Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)


  1. demi c

    demi c28 minutes ago

    #CreatorAwards Jenna Puhzoo for best lifestyle vlogger

  2. demi c

    demi c44 minutes ago

    #CreatorAwards I nominate HeyParis, she should win the award for best storytime/lifestyle vlog person thing youtuber or whatever...enough said

  3. demi c

    demi c46 minutes ago

    #CreatorAwards Jenna Marbles should win the award for best relationship, dogs, and USwork channel

  4. Eriey3

    Eriey358 minutes ago

    #CreatorAwards Definitely BrandiTV she’s hilarious and does makeup videos or other random tutorial type videos after eating edibles. Honestly one of the few channels other than yours, that I genuinely crack up laughing with every video

  5. Roxas Ramirez

    Roxas RamirezHour ago

    #CreatorAwards C'mon... You like Kingdom Hearts. You know you watch TheGamersJoint. He's good Actually.... Someone bigger in the Kingdom Hearts community for sure has to be, the #1 channel for all Kingdom Hearts News and Information- 🥞 Just A Pancake

  6. Mr Chromosome

    Mr ChromosomeHour ago

    #creatorawards mrchromosome for best yoyo man

  7. Nonce None

    Nonce None2 hours ago

    #creatorawards Uhm captainsauce!!!

  8. Lil Dizzle

    Lil Dizzle3 hours ago


  9. Seki Yamada

    Seki Yamada3 hours ago

    Is that Billie Eilish?

  10. Araujo Plays

    Araujo Plays3 hours ago

    Championship suggestion:Me

  11. Pete Tyson

    Pete Tyson4 hours ago

    That girl is BILLIE ELISISH

  12. no

    no4 hours ago

    #thecreatorawards There's this really good USworkr called "CallMeMing". He does really good comedy and skits that really make me laugh.

  13. Gravlax

    Gravlax5 hours ago

    Not a single sans or Naruto meme?

  14. Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell5 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards BLACCMASS. His USwork videos are all amazing creations of his own, he combines songs from different genres and evokes emotions from the deepest parts of your soul. I would suggest you check him out.

  15. Shane Conklin

    Shane Conklin5 hours ago

    #creatorawards They have a decent sized following but still less than you. It's a channel called TierZoo and they make biology based videos with the premise of treating real life as if it was a video game and analyzing it. He does really good edits.

  16. Chrome the object thingy/BlackHexa9

    Chrome the object thingy/BlackHexa95 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Plainrock124. The Asian version of Jacksfilms

  17. ReevesyBoy

    ReevesyBoy5 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards GoHerping, really cool informative reptile channel, he has 200,000 ish subs but I don’t think that’s enough

  18. -Potato-

    -Potato-6 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards beta eta delota has good content.

  19. Geminy sm

    Geminy sm6 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Logan paul for being the best channel to get visual aids by watching it

  20. R3TRO

    R3TRO6 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Bear Keys does some really good piano covers

  21. Makenna Martin

    Makenna Martin6 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Serious answer: UpIsNotJump He is funny and does gaming and a history of the world? It makes sense trust me. Semi serious answer: Hazard Time He does daily Half-Life 3 news updates.

  22. I Exist

    I Exist6 hours ago

    Billie EYElish

  23. Hellcat060

    Hellcat0606 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Cowbelly/Comment Awards (Commemt Awards is the one he mainly uploads on) best text to speech meme/reddit channel

  24. RandomStuffGaming

    RandomStuffGaming7 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards YuB needs to win. Maybe best editing or something but he needs this.

  25. Kyoko Otonashi

    Kyoko Otonashi7 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards to ChrisFix he's not underrated its his videos that makes car DIYs very simple

  26. bu3asalli

    bu3asalli7 hours ago

    You Suck At Cooking Sorrow TV #CreatorAward

  27. Bella Turchi

    Bella Turchi7 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards There is a small channel called ZaiLet'sPlay! ALso Jenna Marbles

  28. Bella Turchi

    Bella Turchi7 hours ago

    You guys make billie eilish look like jack now she is ugly... :(

  29. Bella Turchi

    Bella Turchi7 hours ago


  30. Mr Color

    Mr Color8 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards There's a guy called Mikeshake with a really good editing and original ideas. He has 1.9k subs

  31. Piper Rigsby

    Piper Rigsby8 hours ago

    Im surprised no one talked about ocean eyes..........since that's one of her songs....

  32. DaDragonBro Plays

    DaDragonBro Plays8 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Overly Sarcastic Productions. They make learning some of the most uninteresting subjects the most enjoyable!

  33. Elmo

    Elmo8 hours ago

    Theirs a channel named fainted #creatorawards

  34. trikshot master1021

    trikshot master10218 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards rebbeca pharham, A.K.A let me explain studios. relatively small channel

  35. Spicy

    Spicy8 hours ago

    billie eyelash more like billie eyeless am i right fellas

  36. sqxie

    sqxie8 hours ago

    #creatorawards There’s a USworkr named memeulous and he’s got under 4 million subs. He makes videos commenting on other videos, but they’re not quite reaction videos. An example of a video would be watching mafia city ads with another USworkr, WillNE (most of his vids are by himself) and making funny remarks about them. He deserves more recognition TLDR: Memeulous should be in creator awards. He’s got 3M subs.

  37. Tyler7 7

    Tyler7 78 hours ago

    #creater films tyler7 7

  38. Harvey Alexander!

    Harvey Alexander!9 hours ago

    #creatorawards me, i deleted all my content because i was embarrassed and i think my story is very very inspiring

  39. RundownOyster

    RundownOyster9 hours ago

    I don't get the subtle one.

  40. SugarNOTcoated _Otaku

    SugarNOTcoated _Otaku9 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Oompaville he's a really funny USworkr with amazing intros and edits.

  41. Moo Mel

    Moo Mel9 hours ago

    MICHAEL REEVES 👌👌 #creatorawards

  42. toodee 36

    toodee 369 hours ago

    #creatorawards schaffrilas productions (I probably misspelled his name)

  43. pig knight123

    pig knight1239 hours ago

    #creatorawards @skeppy

  44. showgal 247

    showgal 2479 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Jelle's Marble Runs. The MarbleLympics is legitimately one of the greatest, most brilliant events I've ever seen on youtube!

  45. Have Some Common Spence

    Have Some Common Spence9 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards Me

  46. Harlow Williams

    Harlow Williams9 hours ago

    Best spon yet👌

  47. Brady Martin

    Brady Martin10 hours ago

    #CreatorAwards This isn't a meme or joke, I just really Want Sammy Copely to win. He has the most beautiful voice and inspired me to start my music career.

  48. MargaBeth R

    MargaBeth R10 hours ago

    ¿No anime eyes? :c

  49. Mia Ahmed

    Mia Ahmed10 hours ago

    You are mean

  50. Emmy Lé Wolf

    Emmy Lé Wolf10 hours ago

    The furry one is yes