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  1. Slender20012 -

    Slender20012 -2 hours ago

    Ooh I wonder if they are talking about the HOT cause you got that Ricardo

  2. Queen Jay

    Queen Jay8 hours ago

    I'm disappointed...

  3. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa9 hours ago

    Does anyone know when gta 6 is actually coming out ?

  4. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk10 hours ago

    you said it was going to come out last year, now you said it's going to come out next year in 2020. When the hell is the game going to come out?!

  5. homerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    homerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr17 hours ago

    So the development started before the release of the current console generation and is going to be released in the next generation ? Yeah, smells like bullshit to me.

  6. Troy Fowler

    Troy Fowler18 hours ago

    I can't wait to check n play storey mode in gta 5

  7. Troy Fowler

    Troy Fowler18 hours ago

    I can't wait to play it day one

  8. Troy Fowler

    Troy Fowler18 hours ago

    I can't wait to preorder the collection edition of for the ps5

  9. Troy Fowler

    Troy Fowler18 hours ago

    I can't wait to see some trailer for gta 6 for the ps5

  10. Troy Fowler

    Troy Fowler18 hours ago

    What's up bosses more videos keep it up

  11. RoadRunnerPaco

    RoadRunnerPaco19 hours ago

    Modern day Vice City would be Broward County Lol

  12. Muddelly Mudd

    Muddelly Mudd19 hours ago

    If GTA 6 ever comes out around the time of Cyberpunk 2077. That would be some serious competition there

  13. thelitepredator

    thelitepredator22 hours ago

    lmfao winners dont do drugs they sell um lmao who r u guys hahaha @1:55

  14. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasDay ago

    Grand Theft Auto VIce

  15. Cristian Mancillas

    Cristian MancillasDay ago

    I feel like years will pass in the game. Going from 70s'-80's til modern days

  16. Shane Koehler

    Shane KoehlerDay ago

    Clickbait title

  17. Ashton Clifford

    Ashton CliffordDay ago

    They should make Bully 2 a public school. They should make it a highschool. They should make it Multiplayer. And character age choice between 14-18. Make it where you choose his body build like height, weight, and make your character fat, skinny, toned, muscular. They should make where character ages 16 and up can drive only.

  18. Matt Diehl

    Matt DiehlDay ago

    They said the same thing about the trunk storage in gta 4

  19. Media Hub 247, inc.

    Media Hub 247, inc.Day ago

    first off, one thing we do know for sure, is that ROCKSTAR said themsleves, that the next installment of GTA will be bigger than any they have made before and it will blow our minds.

  20. Shawn Cooper

    Shawn CooperDay ago

    @Media Hub 247, inc. true in the future we could be seeing gta 10 I hope one day they set it in England or other exciting places like Belgium or even better rio Brazil

  21. Media Hub 247, inc.

    Media Hub 247, inc.Day ago

    @Shawn Cooper i believe GTA is one of those games that will never die, its like the simpsons equivalent of video games

  22. Shawn Cooper

    Shawn CooperDay ago

    I hope so and who knows what number gta will go upto who knows I am predicting 7

  23. Skydown Gang Wars

    Skydown Gang WarsDay ago

    And obviously no one but me remembers how much speculation about GTA V😄 was B\S? Perfect proof is all those people on gta forums that have been talking about the casino dlc since april.

  24. Skydown Gang Wars

    Skydown Gang WarsDay ago

    Lol that one building in Gta V that everyone mentions.


    METTRIIK11 hours ago

    People didn't play story mode. The person in charge of building it was killed by Franklin.

  26. red horizon

    red horizonDay ago

    clicked this with no hope of seeing leaks

  27. Yusef Navajo

    Yusef NavajoDay ago

    Soooo the next grand theft auto is a scraface remake???


    METTRIIK11 hours ago

    Nope. This info is not correct.

  29. DripGxd_Cam

    DripGxd_CamDay ago

    This is rather disappointing

  30. Bertie the dog

    Bertie the dogDay ago

    Looks like John cena found a new career

  31. Griller Lettuce

    Griller LettuceDay ago

    I hope GTA 6 takes place in either Tokyo, Rome, or D.C. (which is mentioned as Capital City in the GTA games) or Mexico city.

