1. tu papi

    tu papi15 hours ago

    the old w2s wil never be topped

  2. Math King

    Math KingDay ago

    At 2:13 does anyone know the song name. Please ive been looking for it for years. Thxxxx

  3. Ashdon Bot123

    Ashdon Bot123Day ago

    Jj didn’t shake joes hand lol

  4. Rron Plays

    Rron Plays2 days ago

    Anyone saw when Harry said 5pm but it wrote 6pm

  5. The Assasins

    The Assasins3 days ago

    Vikk is Indian??

  6. Billy Mahmoud

    Billy Mahmoud5 days ago

    My favourite part of the video 6:30

  7. aritmetic.

    aritmetic.6 days ago

    song 2:15???

  8. Anas

    Anas7 days ago

    Song at 4:04?

  9. Mads Filtenborg

    Mads Filtenborg7 days ago

    Rip BeFatNigga

  10. Jeff Goldbloom

    Jeff Goldbloom7 days ago

    What is the name of the drum and bass tune

  11. Tanya Sharma

    Tanya Sharma7 days ago

    that musiccccccc when vik hit the cross bar. XDDDD

  12. Enviyet -

    Enviyet -10 days ago

    Your fat ethen

  13. Freakiestsum 78

    Freakiestsum 788 days ago

    And ethan*

  14. Jahanzaib Salman

    Jahanzaib Salman11 days ago

    Wait ! Simon didn't hit the crossbar in the whole video

  15. heather hunt

    heather hunt12 days ago

    I love sidmen

  16. Fletcher Holmes

    Fletcher Holmes12 days ago


  17. Jeremiah Valeska

    Jeremiah Valeska13 days ago

    0:05 REJECTED

  18. Daniel Mcdonald

    Daniel Mcdonald13 days ago


  19. Abdur Rahman

    Abdur Rahman14 days ago

    Anyone else feel ksi and Ethan were pissed off the whole time

  20. Devon Ladner

    Devon Ladner15 days ago

    Who was in the bleachers

  21. Harvey Jones Team

    Harvey Jones Team15 days ago


  22. WallNut Gaming

    WallNut Gaming17 days ago


  23. Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe17 days ago

    6:23 getting sucked off face

  24. Twisted Vibes

    Twisted Vibes18 days ago

    This was filmed on my birthday

  25. burgasondamove

    burgasondamove19 days ago

    6:20 Ethan throws phone 6:22 Ethan bends down to pick up phone XD

  26. Monody Plays

    Monody Plays21 day ago

    What the song in JJ's crossbar hit? Ples


    JORDAN HENRY22 days ago

    5:15 harry who's better Vikk or Ethan 😂😂

  28. Zaki Bahou

    Zaki Bahou22 days ago

    Vick is subscribed to T-series.

  29. Beast GamingMC

    Beast GamingMC24 days ago


  30. mene 888

    mene 88825 days ago

    2:18 Josh didn't actually wanted to hit the crossbar and just missed Harry😂

  31. Kyle Organ

    Kyle Organ26 days ago

    Taking thus was supposed to be w2s video

  32. Football Hero

    Football Hero27 days ago

    Yes Vikk yes

  33. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen27 days ago

    See the like button, HIT IT

  34. Big Man Riotous

    Big Man Riotous29 days ago

    ngl Ethan pissed me off throughout the whole video. Frankly he is one of the coolest Sidemen now

  35. Jack Rodriguez

    Jack RodriguezMonth ago

    Ethan says omigod after every shot

  36. Zia Akbar

    Zia AkbarMonth ago

    he said 5pm when it actually said 6pm

  37. KingCharaf99

    KingCharaf99Month ago

    Anyone June 15, 2019 ?

  38. Matua Cox

    Matua CoxMonth ago

    Why is JJ depressed

  39. Yee T

    Yee TMonth ago

    JJ mad cuz he got rolls, not the fancy kind

  40. aboody farf

    aboody farfMonth ago

    ethan changed im proud of him

  41. Bobo Jono

    Bobo JonoMonth ago

    I went

  42. tiffany westley

    tiffany westleyMonth ago

    0:05 joe got rejected 🙅‍♂️😂

  43. AlexisOMG777 s

    AlexisOMG777 sMonth ago

    Oooohhh vikk

  44. Blaz3 Phi11o

    Blaz3 Phi11oMonth ago

    Is there the sidemen beef started? Jj was sad and they all took the mick out of Ethan

  45. Leer Lolz

    Leer LolzMonth ago

    Indian song here:

  46. Angus Yip

    Angus YipMonth ago

    Harry's always so happy for everyone he's so positive

  47. Lloyd Tha King

    Lloyd Tha KingMonth ago

    Wow, it was on my birthday

  48. Muhammad Aidhan

    Muhammad AidhanMonth ago

    Ethan relax

  49. Adam Sadikovic

    Adam SadikovicMonth ago

    4:00 still waiting for viks shot

  50. Aaron Sanchez Gonzalez

    Aaron Sanchez GonzalezMonth ago

    2017 anyone?

  51. ekvinzy

    ekvinzyMonth ago

    3:35 song?