Playing Slang-Man (GAME)


  1. M Chapman

    M Chapman27 days ago

    I saw the I and shouted “LITTY.” Not a doubt in my mind. 👑🔥🔥🔥

  2. Dillon Reed

    Dillon ReedMonth ago

    V, Link! V!!!!

  3. Golden Bacon

    Golden BaconMonth ago

    7:16 I thought he said "fack"

  4. Kylee Dorminey

    Kylee DormineyMonth ago


  5. Keira The Caticorn

    Keira The CaticornMonth ago

    It’s savage lady! Guess savage!

  6. Princessbuttercup

    Princessbuttercup2 months ago

    Don’t let your fan fall to your stinger. Just don’ don’t want to know why

  7. HammerTime Bois;3

    HammerTime Bois;32 months ago

    bust down t h o t i a n a

  8. aubrey tran

    aubrey tran2 months ago

    the way they said thotiana 😂 and then they were confused when it said “bust down”

  9. Cakelyn 101

    Cakelyn 1012 months ago


  10. salome roberts

    salome roberts2 months ago

    My name is Salomé which is pronounced basically how they were saying salamé. Made me laugh cause everyone thinks my name is pronounced salami

  11. samhouston1979

    samhouston19792 months ago

    Christine “I’m Short!” Lolz

  12. samhouston1979

    samhouston19792 months ago

    “Maybe a third leg” - Rhett

  13. ZOD4

    ZOD42 months ago

    Y'all really had to be somewhere, huh?

  14. E Smith

    E Smith2 months ago

    Are the girls their wife's

  15. Susnato Sen

    Susnato Sen2 months ago


  16. rad lad

    rad lad2 months ago

    9:05 Weird Noises tho

  17. Galaxy toe

    Galaxy toe2 months ago

    5:54 Nooo they missed 😭🤣

  18. Physics Phil

    Physics Phil2 months ago


  19. Lil ZeRo

    Lil ZeRo2 months ago

    Kristie is whering no bra

  20. eduardo alcantara

    eduardo alcantara2 months ago

    I fell in love with christine the very first moment i saw her for the first time, sadly it just a dream

  21. Rebecca Crim

    Rebecca Crim2 months ago

    Loved the MLT Princess Bride reference!

  22. Gamerguy 18900

    Gamerguy 189002 months ago

    Emily: I'm gonna go with E Rhett: OOOOOOO Me: No, Rhett it's an E not an O

  23. 401 Dakota

    401 Dakota2 months ago

    thotiana lmaooo

  24. Jd black

    Jd black2 months ago

    Rhett moved the wheel to gifticality....

  25. Wolf 99

    Wolf 992 months ago

    Rhett and link need to make more video game,like scary game...

  26. Victoria Metcalfe

    Victoria Metcalfe3 months ago

    I love how dedicated you guys are to giving.

  27. Tater TOT

    Tater TOT3 months ago

    Does link seem angry or is that just me?

  28. sofia foley

    sofia foley3 months ago

    U need new sharpies , i could barely see

  29. Kai Johnson-Martinez

    Kai Johnson-Martinez3 months ago

    *slowly slides to Gifticality*~Rhett Kind soul

  30. Warm cup of coffee

    Warm cup of coffee3 months ago

    The sharpie on the paper gives me a funny feeling

  31. Sapphire Starlight Gacha

    Sapphire Starlight Gacha3 months ago

    Satan's brother - Satane

  32. Mathew Cap

    Mathew Cap3 months ago

    10:04 Is that a threat?

  33. sneakyMCR Howlter

    sneakyMCR Howlter3 months ago

    My favorite slang word is slang because slang is slang for short language.

  34. james friel

    james friel3 months ago

    2 more beautiful women thrown on the show.. wwhhhaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  35. Tishainy Coeriel

    Tishainy Coeriel3 months ago


  36. Hunter Coyhis

    Hunter Coyhis3 months ago

    She so litty

  37. yuaaan minion

    yuaaan minion3 months ago

    5:56 phaha 😂😂

  38. Rascal Ragdoll182

    Rascal Ragdoll1823 months ago

    Such a classic game... however, seems pretty messed up if you think about it. Kids drawing a deadman hanging? It’s dark.... but fun. Lol

  39. José Vázquez

    José Vázquez3 months ago

    I said it once, and I'll say it again: I like Emily's teeth, cheeks, eyes and hair. And her lisp is cute too.

