The reason I don't talk crazy online.


  1. BT -7274

    BT -7274Hour ago


  2. Kevin Reed

    Kevin Reed2 hours ago

    Top 10 Skits of All Time Easy! 😂😂😂

  3. Baby Shenron

    Baby Shenron7 hours ago

    When Noobmaster69 calls Korg a dickhead Thor: 1:16

  4. Sam F

    Sam F13 hours ago

    When you trash talk a hacker

  5. Cleomontrez Brown

    Cleomontrez Brown13 hours ago

    This nigga knocked on his bedroom door 😂😂

  6. dre key

    dre key17 hours ago

    You can hear the car pull up in the background 🤣

  7. Aisha Marshall

    Aisha Marshall20 hours ago

    bro why the voice changer sound like Tobias from Black Lighting 💀😭😭 1:07

  8. Andre Patterson

    Andre Patterson20 hours ago

    Literally what I say every time I’m sucking lol, I thought I was the only one too 0:17

  9. Jtbest

    Jtbest20 hours ago

    What that background music

  10. Akward Moments

    Akward Moments21 hour ago

    Bruh did this man literally bring his ps4,tv and wifi router to this guy front door????lmao

  11. Revy Charlotte

    Revy Charlotte21 hour ago

    Wait how is he still talking if he's at his house? :((

  12. Arnav Joshi

    Arnav Joshi21 hour ago

    Bruh he has the same room locks they do in my indian village house lol

  13. brokeboy shaun

    brokeboy shaun22 hours ago

    Wouldn’t he have to take the console with him to talk to him at the door?? 😂

  14. Younes Aberkane

    Younes Aberkane23 hours ago

    the face he makes when he turns to the door is priceless kills me everytime man

  15. scrub overload

    scrub overload23 hours ago

    What’s the piano?

  16. Chronic_myles

    Chronic_mylesDay ago

    Who else tried to look up the address 🤣

  17. Dumb Atheist

    Dumb AtheistDay ago

    why is no one pointing out “you are doo doo water”

  18. JinX Krimzo

    JinX KrimzoDay ago

    Doodoo butter



    This video is legendary

  20. Kamryn's Strange Land

    Kamryn's Strange LandDay ago

    Y'all see that girl/barbie in the back? 😂

  21. Manny James

    Manny JamesDay ago

    Your just poop 0:26

  22. Black tar heroin

    Black tar heroinDay ago

    Your doo-doo butter omg brysenx uses that edit so much and I found it in one of my fav YT vids

  23. Samara C

    Samara CDay ago

    "You're doo doo butter" my new insult

  24. Atomic Player

    Atomic PlayerDay ago


  25. Kurama GD

    Kurama GDDay ago


  26. Cash Money

    Cash MoneyDay ago

    *Doo-doo butter*

  27. Алиса Муромцева

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  28. Z999 Visuals

    Z999 VisualsDay ago

    Whats the name of the piano music it's gorgeous

  29. Ausariah Wilson

    Ausariah WilsonDay ago

    "DoDo butter"

  30. Daundre S.

    Daundre S.Day ago

    😂😂😂 you’re so clever.

  31. KibbyWitz

    KibbyWitzDay ago

    How long does your mic cord have to be for you to talk to him while at his house? 😂

  32. Golden Blood

    Golden Blood2 days ago

    On an unrelated note Caleb and I have the same PS4 controller

  33. Salahuddin Saafir

    Salahuddin Saafir2 days ago

    swatted XD DAMN

  34. Sean Cordy

    Sean Cordy2 days ago

    Yea all that action!!..😂😂 he still on the headset

  35. ninki minjaj

    ninki minjaj2 days ago

    “You’re doodoobutter” that shit caught me off guard

  36. Explicit

    Explicit2 days ago

    That wireless headset the guy was using must have good range XD

  37. Ty Bowen

    Ty Bowen2 days ago

    This is USwork fundamentals right here. These kinds of videos are what our roots are founded on. Keep churning this stuff out PLEASE. I wish you the greatest success.

  38. PeeGipps

    PeeGipps2 days ago

    Dodo Butter haaaaa

  39. Kasai 火災

    Kasai 火災2 days ago


  40. Isaac Contreras

    Isaac Contreras2 days ago

    No one gonna point out that he has a hood on with earphones over it

  41. Dante Chappell

    Dante Chappell2 days ago

    Low key am I the only one who checked to see if "6345 boardfish road" was a real place?

  42. UhhhAaron

    UhhhAaron2 days ago

    Banks: WE MADE TFUE AND HE BACKSTABBED US 😠😠😠 Tfue: #ReleaseTheContract Banks: 0:55

  43. Lil Rob

    Lil Rob3 days ago

    This mf has a Minecraft double door in his room

  44. Yuqly

    Yuqly3 days ago

    *your dirt, your doodoo butter*

  45. myevilpinky

    myevilpinky3 days ago

    What's that calender

  46. Sekots

    Sekots3 days ago

    “Your dirt. You doo doo butter.”