  32. Not bahhhd Good size

    Not bahhhd Good sizeDay ago

    Don't really want a 1970s set gta up-to-date games have always been more interesting and fun especially since gta online has so much longevity for a reason

  33. Recent Drop

    Recent Drop15 hours ago

    Not bahhhd Good size did you even watch the video ??! It said that time while change in game from 1970s to Present . If that’s even true

  34. Junior Mr_bagchassing._

    Junior Mr_bagchassing._2 days ago

    Hey should add the untied states! And add nipsey song. Last time that I checc

  35. Gaming KnockeR

    Gaming KnockeR2 days ago

    We need 3 characters a mobster a drug dealer and a girl that runs a club that is running a prostitute ring

  36. Wreckzz Tutorials

    Wreckzz Tutorials2 days ago

    Tf I don’t wanna play in no 70s 80s I want present time that’s shit

  37. Taco Friday

    Taco Friday2 days ago

    I hope they let you travel to los Santos and liberty city or even a new environment

  38. fahood cx

    fahood cx2 days ago

    To all those guys saying that GTA 6 won't arrive cause GTA 5 still printing money NO! it's always the next GTA which kills previous GTA. GTA 6 will release with Next Gen And GTA 6 has been in development since GTA 5's release. AND GTA 5 was in development after GTA 4's release. also looking at how less money R* had when they released GTA 4 but started working on GTA 5 straight after it, can imagine how much they will invest in GTA 6 since they made around $800M in just first month/week. GTA 6 trailer Will either come late this year or early next year.

  39. ATREES

    ATREES2 days ago

    GTA V’s trailer was revealed 2 years before the game released. I WANT TO SEE A TRAILER. DicePlz. Gamescom maybe?

  40. Македонец

    Македонец2 days ago

    Isn't that Javier Pena on the thumbnail? The DEA detective that along with Agent Steve Murphy and the Colombian army located and killed Pablo Escobar?

  41. Harsh Patel

    Harsh Patel2 days ago

    Rockstar really have to tell the release date because if any games come out anywhere near GTA 6 it will get destroyed.

  42. Harsh Patel

    Harsh Patel17 hours ago

    @Joku Äijä thats what I said, if any game come out near GTA 6 it will get destroyed.

  43. Joku Äijä

    Joku Äijä18 hours ago

    Harsh Patel I don’t think so, I think gta 6 is the game that all other games should be worried about.

  44. ismail princ

    ismail princ2 days ago

    please just not 70' and 80' ..

  45. MaSoNGaMeR115

    MaSoNGaMeR1152 days ago

    i really hope everything in this video will be untrue

  46. SIN FUL

    SIN FUL2 days ago

    Its real

  47. Daniel Peterson

    Daniel Peterson3 days ago

    Guys my uncle works at Nintendo and he told me that gta 7 will take place in the wild west area where you play as a cowboy outlaw.

  48. GTA 6 Content

    GTA 6 Content3 days ago

    This is how many people can’t wait for GTA 6 👇

  49. MaSoNGaMeR115

    MaSoNGaMeR1152 days ago

    @GTA 6 Content 9 lol

  50. GTA 6 Content

    GTA 6 Content3 days ago

    A lot

  51. Luis Espino

    Luis Espino3 days ago

    How many?

  52. Xsyios

    Xsyios3 days ago

    I want to be able to be a cop and I want the cops to stop shooting and first try to arrest you.

  53. Rocky Plays124

    Rocky Plays1243 days ago

    I hope they have the 3 from gta 5

  54. Rivo Kiils

    Rivo Kiils3 days ago

    lol. all wrong. its in the future. Rubber Tunes confirmed this (intel).

  55. MT Motors

    MT Motors3 days ago

    what drugs are you guys on?

  56. Jon Hubbard

    Jon Hubbard3 days ago

    The guy on the laptop looks like if Elon Musk and Ron Pearlman had a child

  57. David Wright

    David Wright3 days ago

    I love this show haha

  58. Bernard

    Bernard3 days ago


  59. Its Jardo

    Its Jardo4 days ago

    Imagine if one of the protagonists is a “bent cop” so you get to see both sides of the law in game

  60. Rekcut99

    Rekcut993 days ago

    Its Jardo like sleeping dogs

  61. Jordan Alexander

    Jordan Alexander4 days ago

    Winners don't do drugs they sell them. Lol life lesson

  62. Mário Teixeira

    Mário Teixeira4 days ago

    Can someone please tell me this song from the background... it's a banger