1. atli Tom

    atli Tom3 hours ago

    i am more like both

  2. Dave Tigasin

    Dave Tigasin3 hours ago

    Why does grayson look good in ethans clothes?!

  3. TheSweetLifeOfMadisyn

    TheSweetLifeOfMadisyn8 hours ago

    If I were one of them I’m definitely 87% Ethan and 13% Grayson

  4. TheSweetLifeOfMadisyn

    TheSweetLifeOfMadisyn9 hours ago

    Okay but I’m dead at the whole power nap thing 😂

  5. Hyper Ninja

    Hyper Ninja9 hours ago

    Why do I absolutely love this video and rewatch it 37187382673648273273274 times?

  6. Destiny Salinas

    Destiny Salinas10 hours ago

    i have both, mostly depends on the day tbh

  7. Ellie Dugan

    Ellie Dugan11 hours ago

    I am a Ethan

  8. Alize Zigler

    Alize Zigler12 hours ago

    29:03 I was so glad no one else was in the room with me but honestly like wow 🔥😌😍

  9. Natalie Strealy

    Natalie Strealy13 hours ago

    I have a mixture of each

  10. Dakota Nguyen

    Dakota Nguyen14 hours ago

    My brother has the same lifestyle as Ethan. Im not sure if I have the same lifestyle as Gray but I am also a lazy f***😂😂

  11. jbg_rocs G

    jbg_rocs G14 hours ago

    i have ethans lifestyle xD

  12. Annie Fart

    Annie Fart15 hours ago

    Gray: once u wake up you’ll feel the power! No one : Ethan: I feel like shit

  13. Zoe Gallup

    Zoe Gallup15 hours ago

    Ethan: "I can't wait to take this f*cking tampon out of my ear" (Talking about his earring)

  14. Jaeda Flores

    Jaeda Flores16 hours ago

    There microwave is spazzing out when Ethan is opening the anchovies

  15. Catherine Hedderich

    Catherine Hedderich17 hours ago


  16. cassidy spence

    cassidy spence22 hours ago

    i have grayson life style

  17. Corina Williams

    Corina Williams22 hours ago

    @10 do you mean for a day?

  18. Nane Aghamalyan

    Nane AghamalyanDay ago

    This is the best video they have and all of their videos are amazinggggggg

  19. Laila Martin

    Laila MartinDay ago

    If you’re livin a lie, you ain’t livin it up!

  20. Gerald Dumpson

    Gerald DumpsonDay ago

    Im kalya i love this video its really good and funny

  21. LunaLuvs Gacha

    LunaLuvs GachaDay ago


  22. idk lmao

    idk lmaoDay ago

    "you're a lazy f*ck' "IM BEING YOU"

  23. HC JACKATTAK08 Fortnite

    HC JACKATTAK08 FortniteDay ago


  24. Jasmyn Sturgeon

    Jasmyn SturgeonDay ago

    6:27 Ethan are you being the emoji or are you being terrifing

  25. Makinzey Johns

    Makinzey JohnsDay ago


  26. Livaa Alexander

    Livaa AlexanderDay ago

    11:16 awww ethan looks so precious curled up napping 🥰❤️

  27. why. not.2006

    why. not.2006Day ago

    this cant be a year old I remember watching the day it came out.

  28. Kae Ramsey

    Kae RamseyDay ago

    I have graysons lifestyle😂❤ you guys are truly idols of mine❤❤

  29. Overrated Rac00n

    Overrated Rac00nDay ago

    Dang he really didn't like grey using his toothbrush LMAO I mean same that is freaking gross but hey got to love them 30:26 🤢🤣😂🤔

  30. nicole posey

    nicole poseyDay ago

    Grayson 11:22 - wants you wake up your gonna feel that POWER NAP! Ethan 11:23 - I feel like sh** Me: 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆

  31. Elizabeth Murashko

    Elizabeth MurashkoDay ago

    I am completely grayson and ethan is my sister😂

  32. Melanie Solorio

    Melanie SolorioDay ago

    16:49 how did Ethan’s shirt change red to black then red again

  33. Abbi North

    Abbi NorthDay ago

    a year later and this is still my favorite video of theirs

  34. Kailer Canlas

    Kailer CanlasDay ago

    *literally so many different brands of pizza sauce* Ethan: *grabs the boxed one*

  35. Kaylee Jackson

    Kaylee JacksonDay ago


  36. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

    Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?Day ago

    "extra virgin olive oil...just like grayson"

  37. Payton

    PaytonDay ago

    At 17:00 why is Ethan wearing a black shirt instead of the red one?

  38. Payton

    PaytonDay ago

    Oh my bad its at 16:30

  39. Funnyaslimes & Annmarie Latta

    Funnyaslimes & Annmarie LattaDay ago

    yo i’m proud they made it 30 seconds without cussing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  40. Oreothepuppo O

    Oreothepuppo ODay ago

    They are like a married couple Ethan: washing the dishes in a crop top Grayson: have fun scrubbing *slaps Ethans ass*

  41. Keiran Grant

    Keiran GrantDay ago

    I have graysons lifestyle

  42. Alex Gamboa

    Alex GamboaDay ago

    So dedicated using his toothbrush...

  43. Mollie Tidbury

    Mollie TidburyDay ago

    At 15:05 Grayson has that light that Shane Dawson was talking about where you can’t see it with you eyes but you can in a mirror or camera it’s weird

  44. Bladis Ramos Ordonez

    Bladis Ramos OrdonezDay ago


  45. Ciara Dineen

    Ciara DineenDay ago

    My name is Ciara I was thing youneed 2 new girlfriend. Ciara I like watch you it is fun. Ciara

  46. Juliet Rose

    Juliet RoseDay ago

    grayson’s so sweet

  47. Siu Cheuk

    Siu Cheuk2 days ago

    Why am I watching this exactly one yearlater

  48. Tiny Toon

    Tiny Toon2 days ago

    Grayson is very funny 😂..... Gamer boy

  49. thrivingrockingchair

    thrivingrockingchair2 days ago

    one year ago today

  50. paradolz editing

    paradolz editing2 days ago

    No one: Ethan: *COME UP WITH A VIDEO IDEA*

  51. QuanTum Phoenix

    QuanTum Phoenix2 days ago

    1 year from today this video was posted