Nationals put up runs on Gerrit Cole! Adam Eaton, Juan Soto put Nats up in World Series Game 1

A big inning from the Nationals, with Adam Eaton and Juan Soto coming up with big hits, put the Nats up in World Series Game 1!
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  1. Troy James

    Troy James22 days ago

    Cole and Verlander falling apart is my favorite part of beating this cheater team

  2. edison t

    edison tMonth ago

    Soto is a beast

  3. Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe

    Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exeMonth ago

    The Nationals will LOSE, and deserve to lose. your fans are a disgrace! No matter your political affiliation, have some respect for the office of the presidency, you dirtbags. I despise that worthless fake black that was in office for 8 years prior, that wasn't even a legitimate president! a kenyan-born person is NOT allowed to be a president in this country! he defrauded america and all low IQ libtards, (not hard to do), sold our secrets to the enemy, as well as our uranium to his butt buddy Putin. He's the real Putin's puppet. GO ASTROS!

  4. Martin Campos juarez

    Martin Campos juarezMonth ago

    Como me gustaría ver que le pongan un rectaso en las costillas al mamon de Juan Soto por hacer esas pantominas lástima del talento lo arruina con esas idioteses.

  5. Giorgenelis Pineda

    Giorgenelis PinedaMonth ago

    Juan Soto está duro

  6. First Name

    First NameMonth ago

    Nationals 2019 WS Champions

  7. Todd Klein

    Todd KleinMonth ago

    Ok while I'd like Washington to win their first World Series ultimately all I want is good series regardless of who wins and if game 1 is any indication were in for a great series

  8. Thetruth99

    Thetruth99Month ago

    Can we get a color commentary guy and a former mlb guy in the booth? These commentators are so basic and boring.



    Lol...Nationals in 5. Wake up and smell the Soto. He's already stole all of Altuve's shine...f'n love it.

  10. elli bull

    elli bullMonth ago

    3-1 Count Cole got away with that hanging change.

  11. Peggy Micsky

    Peggy MicskyMonth ago

    All that hype about the pitchers yesterday and neither came through! Scherzer pitched the worst game I've ever seen him pitch! The great Cole taken down by a 20 year old ROOKIE! SOTO is DYNAMITE and a great kid!

  12. Gary A

    Gary AMonth ago

    Nats helping to drive down Cole’s free agency price! 👍

  13. Cesar Augu

    Cesar AuguMonth ago

    Cole had a bad night at the worst time. Both teams are good, still think the Astros got the best team and experience.

  14. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    Yeah he kept hitting the Nats bats with the baseball lmao

  15. Stephen Dre

    Stephen DreMonth ago

  16. Memetastic

    MemetasticMonth ago

    FUN FACT: Gerrit Cole hasn’t recorded a loss since October 22nd!

  17. Jokester W

    Jokester WMonth ago


  18. Zekai Erkal

    Zekai ErkalMonth ago

    After the yankees astros thought they were the champs. Senators sweep

  19. 3M

    3MMonth ago

    I say Astros in 6!

  20. ruttep II

    ruttep IIMonth ago

    ...Senators? They haven't existed in 60+ years

  21. realdeal139

    realdeal139Month ago

    Nats showing yanks how to get it done.

  22. 3M

    3MMonth ago

    Yes they actually did, take my comment back.

  23. realdeal139

    realdeal139Month ago

    Space Cowboy like I said before. Nats showed the Yanks how it’s suppose to get done! 😁

  24. 3M

    3MMonth ago

    @mrromantimothy yes we shall.

  25. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    @3M well we shall find out

  26. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    Yanks are dumb every year they build a team built for the long ball in a pound teams during the regular season but that doesn't take you anywhere in the postseason you can get shut down real quick and if they can't manufacture runs they go down like they always do

  27. Newt Scamander

    Newt ScamanderMonth ago


  28. Frances Johnson

    Frances JohnsonMonth ago

    Yes Nationals stay in the fight

  29. Billy Anderson

    Billy AndersonMonth ago

    I never seen a team with this much luck in a playoffs since the 1996 Yankees.. Unreal,,,

  30. Royal Abstraction

    Royal AbstractionMonth ago

    Yeah well, that may be but it looks like they're going to ride the luck all the way to a crown

  31. Frankincensed

    FrankincensedMonth ago

    If my team isn't in the WS, I dont watch much or care what happens, but the Nats are going to do something historical. I'm here

  32. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel TovarMonth ago

    Great call by the officials man they deserve more credit.

