old town road, but played on my synth


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman29 days ago

    hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

  2. Daniel S

    Daniel S11 hours ago

    Is this a Yamaha MM6?

  3. racing gaming

    racing gaming21 hour ago


  4. Sha dow

    Sha dowDay ago

    @Eicca She cry in yeehaw

  5. Eicca

    EiccaDay ago

    I have cried at you smiling like, 4 times total in this month, thank you for including hillbilly.

  6. xQuiero

    xQuiero2 days ago


  7. PromiSE Line

    PromiSE Line15 minutes ago

    Saitama ?

  8. DailyFortnite

    DailyFortnite43 minutes ago


  9. Soul :D

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  10. Vaughan Stephens

    Vaughan StephensHour ago

    Ah yes, my favorite genre: Cowboy

  11. Lumah

    Lumah2 hours ago

    i loved hillbilly i need a longer version please

  12. The Husky Lynx

    The Husky Lynx4 hours ago

    “What genre do you listen to?” *”help”*

  13. Qwixr

    Qwixr4 hours ago

    Why is he calling a synth a keyboard? (This shit satire)

  14. HanLink

    HanLink4 hours ago

    Billie Elish fav instroment: Depression

  15. roger robinson

    roger robinson6 hours ago

    You look like a fucking psychopath playing that with that stare in the beginning lol. Nice tunes tho. Haha

  16. Ichbins

    Ichbins6 hours ago

    Super Gut

  17. Johnno

    Johnno6 hours ago

    The damn captions on all your videos always get me

  18. DiXdoStuff

    DiXdoStuff7 hours ago

    Im so glad you included my favorite genre Nickelback

  19. Sir ysaac newton

    Sir ysaac newton7 hours ago

    Make a collaboration with Davie402

  20. Golden Gamer

    Golden Gamer7 hours ago

    At least its not played with a **COUCH**

  21. ayren killman

    ayren killman7 hours ago

    OHSHITTHEDROPPEDTHEGODDAMMSYNTH EDIT: to find this go to the part Latin but too fast 1:12 and turn on subtitles

  22. ayren killman

    ayren killman7 hours ago

    my fav 3 1.Latin but too fast 1:12 2.Techno 1:18 3.help (which starts at hillbilly) 1:23

  23. Kaiser Wilhelm III

    Kaiser Wilhelm III8 hours ago

    go commit grow hair

  24. Callen Payns

    Callen Payns9 hours ago

    I love the english subtitles😂

  25. Samantha Causey

    Samantha Causey10 hours ago

    Is it bad that I need a full version of hillbilly 😂

  26. Shr Sly

    Shr Sly11 hours ago

    *cries in cowboy*

  27. Gabrielflor

    Gabrielflor13 hours ago

    Old bald road

  28. UltraWave98 _

    UltraWave98 _13 hours ago

    I hate it when i cry in yeehaw

  29. Suraj-Ram

    Suraj-Ram14 hours ago

    1:36 thank me later

  30. Blake Brewster

    Blake Brewster14 hours ago

    If you put on captions you get a whole new perspective

  31. Oscar Nunez Films

    Oscar Nunez Films15 hours ago

    You thought 1:37 was cool enough already? Try it with one headphone on one ear, then the other. Thank me later😉

  32. ZappeD

    ZappeD16 hours ago

    Depression: Crying on a Horse ha, you can wipe your tears.

  33. Job Buenaagua

    Job Buenaagua17 hours ago

    Can't find the Eminem reference here kek

  34. Bree Smith

    Bree Smith17 hours ago

    I might be in love with you

  35. Piero Pineda

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  36. Rudux

    Rudux18 hours ago

    Wow... Eminem is a genre.

  37. Red Star85

    Red Star8518 hours ago

    You are so wrong in the right way... keep it up man great work

  38. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller18 hours ago

    The singing of the two at the end has the same rhytm as the melody.

  39. Kaidee - Razz

    Kaidee - Razz19 hours ago

    Is this gonna blow some more ?

  40. GSN194 Roundzabout

    GSN194 Roundzabout19 hours ago

    What’s the real genre of 1:38? It’s catchy. Don’t reply help

  41. Game LP

    Game LP20 hours ago

    The instruments from the keyboard Remind me of the sega genesis. They both have a Yamaha soundchip.

  42. PeterG

    PeterG20 hours ago

    Seth died again

  43. Andy Molldrem

    Andy Molldrem20 hours ago

    I finally saw him smile on hillbilly

  44. ubernerd08

    ubernerd0821 hour ago

    Because we all just wanna be old town roads!!

  45. Ruke WeRit

    Ruke WeRit21 hour ago

    When is he going to smile

  46. OkayMystic

    OkayMystic21 hour ago

    Im known to be an expert at the instrument depression

  47. Mauro Ramondo

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  48. Herud

    Herud22 hours ago

    He look like a depressed man that can mind control people when he's having a seizure

  49. - D O Y N

    - D O Y N22 hours ago

    This is what i call content..

  50. Normal Guy

    Normal Guy22 hours ago

    1:26 that smile maked my day

  51. Myszabest

    Myszabest23 hours ago

    Instrument "Yes" WOOSH

  52. ROBIN F. R.

    ROBIN F. R.23 hours ago

    Wadu wadu hek...

  53. euroyen420

    euroyen42023 hours ago

    Just the key board directly on the lap makes my life unstable.

  54. Ixxbrianaixx ?!

    Ixxbrianaixx ?!23 hours ago

    The captions bruh😂😂


    KEV METAL23 hours ago

    1:30-1:50 absolute brilliance. I would love to hang and make crazy awesome shit with you but I don't know if I may die from laughter...

