The Gaming Laptop King - Asus Strix Scar III Review

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With a 240Hz display the Asus Strix SCAR III is a treat to game on.. but is it good enough to beat the Razer Blade and Alienware m15?
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    FBI OPEN UP YOU SICK FUCK4 hours ago

    My MSI G65 is still a beast so I’m good for now.

  2. Luke Chen Shui

    Luke Chen Shui3 days ago

    I honestly don't really agree with the ppl in the comments celebrating the removal of the webcam. I've needed one maybe three times in the last two years. In all cases holding up my phone to my face for the video call for long periods of time would've been uncomfortable as fuck. I also didn't need the highest quality webcam. The other person being able to see my face is just fine. If you don't need the webcam, just tape it up or something. It's a nice to have for when u need it

  3. Zach Masuda

    Zach Masuda4 days ago

    Damn I need to get that coffee

  4. Krane

    Krane5 days ago

    Thanks for the port gen. update. Extremely necessary when choosing peripherals.

  5. Blackdarkdarker bleach

    Blackdarkdarker bleach5 days ago

    no webcam means no one can spy on me through the camera while I'm taking a shit and browsing dark web

  6. pasta_and_butter

    pasta_and_butter6 days ago

    LTT really got Doom Eternal early, huh...

  7. oreo chan

    oreo chan7 days ago

    who tf care about webcam lol i never used it

  8. Le Lee Chun

    Le Lee Chun7 days ago

    Acer helios 300 or this machine , which one better ?

  9. Real Square

    Real Square7 days ago

    No one cares about the hz of the laptop screen all what matters if how powerful it is just plug it into a monitor

  10. Krane

    Krane5 days ago

    Like hooking a trailer up to your SUV to give it more cargo space? Really?

  11. Willy141250

    Willy1412508 days ago

    Does anyone know if it is still this great of a laptop with a rtx 2060 instead of 2070?

  12. The King of Potatoes

    The King of Potatoes8 days ago

    Honestly, I'd rather use an external webcam in just every scenario anyways and with the security it adds it ends up being a FEATURE for me rather than a turn off

  13. Will

    Will10 days ago

    STFU about webcams

  14. Late Saurus

    Late Saurus10 days ago

    Is there a Way Of Getting a Good Laptop with Ö & Ä Letters?

  15. Kobke

    Kobke10 days ago

    This or the razer blade 15?

  16. Gamer Buddy

    Gamer Buddy10 days ago

    *At **1:12** you can see the character in game mouth the exact words Linus had said.*

  17. Legend 1409

    Legend 140911 days ago

    The price of that pc is now 2.300€ With an intel i7 *rip* *edit*: this pc with the same specs is 3000€ 😭 *in 2019 september*

  18. Kadyn Naidoo

    Kadyn NaidooDay ago

    Legend 1409 how

  19. Demonic Entity4u

    Demonic Entity4u12 days ago

    Last thing anyone wants on a laptop is a camera

  20. Maverick Fl

    Maverick Fl14 days ago

    How would this laptop perform for 3D modelling / rendering?

  21. Pawel Sz

    Pawel Sz14 days ago

    I swear my one came with removable webcam.

  22. Mr. Turbochippy

    Mr. Turbochippy15 days ago

    It’s ugly

  23. asd qwe

    asd qwe16 days ago

    Some folks just end up covering up the the webcam anyway. It's ok Linus xD

  24. Dawson Messer

    Dawson Messer16 days ago

    I bought this laptop can anyone tell me why my whole laptop completely frezes when I leave a games open I have to shut it off and then lose all my progress

  25. guru anand

    guru anand15 days ago

    Dawson Messer same happend with me. I got it replaced. The piece is defective.

  26. Barath Akos

    Barath Akos16 days ago

    Asus strix scar 3 or helios 300 17.3 2019?

  27. PolarBro

    PolarBro16 days ago

    I’m getting this today and I’m dying and wanna know if it’s good

  28. Tank Connors

    Tank Connors13 days ago

    I was looking into it also..but some reviews on amazon scared me...the fans seem to give out after a couple months,.. :(((

  29. Roy Rached

    Roy Rached17 days ago you mean this laptop with fps issues ?

  30. Doobie Dooo

    Doobie Dooo17 days ago

    Having no webcam is great for me cuz I ugly as fuuuuk

  31. MasterTJ

    MasterTJ18 days ago

    I believe I'm speaking for everyone in the comment section when I say nobody gives a rats ass about a webcam on a gaming laptop, we only care about performance and design that's it.

  32. Maths Marines

    Maths Marines18 days ago

    U seems to have the same mouse as I

  33. Zach Reneau

    Zach Reneau20 days ago

    Nah, I wish more laptops would drop the webcam.

  34. Indiana Johns

    Indiana Johns20 days ago

    you look like a slimmy Tom Cruise lol

  35. PR Labs

    PR Labs21 day ago

    For me, the webcam is a big deal. I having meeting with my team all the time when traveling. I'm getting one of the three suggested in this video so I can game/work with a schedule full of traveling. I get that for the average gamer this isn't a big deal, but for me its do I want to carry an external webcam every time I travel. I try to keep everything to a carry on (one of the reasons I'm moving down to a 15") so little things matter. Plus...seriously how hard is it to add such a little feature.

