Astros' Yordan Álvarez CRANKS homer for Astros in World Series Game 5, fan blocks it off his chest

Yordan Álvarez hit a huge 2-run homer to give the Astros the lead in World Series Game 5, and a fan blocked it off his chest to get the home run ball!
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  1. Josh Huggins

    Josh HugginsMonth ago

    If Bud Light doesn't do a new Real American Hero song I'll be so disappointed. 😂

  2. jhon wick

    jhon wickMonth ago

    yo solo vine a ver al heroe sin capa que recibe el pelotazo sin soltar su cerveza!!!

  3. Josh Flores

    Josh FloresMonth ago

    Air YORDAN RETURNS, Centerfield damn that’s power

  4. DJVijilante

    DJVijilanteMonth ago

    I think that Nats Baby Shark fan made the play of the game with his belly!

  5. valerieash

    valerieashMonth ago

    Dodgers fan: Thanks for trading him, but hey we’ve got Seager

  6. FooBar Maximus

    FooBar MaximusMonth ago

    He finally learned to hit the low breaking ball. Uh oh!

  7. Grokme Amadeus

    Grokme AmadeusMonth ago

    So glad the National league fans got to finally see what we saw all season.

  8. Bob Smithereens

    Bob SmithereensMonth ago

    Kudos to the fan that took the homerun to the chest to save his beers.

  9. yadrich

    yadrichMonth ago

    Cuba 🇨🇺 🇨🇺 🇨🇺!!!! Go astros!!!!!

  10. Thomas Leo

    Thomas LeoMonth ago

    Come on MLB. You gotta edit these better to match your titles. Four minutes could've been shrunk down to a minute.

  11. Tyler DeHart

    Tyler DeHartMonth ago

    SUCH an amazing young man! I got his autograph while he was in Round Rock on June 1st. He didn't even have to sign autographs, but his heart chose to do so. I've seen first hand what he's like. He signed my baseball card (the only of that card I know of he signed).

  12. Flexb123

    Flexb123Month ago

    I can't believe Nats most important player, Sherzer can't pitch in the most important game of his career and the teams existence. That may be the biggest factor of the series if Nats lose in 6, will certainly be looked back on and a huge what if.

  13. Jack Martin

    Jack MartinMonth ago

    Definitivamente un fuera de serie

  14. James Martin

    James MartinMonth ago

    What may have been more impressive from a pure baseball standpoint was him blowing two singles through the shift in the 4th and 7th.

  15. Tyler DeHart

    Tyler DeHartMonth ago

    It looked like Yordan was intentionally trying to muscle it through the shift and daring the infield to get him out.

  16. Cuban Power

    Cuban PowerMonth ago

    The rookie of the year !!!shutting all the babysharks mouths !!how great ls this

  17. Alex Pou

    Alex PouMonth ago

    The Nationals fans don't deserve a championship, go Astros.

  18. Big Mike

    Big MikeMonth ago

    Wow, the dodgers still helping the astros win World Series games by trading Alvarez to them.

  19. tractorback76

    tractorback76Month ago

    Maybe we can keep Cole if CVS will throw a little sponsorship money since the Astros keep beating the Walgreens.

  20. Comment God

    Comment GodMonth ago

    if strasburg can do what he did g7 here we go

  21. Comment God

    Comment GodMonth ago

    i hope nats win g6 cuz if sog7 is gonna be classic

  22. Jesus christ Christ Jesus

    Jesus christ Christ JesusMonth ago

    Puerto Rican power Jose Correa hit them up.

  23. George Richards

    George RichardsMonth ago

    Nationals: What? It's not best 2 out of 3?

  24. Ax Greenious

    Ax GreeniousMonth ago

    Never drop a beer(s) for ball(s). The gut is multifaceted.

  25. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago


  26. DeeJay Phonzo

    DeeJay PhonzoMonth ago

    That guy took a hit for the beer. The real MVP Ladies and gents...

  27. Allyson Chavez

    Allyson ChavezMonth ago

    That guy took that ball like a champ.😂

  28. SoccerFan8723

    SoccerFan8723Month ago

    If Alvarez stays hot, and springer, correa, and tuve stay themselves then this series is over in 6.

  29. Paul Page

    Paul PageMonth ago

    The Nationalists are toast. Stros in 6

  30. Coburn Karma

    Coburn KarmaMonth ago

    *Baby Sharks are eaten by Baby Killer Whales....*

  31. Paul Page

    Paul PageMonth ago

    Watching the last three Nats World Series home games is as boring as Saturday morning traffic school at the local Super 8 roach motel

  32. Paul Page

    Paul PageMonth ago

    The Washington DC swamp rat nationalists offense has completely flatlined in the WS.

  33. Paul Page

    Paul PageMonth ago

    The DC swamp rats are not going to win another game in this series as long as they can’t score runs.

  34. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyMonth ago


  35. mofocésar undefeatedbeast666

    mofocésar undefeatedbeast666Month ago

    Astros take it all in game six

  36. James Lee

    James LeeMonth ago


  37. Efrain Gonzalez

    Efrain GonzalezMonth ago

    Thank Andrew Friedman for giving this guy away

  38. G. T.

    G. T.Month ago


  39. Hantzley Audate

    Hantzley AudateMonth ago

    Hah! It hit the guy who was double fisting some BEER, I love it

  40. Randy Simmons

    Randy SimmonsMonth ago

    Go astros!!

  41. Johnny Dominguez

    Johnny DominguezMonth ago

    3:45 He had his priorities straight... 🍻🥎🍻😁

  42. the man

    the manMonth ago

    Yordan with the big hit