  56. ろせじゃぉn

    ろせじゃぉn23 hours ago

    Video starts *death stare intensifies*

  57. Kacper Janicki

    Kacper Janicki23 hours ago

    How to play it in hip hoooop

  58. Madman3721

    Madman3721Day ago

    The subtitles, turn them on. Didn’t know this video could get better

  59. BossCrazyRoss

    BossCrazyRossDay ago

    Why do you look like you are being forced to do this? Blink twice if there is someone behind the camera with a gun

  60. Aji Kundeti

    Aji KundetiDay ago


  61. aHappyDistraction

    aHappyDistractionDay ago

    Lol I watch this everday

  62. Names Are So Overrated

    Names Are So OverratedDay ago

    10/10 would recommend

  63. Roy Zhu

    Roy ZhuDay ago

    Seth your subtitle authors deserve raisesss

  64. Hockey Beast

    Hockey BeastDay ago

    Am I the only who thinks he looks sorta like Eminem??

  65. Enyia Faith

    Enyia FaithDay ago

    Latin but fast jajaj

  66. ZeruS117

    ZeruS117Day ago

    Naw see if it were French the instrument would be Surrender or Revolution there is no exceptions.

  67. Ugandalf

    UgandalfDay ago

    - what instrument do you play? - depression - depression is not a- - D E P R E S S I O N

  68. Space Duck

    Space DuckDay ago

    “I’m scared now”

  69. Torcy Klyne Suganob

    Torcy Klyne SuganobDay ago

    Catchy af wtf hahahaha

  70. Derek Raj Singh

    Derek Raj SinghDay ago

    To kaise hain aap log

  71. Руфат Захидзаде

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  72. Musicubes

    MusicubesDay ago

    1:12 so genre: pitbull?

  73. That one guy named Patrick

    That one guy named PatrickDay ago

    the captions XD

  74. Клоузи/Clouzy - standoff

    Клоузи/Clouzy - standoffDay ago

    Subtitres +

  75. Sargschreiner

    SargschreinerDay ago

    Sometimes you stare like Vinheteiro

  76. Vaibhav saini

    Vaibhav sainiDay ago

    I'm not a music enthusiast but what kind of instruments are- Yes Depression Sad

  77. _Freya_moon

    _Freya_moonDay ago

    New Subscriber!!! Love your videos, made my day UwU 👌👌 Thank you!!!!!

  78. ThatGuy0742

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  79. Shiina

    ShiinaDay ago

    The instrument for Mario Kart genre should have been “YAHOO!” xd

  80. Trashiyana

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  81. Justice Haarsatd

    Justice HaarsatdDay ago

    Anyone know what kind of instrument @setheverman uses I don't know what it is but I'd really like to get one

  82. Marcus Vinícius

    Marcus ViníciusDay ago

    Guys, you all should turn on the captions. Like, really. Trust me.

  83. SKGamming S

    SKGamming SDay ago

    My favorite instrument Depression

  84. Kanchi

    KanchiDay ago

    Genre: *M A R I O K A R T*

  85. noonecfcf

    noonecfcfDay ago

    This must be watched with captions on for the full experience

  86. Femur_Lemur

    Femur_LemurDay ago

    I just watched this video with both headphones and realized the part with nickelback and Billy ray cyrus has nickelback in the left ear and Billy ray cyrus in the right ear

  87. Paradox Bryan

    Paradox BryanDay ago

    WHERES THE COUCH INSTRUMENT?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  88. Tux Penguin

    Tux PenguinDay ago

    My favs were techno and hillbilly

  89. Police weapons and more

    Police weapons and moreDay ago

    "I'm the bald guy"

  90. Jon Loser

    Jon LoserDay ago

    Genre: Mario kart Instrument: yes Perfect

  91. Sm0keyR0bin

    Sm0keyR0binDay ago

    Lol, instrument:yes. That’s a good one

  92. Pinheddidzeabra 551

    Pinheddidzeabra 551Day ago

    Friend: what instrument you play Me:yes Friend:that’s not a- Me:YES

  93. tvMisha

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  94. Galaxy the sexy kitty Loves Robo fuz

    Galaxy the sexy kitty Loves Robo fuzDay ago

    Genre- help

  95. Galaxy the sexy kitty Loves Robo fuz

    Galaxy the sexy kitty Loves Robo fuzDay ago

    I use the depression one every day, let's just say I'm really good at it

  96. YoUr SisTer

    YoUr SisTerDay ago

    Teacher: what instrument do you play? Me:deppresion

  97. Tapue locket

    Tapue locketDay ago

    He knew what he was doing 1:26

  98. ClumsyFunnyLiam

    ClumsyFunnyLiamDay ago

    Instrument: yes

  99. Lia’s World

    Lia’s WorldDay ago

    Why’d I think this was a bald kryoz

  100. SinistreDead

    SinistreDeadDay ago

    You look so much like Michael from prison break BRASIL

  101. Dadi Beats

    Dadi BeatsDay ago

    Can you do PNL-AUDD Please if you can 🙂

  102. Baby Bleach

    Baby BleachDay ago

    The Hillbily is so funny even he laughed

  103. J4ck.612

    J4ck.612Day ago

    I want new videoooooooooo!!!!!! Where are theeeeeeeeem?!?!???

  104. MXZZY

    MXZZYDay ago

    Bold town road

  105. Actual TeddyBear

    Actual TeddyBearDay ago

    A wizard truly. Also you have a really clean house. Like really clean.