Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?


  1. Inna Pilat

    Inna Pilat5 hours ago

    Alix is always the team I'm on

  2. Inna Pilat

    Inna Pilat5 hours ago

    Team Alix

  3. Aleira’s world

    Aleira’s world5 hours ago


  4. rachael white

    rachael white5 hours ago

    Why does this kid talk like she’s 3

  5. Luke aka Razzo

    Luke aka Razzo7 hours ago

    These themes for this season look fun! In the background I see mummies, robots, witches, aliens, fairies, and mermaids.

  6. Ramya Kaja

    Ramya Kaja8 hours ago

    Alexis: SO, what else is on the plate? Kid: Sticks Alexis: mmmhmm ok Sticks Alex: Sticks like...? Both: *could you explain that further please* Kid: now moving on, so this is the main meal

  7. Luis Chavez

    Luis Chavez9 hours ago

    Lmao. It’s was like nailed it. That one person who gave up and just started using rice cereal treatments for everything

  8. Fabiya Fabi

    Fabiya Fabi9 hours ago

    Allix sound is very good

  9. Christine Ela Sabijon

    Christine Ela Sabijon10 hours ago

    "They LIVE in the dessert and they're DEAD."

  10. Priscillia Pandinata

    Priscillia Pandinata11 hours ago

    What do you want in your dish? Kid: lamma eyes, tears, and death

  11. Kate yee yee

    Kate yee yee11 hours ago

    i hate that little bitch

  12. Idiot on the internet.

    Idiot on the internet.11 hours ago

    The only kid i’ve liked in all of these

  13. Daniela Radashkevich

    Daniela Radashkevich13 hours ago

    "They live in the desert and they're dead." They're dead. How do the LIVE in the desert?

  14. Random Person

    Random Person14 hours ago

    tHiS iS nOt CyAn

  15. Skyler Brothers

    Skyler Brothers14 hours ago

    Mmmmmm Oreo truffles yummm

  16. Kara Beegle

    Kara Beegle14 hours ago

    Alexis face in the thumbnail dude

  17. Gian kyle Salagsag

    Gian kyle Salagsag15 hours ago

    Mummies don’t go to graves they go in sarchofaguses

  18. AlwaysSienna

    AlwaysSienna15 hours ago

    Bruh these kids are lucky

  19. xjeAmm

    xjeAmm16 hours ago

    This whole time I thought she was drawing a dish for her Mom (Mummy) and I was so confused as to why she would feed her mom sticks and lama eyes.

  20. Tiba Jaafar

    Tiba Jaafar16 hours ago

    I love these vids

  21. My Bias Is BTS

    My Bias Is BTS17 hours ago

    Troubles with truffles

  22. Ratu Hani

    Ratu Hani18 hours ago

    Alexis is my mood

  23. Its Tumbie

    Its Tumbie18 hours ago

    Rice crispies are such a cop out

  24. malatr alals

    malatr alals18 hours ago

    love u guys sooo much

  25. malatr alals

    malatr alals19 hours ago

    please please let me do a cooking competition im turning 12 on june30 2019 so 13 days thats my birthday wish + dream, I just hope it comes true

  26. Sphire Saph

    Sphire Saph19 hours ago

    Dat girl could go to hell for all I care. She was so rude and a bich

  27. Parker Sorensen

    Parker Sorensen19 hours ago

    If I did this challenge I would have no mercy, I would want like a mummy that is interactive because like when they had to bury the body, they had to take the organs out, so I would want like an interactive surgical procedure you have to go through to taste everything. At the end I would say that you can’t make it. If Tasty is seeing this, someone please make it and upload it to Tasty.

  28. Morgan Kay

    Morgan Kay19 hours ago

    I’d LOVE to see a under the sea theme. Mermaids, marine, etc.

  29. mellovee Herrera

    mellovee Herrera20 hours ago

    she is really picky

  30. Keeley Allen

    Keeley Allen20 hours ago

    Alexis' literally was nothing near even looking like what the kid wanted, and it probably just all tasted the same, no wonder she lost.

