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  1. Lion Cubz

    Lion Cubz7 hours ago

    The experiment was done incorrectly. All he had to do was to cut it in half, then weight both sides. The experiment just meant he was unlucky. Fake fact

  2. high noon

    high noon12 hours ago

    It would be nice if they put a teacher fake fact

  3. That_Comrade_Connor

    That_Comrade_Connor14 hours ago

    The funny thing is that the teacher one is actually a war crime

  4. blurry pixels

    blurry pixelsDay ago

    5:15 I have a picture very similar to that on my phone because of a high school statistics class I took. He could have had it already.

  5. Yin and Yang

    Yin and YangDay ago

    The thumbnail is my sister. shes the one saying "I agree. dont be like this tyson"

  6. 5Gonza5

    5Gonza53 days ago

    3:52 I love that the guy who sent the fact insulted the stupid dumbass at the end lmao

  7. USBGaming

    USBGaming3 days ago

    0:33 Wait, there was already a reason they should be in jail?!

  8. FlynnTheRedhead

    FlynnTheRedhead4 days ago

    Seriously a coin toss is 49/51 not 50/50

  9. X Turtles

    X Turtles5 days ago

    i think im losing my hearing

  10. FunnyBoot75

    FunnyBoot755 days ago

    fake facts 4 fake facts 4 put your hands together for some fake facts 4 we did it thrice but you wanted some more so put your hands together for some FAKE FACTS 4! Also: HeY PuT THaT DoWn!

  11. Noah Hampton Films

    Noah Hampton Films5 days ago

    Fun fact: Christmas 2019 is 99 days away, this video was uploaded 99 days ago. It's the same distance

  12. totes retar

    totes retar5 days ago

    T Y S O N

  13. Spectral Blizzard

    Spectral Blizzard7 days ago

    5:09 That's not how probability works XD


    JOVANN ANIMATES8 days ago

    Plot twist Bamboozle Is a drug


    JOVANN ANIMATES8 days ago


  16. Cupsy Da Octo

    Cupsy Da Octo8 days ago

    Y u no care bout ur alabama fans. No incest doesnt happen here. Yes we can spell our state. Yes we can list more than 5 states other than our own.

  17. Epic Fortnite Gamer Dab

    Epic Fortnite Gamer Dab8 days ago

    2:21 arent war crimes only war crimes if your in a war?

  18. SuperMathEvilBoy

    SuperMathEvilBoy10 days ago

    #YIAYjob Something useful.

  19. mjk 15

    mjk 1510 days ago

    Goddamnit tyson

  20. Aldwyn Stibora

    Aldwyn Stibora11 days ago

    #YIAYjob she’s an instagram comedian

  21. Spencer

    Spencer12 days ago

    4:50 my boy looking like Almights skinny form

  22. marc

    marc13 days ago

    A resounding *almost*


    BURNINGICE14 days ago

    Bamboo- ah shit

  24. Sydney Ross

    Sydney Ross14 days ago

    Why does my pillow smell like Fritos? Someone explain

  25. Asprow

    Asprow14 days ago

    So many of jacks fans are android users

  26. TheBestAqua

    TheBestAqua14 days ago

    So apparently my birthday is national kiss your sister day....

  27. Zahed Athfy

    Zahed Athfy15 days ago

    One takeaway I got from this vid is that Americans use IMessage a lot

  28. Conor Larkin

    Conor Larkin16 days ago

    #YAIYjob she’s a scientist trying to develop a forehead reduction surgery

  29. Conor Larkin

    Conor Larkin13 days ago

    BURNINGICE you right my bad sorry


    BURNINGICE14 days ago

    It’s yaiy not yaiy you put the first y before the second y

  31. Alistair Watson

    Alistair Watson16 days ago


  32. Trash Channel

    Trash Channel16 days ago

    Being from alabama i agree get rid of us

  33. Carson Fijal

    Carson Fijal17 days ago

    There is actually a Geneva convention against collective punishment, which is where the war crime thing came from, but I don't think anyone has deliberated whether or not that applies to teachers holding the class past the bell.

  34. Gabriela's channel

    Gabriela's channel17 days ago

    I know it's late but I bamboozled a teacher with the teacher fake fact.

  35. Starkey

    Starkey18 days ago

    1:10 If Heads lands more then what about 2 face in the christopher nolan dark knight?

  36. Ellis Seul

    Ellis Seul19 days ago

    _Why you gotta make it a war crime?_

  37. The Fat Asian Ninja

    The Fat Asian Ninja19 days ago

    still waiting for the video john

  38. MewingCobra2124

    MewingCobra212421 day ago

    Actual fact: Did you know that around 7% if the human population!

  39. Dylaverse

    Dylaverse22 days ago

    Why the hell did you order the oculus quest?

  40. Russ 1602

    Russ 160222 days ago


  41. Dizzy Lizzie

    Dizzy Lizzie23 days ago


  42. Insert_Channel

    Insert_Channel23 days ago

    3:46 Bam-boo-shit

  43. Mighty Zero

    Mighty Zero24 days ago

    I'm from Ukraine, "Egor" is a name, if you wonder.

  44. buckwindow

    buckwindow24 days ago

    Ain’t that the dude from perosna 5

  45. Raider Playz234

    Raider Playz23427 days ago

    Yiay should be replaced by fake facts

  46. Kharol Villalobos

    Kharol Villalobos27 days ago


  47. Scythner quora

    Scythner quora27 days ago

    #YIAYjob She's also a youtuber, I believe its called "JennaMarbles"

  48. Juan Pablo

    Juan PabloMonth ago

    The war crime guy is actually right

  49. Lanie K.

    Lanie K.Month ago

    #YIAYjob trying to forget she’s married to you And being a grocer

  50. RL and Seige

    RL and SeigeMonth ago

    "hEy puT tHat DoWn!"

  51. Spade

    SpadeMonth ago

    OMG I DID ok so I sent my mom the "people who watch 20+ yt a day tend to have a higher IQ, so my Asian mom was skeptical, but believed it

  52. Cayden Bong

    Cayden BongMonth ago


  53. Charz674

    Charz674Month ago

    I’m thinking about getting a quest should I is it good?

  54. Sofie Johansen

    Sofie JohansenMonth ago

    i have a weird deja vu feeling that 3:14 was me..

  55. Thoth TheGodOfWisdom

    Thoth TheGodOfWisdomMonth ago

    You got Bamboozled, look at your self

  56. Delf1n9 YT

    Delf1n9 YTMonth ago


  57. morris.

    morris.Month ago

    #yiayjob selling herself on Craigslist to marry unsuccessful USwork stars for $200

  58. McBeagus

    McBeagusMonth ago

    #YIAYJob editing all your videos, that’s clearly why the editing is good unlike yours

  59. Ben Haushalter

    Ben HaushalterMonth ago


  60. faeteaAJ

    faeteaAJMonth ago

    Why don’t I love having my birthday on Kiss Your Sister day.

  61. Blue Gamer

    Blue GamerMonth ago

    ur mom gayi

  62. Paul Lee

    Paul LeeMonth ago


  63. Username_Username Username_Username

    Username_Username Username_UsernameMonth ago

    Wait wouldn't it be tails more often if heads is more heavy

  64. Mufasa

    MufasaMonth ago

    Wait you're married?