2019 U.S. Open: Tiger Woods Finishes With a Flourish


  1. James McPhillimy

    James McPhillimy8 days ago

    Love you tiger 💓💓💓

  2. Sam Gil

    Sam Gil12 days ago

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  3. Jesse Kamau

    Jesse Kamau18 days ago

    It's a Tiger in the Woods.!. mogli ,daa Haa[

  4. Jesse Kamau

    Jesse Kamau18 days ago

    "Full Metal Jacket" ∆

  5. Rex II ForSure

    Rex II ForSure21 day ago

    I think Tiger has made a mistake lately by skipping quite a number of tournaments and seeming to focus on the majors....for instance I think he would have been better if keeping ‘in practice’ at the 3M coming up ahead of The Open!

  6. Russell E Simonetta

    Russell E Simonetta21 day ago

    Tiger in 99,,,,, bad lie on sunday on national T.V.,,,,,,,, god damned, son of a bitchen , motherfucking cocksucker! That a qoute folks.

  7. jamesi34

    jamesi3422 days ago

    I can't stand golf commentators on TV like this...13:43 tiger hits a bunker shot to within 2 feet.."Awe he just didn't hit it!" like they would hole every single shot on the golf course

  8. MyDoodad

    MyDoodad22 days ago

    I like how no other golfer has a slowmo camera pointed at his every shot. Goes to show that his swing and strategy is so incredible they have to micro analyze it.

  9. Lambro Crooks

    Lambro Crooks25 days ago

    Coming up shorter than five Danny Devitos

  10. Sean B

    Sean B26 days ago

    This idiot could finish last and the media would still kiss his ass

  11. AWildBard

    AWildBard26 days ago

    I wouldn't mind if fans went back to the old days of clapping and shutting their mouths who needs or wants those stupid comments?

  12. garneroutlaw

    garneroutlaw26 days ago

    Great round of golf. Was fortunate enough to be able to be there to see it. I knew going into tournament he wouldn't be in contention with the cold weather. Hell without a spinal fusion, bum knee, or neck problems I was stiff moving around. He'll definitely be in contention when the weather is on his side. He played super conservative too in days prior.

  13. Lashorna Washington

    Lashorna Washington27 days ago

    Yes I will go see tigerplay

  14. revz1373

    revz137328 days ago

    15:01 to see this huge final round they are talking about lol

  15. Michael Mena

    Michael Mena28 days ago

    You know what he always was ,is and always will be the man

  16. Michael

    Michael28 days ago

    Round of 69. You thinking what I'm thinking?

  17. Jake Blaze

    Jake Blaze29 days ago

    What are the rules of this game

  18. 08jag80

    08jag8029 days ago

    Almost got a birdie 0:32

  19. Discus Me

    Discus MeMonth ago

    fighting till the end...never give up

  20. John Black

    John BlackMonth ago

    I guess it makes sense I could see good form from Tiger on his iron shots that made well getting near the pin. He kept his should lower and head down as he finished off the swing and did not raise them as quickly as he did when his iron shots were off.

  21. drew liggett

    drew liggettMonth ago

    If i hear one more person yell Ripper Magoo after a shot... haha.

  22. Ivana Notyers

    Ivana NotyersMonth ago

    Tiger's an immoral douche-bag, just like his dad. All that big talk and high-hope from the sponsors that he would change the image of the black man.... SORRY !

  23. cameo burns

    cameo burnsMonth ago

    If he doesn't win again I'm thrilled to have witnessed him win another green jacket! That was a round for the ages!!!

  24. Kim Blakely

    Kim BlakelyMonth ago

    why does that matter, he finished 11 stokes behind the winner tied for 21st

  25. Kim Blakely

    Kim Blakely28 days ago

    Kris Perkins not no more, he’s like other golfers beyond their prime they have flashes of greatness. People who watch tiger for the most part watch to see when he’s going to implode.

  26. Kris Perkins

    Kris Perkins28 days ago

    Kim Blakely you think people watch golf because of tiger? Tiger is the reason the sport of golf is where it is today. It doesn’t matter how good or bad he plays

  27. Zage13

    Zage13Month ago

    This was rough to watch but he got it together for the fans

  28. graham sowerby

    graham sowerbyMonth ago

    It's about time that people who constantly shout 'get in the hole' be removed from the course and lightly beaten with a sock full of warm custard!

  29. Brandon Rosenthal

    Brandon RosenthalMonth ago

    Those first five holes were awful. Turned it on after that.

  30. Brian Murphy

    Brian MurphyMonth ago

    He could be great one day

  31. Jaclyn Lopez

    Jaclyn LopezMonth ago

    Flourish my ass!He just finished.

  32. Marco Solo

    Marco SoloMonth ago

    I'm so sick of this Tiger Woods shit ,..........yea he is a good golfer when he is not screwing ugly whores and taking pain pills but do us as favor on the next highlight video,.......show us all the damn bogeys he makes. You got Woodland having a great tournament and playing balls to walls golf yet these retards have to post crap like this video "Tiger finishes with a Floury" not "Flourish" dumbass. The next video will probably along the lines of "Tiger takes a Dump"

  33. Chris Morales

    Chris MoralesMonth ago

    All that matters is he beat Dustin Johnson.

  34. Drew Clapp

    Drew ClappMonth ago

    Did anyone else go to the U.S Open?


    LONE WOLFMonth ago


  36. Twitch Bandit

    Twitch Bandit19 days ago

    Rent free.

  37. Rich Kaneh Bos'M

    Rich Kaneh Bos'MMonth ago

    Awesome game for Tiger Woods, what a wonderful player to watch. And oh, 69✨

  38. roger peet

    roger peetMonth ago

    You 'love' him because you want to appear to like minorities. Sad.

  39. Rich Johnson

    Rich JohnsonMonth ago

    This man is really the ONLY reason i ever sat down and watched a game of golf ! Him and the movie Bat 21 with Gene Hackman !

  40. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsMonth ago

    "Tiger Woo!!"

  41. Albertina Baker

    Albertina BakerMonth ago

    President Obama is a great man. We in America was granted with one of the gems. He never had to prove his worth it was obvious. Enjoy your life. You deserve it. Thank you for being You.

  42. Tropical Clips

    Tropical ClipsMonth ago


  43. Noah Hancock

    Noah HancockMonth ago


  44. GoodTimes

    GoodTimesMonth ago

    *The eye of the Tiger*

  45. James Hill

    James HillMonth ago

    Was that Bobcat Goldthwait screaming at 5:12?

  46. Mad Gaming By Madness

    Mad Gaming By MadnessMonth ago

    He is the only one who hit a eagle off a lillypad

  47. Mad Gaming By Madness

    Mad Gaming By MadnessMonth ago

    Tiger you are still the best

  48. Tv S

    Tv SMonth ago

    If only he'd played bogey free over the 4 rounds, he'd have won by two shots.

  49. roger peet

    roger peetMonth ago

    If he was good enough to challenge the leaders, but he is not good enough.

  50. Ivana Notyers

    Ivana NotyersMonth ago

    If only.

  51. C. Buck Hyres

    C. Buck HyresMonth ago

    That's why fans come out to see Tiger even when he's nowhere near the lead: He never gives up on a round. He's always trying to grind out a decent score no matter how bad he starts; in this case four-over after 6. I noted he had the kinesio tape around his neck for the final round. I reckon the cool temperatures every day around Pebble Beach had something to do with that. I'm glad to see this upload because the FOX national broadcast didn't show Tiger's birdies at 14 and 16 -- which I would've liked to see. An added bonus to see Tiger play the Par-3's 12 and 17 and the Par-4 15th.

  52. Sum Ego

    Sum EgoMonth ago

    So? He does this a lot when behind in the fourth because he has nothing to lose. What’s the big deal?

  53. RayPat 7734

    RayPat 7734Month ago

    He doesn't have it in himself to give up. 1st off anyone else wouldn't have a career anymore.

  54. EAL

    EALMonth ago

    I watch because of Tiger. Don't really care about anyone else.

  55. roger peet

    roger peetMonth ago

    Ele You pretend to like Tigar so people will think you like black people.

  56. TraumaER

    TraumaERMonth ago

    *Proof that Tiger Woods is still the best player in the world!*

  57. Jack Wells

    Jack WellsMonth ago

    TraumaER yeah right, get an eye exam.

  58. magzire

    magzireMonth ago

    Wow what a stinker of a game