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In this episode, we talk about the distinction between Nart and Russian myths, and how mythology is used to create the idea of shared culture between people in a large, spread-out nation.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits9 months ago

    Sorry, I just got back from six weeks on the road and had to do this suuuuuper late at night to get it in on time...and I sort of forgot which side the camera was on on my ipad ; ) -James Portnow

  2. john doe

    john doe7 months ago

    No one likes you.

  3. Jonathon King

    Jonathon King7 months ago

    Where's part 3 for Persian mythology

  4. I don't know

    I don't know8 months ago

    can you make a vid about the 30 years war?

  5. Hundey FuFu

    Hundey FuFu8 months ago

    @Osman Cem Uzun what are you saying?

  6. Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah

    Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah9 months ago

    @Extra Credits Please, whats your opinion about the possible connection and meaning of the Lady of the Lake of Avalon, and the ancient burials of kings and queens in the bottoms of lakes. My theory is that Excalibur is a symbol of ancestry older than roman conquest of britain, and the Lady of the Lake is no other than the ghost of last queen Boudica, whos burial place was a great secret never found.

  7. Cody Phillips

    Cody Phillips3 months ago

    The Caucasus are not Russia. გაუმარჯოს დაღესტანის!

  8. Sum Arbor

    Sum Arbor3 months ago

    IMO this is the most important thing your channel is doing. Please continue this in the series.

  9. MegaMementoMori

    MegaMementoMori4 months ago

    There is no way Nart mythology is close to Persian culture. Think about it, in the golden apple myth, eating the apple made people have kids with silver hair and they liked it so much that they sent a hero to look for the lost apples. In the Zal and Rudabeh one when Persian king gets a kid with silver hair, he laments and sends him off to like with a giant bird. Kind of opposite value systems!

  10. Mario Markazi

    Mario Markazi6 months ago

    Pre Asian =first nation is Persian is iran with are in the tribes =are nian Pre Asian =ownership of Asia like natives of America owner of America.

  11. Mario Markazi

    Mario Markazi6 months ago

    Iran sir bull land is bull east is persppels is police east.

  12. Dagnir

    Dagnir7 months ago

    Patrons voted on Russian mythology, but you decided to do Caucasian mythology. Lol, wtf.

  13. Erin Connelly

    Erin Connelly6 months ago

    @D: They did that after asking their Patrons. This channel is about education and telling stories, and they did an excellent job.

  14. Bobby Rehren-Zepeda

    Bobby Rehren-Zepeda7 months ago

    More Nart Saga myths please

  15. Diana J

    Diana J8 months ago

    Russia seams to be so rich of cultures, history and stories, I really need to do more research on this

  16. jonas winther

    jonas winther8 months ago

    are those dnd books on the right ? :)

  17. Imladris

    Imladris8 months ago

    Can you please cover the Welsh Mabinogion. There are some great stories in there.

  18. Mathieu Leader

    Mathieu Leader8 months ago

    Russian myths is a big tent

  19. Quinten Whyte

    Quinten Whyte8 months ago

    im getting worried about Zal & his wife and kid...

  20. Samuel Schönenberger

    Samuel Schönenberger8 months ago

    Mythology matters could be the most important part of Extra Mythology

  21. Tusk

    Tusk8 months ago

    Theres also a lot of oil in the caucasus

  22. I don't know

    I don't know8 months ago

    can you make a vid about the 30 years war?

  23. Ocearno

    Ocearno8 months ago

    Something very interesting is happening off screen

  24. Victor Carroll

    Victor Carroll8 months ago

    Не понял

  25. AGuyWithAChannel

    AGuyWithAChannel8 months ago

    Baba Yaga! Baba Yaga! *BABA YAGA!*

  26. Emily Nathali Contreras Vivas

    Emily Nathali Contreras Vivas8 months ago

    you guys are awesome!!

  27. YonYonYon

    YonYonYon8 months ago

    Would you be interested in other non-Slavic cultures from Russia? Not many people even in Russia realize that there are a lot of Asian cultures in Russia, I’m from one of them and I could translate local fairy tales and folk lore

  28. Aidan Klobuchar

    Aidan Klobuchar9 months ago

    Ooooo, nice Invisibles omnibus.

  29. Elliott James

    Elliott James9 months ago

    U look crazy af

  30. thou ist

    thou ist9 months ago

    You think the north and south of Italy have big cultural divides, then you haven't seen the north and south of england. The northerners say hello to random strangers on the streets and talk to people on the tube!

