1. Deestroying

    Deestroying3 months ago

    Team Dee or Team Dock? 🤔

  2. Jake willam

    Jake willam3 days ago

    yo dee lets link Toronto 1v1 b-ball I ant no shit talker just to see hows better

  3. Antraveon Burton

    Antraveon Burton3 days ago

    Team dee all the way

  4. Gabe Donaghy

    Gabe Donaghy3 days ago


  5. Stealth Nation

    Stealth Nation4 days ago

    Team dee

  6. Landan Sampson

    Landan Sampson2 months ago


  7. Carey Martin

    Carey Martin2 hours ago

    All day team dee

  8. TyBritt1829

    TyBritt18292 hours ago

    Real bad boys move in silence. You shouldn't have posted this Blondie. You looked like a sore loser.

  9. Carlos Chavez

    Carlos Chavez3 hours ago

    7:04 Not really

  10. Grayson McCain

    Grayson McCain4 hours ago

    D MAN

  11. Jacob Ofalt

    Jacob Ofalt5 hours ago

    10:42 when your brother wont let you play xbox with him

  12. Xamid Suufi

    Xamid Suufi14 hours ago


  13. Zach Young

    Zach Young19 hours ago

    Both y’all are cry babies.

  14. Gage Servoss

    Gage ServossDay ago

    D money

  15. SuperSayian JD

    SuperSayian JDDay ago

    going back over old vids and i peeped that mans burnt rubber an 6:27

  16. Zayd Martin

    Zayd MartinDay ago

    Dee should be in the wwe for that reversal when the other guy tried to slam him.

  17. banana the 1st

    banana the 1stDay ago


  18. Kayden Phynon

    Kayden PhynonDay ago


  19. Far20ut t

    Far20ut tDay ago

    Dockery won

  20. Landon Mccoy

    Landon MccoyDay ago


  21. Landon Mccoy

    Landon MccoyDay ago


  22. Alexeto O

    Alexeto ODay ago

    This is how many times deestroying said the N word 👇

  23. tylerosborn 05

    tylerosborn 052 days ago


  24. bonniekell

    bonniekell2 days ago


  25. Rawdogmaterial

    Rawdogmaterial2 days ago

    Ok...I stand corrected... Just saw the end.. respect

  26. Rawdogmaterial

    Rawdogmaterial2 days ago

    Damn...I just discovered you... thought you was a real nigga...dude u acting like DDG...

  27. willie nelson

    willie nelson2 days ago

    team dee

  28. Xern

    Xern2 days ago

    This shit fake as hell bruh

  29. elijah harris

    elijah harris2 days ago

    Who gave a fuck shit was lit 🔥

  30. M4SKED_JUL1AN Jackson

    M4SKED_JUL1AN Jackson2 days ago

    He just snatched yo shit cause his fake

  31. DripzChaos

    DripzChaos2 days ago

    Soft ass boys

  32. Aztecgamer

    Aztecgamer2 days ago

    The other guy is better no cap

  33. Liam Zangenberg

    Liam Zangenberg2 days ago

    Real fight videos

  34. Fu Lee Wane

    Fu Lee Wane2 days ago

    They got Dee fucked up..Thinking he just a kicker... Boy is a athlete

  35. Nle lil Sprit

    Nle lil Sprit2 days ago

    Like for team DEE

  36. Rico Cruz

    Rico Cruz2 days ago

    He got his chain snatched🤣🤣😭

  37. Karsten Barrett

    Karsten Barrett2 days ago

    this shit is fake as fuck, but good vid

  38. Diane Walton

    Diane Walton2 days ago

    Team dee

  39. boog _102

    boog _1022 days ago

    They both exposed each other. But D’s post out got dickery so damn good🥴

  40. Alex Zhang21

    Alex Zhang212 days ago

    soooooo about that chain did he buy him a new one?

  41. Acid warrior 21

    Acid warrior 212 days ago

    I never seen you like that

  42. Devon Chappell

    Devon Chappell2 days ago

    Doc is a bitch

  43. Aidennn x3

    Aidennn x32 days ago

    I mean at the end of the day dee is professional

  44. Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson2 days ago

    Completely unprofessional

  45. Anny Viloria

    Anny Viloria3 days ago


  46. Dylan Griffith

    Dylan Griffith3 days ago

    Dock wanna be in the nfl but can’t get physical

  47. Dylan Griffith

    Dylan Griffith3 days ago

    Awwwww dock was bouta get his ass beat

  48. Ozzie G

    Ozzie G3 days ago

    Naw bro dee u shoulda beat his ass for takin yo chain

  49. USN_Tipp88

    USN_Tipp883 days ago

    This dude gotta be the fakest tough guy I’ve ever seen. I’m crying 😭

  50. Christopher Mairena

    Christopher Mairena3 days ago

    Team dee

  51. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony3 days ago

    Definitely team dee

  52. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony3 days ago

    Team dee

  53. Afrx

    Afrx3 days ago

    How do you wanna go to the nfl but yet cry over dumb shot, your a pussy, vets watch your videos like “come to the nfl so I can hear you cry when I get in your head” and how are you gonna push off after 10 yards then get mad at him 😂😂😂😂 your honestly a pussy. Shouldn’t have even posted this. You wanna be a nfl player but wanna make a apologize like your soft bro big facts soft asf

  54. always satisfying videos

    always satisfying videos3 days ago

    You don’t snatch a brothas chain like that

  55. amiiez

    amiiez2 days ago


  56. John Nguyen

    John Nguyen3 days ago

    this is really entertaining no lie