  40. Annly P

    Annly P3 months ago

    “Sriracha” .... it’s.... not.... that, Emily

  41. Annly P

    Annly P3 months ago

    I guessed the first one immediately but I wasn’t sure, I thought I had made that up by myself for some reason haha

  42. BlueLilac

    BlueLilac3 months ago


  43. Nick Vlahakis

    Nick Vlahakis3 months ago

    Christine will never not be the most adorable person ever...

  44. C Richards

    C Richards3 months ago

    Emily pretending she doesn't know the word savage, to make the game seem even👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😉😊😆

  45. Nicholas Layton

    Nicholas Layton3 months ago

    If you ever do this again they need to use a much thicker marker

  46. paranoidgamerz

    paranoidgamerz3 months ago

    i love the red head.

  47. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith3 months ago

    I think I'm in love with Emily. Fun, funny, sexy redhead who's a Firefly fan and quotes Princess Bride!!

  48. Angela Potter

    Angela Potter3 months ago

    I liked Emily, but then she made a princess bride reference. Now she's my favorite. 😂😂😂

  49. Offender

    Offender3 months ago

    0:57 she saw herself in the monitor smiling and she didn't like it and put a straight face :(

  50. Ducky Lucky1232

    Ducky Lucky12323 months ago

    Aint it called hangman

  51. Deltangell Gaming

    Deltangell Gaming3 months ago

    4:36 remember when kids could watch this

  52. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman3 months ago

    #50 on trending street

  53. Envy_roblox

    Envy_roblox3 months ago

    The older there kids get the dirtier jokes come in

  54. BloodSmoke

    BloodSmoke3 months ago


  55. Van

    Van3 months ago

    5:55 .....🤦🏻‍♀️

  56. soccerchamp0511

    soccerchamp05113 months ago

    "I love a nice M-L-T, Mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean . . ." I'm trackin with you, Emily! Princess Bride is my favorite movie :)

  57. rageforthemachine

    rageforthemachine3 months ago

    Probably wouldn’t be good at this. My first thought was “savate” a French form of kickboxing.

  58. John Smith

    John Smith3 months ago

    Christine is so freaking cute :)

  59. -

    -3 months ago

    0:31 Dang man

  60. Sarah S

    Sarah S3 months ago

    I was in the middle of eating some edamame when Link made that guess, coincidences happen at the weirdest of times

  61. Chandler Cook

    Chandler Cook3 months ago

    0:05 rhett stops the wheel

  62. Chicken Scratche

    Chicken Scratche3 months ago

    I'm so upset I knew it was litty by the letter I

  63. Quicktwosteps

    Quicktwosteps3 months ago


  64. Regan Miller

    Regan Miller3 months ago

    The game is called hang man

  65. mutt

    mutt3 months ago

    Emily is so cool, I love her laugh! Please have her on more!!

  66. mutt

    mutt3 months ago

    no one has ever said litty :')

  67. Joshua Woodall

    Joshua Woodall3 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the girl on the left looks reallly good?? (Apologies for not know her name)

  68. ponponpuri

    ponponpuri3 months ago

    Link is very good with italian words

  69. shelby norris

    shelby norris3 months ago

    i know the last one as soon as i seen the two A’s omg

  70. Magic Snipe-YT

    Magic Snipe-YT3 months ago

    Bust down Thotiana

  71. 02lb7dmax

    02lb7dmax3 months ago

    When you don't like the real Definition of THOTiana so you make one up

  72. Angel

    Angel3 months ago

    That moment when you realize, you are more "hip" than Rhett and Link because you at least knew what "Savage" was...

  73. Rain &Rainbows

    Rain &Rainbows3 months ago

    Link was saying Savage right from the start Lmao

  74. wicanhascan

    wicanhascan3 months ago

    5:55 *miss*

  75. bakers trips

    bakers trips3 months ago

    this was the weirdest episode ever.

  76. HamsterLover 197

    HamsterLover 1973 months ago


  77. Purify X VPN

    Purify X VPN3 months ago


  78. Lucky Penny

    Lucky Penny3 months ago

    how did they know litty but not savage?

  79. Cat XD Tuinstra

    Cat XD Tuinstra3 months ago

    467th comment

  80. A K

    A K3 months ago

    4 people yet 3 souls :feelsgingerman: