Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


  1. Alejandra Gonzalez

    Alejandra GonzalezHour ago

    Did y’all fire the editor ? Because they’re trash

  2. maria m-tzortz

    maria m-tzortzHour ago

    Please tell me the things u can eat so u won't get drunk I need that I'm tired of throwing up but I still imma drink😂😂

  3. Skjaldmær

    SkjaldmærHour ago

    Now please tell me again how women have no powerful jobs ✋🙄

  4. AF Rules

    AF RulesHour ago

    Catholic Priests have no structure to protect them? Nice joke.

  5. NoaLives79

    NoaLives793 hours ago

    Wow! She's so effortlessly cool!

  6. Maggie H

    Maggie H3 hours ago

    The dude in the americans looks almost like Bryan David Gilbert after he puts on the disguise

  7. Maggie H

    Maggie H3 hours ago

    Obv bdg is better looking but something about the smile reminds me of unraveled

  8. Xochitl Rodriguez

    Xochitl Rodriguez4 hours ago

    Love her !!!!! “We can arrange anything “

  9. toonbat

    toonbat5 hours ago

    Fun fact. The chair you're sitting on is actually Jonna, IN DISGUISE!!!

  10. Eli Gantz

    Eli Gantz5 hours ago

    I'm sorry but in what world do they give a captured enemy operative his own pen to write his confession? That guy was super lucky in a twisted kind of way.

  11. Sekkat Aziz

    Sekkat Aziz6 hours ago

    5:31 here in Morocco EVERYONE PAYS ATTENTION

  12. kr4zyy

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  13. Pet Pamperer

    Pet Pamperer7 hours ago

    no mention of DONNIE BRASCO !

  14. richard pay

    richard pay7 hours ago

    "we don't use media as a cover" lol.

  15. DealerCamel

    DealerCamel7 hours ago

    Could’ve used the Americans for the entire video tbh

  16. kuluvas

    kuluvas8 hours ago

    As a human you can store what you want where you want.

  17. Nicolas Xu

    Nicolas Xu9 hours ago

    I have to put it into my education category

  18. Christopher Hord

    Christopher Hord10 hours ago

    “We don’t use the media, or religious figures, or peace Corp.” Lies...... Misrepresentation at best, Maybe no actual agents, but assets galore.

  19. Carlos Loff

    Carlos Loff11 hours ago

    Sp you dont impersonate Media but your husband did impersonate a filming crew, those are expendable, yeps ? LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  20. Eric Mortensen

    Eric Mortensen11 hours ago

    I used to catch shoplifters at a store. If I thought that I was going to be noticed I just put on a baseball cap. It worked.

  21. Tech Seers

    Tech Seers11 hours ago

    I'd listen to this woman tell stories for hours, please give us more interviews with her!

  22. Lois Henderson

    Lois Henderson12 hours ago

    Love this woman - am astounded by her role at the CIA. She looks like a thoroughly respectable older Head Librarian!

  23. Brad Eurich

    Brad Eurich12 hours ago

    I could watch this kind of stuff for 8 hours straight and not get bored. Awesome video, Wired.

  24. S B

    S B12 hours ago

    ima hoping she takes off a mask at the end. then i would be impressed by her ability to disguise herself

  25. Anna Lecroix

    Anna Lecroix13 hours ago

    I just want to hear her talk all day. Literally. I’m so interested in her stories. I don’t want to read a book lol, I want her to just tell stories and I can listen to her wisdom and whatnot while I paint

  26. Katsu Zatoichi

    Katsu Zatoichi14 hours ago

    The reason why Lois lane don't recognize superman is because women never see, they are too self obsessed

  27. toh ping Tiang

    toh ping Tiang14 hours ago

    And get stopped at the door for shop lifting

  28. marawan ahmed

    marawan ahmed15 hours ago

    James comey tried to hide in the curtains “unsuccessfully” aggaaah I'm ded 😂

  29. Keet Randling

    Keet Randling16 hours ago

    "...half the fun for me is watching closely to see what they get wrong." My siblings & I used to sit thru the holiday movies for the same reason - script is right there in the Bible, but soooo many mistakes because of working off tradition instead of fact. Was always fun to find another detail gone wrong.

  30. Dontalion Somber

    Dontalion Somber17 hours ago

    This was remarkably fascinating! Please have her return to do more!

