johnstone

    Ben Johnstone28 days ago

    Yup there is no most powerful color in mtg very important new players just please ignore blues existence

  27. AngelFlor Leonhart

    AngelFlor Leonhart28 days ago

    W player: I gain 1 life, this dude has protection and swing and I have this enchanment that if you attack me I gain a life. U player: wait!... in response.. I draw a card. Looks at battlefield..goes hmmm..after 10 mins asks...are you having fun - no - good B player: I loose life then this dude dies, this other dude comes back from graveyard then you discard a card. G player: yeah I got a bunch of 1/1 , couple of 3/3, two 5/6 and an 8/8 in the battlefield. Now lemme put my 13/13 down....YEAH!!! R player: I swing will all my guys, 5 damage goes through. Then I burn your guy, then it dies. Then I burn you in the face for 6. I have no cards in hand Colorless player: alright! I will cheat this in play, then cheat another in play. Now I have a creature that has loads of cheat abilities.

  28. Trius Malarky

    Trius Malarky29 days ago

    ALSO White has Nukes Blue mostly just draws cards That's all Green does. Have Fluffy the Titanosaur bite the enemy castle in half. Most of competitive Red cards involve chucking rocks, lightning or fire at something. Black's graveyard theme is so powerful that everything else stole it so now Black just murders things.

  29. Hanmacx

    Hanmacx29 days ago

    Makes a "colorless is not a color" comment

  30. ___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___

    ___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___Month ago

    Magic is so bad ass but I done get to play anymore

  31. ZenJos the Boss

    ZenJos the BossMonth ago

    The art in this episode is top notch. I find myself watching just for the expressions of all the mages in battle with each other. Also I'm a red mage through and through

  32. fireicelightarrows

    fireicelightarrowsMonth ago

    >Black isn’t always the fastest color Oh hey Necropotence, didn’t see you there

  33. Paulthored

    PaulthoredMonth ago

    You missed Colorless and/or Artifacts.

  34. Matheus Cordeiro

    Matheus Cordeiro29 days ago

    but it's about colors haha what's the meaning of explain about colorless mana here? it has no color :p

  35. Tristan Brown

    Tristan BrownMonth ago

    I play blue/black control with heavy counters and targeted discard

  36. Quinn Williamson

    Quinn WilliamsonMonth ago

    I'm currently building a green-black attrition deck which I'm super not used to. (I normally play Red-Blue counter rushdown decks.)

  37. Gaetan Boudreau

    Gaetan BoudreauMonth ago

    Mono black essentially, with sometime a bit of red, depending on the deck

  38. Jacque Cortez

    Jacque CortezMonth ago

    Green is strongest for end game. Red is attack and destroy your opponents as fast as possible. Blue is control. More control the better. White is about swarming and self healing and management. Black is about destroy your opponent at all costs including sacrificing monsters and paying life to win.

  39. Mattulaak

    MattulaakMonth ago

    Teaching her to play Red Blue? You're a monster.

  40. Kainui Penaloza

    Kainui PenalozaMonth ago

    When you play a white/black/blue. Don't die. Everything dies. Other person can't do anything. Wait... That's illegall

  41. Tristen Arctician

    Tristen ArcticianMonth ago


  42. manubrex

    manubrexMonth ago

    as someone who played magic for many years, i really appreciate this video. i knew every bit of information, but was explained in a fun way, without mistakes. just one thing disturbed me: the order of the color wheel is white, blue, black, red and green, and it was painful to see black and green swapped. anyway great vid

  43. Arkylie

    ArkylieMonth ago

    I'm a Green/White/Blue player, though usually not all at once -- Green/White most commonly, sometimes with a few Blues thrown in, or Green/Blue or White/Blue. I shy from both Black and Red, and I am *so thrilled* to have seen my nephew's deck have a couple of white vampires. White vampires!! I've always loved Lifelink. I find that a lot of games have me hitting my stride right when the opponent is ready to take me out -- the "if I had ten more turns I could've really had fun, but dang it I'm not ready for this to be over yet" kinda stuff. Not just in MtG, but it's still a significant factor here. I rarely invest time into learning any significant tournament-level play, any major combos or deck-building strategies; I go with themed decks that I enjoy the feel of, working with force multipliers where I can (e.g. these three cards put more +1/+1 counters on the board, this card moves such counters around; or this card grows when it hits opponent or gets blocked by multiple creatures, where's that thing that makes sure big creatures can't block it?). I also really love pulling an off-colored card (generally blue) out of my deck due to cards that looked like they were supporting the main colors. Like, I might put two or three Blue cards in a Green/White deck that has access to blue mana in some fashion. It's not an effective strategy so much as a surprising one ("how can you have a counterspell?!!"). Shapeshifters of various sorts also please me. The base 0/7 to 6/1 guy who shifts every turn, the 4/4 who can take on -1/-1 tokens to get special abilities as needed, the mimics who bring over the power of the opponent's forces. Mind control, too, to subvert their monsters entirely. Too, because I enjoy the longer games, I like milling away a few of the opponent's cards, if we've got close numbers in our deck -- and protecting myself from wasted opportunities by pulling out a Library of Leng. There was a time, in my teens, when I wrote a diary version of how some of the games progressed -- from the POV of my merfolk vs. my brother's skeletons (IIRC). It was an interesting exercise.