  36. M Lingard

    M Lingard21 day ago

    I can't remember the last time I actually used my webcam... Communication is done over the phone if you need video in my experience.

  37. Andrew Rojas

    Andrew Rojas21 day ago

    Why are there only i7's with 16gb of ram available now for the same price?

  38. xurok

    xurok22 days ago

    I'm glad they remove the webcam

  39. Tam S

    Tam S22 days ago

    i got one of these computers recently and there was a webcam included with it :) not that im gonna use it, but still.

  40. Oliver Hodek

    Oliver Hodek22 days ago

    Have had stickers on my webcams for like 6 years now lol

  41. Ismael Negro

    Ismael Negro24 days ago

    Is this laptop good for video editing as well?

  42. Bien Campos

    Bien Campos24 days ago

    Thunderbolt 3 would’ve made this perfect. Hopefully for the 4 they keep the design and add that + mini display port and hi res dac they put on the new zephyrus

  43. Yaboi Drunkie

    Yaboi Drunkie25 days ago

    I use webcams but I would get a 20 dollar one from Logitech instead use a in built one

  44. Natsukashii

    Natsukashii25 days ago

    can you upgrade the ram?

  45. Extinction219

    Extinction21923 days ago

    It goes from 32 to 64 on the website if you want but I don’t know if you can upgrade it yourself

  46. XFB

    XFB26 days ago

    It is impossible to create a perfect laptop, it always have a defect or missing something

  47. Ruk us

    Ruk us27 days ago

    Fuck your sponsor jeeze so annoying like so,zines squeaky souls get more subs if you dropped the finer isle and or sponsors

  48. XH1tokiriX

    XH1tokiriX28 days ago

    Jesus Christ man 2 in-video ads as well as 5 ads through USwork. Seriously everything else in this video was great, great information, great presentation, even great shots. But that just killed it for me :/

  49. Inferno

    Inferno28 days ago

    Webcam is gay, I ain’t need that all I care about is gaming.

  50. i have 90 days to change my name

    i have 90 days to change my nameMonth ago

    My lap got a mx 110m gpu😔, its from 2005

  51. asif dilawar

    asif dilawar24 days ago

    dont worry bro your time will come :)

  52. i have 90 days to change my name

    i have 90 days to change my nameMonth ago

    Im only one came here because the coffee sponsor?

  53. Can Gerek

    Can GerekMonth ago

    This laptop or the upcoming GT 76 of MSI?

  54. Menthe

    MentheMonth ago

    I’m glad there’s no webcam I tape up my webcam

  55. 佐藤海翔

    佐藤海翔Month ago

    you serious? the keyboard is Crap!? I went ahead and check it, and I find it disgustingly annoying Dx for 20 min will be fine for me, for more than 2-3 hours? I won't be able to stand it. The Keyboard is hard like fk, how is that going to help with typing? how stupid is that? not having a Webcam, I can some what tolerate. but with a shitty keyboard? + that keyboard design and it's layout? is shitty as fk. while I like the monitor; i have to consider Lenovo due to overall pros vs cons

  56. Grand Priest Goku 神道悟空

    Grand Priest Goku 神道悟空Month ago

    why do you have 2 strix cards sitting on the desk? XD

  57. Joey

    JoeyMonth ago

    The razers 240hz is already out I saw it yesterday at bestbuy

  58. harshit poonia

    harshit pooniaMonth ago

    this guy is an asshole +

  59. Sergi Rincón

    Sergi RincónMonth ago

    Sorry Linus, the rgb club is two blocks down

  60. Marcel Mayer

    Marcel MayerMonth ago

    and they added now different Screen modes in the Amoury Crate

  61. Marcel Mayer

    Marcel MayerMonth ago

    watching this on my ASUS SCAR 3 G531GW with i9 9880h

  62. Great Gonzo

    Great GonzoMonth ago

    I do have space for a desktop, i do have a decent budget for one, but do i have the right parents to get a desktop, no i do not.

  63. n o

    n oMonth ago

    So youre asian, right?

  64. Werner van den Heever

    Werner van den HeeverMonth ago

    Im confused Linus. Please clarify this for me. I have the Dell S2417DG monitor. What will be the best cable to use from the Asus Strix Scar III to this screen to fully utilize the 144/165hz ? HDMI 2.0b or USB 3.1 Type C thanks

  65. Thejaser Kevichusa

    Thejaser KevichusaMonth ago

    Finally available in India.. Getting mine today.. Waited for over 7 days to arrive on store after pre ordering and can't wait.. And No webcam?.. No problem.. Gonna miss my kidney though..

  66. Da Rt

    Da RtMonth ago

    Any fans of strategy need to hop on Men Of War: Assault squad 2. Best game ever! Literally looking for better lap top cause of that game

  67. parsa sadat

    parsa sadatMonth ago

    Please do the Alienware m15/16