  31. Cule Chick

    Cule Chick9 months ago

    Thank you for educating me.

  32. Morgen Peschke

    Morgen Peschke9 months ago

    Extra Folklore? Please?

  33. Alex The Only

    Alex The Only9 months ago

    Make videos from myths from India and far east Journey to West Romance of three Kingdoms (novel not history whih you covered)

  34. 47 1776

    47 17768 months ago


  35. Earl McCay

    Earl McCay9 months ago

    Look at me beotch

  36. Adrian Duran

    Adrian Duran9 months ago

    A Russian Mythology episode that wasn't Russian and wasn't Mythology

  37. Maximinius Thrax

    Maximinius Thrax9 months ago

    4 future reference. When ever I see this dudes ugly mug in the thumbnail, im not clicking.

  38. Conor Murphy

    Conor Murphy9 months ago

    I keep tilting the screen but he never looks me in the eye.

  39. giulliano molina

    giulliano molina9 months ago

    I love the show, and was interested in studying more about nationalism and myths. What books did you use in this episode? Which ones do you recomend?

  40. TsukiraAquarius

    TsukiraAquarius9 months ago

    So then, what would be the distinction between fairy tales and folklore(/popular antiquities)?

  41. G4all

    G4all9 months ago

    baba yaga

  42. Marcus Frowerk

    Marcus Frowerk9 months ago

    Thank you for the explanations of Myth, Folklore, and how Russia tried to redact his own folklorish past. But.. What I really would love to hear is another deepdive in these myth - what cultural background is there in the apples and seefolk and warlock and and and. Looking forward! Cheers!

  43. Rosherus

    Rosherus9 months ago

    Svarog's legacy is calling, i'm accept this call, since i'm a SLAV by blood, the real BOGATYR you should read this with that one accent

  44. pspdude231

    pspdude2319 months ago

    Baba yaga. Aka john wick (known body county of 299 in the 3 movies)

  45. Oxtocoatl

    Oxtocoatl9 months ago

    The study of history suffered the same Nationalist treatment in the 19th century. Much of our popular understanding of history is a result of nationalist mythmaking. Many school curriculums still more or less are framed as "Let's tell the history of this nation"

  46. pspdude231

    pspdude2319 months ago

    Inb4 the kgb takes over extra credits

  47. Emerald Queen

    Emerald Queen9 months ago

    Vampire? You mean Warlock?

  48. Timothy Heimbach

    Timothy Heimbach9 months ago

    They're kind of the same/similar in Russian mythology

  49. Arturo Reyes Cortez

    Arturo Reyes Cortez9 months ago

    Russia has serious issues about xenophobia. Also, there's the extreme weather, the poverty caused by the USSR and the current political corruption. It's no wonder why their myths involve scary evil monsters that seem like something from Warhammer 40K.

  50. Artur M.

    Artur M.9 months ago

    Yeah, the problem with the actual Slavic mythology is that there is no equivalent of the Norse Prose and Poetic Edda or the four great cycles of Irish mythology (not mentioning Homer and Hesiod). The written sources about the pre-Christian gods and beliefs are fragmentary. There is of course rich later folklore but it's hardly consistent and there's not much there about the genealogy of major gods or epic tale, with them in major roles. Everything is like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle where some pieces might even be from different sets or be completely fake (like the "Chernobog" popularised by the American Gods). Basically, everything beside basic stuff like Perun being the very important thunder god is uncertain and the subject of debates. This might actually be an interesting material for an episode but it would have to be done in a different format than the rest of Extra Mythology.

  51. jakov povreslo

    jakov povreslo8 months ago

    veles>anyone else

  52. next_ghost

    next_ghost8 months ago

    Chernobog is mentioned in Chronica Slavorum, written in 1171, back when Pomeranian Slavs were still being converted to Christianity.

  53. FelixFonRihhofen

    FelixFonRihhofen9 months ago

    By this logic you need to made an Ainu Myths in japanese episode when! I mean, almoust every country have minorities, but you kinda put russians on the spot here...

  54. HenshinFanatic

    HenshinFanatic9 months ago

    Definitely, all cultures are fascinating. I 100% expect more of these minority culture myths for pretty much every folkloric group they do.

  55. Communist Doggo

    Communist Doggo9 months ago

    its all about that sweet sweet OIL

  56. Frederick Kue

    Frederick Kue9 months ago

    James should do more voice overs, love his voice.