  31. GSynCH

    GSynCH17 hours ago

    21:22 lol lmao

  32. Fee_fee 64

    Fee_fee 6418 hours ago

    They have a drink to coat your stomach!?? That’s AWESOME

  33. BunnieEar AJ

    BunnieEar AJ18 hours ago

    MAGNETO 14:03

  34. typoded

    typoded20 hours ago

    did she say they are called swallows LOL

  35. Frepa Gioerne

    Frepa Gioerne20 hours ago

    Jonna Mendez, CIA Chief of Disguise is actually a 15 year old Chinese Man...

  36. Jordan demetri

    Jordan demetri20 hours ago

    Still think "she" is Tom Cruise. Ain't fooling me

  37. Enanna Yacoubian

    Enanna Yacoubian21 hour ago

    Is that your true face of you😂 why you shared that?!

  38. Jinx

    Jinx22 hours ago

    So interesting. Loved it!

  39. caroyln ankrum

    caroyln ankrumDay ago

    Specializing in languages also includes learning the local dialect of your chosen area. It's always the details that are important.

  40. caroyln ankrum

    caroyln ankrumDay ago

    Fantastic want to blend into another culture like you are native. That means learning everything re: culture, laws, history and especially the language! Also one thing that gives Americans away is their loud voices, their clothing and their shoes. Disrespect for cultural norms is a problem too.

  41. Hi imaperson

    Hi imapersonDay ago

    this whole time i was waiting for a guy to pull off a old woman mask and say " I gotcha "

  42. CT2507

    CT2507Day ago

    i think i would have made a bad spy. im too good looking. whenever i walk on the street the ladies have to look twice...which is very nice. :)

  43. Apexeonu

    ApexeonuDay ago

    21:23 ah one of humanity's greatest creation

  44. Dylan Murrell

    Dylan MurrellDay ago

    Thx now I know what to expect when I kill someone and skip town

  45. Brian Pianogamer

    Brian PianogamerDay ago

    "Most of our men and probably a majority of our women wouldn't be caught dead in a black cat suit" - 2 things: 1) I'm a man and I would rock that cat suit. 2) The pun on being a spy and getting caught dead.

  46. Todd Orr

    Todd OrrDay ago

    Is this " Michael The Producer" sister?

  47. Invertin

    InvertinDay ago

    ...Huh. Not that I don't believe her, cuz I do, but I find it super weird that they had no luck changing agent's voices, I know a few people who trained their voices to sound different for personal reasons, and you can even go back in their youtube history and hear the gradual shifting. It might have been a time pressure thing, I don't actually know how long those people did that for, or maybe techniques in voice training have changed since she was working? I have no idea.

  48. 동첸임니다

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    Is it weird to use the outside three fingers?

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  50. EM Deluz

    EM DeluzDay ago

    This is so GOOOOOOD. 👌

  51. rob turner

    rob turnerDay ago

    your Disguised as kiefer sutherland

  52. P J

    P JDay ago

    I would pay a lot of money just to sit and have lunch with this woman. She's fascinating.

  53. Quantum resonance Frequencies

    Quantum resonance FrequenciesDay ago

    They don't use the media what do you think the media is CIA mockingbird news.

  54. Quantum resonance Frequencies

    Quantum resonance FrequenciesDay ago

    She forgot to mention that the CIA uses transgender's.

  55. Ricardo Magalhães

    Ricardo MagalhãesDay ago

    14:26 He's *Lt. Archie Hicox* a british army officer.

  56. Geo

    GeoDay ago

    4:20 So these are the covers they are actually using now. Media, Religion, and Peace Corps...Cmon this is why the CIA was invented lol.

  57. Cjmaret

    CjmaretDay ago

    “Little Gray Man”, how did that fit in with the red haired woman who made herself extremely unforgettable

  58. Brian Kelley

    Brian KelleyDay ago

    she got laid for her country.

  59. Channy Perkins

    Channy PerkinsDay ago

    I bet she would be the most awesome person to talk to

  60. Henry.K Han

    Henry.K HanDay ago

    come on........

  61. Soepie7

    Soepie7Day ago

    "We went around that by inventing something that doesn't exist." Yes, that's what 'inventing' means.

  62. Anthony King

    Anthony KingDay ago

    "...should not do "perhaps"..", she said. This woman is a legend and exudes confidence!

  63. Vfor Vendetta

    Vfor VendettaDay ago

    Producer Michael, is that you?

  64. Tyrone Shade

    Tyrone ShadeDay ago

    give this woman her own show

  65. María Paulina

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    give this woman her own show

  66. Tyrone Shade

    Tyrone ShadeDay ago

    This was so interesting geee

  67. abbey why

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    This was so interesting geee

  68. prottentogo

    prottentogoDay ago

    What's up with the editing? All these freeze frames of her...