  44. mikatu

    mikatuMonth ago

    blue should be banned altogether... it is basically cheating. most of the time if I see they are going to play blue I just give up... there is no point in playing if the opponent is cheating.

  45. Chris Saur

    Chris SaurMonth ago

    There is a strongest colour.... Blue

  46. Marshal martens

    Marshal martensMonth ago

    No color is the best? Um I'm actually sure this poll gets tossed around alot with very similar results,white is the best follower closely by blue(when played together your opponent doesn't get to play magic at all)then black,red and green at the bottom although green has some of the most powerful cards on magic(cough channel) as a whole it's considered the weakest do to it's strong reliance on creatures to achieve it's goals.

  47. OneFact Man

    OneFact ManMonth ago

    Esper control

  48. Rew Rose

    Rew RoseMonth ago

    Black, Blue and Green sounds good but I want a list of all the cards available

  49. Nicholas Eaton

    Nicholas EatonMonth ago

    2:21 I love how the zealous crusader looks like a christian crusader from the crusades.

  50. Swain 115

    Swain 115Month ago

    Not real card I don't think

  51. DroidTroll 06

    DroidTroll 06Month ago

    I play a black red amass deck

  52. cowcannon

    cowcannonMonth ago

    nobody: blue players: its my turn

  53. Todd Hårig

    Todd HårigMonth ago

    your turn is also my turn.

  54. Potato7642

    Potato7642Month ago

    For me, it's green/white.

  55. Alejandro Cadavid L.

    Alejandro Cadavid L.Month ago

    I haven't played Magic in years, and this video really brought back great moments of my life and almost tears! Thanks guys!!!

  56. DGHavoc907

    DGHavoc907Month ago

    I haven't played since 2010 but I was a green player. I loved filling the board with forests and throwing out big hitters early in game or slapping a blanchwood armor on a small creature turning it into a monster.

  57. Andrew Virtue

    Andrew VirtueMonth ago

    Red and Black OP best colors ever in Magic, no other colors can compare even when combined, or especially when combined. Youre free to disagree but hey...facts. Red and Black has access to everything.

  58. Dango Bangal

    Dango BangalMonth ago

    what about colorless?

  59. Mordalon

    MordalonMonth ago

    it's not a color, nor does it have a philosophy.

  60. Lordof Music 420

    Lordof Music 420Month ago

    I dare some on making a 5 colour deck and trying matches with it Someone actually killed themselves while using a card that makes takes life to make a token but he blocked with said token each time I attacked

  61. Randy93

    Randy93Month ago

    Colorless - the non-color that ranges from constructed things to eldritch horror... if you play this non-color your opponent is in for a bumpy ride as you use your pretty rocks to bring about the end days by summoning basically Cathulu's sister Emrakul herself

  62. Will Pernichele

    Will PernicheleMonth ago

    I honestly really like all the colors, depending on the format.

  63. Clegomanrun

    ClegomanrunMonth ago

    You should call this series extra cardits

  64. Samuel Green

    Samuel GreenMonth ago

    Red Green Gruul!!!

  65. Felipe Pereira

    Felipe PereiraMonth ago

    Excellent video!

  66. Benjamin Haskin

    Benjamin HaskinMonth ago

    No mention of Hydras? Shameful.

  67. Bryson Leonard

    Bryson LeonardMonth ago

    You fool. You forgot about the strongest mana Phyrexian mana

  68. Preaplanes

    PreaplanesMonth ago

    Drakes are BLUE, you idiot, even the one you posted was also blue!

  69. Liam Hitchens

    Liam HitchensMonth ago

    Blue let’s the opponent play but only the way they want you to play as a blue player that’s how I see it (I’m technically blue red )

  70. Mordalon

    MordalonMonth ago

    White is the color the controls what people can and can't cast.