CONFIRMED Gerrit Cole to YANKEES After Strasburg Signs With Nationals...? (MLB Rumors)

Stephen Strasburg SIGNS With Nationals! CONFIRMED Gerrit Cole to YANKEES...? (MLB Winter Meetings Rumors)
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  1. Fuzzy

    FuzzyMonth ago

    I misspoke at 2:52 saying $220 million! It was $245 haha my bad.. also I POSTED 2 VIDEOS TODAY GO WATCH MY MLB THE SHOW VIDEO AFTER LOL

  2. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian CruzMonth ago

    You are the best! As a Yankees fan I have a lot of respect for you Fuzzy.

  3. Fate

    FateMonth ago


  4. Marchel Rene Davis

    Marchel Rene DavisMonth ago

    Pepito Cuentos it would really help us and we have the money so

  5. Carlos Nolasco

    Carlos NolascoMonth ago

    Fuzzy what about joc pederson I have heard rumors about him going somewhere else

  6. Kuruma Uzamaki

    Kuruma UzamakiMonth ago

    Think about this cole was amazing with the Astros but he wasn’t that good with the pirates he was avg what he got is not what he’s worth he hasn’t proved he can keep it up and really only had 2 years where he’s worth the money he’s getting

  7. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian CruzMonth ago

    The Yankees got it!

  8. Shaun

    ShaunMonth ago

    Yeah because not being able to switch to another pitcher every time an opposite handed hitter comes up is a bad thing, right? Jesus Christ just make better pitches and actually you know ...have some balls. Talking about playing online on MLB the show.

  9. Fuzzy

    FuzzyMonth ago

    ok boomer

  10. Dopeboy Dow

    Dopeboy DowMonth ago

    You nailed it with the numbers

  11. rangers94ism

    rangers94ismMonth ago

    Yup, you called it. Cole to Yankees

  12. John Menyhard

    John MenyhardMonth ago

    Go Yankees

  13. Richard Dougherty

    Richard DoughertyMonth ago

    Dumbest rule. Left-handed reliever gets a lefty out, and starts grabbing his arm because he is "hurt." All this will do is get relievers really good at playing this stupid game of wink-and-nod speed.

  14. Gurvinder Parmar

    Gurvinder ParmarMonth ago

    I actually wanted Strasburg to sign with the Yankees more than Cole...oh well...I wish him the best regardless because he's just on point when it counts.

  15. Superpug Boi

    Superpug BoiMonth ago

    Hey fuzzy you are the best and can you show this in your next video

  16. JJudeJ

    JJudeJMonth ago

    If the Astros lose Cole they’ve got to make it up with a new pitcher

  17. ExL JMD

    ExL JMDMonth ago

    Well they lost him

  18. Connor Johnson

    Connor JohnsonMonth ago

    Cole to yanks, Rendon to rangers, and hopefully we can trade for Bryant -nationals fan

  19. Vincent Versaci

    Vincent VersaciMonth ago

    Cole is going to the Yankees, or Angels, or Dodgers, and Rendon with Gallo in Texas would make lots of teams rage quit

  20. dang0088 da

    dang0088 daMonth ago

    Baseball is dying, just like nascars and hockey, nobody is watching it. Think of it this way, if u watch it or dont your life is not going to change, so why bother watching it, people are getting smarter and not watch it at all.

  21. Toxic_ Landyn

    Toxic_ LandynMonth ago

    Anthony Rendon might go to the dodgers

  22. Vinny Garcia

    Vinny GarciaMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole to Angels don’t care

  23. BB isBoss123

    BB isBoss123Month ago

    Cole to NY Rendon to the Rangers

  24. E-double Da GI bandit

    E-double Da GI banditMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole is going home to the angels. Rendon going home to Texas

  25. Mr. Blessed Jackson

    Mr. Blessed JacksonMonth ago

    Do not quit your day job. Because you will not ever end up on ESPN

  26. LWL Wiffleball

    LWL WiffleballMonth ago

    Hey Fuz can u go back to football recaps pls

  27. CommanderHudson

    CommanderHudsonMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole to Yankees Don’t blame me I’m a New Yorker

  28. Fortniter

    FortniterMonth ago

    4:31 Fuzzy says that Stras was with the Yankees 😂

  29. Cha Boi

    Cha BoiMonth ago

    I feel like since strasburg got 245 mil cole would want even more

  30. Kyle Strange

    Kyle StrangeMonth ago

    You're logic is stupid.

  31. Lodz AT

    Lodz ATMonth ago

    Fuzzy what are you're thoughts on mlb trying to destroy minor league teams and what Bernie Sanders has said to the commissioner?

  32. altruistic angel

    altruistic angelMonth ago

    rendon to dodgers. imo.

