Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


  1. DauNamXauXi John McCaulaugh

    DauNamXauXi John McCaulaugh34 minutes ago

    I am glad she complimented Jennifer Garner. Just watched Alias a month ago,the series was awesome

  2. Carline Moon

    Carline MoonHour ago

    With Clark Kent/Superman, he didn't ONLY wear glasses to disguise himself. If you notice he raises the pitch of his voice, makes himself stutter to change his way of speaking, slouches and fidgets nervously, changes his hair style, and wears very plain and dull looking clothing while he is Clark Kent. He then straightens himself, flips his hair (as well as curling the front of it), speaks in a lower voice, acts more confident, and dresses in bold colours as Superman. It makes Clark very unassuming and not someone to remember, while Superman is flashy and hard to miss. You will also notice that he slouches enough as Clark that he actually appears a significant number of inches shorter than he does as Superman. So it was NOT only the glasses, which did break up the lines of his face and made him harder to recognize, but wouldn't have worked if it was the ONLY thing he used.

  3. Genevieve Renaud

    Genevieve RenaudHour ago

    I don't about you but when she says there is no red sparrow school or classes in the U.S i don't believe her for a second. I mean the woman was paid to lie for christ sake lol

  4. Ralf Kleemann

    Ralf Kleemann2 hours ago

    The true hero of disguise here has to be the Peace Corps. I had never ever heard of it before.

  5. Brian Haber

    Brian Haber2 hours ago

    The superman thing is always a bit silly, but I love the way Christopher Reeves sells the transition. Its more than just the glasses.

  6. Mitzi Bartlett

    Mitzi Bartlett2 hours ago

    While I agree on the idea of "just glasses" as being a terrible disguise, I do have to object to the use of a Reeves/Superman clip for it. Reeves also found the idea implausible, so he actually went to additional lengths to make differences between Clark and Superman. As Clark, his entire posture changed: he slumped and slouched to the point of actually losing a few inches in height. I can't remember all of the details (he mentioned them in an interview), but you can actually watch the shift in the second movie, when he admits his identity to Lois. His back is to the camera, but as he starts, he's still "Clark" - his shoulders are curved inward, his posture one of meekness. Then there is a bit of a physical sigh, and his entire posture shifts. He straightens, his shoulders roll back into a settled, confident manner, and when he turns to face the camera, the tense, mousy expression Reeves was so good at putting on vanishes, and "Clark" is gone, Superman standing in his place. With other actors, it's just been the glasses, but Reeves did the entire body.

  7. gazwj

    gazwj2 hours ago

    Am i not European as i count starting with my index finger.... i’m now having an identity crisis! (Born in the UK)

  8. David

    David2 hours ago

    She should have looked at The Jackal with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere.

  9. Mike Pembo

    Mike Pembo3 hours ago

    He's a British soldier. Britain is in Europe (ok, perhaps not the EU). Europeans therefore don't all count the same way


    STEFAN MARKOV3 hours ago

    Russian are fab in what they do and how they do it!

  11. Dan McGuire

    Dan McGuire3 hours ago

    Oh my gosh stop the lame, cut-in, editing. I would have watched it through if it wasn't edited like this.

  12. Jake Shrimp

    Jake Shrimp4 hours ago

    3 seasons of burn notice will put you miles ahead of any CIA training

  13. Jormungand the Midgard Serpent

    Jormungand the Midgard Serpent4 hours ago

    But red sparrow is such bs without any solid ground or proof. Lol, this us laughable.

  14. Jemoli

    Jemoli4 hours ago

    the way she says "and she was lethal" on 25:55 makes me think of black widow lethal level.

  15. Claire Miller

    Claire Miller4 hours ago

    So pure that she wouldn’t say “Octopussy”, but will tell you about CIA disguise techniques lol

  16. Erich Von Molder

    Erich Von Molder4 hours ago

    Now comment on Master of Disguise with Dana Carvey - the turtle disguise.

  17. KTM

    KTM5 hours ago

    We wouldn't need this video if we raided Area 51

  18. Jackie Boud

    Jackie Boud5 hours ago

    Just casually mentions Argo is about her husband. Boss!!

  19. doesitmatter

    doesitmatter5 hours ago

    14:30 dafuq is she talking. i dont know anyone in eastern europe who would show 3 starting with thumb..

