The reason I don't talk crazy online.


  1. jxwls. 애정

    jxwls. 애정Hour ago

    ⁿᵃʰ ʸᵒᵘ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ, ᵃⁿˢʷᵉʳ ᵗʰᵉ Qᵁᴱˢᵀᴵᴼᴺ

  2. Brandon Ibarra

    Brandon Ibarra2 hours ago

    Arsis, Xaluna, zRoger That... if u get it u get it.

  3. Tetozzi

    Tetozzi4 hours ago

    This happened to me just yesterday on the app. Difference is though that I wasn't talking shit, he just wanted to pull my address. I beat him tho.

  4. nadra haibeh11

    nadra haibeh114 hours ago

    you're dirt, you're DODO BUTTER.

  5. John Holliday

    John Holliday7 hours ago

    I watch this skit daily!

  6. Darling

    Darling7 hours ago

    People like that always be looking dumb, they call you a no life cause you better but then they still play the game more than you so they don't know what to say. 🤡

  7. Gaming Trucker

    Gaming Trucker11 hours ago

    1:21 When you finally got that 20 kill streak nuke 😂 "YEAAAAH!"

  8. Randomness 101

    Randomness 10116 hours ago

    “You’re doodoo butter” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. the9file

    the9file23 hours ago

    bored fish road

  10. jamber jee

    jamber jee23 hours ago

    How is he at his address while talking on the headset to him. 😂

  11. DayKiller creator

    DayKiller creatorDay ago

    I wonder what the other people in the game were thinking when they heard this

  12. HokagesDeath

    HokagesDeathDay ago Y’all watch this CalebCity inspired video it’s funny asf

  13. 1000 Subscribers With No Video

    1000 Subscribers With No VideoDay ago

    New Objective: *SURVIVE*

  14. Skorch

    SkorchDay ago

    Everybody gangsta till the kid that claims he can ruin your life actually ruins your life.

  15. Unkn0wn

    Unkn0wnDay ago

    Sounds like ya playing rainbow

  16. ciscofire99

    ciscofire99Day ago

    The music ❤

  17. Drimi HQ

    Drimi HQDay ago

    Those guys who try to make other scared by finding their address and then doing nothing are the real scumbags in my opinion like dude if the other guy is talking trash be the smart one and just mute him or ignore how old are you?

  18. Joshua Cochran

    Joshua CochranDay ago

    Bro his face when he started to knock

  19. Evan7235

    Evan72352 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till doors start talking

  20. Tenchigo

    Tenchigo2 days ago

    What kind of interdimentiomal connection this man have to stay connected while traveling to Caleb's house with his headset still on?!

  21. Angel 36

    Angel 362 days ago

    That happened to me one time except they booted me offline

  22. A F

    A F2 days ago

    Niga you gona be Famous one day let Key and Pelee see your shit one day you gona be one of them.

  23. wuss poppin

    wuss poppin2 days ago

    This happened to me on ps4 we was in a community party on some community trying to get people to play typeracer with us and some random dude joins and we was like you wanna play typeracer and he was like nah I don’t use the computer then he said he’d be right back and then he told both me and my friend our addresses but he got mine wrong he said a town near mine and we both left and went to another community

  24. King Jae

    King Jae2 days ago

    Imagine.... Looool

  25. MeGa H3R0

    MeGa H3R02 days ago

    Dont understand how he's still on the mic, away from the console and in the game at the same time. Lol still hilarious

  26. Dragon Gun

    Dragon Gun2 days ago

    this is why i don't play online anymore also you say one thing they 1000000000 you one thing next to their 10000000000000000000000 things they look up your IP..

  27. DoubleAIV

    DoubleAIV2 days ago

    *NAH! YOU GOOD!!*

  28. CedMo 76000

    CedMo 760002 days ago

    This video NEVER gets old 😂

  29. Parallel Makr

    Parallel Makr2 days ago

    Yea I pull IPs and there reactions are priceless

  30. TQ Da Goat

    TQ Da Goat2 days ago

    You just snitched on yaself😭on the internet. I would delete this.

  31. Elijah Scarboro

    Elijah Scarboro2 days ago

    From the outside looking in these arguments are dumb from both side😂😂

  32. Solon Fenner III

    Solon Fenner III2 days ago

    "You dodo butter"

  33. Shisui Uchiha

    Shisui Uchiha2 days ago


  34. Shisui Uchiha

    Shisui Uchiha2 days ago

    your dirt.

  35. Scretchy

    Scretchy2 days ago

    You’re dirt, you’re doodoo butter

  36. ΦFabriΔ

    ΦFabriΔ3 days ago

    0:49 so thats why its from....was wondering where 2muchbrysen got it from😂

  37. Rohit Advani

    Rohit Advani3 days ago

    Is he playing rainbow 6 siege ?


    OBEYYx PANCHOOx3 days ago

    How he get in the house thooo 😂😂😂

  39. TNTBOOM 11

    TNTBOOM 113 days ago

    This literally happend to me lmao Playing Gta 5 in the ps3 hahahahhaa

  40. HillRican Journey

    HillRican Journey3 days ago

    Shit crazy lol this happened to me. when I told dude pull-up then, he told me he'll do me one better then he shut off my Wi-Fi. Had to call the internet company to reset that shit and everything

  41. Mike G

    Mike G3 days ago

    On a side note, fuck that gold controller. Shit gets discolored as fuck.