  69. BearThe Devil

    BearThe DevilDay ago

    i really enjoy this woman, shes very professional but she can still find the funny side in all the costumes that arnt very good and she informs us about h ow to do disguises to an extent that may help in a situation that someone might find themself in like being stalked at a bar or harassed something .like that.

  70. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer MorningstarDay ago

    I dont trust her, who says she even telling the truth?

  71. qwazii

    qwaziiDay ago

    I guess "swallows" didn't pass the PC focus group so they had to go with sparrows.

  72. Olivia R

    Olivia RDay ago

    When she talks about masks: "You have to make sure your donor and recipient are well matched." 😲

  73. Anjum Gul

    Anjum GulDay ago

    I got it after a few seconds of reading this...u can be an agent....clever

  74. Jati pradja

    Jati pradjaDay ago

    11:16 what about someone who rob a bank use someone else face it arleady happend irl

  75. Phil E

    Phil EDay ago

    I could listen to this woman for hours..

  76. Erilis000

    Erilis000Day ago

    another great video but I found the actors responding to what she was saying a bit annoying. ["Right, thank you."] STFU

  77. S.T. SolarVoid

    S.T. SolarVoidDay ago

    17:04 his glasses are made out of a special kryptonian glass that changes his whole appearance to make him look taller less muscular, and it changes facial features

  78. Votatic

    VotaticDay ago

    "You may recognise her"

  79. Kasey Rhoades

    Kasey RhoadesDay ago

    shes too cool

  80. Anna Laguerre

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    this is the content I signed up for. OMG. I love this so much.

  81. Cynthia Jossart

    Cynthia JossartDay ago

    May we pretty please have another of these but with Chuck and Archer?

  82. Robert Wadsworth

    Robert WadsworthDay ago

    No comment . . .

  83. crazybeartimba

    crazybeartimbaDay ago

    she says media disguise is off limits but in the past, didn't't that happen in the film Argo? I know it was a movie so if someone can chime in that would be great :)

  84. bansheeseth

    bansheesethDay ago

    idk why but ı thınk ı know thıs woman ı am just crious have she came turkey manavgat side because ı thınk ı saw her ın my bar and we talk alot :D

  85. Zel Samson

    Zel SamsonDay ago

    Lol. I love the editing! 😂

  86. scarlett bazah

    scarlett bazahDay ago

    She's scary but she has some interesting stories

  87. Helen Rocha

    Helen RochaDay ago

    the lady: they got stuck, where they had to stay in place... maybe for a day or two... before they could leave * laughs * some fun stories me: ... Okay I'm scared

  88. Lola Mona

    Lola MonaDay ago

    americans are so brainwashed ugh

  89. Cristian Pop

    Cristian PopDay ago

    Watched until "Priests are vulnerable"

  90. iTransit l

    iTransit lDay ago

    Can you actually take someone’s hat in public and get away with it like in movies

  91. Chris

    ChrisDay ago

    i love this lady, can we cover just MI1 start to finish lol

  92. mlsaulnier

    mlsaulnier2 days ago

    Keep the faith, baby, keep the faith.

  93. Charlie Theroux

    Charlie Theroux2 days ago

    *SPOILER! She's really a man. Her husband is in for a treat!*

  94. tmdpc

    tmdpc2 days ago

    Wait are you saying the Catholic Church has no ability to shield or protect priests????

  95. A N

    A N2 days ago

    Ugh.. as much as I despise the Intelligence community, I like her a lot...but then again, she probably went to some kind of school to become charming and sell you on all her LIES!

  96. Grigor Dimitrov

    Grigor Dimitrov2 days ago

    How is the person supposed to NOT tell how her operation actually function a credible source material for this video?

  97. A N

    A N2 days ago

    The poison pen, may not exist, but there really are poison guns, injections that will cause a heart attack without leaving a trace, and other type of things that can be used to say, induce an aneurysm, etc. All under congressional testimony.

  98. Punk Connoiseur

    Punk Connoiseur2 days ago

    Could you please leave out all the unnecessary and mostly unfunny adlib jokes?

  99. Haylie R. Wilson

    Haylie R. Wilson2 days ago

    your....YOUR HUSBAND! This is awesome. This couple is awesome.

  100. esspro

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    "Ben Affleck is playing my husband..." You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

  101. Fuck tommy Robinson

    Fuck tommy Robinson2 days ago

    She lied so many times here

  102. Timo 9po

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    14:20 huh wait what I don't

  103. Colin Skelding

    Colin Skelding2 days ago

    Can't grab clothes off the rack. ALL clothes (even under garments) have a security tag, whether or not you can see it. Tag MUST be scanned or gate buzzer goes off.