  47. - RedVAPORGAMER -

    - RedVAPORGAMER -3 days ago

    0:49 *Your Dirt Your Dodo Butter* 😂😂

  48. Dia blo

    Dia blo3 days ago

    This is why you sleep with a gun

  49. Tamari Bond

    Tamari Bond3 days ago

    Mr X when he spots you: 1:16 Mr X when you point an rpg at him: 1:06

  50. Ashley Torrence

    Ashley Torrence3 days ago

    This is a Masterpiece

  51. ㄖ几乇 -丨丨丨丨-ㄒ尺ㄩ丂ㄒ 几ㄖ

    ㄖ几乇 -丨丨丨丨-ㄒ尺ㄩ丂ㄒ 几ㄖ3 days ago

    Edit: The reason y people get mad when I body them

  52. No1ne

    No1ne3 days ago

    "I was foolish, perhaps I did go a little too far". 💀💀💀


    CFE KOS-MOS3 days ago

    1:17 mini heart attack

  54. Cool ScreenName

    Cool ScreenName3 days ago

    Best music i never heard ever, ty for linking them in descriptions

  55. Z999 Visuals

    Z999 VisualsDay ago

    I agree!!

  56. Artic Wolf

    Artic Wolf3 days ago

    calebcity and lenarr best you tubers ever keep up the good work

  57. JB Da ravaga

    JB Da ravaga3 days ago

    NAW YOU GOOD it really be like that

  58. jalyn howard

    jalyn howard3 days ago

    1:05 I was foolish perhaps I took it a little to far NAH U GOOD ANSWER THE QUESTION

  59. animatehank

    animatehank3 days ago

    Someone is about to get the Thanos treatment. Hope the soup was good!

  60. AaronThePerson

    AaronThePerson3 days ago


  61. SW3GG

    SW3GG3 days ago


  62. Kymani Wade

    Kymani Wade3 days ago

    Imagine the other people in the game listening 😂

  63. Nomi Treasure

    Nomi Treasure3 days ago

    “This not yo door? Unlock it!.”😂😂😂.

  64. Hetor Ojeda

    Hetor Ojeda3 days ago

    Doo doo butter

  65. POIST YT

    POIST YT4 days ago


  66. dubstep_bullets

    dubstep_bullets4 days ago

    that doods connection to the ps4 must be god tier

  67. Delaney Longmuir

    Delaney Longmuir4 days ago

    What’s the piano song playing in the background ?

  68. Jalen Denham

    Jalen Denham4 days ago

    Sounds like rainbow what a great non toxic game

  69. Chad Wallace

    Chad Wallace4 days ago

    1:17 when your mom come home and you forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer

  70. joseph gamble

    joseph gamble4 days ago

    This is now people do this shit in video games. Talk shit.

  71. Zayne Static

    Zayne Static4 days ago


  72. maritza arroyo

    maritza arroyo4 days ago

    Team PS4

  73. Joseph Childers

    Joseph Childers4 days ago

    This is my third time watching this in 24 hours and this shit still funny

  74. Essence Searles

    Essence Searles4 days ago


  75. anthonyhunt024

    anthonyhunt0244 days ago

    That’s what I be doing just to fuck with ppl online 😂😂😂 just pull up there IP Address and maybe DDOS EM

  76. Zaw Shrike

    Zaw Shrike4 days ago

    My dump ass still talks shitt after they say my address

  77. Enlightened Mumbo Jumbo

    Enlightened Mumbo Jumbo4 days ago

    Nek minute, swat team arrives at house to help break in

  78. j u i c e

    j u i c e4 days ago

    Here cuzza 2MuchBrysen 0:48

  79. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown4 days ago

    DOO DOO BUTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. TooCuteNoir B.

    TooCuteNoir B.4 days ago

    I would be like nah fam. I got evicted I staying at the homies crib. This not even my Wi-Fi. 😂😂😂😂

  81. buffalo meat

    buffalo meat4 days ago

    Doodoo butter!!??

  82. Marcus Watson

    Marcus Watson4 days ago

    Friendly fire is enabled...

  83. Johnny Nasty

    Johnny Nasty4 days ago

    This is true

  84. Your Done

    Your Done5 days ago


  85. Duke Danso

    Duke Danso5 days ago

    yoooo dieeeedd

  86. Sonicopi

    Sonicopi5 days ago

    Guys Ill talk to you later I have to go use the bathroom Friend: alright man *last online 6 years ago*

  87. D’vyne Angel

    D’vyne Angel5 days ago

    Ur DoDo BuTtEr

  88. JT Gunshot

    JT Gunshot5 days ago

    Gta 5 lobbies be like

  89. Spilltehteah_ OwO

    Spilltehteah_ OwO5 days ago

    I just realized doesnt that mean the dude brought his whole ass console and headphones????? (Idk I could be wrong but still lol)

  90. chocolate girl

    chocolate girl5 days ago

    LongBeachGriffy needs to see this 🤔

  91. Finesse Dog

    Finesse Dog5 days ago


  92. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali5 days ago

    Anyone disliking this video are just bums freaking subscribing just to dislike😂🤦‍♂️

  93. Deseret Gear

    Deseret Gear5 days ago

    "You're dirt. You're doo-doo butter."

  94. Psychotica

    Psychotica5 days ago

    Comes to my house while *still being online speaking to me*

  95. Gionni Johnson

    Gionni Johnson5 days ago

    Who’s here from 1:37-1:44?

  96. Luke Smith

    Luke Smith5 days ago

    This happened to me before but without them coming to my house

  97. Kyotra

    Kyotra5 days ago

    "We're civilized gentlemen here sir, I think-" "NAH, NU-UH, NOPE"

  98. Samantha Watson

    Samantha Watson5 days ago

    Only youtuber these days that makes me laugh

  99. Fax Finigan

    Fax Finigan5 days ago

    doodoo butter bro im deceased

  100. Rickey Bernard

    Rickey Bernard5 days ago

    They funny thing is is that he's the guy on the mic as well.

  101. Omari Williams

    Omari Williams5 days ago

    "You're dirt. You're D O O D O O B U T T E R"