  33. daniel martín benavides salazar

    daniel martín benavides salazarMonth ago

    And rendon will get a 4 year deal and 120 million

  34. daniel martín benavides salazar

    daniel martín benavides salazarMonth ago

    Cole is signing with Yankees, 6 years and 240 million dollars

  35. Jack Cooley

    Jack CooleyMonth ago

    Yankee Hating=unsub

  36. Joey Hudson

    Joey HudsonMonth ago

    Br starters when they have to face 3 batters

  37. Austin Orfield

    Austin OrfieldMonth ago

    Nah Cole going to the Angels watch

  38. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithMonth ago

    i hope the Orioles take Adam Jones back and try to get their team back on track

  39. Andre Niza

    Andre NizaMonth ago

    rob Manfred is not helping our baseball community

  40. Mario Garcia

    Mario GarciaMonth ago

    Cole needs a World Series so yankees is the place.

  41. Envyy

    EnvyyMonth ago

    Mario Garcia Astro’s steal signs tho 😂🤣 I’m not a stros fan

  42. Josiah Rivera

    Josiah RiveraMonth ago

    Cole is going to LA Cole is going to LA

  43. Jack67

    Jack67Month ago

    I think Cole would go to the Yankees or Angles

  44. Dominic Lara

    Dominic LaraMonth ago

    Cole to the Angels since he was born in CALIFORNIA?????? Not the Yankees plzzzz go Astros!!!🤩❤️😎

  45. Tyler Cassamajor

    Tyler CassamajorMonth ago

    It’d be nice to get Cole

  46. George Jackson

    George JacksonMonth ago

    Gerrit to the yanks

  47. ZionMVP24_

    ZionMVP24_Month ago

    1. Cole in NY 2. Rendon doesn't get re signed

  48. Jackson McDonnell

    Jackson McDonnellMonth ago

    Why is everyone hating on the Yankees they just want a good pitcher 😁😁😁

  49. MomMiePie 101

    MomMiePie 101Month ago

    Great video! Go Yankees

  50. Fatguy_ 123

    Fatguy_ 123Month ago

    Rendon Nats combo

  51. MarioLuigiFun

    MarioLuigiFunMonth ago

    I hope the Yanks pay 1Bil for Cole so they have nothing left.

  52. olivegarden2

    olivegarden2Month ago

    Rob Manfred is a hell of a commissioner

  53. E DeP

    E DePMonth ago

    I hate to say it but if cole wants to win himself a WS the Yankees are his best opportunity to win. But if he’s more concerned with money he will go to the A’s

  54. Kevin Davis

    Kevin DavisMonth ago

    Cole needs to go to the Angels. That is the one big need for the Angels. Fuzzy your videos are great. Thank you so much.

  55. Awesome Adam

    Awesome AdamMonth ago

    Strasburg ain't no mad bum ✋🏽😳

  56. Heffe 12450

    Heffe 12450Month ago

    Please come to the Yankees Cole 😂 please

  57. Aliza Rubin

    Aliza RubinMonth ago

    Cole to Yankees Rendon to Mets.

  58. What Huh

    What HuhMonth ago

    I’m an Indians fan and all I have to say about this gerrit cole situation you know home going to the yanks my cat gives a thumbs down review

  59. Butch Jones

    Butch JonesMonth ago

    My predictions....stras stays home, Rendon to the Phillies , Cole to yankees....lindor to the

  60. Star Key Little G

    Star Key Little GMonth ago


  61. fullhousefrek

    fullhousefrekMonth ago

    I'm a rangers fan. I hope rendon signs with them I like the new rule. there are too many pitching changes that's just my opinion anyway lol

  62. Sean Bavis

    Sean BavisMonth ago

    That rule is very stupid. MLB the show is going to be more harder

  63. iDrop Potatos

    iDrop PotatosMonth ago

    Let’s gooo we got aroldis and gerrit

  64. Evan Hernandez2

    Evan Hernandez2Month ago

    iDrop Potatos you guys didn’t get him yet though, you don’t know anything can happen

  65. Nick Clark

    Nick ClarkMonth ago

    Idc about the swoosh but I don’t like that the pinstripes don’t go to the seam on the shoulders, now they look messed up

  66. G_ Star

    G_ StarMonth ago

    Cole is going to become a Yankee. Great move to make

  67. Alexander Sandoval

    Alexander SandovalMonth ago

    Rendon to Dodgers Cole to yankees (as a dodger fan i would rather have cole

  68. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Month ago

    Alexander Sandoval would you rather have Cole or Pepe?

  69. appleman

    applemanMonth ago

    I swear if cole goes to the Yankees I will kill myself. 😭

  70. Zach Adams

    Zach AdamsMonth ago

    Unprepared, not a good video. Get your facts together before you hit the record button.