  31. Ally xx

    Ally xx20 hours ago

    First i thought she talked bout "MOMMYs"

  32. Ilea J

    Ilea J21 hour ago

    It seems like they don't like each other or something. I can feel tension from the chef on the right🤭🤭 👉👉👉

  33. radjadjadja

    radjadjadja22 hours ago


  34. Briaun Bolden

    Briaun Bolden23 hours ago

    Ali’s made Oreo balls if only she added a coat of chocolate or dip it in chocolate

  35. Cecilia Suriano

    Cecilia Suriano23 hours ago

    Alix’s jokes 🙄

  36. Matt Chimes

    Matt ChimesDay ago

    Why is this showing up in my feed even though I’ve blocked this channel?

  37. Deanna Dale

    Deanna DaleDay ago

    When the blond girl finally started the blender I thought she hurt her hand! I was terrified 😑😝✋

  38. rahmatullah dem

    rahmatullah demDay ago

    “i don’t like this, it has no flavor” IMMM

  39. Gian kyle Salagsag

    Gian kyle SalagsagDay ago

    The lama eyes on the picture look like something else

  40. Rose

    RoseDay ago


  41. Maranda 16

    Maranda 16Day ago

    This girl is DEFINITELY gonna have a goth phase later on XD

  42. Sarah Toner

    Sarah TonerDay ago

    She complained that the green whipped cream wasn't cyan, cyan is a dark blueish

  43. GoldenLyfe

    GoldenLyfeDay ago

    I hate that kid at the end

  44. Damaris Mancilla

    Damaris MancillaDay ago

    Imma just say one thing. That little girl is quite annoying.

  45. little_ wolfy

    little_ wolfyDay ago

    Oh God I feel so bad! She was so honest... Not in the good way. LMAO😂 also, Alexis made everything out of Rice Krispie treats. Well when I say everything I mean the filling.

  46. CookieGirlyGamer2

    CookieGirlyGamer2Day ago

    am I the only person who thinks that sometimes the chefs who win hate the drawings and don't even keep them or throw them away? Just me.... Okay

  47. Danielle Ongie

    Danielle OngieDay ago

    Alexis: *is making intricate marshmallow fondant* Alix, at the same time: "i GOt tHeEsE LiTtLe CaNdy EyEs!!" (I love both chefs I just thought that comparison was funny)

  48. Maryam Ali

    Maryam AliDay ago

    "they live in the desert and they are dead"

  49. Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 10

    Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 10Day ago

    I feel like this entire video forgot there is a difference between zombies and mummies....

  50. Allie_ Animations

    Allie_ AnimationsDay ago

    "Let's Wrap This Up" Pun City

  51. Nayla Leifson

    Nayla LeifsonDay ago

    I have a feeling they don't really like each other... Dark hair girl seemed snotty and weird with there blonde girl... Hard to watch

  52. tyler is a rat

    tyler is a ratDay ago

    Idk who go route for they are bolth my favorite chefs

  53. Farida Menshawy

    Farida MenshawyDay ago

    The gril need to come to Egypt

  54. Shady Shaderson

    Shady ShadersonDay ago

    Alexis tanked this one on purpose. Very nice of her to let someone else win.

  55. Vidushi Mishra

    Vidushi MishraDay ago

    You know why I can’t be a chef? Well I’d probably eat the dish before the kid

  56. ELLA Amo

    ELLA AmoDay ago

    Im trying to look for a comment about how the girl drawed the " eyes "

  57. Maria D Rodriguez

    Maria D RodriguezDay ago


  58. Why are staring at me

    Why are staring at meDay ago

    “She won’t notice that there are no Llama tears.” *literally less than 5 mins later” *”tHeRe ArE nO lLaMa TeArS.”*

  59. Skwolfy Gaming

    Skwolfy GamingDay ago

    *At first I thought like Mother mummy not Egyptian Mummy*

  60. C ø m ē d y PANDA 3000

    C ø m ē d y PANDA 3000Day ago

    10:37 no offense but.... Alix looked TINY

  61. Smol Potato

    Smol PotatoDay ago

    Alex is like the best at making things accurate and it’s so surprising if she looses :D

  62. 00700 Lit

    00700 LitDay ago

    I hate that girl

  63. Exmaonfebruary

    ExmaonfebruaryDay ago

    Can you add a recipe for these? 😂

  64. Attitude: The Caribbean Dance Company

    Attitude: The Caribbean Dance CompanyDay ago

    Was anyone else cringing at the sound of the markers?