  20. Miller Blaylock

    Miller Blaylock4 hours ago

    They did in the time that the movie was set in. The movie was in the WWII timeline

  21. Sariah Broom

    Sariah Broom5 hours ago

    The Avengers film was 💩 the 60s tv series was much better, no one can play Emma Peel or John Steed better than Diana Rigg & Patrick Mcnee.

  22. MeMess

    MeMess7 hours ago

    does she know my CIA agent watching me?

  23. Bernard Montgomery 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

    Bernard Montgomery 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein7 hours ago

    Do that counting in Bosnia, Croatia, and Albania... you are considered as dead already. Not because you will blow your cover, but because the chair will fly into your face with the speed of light.

  24. Shiny Magikarp

    Shiny Magikarp8 hours ago

    This is just riveting

  25. N1tch TV

    N1tch TV8 hours ago

    Such a great video. Longer than I was expecting but in a good way. Loads of great and interesting information.

  26. joblessalex

    joblessalex8 hours ago

    No media yet they'll use Hollywood location scouters.

  27. MarineMike

    MarineMike8 hours ago

    I could just listen to her stories for days. Fascinating.

  28. Joe Stacks

    Joe Stacks9 hours ago

    sure. she is just gonna tell us the truth. don't trust it for a minute.

  29. Deepinmygrave

    Deepinmygrave9 hours ago


  30. Juliet Oliver

    Juliet Oliver9 hours ago

    anyone disappointed there wasn’t mrs doubtfire?!

  31. The More You Know

    The More You Know10 hours ago

    best guest, best editing in a wired vid, best movies, best erethang

  32. Battlea

    Battlea10 hours ago

    cia lady: you wanna be forgettable also cia lady: thats spot on that she got an outrageous hair and outfit.

  33. Alan Bradbury

    Alan Bradbury11 hours ago

    Considering she is talking about cover, and claims that the CIA don't use the media people as a cover for disguises, it's ironic that her husband actually did exactly this on an operation, so this is one bit where she doesn't get her own story straight.

  34. SaltyBrains

    SaltyBrains11 hours ago

    Plot twist - when she freezes for the clip it's a disguise - the video was never even paused.

  35. SaltyBrains

    SaltyBrains11 hours ago

    "Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief " -- so her name definitely ISN'T Jonna Mendez then :P she basically said they use an assigned pseudonym for their entire life (presumably also for their public appearances).

  36. Saif M.

    Saif M.14 hours ago

    where is fast and the furious tho

  37. Madalyn Maree

    Madalyn Maree14 hours ago

    She must have some incredible stories that she will never be allowed to tell

  38. TopoftheGlist

    TopoftheGlist14 hours ago

    This lady has BDE

  39. Jeff Cockmann

    Jeff Cockmann14 hours ago

    wigs can be so easy to spot though, wouldn't it be too risky to use them? Even that latex skin.. and these masks, i doubt they use them much.. its kind of easy to tell.

  40. Benjámin Dénes

    Benjámin Dénes14 hours ago

    RIP that guy who had to take the pills.

  41. Starke M

    Starke M14 hours ago

    So judging by this... the CIA definitely uses Clergy, Media and Peace corps as covers....

  42. asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg

    asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg15 hours ago

    She contradicts herself, as the Jenifer Garner with red hair would draw a lot of attention...

  43. Kai Jin

    Kai Jin15 hours ago

    "We don't recommend it." *subliminal wink*

  44. sld1776

    sld177615 hours ago

    Wait, the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA is married to the other Chief of Disguise for the CIA?

  45. EnharmonicKey

    EnharmonicKey16 hours ago

    I just have to ask, is she breaching national security interests by sharing these stories? LOL

  46. FREEKz

    FREEKz12 hours ago

    I actually searched her up just cause she is literally so badass lmao but she actually retired in 1993 so basically all her stories at least what she is saying is declassified or in museums as such

  47. iiiDartsiii

    iiiDartsiii16 hours ago

    no Mrs Doubtfire? that's probably the most realistic hollywood spy ever done.

  48. Kaitlyn Frey

    Kaitlyn Frey16 hours ago

    my name Jeff

  49. H3ll80Y

    H3ll80Y16 hours ago

    wait if u dont ever use theyr name on paper how do they get paid?

  50. Sadago

    Sadago17 hours ago

    Most interesting guest you've ever had

  51. Blurry Eyes

    Blurry Eyes17 hours ago

    My nam is Jeff

  52. Luana Audio

    Luana Audio18 hours ago

    Thanks for talking about Virginia Hall, she's as of today added to my gallery "badass women in history"