  33. Sal Vulcano

    Sal VulcanoMonth ago

    Just imagine what if Roberts hadn’t brought in kershaw or kelly..

  34. Sal Vulcano

    Sal VulcanoMonth ago

    mrromantimothy good point, hope they take the series from Houston

  35. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    @Russell Guercio they couldn't score again after the first inning they laid an egg

  36. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    What makes you think the Nationals couldn't rough up anybody they brought in?

  37. Russell Guercio

    Russell GuercioMonth ago

    Or if the Brewers could hold on to a lead.

  38. GOGO

    GOGOMonth ago

    Soto who ended Kershaw's whole career

  39. golfmaniac007

    golfmaniac007Month ago

    amazing when harper leaves nationals the nationals make WS. so much for paying nosebleed contract.

  40. 9 17

    9 17Month ago

    The way soto owned cole is the way the yankees shoulda owned cole & the whole astros

  41. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    Maybe in the regular season but you don't see pitching like that in the postseason and the Yankees don't know how to manufacture runs helpless

  42. Desmond Ciauri

    Desmond CiauriMonth ago

    Bat boy is thicc

  43. Howard Barnett

    Howard BarnettMonth ago

    1:00 Dude got down the line.

  44. A space being

    A space beingMonth ago

    That 1st homerun by Soto seemed suspicious to me I havent seen a ball get crushed like that and carry out that far since the steroid Era the guy seems like hes juicing to be honest even the 2nd hit he got seemed to carry out way more then it should have because he didn't seem like he hit it that hard

  45. edison t

    edison tMonth ago

    @mrromantimothy 🤣

  46. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    Dude Soto Feasts on high fastballs and that pitcher was stupid enough to throw him one

  47. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    To be honest you haven't been around the game long enough that you can have an opinion did you got from watching baseball movies on TV

  48. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    Yeah Jose Canseco's brother was Juiced and he couldn't even hit water if he fell out of a boat

  49. viva laoldies

    viva laoldiesMonth ago

    A space being shut up cry baby. Take your L

  50. 2Keen To give a what

    2Keen To give a whatMonth ago

    Down Go The Cheating Asstros!

  51. Dee Best

    Dee BestMonth ago

    How they cheating?

  52. LifeIsGood

    LifeIsGoodMonth ago

    i thought the nats were supposed to get swept?

  53. Matt Collins

    Matt CollinsMonth ago

    So many little things in this game could have swung the outcome in Houston's favor. Guriel is a little earlier and instead of a double he hits a home run. Rendon is fraction of a second slower out of the box, the Astros turn that double play. Springer is a little later, he's got a game tying home run in the 8th. I guess the baseball gods wanted the Nats to have this one.

  54. William Russell

    William RussellMonth ago

    the wall made a cool sound when the ball hit it

  55. Vasquez Family

    Vasquez FamilyMonth ago

    Come on band wagon fans

  56. Jei Bae

    Jei BaeMonth ago

    Soto: 'The Rise of Skywalker'. Prediction; 7 #GoNats

  57. Janet Ayala

    Janet AyalaMonth ago

    I hope the nat win the World series

  58. Royal Abstraction

    Royal AbstractionMonth ago

    Nats in 5

  59. Apocalypse Witch

    Apocalypse WitchMonth ago

    Gerrit CHOKE

  60. John Christian

    John ChristianMonth ago

    Nats winning Game 1 IS a highlight that will define the World Series. Of course, 63% of teams who won Game 1 went on to win the whole thing. It was very close today, it will be tomorrow and the next days because this series all boiled down to this. I hope the Nationals will win it all because who doesn't love a classic fairytale story without writing a Hollywood script?

  61. Lincoln Apache Avila

    Lincoln Apache AvilaMonth ago

    Im sure trump is going to ride the wave

  62. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMonth ago

    I'm sure someday somebody might even ask you for advice about Donald Trump oh what he's going to ride or what he's going to do when he's going to give it a break

  63. Apocalypse Witch

    Apocalypse WitchMonth ago

    Juan Soto's shimmy will be on Fortnite by the end of the week.