All of Astros' pitcher Gerrit Cole's Postseason Strikeouts (47 Ks!)

Gerrit Cole has had an AMAZING Postseason so far. Watch all his strikeouts from the Astros' current run.
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  1. Zach Wachs

    Zach WachsMonth ago

    There would've been several more had got in game 7.

  2. Ruben T

    Ruben TMonth ago

    Best pitcher in baseball. DON'T LET THIS MAN GO, ASTROS.

  3. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    Just don't go to the team in the bronx

  4. Fabian Vera

    Fabian VeraMonth ago

    Farewell Garret Cole! May The Force and The Money be with you...

  5. Nathaniel Smith

    Nathaniel SmithMonth ago

    Strasburg has the chance for more tonight but no one is talking about his dominance the way are about Cole's

  6. asics好き

    asics好きMonth ago

    Home baseball feels attractive

  7. Snowman

    SnowmanMonth ago

    astro boy!!!

  8. Fat Albert

    Fat AlbertMonth ago

    I love watching DC teams lose.

  9. Purifie

    PurifieMonth ago

    Who else has been a fan of MLB before 2019?! 👇🏼Gifting my next 250 subs a 🎁

  10. ゆっくり妖夢

    ゆっくり妖夢Month ago


  11. Obamos did 9/11

    Obamos did 9/11Month ago

    Cole is better than whole nats, Dodgers and Yankees pitchers, this guy DESERVES a +300mllns contract more than Harper, just facts.

  12. Andrew Quintero

    Andrew QuinteroMonth ago

    If the Astros are serious about building a good franchise, they better pay him good to keep him otherwise he will pitching against the Astros which may cost the Astros dearly. Another issue to consider is, Cole is making a statement during the post season and world series, You either pay me what I'm worth or I will pay you back dearly.

  13. G. T.

    G. T.Month ago

    His delivery reminds me of Pedro Martinez. Both wear the same number.

  14. paralentor

    paralentorMonth ago

    Had the luck to see him pitch both games I got to see this past year.

  15. the man

    the manMonth ago

    He sure does strike out alot of people real fast

  16. 2 Train Productions

    2 Train ProductionsMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole has been KILLING IT!!!!!!!

  17. Ron

    RonMonth ago

    Gerrit Kole

  18. Josh Flores

    Josh FloresMonth ago

    The best pitcher I’ve ever seen, my only wish is that he stays with us, COLE 45

  19. Jordan Aguero

    Jordan AgueroMonth ago

    I hope the Cubs sign him. Les get it David Ross. #EverybodyIn

  20. the man

    the manMonth ago

    Aren't you guys trying to cut payroll?

  21. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Where do you think he'll go next season??

  22. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    @G. T. Yeah, a lotta people think he'll join Joe Maddon with the Angels

  23. G. T.

    G. T.Month ago

    I have a feeling if the Astros win the World Series, he will stay. If they lose, he will leave for sure and pitch in his home state (California).

  24. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    HTX The Wild I hope so!

  25. HTX The Wild

    HTX The WildMonth ago

    Upswing Baseball Somewhere That will have a chance at making the playoffs

  26. Captain Star

    Captain StarMonth ago

    This guy is just unfair

  27. Alex ZA

    Alex ZAMonth ago

    NUMERO #1

  28. Catalyst V7

    Catalyst V7Month ago

    Some capital steez stuff

  29. John Ritter

    John RitterMonth ago

    Should be 46...

  30. Phillip Southard

    Phillip SouthardMonth ago

    clever name bad umping works both ways.


    MFIGUREIVMonth ago

    Trade Greinke and Reddick open up cap space for Cole let him be our main act besides JV

  32. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonMonth ago

    They might be able to trade Reddick to a team needing veteran leadership or a a good luck charm (he's been in the playoffs 7 of the last 8 years.) But Greinke's a different story. 2020 is the last year of a huge contract and his no-trade clause eliminates the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Angels, the Dodgers, and pretty much any other team that could afford his contract.

  33. Linus Littlefield

    Linus LittlefieldMonth ago

    Cole blooded!

  34. Haro19 OG

    Haro19 OGMonth ago

    All aboard that Cole train baby!


    AJO BEATSMonth ago

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  36. Champion Mendoza

    Champion MendozaMonth ago

    That Cole 45 is on fire

  37. G. T.

    G. T.Month ago

    @Redbug 3 Houston Cole 45's

  38. James M

    James MMonth ago

    Let’s go ‘Stros!!!

  39. Eugenia Murillo

    Eugenia MurilloMonth ago


  40. Noah Conner

    Noah ConnerMonth ago

    @Eugenia Murillo the Astros will win

  41. Eugenia Murillo

    Eugenia MurilloMonth ago


  42. Noah Conner

    Noah ConnerMonth ago

    Look its a chance that the Astros have the win and im going with the Astros on this one idk know

  43. Jake Quatrani

    Jake QuatraniMonth ago


  44. Fellow Deplorable

    Fellow DeplorableMonth ago

    The Stros were just playing with their food for the first two games. Come on home boys. Welcome back to Houston Nationals. Good luck in game 6, you're gonna need it.

  45. Los Pollos

    Los Pollos22 days ago

    Fellow Deplorable yikes

  46. Richard Harryman

    Richard HarrymanMonth ago

    Thanks for the luck


    AJO BEATSMonth ago

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  48. Maanas Ravishankar

    Maanas RavishankarMonth ago

    The last time I was this early, the tigers were a good team

  49. Robby Rankins

    Robby RankinsMonth ago


  50. Lucas S.

    Lucas S.Month ago

    Robby Rankins He was 7 years early apparently lol

  51. Robby Rankins

    Robby RankinsMonth ago

    How early were you damn Tigers were never a good team

  52. CJayin

    CJayinMonth ago

    As an Astro fan I hope this man gets PAID next year. I know we don’t have the cap space for him but he deserves it.

  53. CJayin

    CJayinMonth ago

    live4hockey2 that would be amazing

  54. live4hockey2

    live4hockey2Month ago

    I know its asking a lot of certain players, but I hope they have a team get together and elect to take a partial pay reduction to keep Cole in Houston. This team just has too much chemistry together to let money break them up.

  55. G. T.

    G. T.Month ago

    @Aaron Johnson Yeah, come home to where wildfires are alive and burning.

  56. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron JohnsonMonth ago

    @Adam Duerwachter No, but there is a luxury tax, and the Astros are right up against it. The Stros'll try to work out a deal, but the Angels will throw him a Pujols-ian offer to bring him home to Cali and to pair with Trout.

  57. Adam Duerwachter

    Adam DuerwachterMonth ago

    CJayin there’s no cap in baseball

  58. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago


  59. NatePain711

    NatePain711Month ago

    Gerrit Cole makes pitching look like Wii Sports


    AJO BEATSMonth ago

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  61. Steve Saldivar

    Steve SaldivarMonth ago

    Is there a breakdown between swinging and looking?

  62. Aidan Ocallaghan

    Aidan OcallaghanMonth ago

    Make a video about the titties!

  63. Rippin’Lips 36

    Rippin’Lips 36Month ago

    This is how many people want the Astros to win 👇🏼

  64. Nathan Bryan

    Nathan BryanMonth ago

    Can you say SICK NASTY! Almost threw up on some of those breaking balls 🤢🤮