  42. marxmed

    marxmed3 days ago



    STALKER3 days ago


  44. Xxxtentacles Nigga

    Xxxtentacles Nigga3 days ago

    1:17 the face he made wen he turned to the door😂😂😂

  45. Starry_Universe_

    Starry_Universe_3 days ago

    So THIS is where the You’re doo doo butter audio is from

  46. op Snager

    op Snager3 days ago

    So his mom just letting people in

  47. reytheGEMini

    reytheGEMini3 days ago

    His face when he knocked on the door 👁👄👁

  48. YouNeedHealing

    YouNeedHealing3 days ago

    lots of people love to think they're anonymous online but the truth is most people just don't have the energy to spend actually going to your house :)

  49. Ryan dedl

    Ryan dedl21 hour ago

    You don't know the definition of anonymous...

  50. Mommy

    Mommy4 days ago

    No one would go through the effort to get your info for that little trash talking but this is still really funny

  51. darvark gaming

    darvark gaming4 days ago

    "Ur dirt ur doo doo butter"

  52. ichigo xdekux

    ichigo xdekux4 days ago

    2019 Anybody 0:00 0:15 WHY IS THIS SO ACCURATE

  53. Common Gamer

    Common Gamer4 days ago

    Gaaarrr bage

  54. Tara Taylor

    Tara Taylor4 days ago

    Hehe dodobutter

  55. a warframe player who has niko as his profile pic

    a warframe player who has niko as his profile pic4 days ago

    That's is why I am overly polite online ,and also irl

  56. blox k.

    blox k.4 days ago

    When you get to cocky, and all of a sudden shit happens and you know. *you fucked up*

  57. iCatchPokemon—

    iCatchPokemon—5 days ago

    When He Said “ I’m actually playing objectives” Brought Memories Of Excuses I Used To Hear, Not Hard Playing Objectives & Keeping A High W/L & K/D Ratio

  58. Breakthrough Vegan

    Breakthrough Vegan5 days ago

    I truly wish someone would do this shit. Truly. I'll leave the door unlocked for them.

  59. SHADOW 最高

    SHADOW 最高3 days ago

    On justice, I'll even help you stomp em out for fun.

  60. Maurice St. Matthews

    Maurice St. Matthews5 days ago

    😂😂😂 Garbayge 😂😂😂

  61. trilly mill

    trilly mill5 days ago

    Song at the end ?

  62. Rosalia Seishin

    Rosalia Seishin5 days ago

    Thats LongBeachGriffy on the mic. Fite me on it

  63. TheMegaGamingWizard

    TheMegaGamingWizard4 days ago

    It do sound like him though.

  64. Keith A

    Keith A5 days ago

    That’s yo address? That’s yo address?

  65. Kofi O

    Kofi O5 days ago

    6354 *Boardfish road*

  66. Burrito Wyrm

    Burrito Wyrm5 days ago

    he had to carry cuz they was on their way to his house lmfaooo

  67. ImpXct is qt btw

    ImpXct is qt btw5 days ago

    I swear 😂😂

  68. hacking gamer

    hacking gamer5 days ago

    "Your dodo butter"

  69. MK Barcode

    MK Barcode5 days ago

    Black ops 2 SnD lobbys Stanky modders

  70. Weywey 1213

    Weywey 12135 days ago

    Were you playing rainbow six siege?

  71. Kookykamy 711

    Kookykamy 7115 days ago

    **brings mic console and router all the way to Calebs house** Is this yo adress?

  72. lil Noah Ap gang

    lil Noah Ap gang5 days ago

    How it still online and knocking on the door

  73. Bryce Farr

    Bryce Farr5 days ago

    how he went silent after though lol

  74. Edollazs

    Edollazs6 days ago

    Day after my bday

  75. Only1Geebs

    Only1Geebs6 days ago


  76. NinjaPinguin

    NinjaPinguin6 days ago

    What's that dramatic piano tone when he fucks up?

  77. AlmightyyyMarcus SLM

    AlmightyyyMarcus SLM6 days ago

    That happened to me so much times

  78. The Gaming Bay : Skeletor

    The Gaming Bay : Skeletor6 days ago


  79. ッSlurpiZ

    ッSlurpiZ6 days ago

    Anyone come here from brysen ?

  80. I Needa Goth Queen

    I Needa Goth Queen6 days ago

    This is what everyone says they would do... Personified

  81. Ethan Does Things

    Ethan Does Things7 days ago


  82. Light skin Super saiyan

    Light skin Super saiyan7 days ago

    Ur dodo butter

  83. Big Fax God _

    Big Fax God _7 days ago

    1:18 when yo daddy outside your room finna whoop yo ass because you forgot to do the dishes

  84. Christian Robert

    Christian Robert7 days ago

    Never subscribed to someone after one video til now lmaaoo 😆😂😭😭

  85. Evilpimp

    Evilpimp7 days ago

    I've had so many people threaten to come find me and hack me and do all sorts of stuff and i always invite them to do something. To this day nobody has ever done what they said they are going to do.