  65. Tom Parker

    Tom ParkerDay ago

    hahaha Kaylanee is like a little Gordan Ramsay tryin this food

  66. Lulu Lomi

    Lulu LomiDay ago

    Alix’s puns are the funniest

  67. Noa van Opstal

    Noa van OpstalDay ago

    Alix is my favourite person ever

  68. Isabelita Hunter

    Isabelita HunterDay ago

    “They live in the desert and they’re dead” words of a child... 😂

  69. Eva Walker

    Eva WalkerDay ago

    Alexis should have made the eyes of chocolate truffles

  70. Gabrianna Beard

    Gabrianna BeardDay ago

    This is literally my fav show on USwork 😂

  71. Rafaela Sts

    Rafaela StsDay ago

    Alix reminds me of Jojo Siwa in a good way bc of her voice and excitement

  72. Amy Rose play's and Rosie Rose

    Amy Rose play's and Rosie RoseDay ago

    How can you enter in for the I Draw, You Cook? I really want to be in it!!

  73. Potassuim_Cation

    Potassuim_CationDay ago

    No those are Rice cRispy tReats

  74. justnatalia

    justnataliaDay ago

    Only Tasty would put their add on their own video.

  75. Potassuim_Cation

    Potassuim_CationDay ago

    Alexis: Does the easiest possible things Alexis: Screws them up

  76. Cam The Man07

    Cam The Man07Day ago

    Kid: I know they *live* in the desert Also kid: And there’re also *dead* [insert surprised pickachu meme]

  77. Potassuim_Cation

    Potassuim_CationDay ago

    There are actually a lot of beautiful Peruvian mummies

  78. Abdala Abdullahi

    Abdala AbdullahiDay ago

    Alix is so happy and positive

  79. David Rodriguez

    David RodriguezDay ago

    That girl a brat

  80. Abigail Huang

    Abigail HuangDay ago

    13:08 cyan is sort of like turquoise or teal I think...

  81. Sophia Purdy

    Sophia PurdyDay ago

    They LIVE in the desert and yet they're dead😂💀

  82. T Mills

    T MillsDay ago

    Who else when Alexis used the microwave got nostalgic 😂😂😂

  83. Malek GOMAA

    Malek GOMAADay ago

    she looked very disappointing at the pun in the end

  84. DumbStraws TV

    DumbStraws TVDay ago

    After the joke Alex made at the end I think the girl regretted the person she chose as a winner

  85. AndreiG

    AndreiGDay ago

    Blond girl is so cringy

  86. Donut Teal

    Donut TealDay ago

    This kid is so pick, my god

  87. IdioticSky

    IdioticSkyDay ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Alexis and she’s rlly sweet and funny, but Rice Krispies aren’t the solution to everything😂 Alix’s puns are amazing tho 👌

  88. Cindia Liao

    Cindia LiaoDay ago

    I feel like the girl was a little bit brat

  89. ananya shukla

    ananya shuklaDay ago

    I love this show

  90. Boruto Plays

    Boruto PlaysDay ago

    She drew two b00bs

  91. The Experienced Gamer

    The Experienced GamerDay ago

    Dumbass kid dont know about mummy's

  92. Max Leong

    Max LeongDay ago

    Alix is in tune with her food with inner child to create while alexis is creating her food for a really bougie child that's artistic. *evil food processor whirls* OMG! I almost just died and came back as a mummy - Alix 2019 xD

  93. No

    NoDay ago

    I would prefer Alix then every other chef there in tasty I don’t know if it’s her personality that just makes me energetic and happy

  94. Anderson Do

    Anderson DoDay ago

    No affence that Alixs is so annoying no affence

  95. Hyforge

    HyforgeDay ago

    1:25 Literally the best thing I’ve seen today

  96. myLPSworldAJ

    myLPSworldAJDay ago


  97. salsa salsa

    salsa salsaDay ago

    why is alexis jst making rice krispie treats

  98. As much subs i can get with no videos

    As much subs i can get with no videosDay ago

    Im not trying to hate but out of all themes she chose mummies!

  99. Beckys Berries

    Beckys BerriesDay ago

    "They _live_ in the desert, and they're dead"

  100. dojufitz

    dojufitzDay ago

    I like both the chefs......