  57. James Vann

    James Vann9 months ago

    Just binged a bunch of episodes, and the link between Nart and Persian myths got me thinking about Zals white hair and the effects of the apples of the golden tree, and how they could interconnect

  58. Caroline Woud

    Caroline Woud4 months ago

    I am pretty sure that if you were infertile and ate the red side of the apple, your son wouldn’t have a father, and we know zal has a father If you mean that maybe one was inspired of the other, then maybe.

  59. Turgay McBride

    Turgay McBride8 months ago


  60. Дмитрий Фролов

    Дмитрий Фролов9 months ago

    So you basically lied to promote your point of view that russia shouldn't control this area.

  61. Get kicked out of spongebob? Ok just say my leg

    Get kicked out of spongebob? Ok just say my leg9 months ago

    Mythology: its a greek term for not real gods

  62. Derek Skelton

    Derek Skelton9 months ago

    Which is why we use it for all gods...

  63. Fusel

    Fusel9 months ago

    I still think you look like the love child of Snape and keanu reeves...

  64. denalihedgehog

    denalihedgehog9 months ago

    And Serj Tankian

  65. MagnuMagnus

    MagnuMagnus9 months ago

    James? James! *snaps finger* Over here!

  66. Magnus Peacock

    Magnus Peacock9 months ago

    No, over here! ;)

  67. Jayfrid

    Jayfrid9 months ago

    Watching this felt like a 2 hour video and I got a little lost waiting for you to get to the point and now I don't what you saying

  68. Avijit Bahadur

    Avijit Bahadur9 months ago

    Sir i am great fan of ur channel, i have a request.... i m from india n if u can make any videos related to indian rulers, hindu rulers, i will be glad... Ur stories related to different kingdoms n rulers are fantabulous sir I hope u will pay concern to my topics Carry on sir... Hatss offf to u bro

  69. Derek Skelton

    Derek Skelton9 months ago

    They only take requests from patrons. You gotta support them on patreon if you want to see them to do something specific

  70. Vitaliy Bakal

    Vitaliy Bakal9 months ago

    There is a common archetype of an older wise soldier who passes throught village. Why is he old? Well, service lasted 25 years so that guy who beat warlock went as mandatory landlord household quota at 20-30. He is supposed to be at least 45, serving 20 years at some remote outpost or war.

  71. Oxtocoatl

    Oxtocoatl9 months ago

    The archetype reminds me a lot of the witcher.

  72. Кирилл Николаев

    Кирилл Николаев9 months ago

    Early Soviet Russia ,for the most part, didnt suppres non-religios mythos and fairytales, internationalism was a thing and cultural diversity was promoted to the point of delegates in parliament siting in national attires. Only religion allowed to propagate was communism tho. Change from Pagap Mythos to Cristianity was kinda intresting too, it took 600 years and old gods became monsters, pagan trinity Triglav became three headed dragon. Baba Yaga and Koshei were old gods too....

  73. Angel Fox

    Angel Fox9 months ago

    Didn't Lenin support the national determination of the people of the Cacuses?

  74. Akaking მაქაცარია

    Akaking მაქაცარია9 months ago

    You should make Caucasian mythology series! Its a distinct world between Europe and Asia with dozens of unique cultures within it!

  75. DLAlucard

    DLAlucard9 months ago

    Hey very interesting as ever mate, but do get some rest. You sound shattered.

  76. Maxim Preobrazhenskiy

    Maxim Preobrazhenskiy9 months ago

    In seeking to represent a minority you have misrepresented a russian majority. Nord myths are cool, but they are not my myths. Shame, was really looking toward your take on a character like Mikula Selyaninovich or Solovei the Brigand

  77. Maxim Preobrazhenskiy

    Maxim Preobrazhenskiy8 months ago

    ​@LifeSucksManSure why not. However, that doesn't make their myths mine. Or mine theirs, for that matter.

  78. LifeSucksMan

    LifeSucksMan8 months ago

    You do realize they are still russian because they are part of your country, history and population

  79. Rich Wilson

    Rich Wilson9 months ago

    Thanks for the additional context and thoughts. I hope you recover soon.

  80. Shawn Heatherly

    Shawn Heatherly9 months ago

    I'm perfectly fine including folklore among mythology.

  81. really bad content

    really bad content8 months ago

    But that’s like mixing up options and politics

  82. William Holich

    William Holich9 months ago

    my favorite new series! keep it up EC!!!