Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)

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  1. The halo Legend

    The halo Legend2 days ago

    1:43 I don’t think the person replaced her I think the person squished her

  2. Easton Petushek

    Easton Petushek3 days ago

    Do BeastWorldElite

  3. That One Channel

    That One Channel3 days ago

    I actually want the next YIAY to be "Fill in the blank: I'm the ____ guy" cause...well, who was the woman they fixed? Fixed the grammar so i don't end up on YGS

  4. goose_lord800

    goose_lord8003 days ago


  5. Paul TheVulture

    Paul TheVulture5 days ago

    no one except me,knows she is the hellish girl that i knew she makes songs about the darkest things

  6. Damian Renteria

    Damian Renteria7 days ago

    jeez, a minute and thirty seconds of ad?

  7. ikemanreed

    ikemanreed9 days ago

    I haven’t had a good genuine laugh in a while

  8. ikemanreed

    ikemanreed9 days ago

    Until this video

  9. Charlie O’Neill

    Charlie O’Neill10 days ago

    Dollars have club.

  10. Beefen

    Beefen10 days ago

    What use are Billie Eyelashes if you don’t have Billie Eyeballs

  11. Jay V.

    Jay V.11 days ago

    Jack has a huge forhead

  12. PR0PAIN1984

    PR0PAIN198411 days ago

    No one Billie yay eyes 1 random person wtf

  13. GalaxyGaming

    GalaxyGaming14 days ago

    2:39 he didnt notice the me me big boy shirt

  14. Yakov Weisshaus

    Yakov Weisshaus15 days ago

    For anyone wondering what the name of the album is, type in “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

  15. _arhart

    _arhart15 days ago

    Ew clean shaven John

  16. Trucker 298

    Trucker 29816 days ago

    2:29 Big Forehead?

  17. Trucker 298

    Trucker 29816 days ago

    It's "eye - bess" not "eh - bess" not pun intended

  18. Rabbit Stack

    Rabbit Stack2 days ago


  19. Hamish Macleod

    Hamish Macleod17 days ago

    No eye of ender ones, I now want to end my life

  20. Gianna is very very not cool

    Gianna is very very not cool17 days ago

    3:17 Our boi is in need of assistance with his shower products

  21. Darkness Kitten Official 💜

    Darkness Kitten Official 💜18 days ago

    My favorite low creator is @Koolyck #CreatorAwards

  22. NeverTheLess Prøductiøns

    NeverTheLess Prøductiøns18 days ago

    You're a little too late...

  23. The Diamond Hoe

    The Diamond Hoe19 days ago

    Mumbo jumbo

  24. Joe Bowman.

    Joe Bowman.20 days ago

    Peter Knetter #CreatorAwards

  25. Tactical Korvo

    Tactical Korvo21 day ago

    2:27 Billie turned into Jack! OH NO

  26. Bum Fuzzle

    Bum Fuzzle22 days ago

    2:28 ___ | | | | | * *| | \_/|

  27. ieatdickandil8keit s

    ieatdickandil8keit s23 days ago

    But like billies album was good

  28. Excruciatingly

    Excruciatingly23 days ago

    0:45 Didn't mention the "eye eye" joke.

  29. Melissa Verdonk

    Melissa Verdonk26 days ago

    Like u jack but not this one

  30. Raider's Revenge

    Raider's Revenge28 days ago

    Billie eye-less

  31. Raider's Revenge

    Raider's Revenge17 days ago

    NeverTheLess Prøductiøns meh I don't care

  32. NeverTheLess Prøductiøns

    NeverTheLess Prøductiøns18 days ago

    What an original joke. I have definitely not seen tons of it before...

  33. Mandy Zhu

    Mandy Zhu28 days ago

    Seeing jack breaking his floors for promo

  34. Zo and Ky DIY

    Zo and Ky DIY29 days ago

    Chikn16 #creatorawards

  35. Niko Aquino

    Niko AquinoMonth ago

    Nooooooooooooooo billie elish

  36. larry

    larry22 days ago

    Niko Aquino shut up

  37. hahaha_kimi

    hahaha_kimiMonth ago

    dollars have club

  38. Ian Pinochet

    Ian PinochetMonth ago


  39. Ian Pinochet

    Ian PinochetMonth ago

    #yiayeyes bilekdjsjsk

  40. ps4 man

    ps4 manMonth ago

    Is this Billie Eilish

  41. NeverTheLess Prøductiøns

    NeverTheLess Prøductiøns18 days ago


  42. Bryce BTD

    Bryce BTDMonth ago

    #CreatorAwards Plainrock124

  43. The UggsterYT

    The UggsterYTMonth ago

    The UggsterYT

  44. CharlesIsPi

    CharlesIsPiMonth ago

    4096 #CreatorAwards

  45. Matthias Prime

    Matthias PrimeMonth ago

    I was expecting a OwO anime one

  46. PoisedPlanet

    PoisedPlanetMonth ago

    I’m 14 but you’ve convinced me. Dollar shave club it is

  47. Sam Keenan

    Sam KeenanMonth ago

    this is one of the best YIAYs there is, make more like this.

  48. Wammi

    WammiMonth ago

    woah those eyes

  49. Myself

    MyselfMonth ago

    Jack- I said give her some eyes Me- there's a lot of room in give her some eyes for example I could just give her some eyes 👁️

  50. Shelby R

    Shelby RMonth ago

    Poor Billie 😂😂😂

  51. Watery Guffman

    Watery GuffmanMonth ago

    1:16 wow, hila is featured on yiay wooo

  52. Girlygirl gaming

    Girlygirl gamingMonth ago


  53. Gacha butter- Hollie!

    Gacha butter- Hollie!Month ago

    Aww poor Billie is getting made fun of...

  54. Jasonlogout Dont log out

    Jasonlogout Dont log outMonth ago

    Jack sucks at life /stuff

  55. goat catlover

    goat catloverMonth ago

    I could drown in those eyes Her ocean eyes

  56. oh

    oh2 days ago

    Waluigi i feel like no

  57. Waluigi

    Waluigi2 days ago


  58. Kreshiv Jai Chawla

    Kreshiv Jai ChawlaMonth ago


  59. Laslie Holmberg

    Laslie HolmbergMonth ago


  60. YShouldDo

    YShouldDoMonth ago

    Koralin. A great Vocaloid/VSynth/UTAU artist. The pronunciation are very clear. He has less than 200 subs currently. John, I bought an internet pass for this, John. Give him a mention. #CreatorAwards

  61. The Joker {Arthur Fleck}

    The Joker {Arthur Fleck}Month ago

    Billie Eyeless.

  62. Thumbellina J.

    Thumbellina J.Month ago

    That girl on the thumbnail looks like Billie Eilish with serious drug problems.

  63. gromit x

    gromit x26 days ago

    kris clearly

  64. kris

    krisMonth ago

    Is this a joke?

  65. Bluca.2-8

    Bluca.2-8Month ago

    No Sharingan? smh

  66. PastelKatOwO

    PastelKatOwOMonth ago

    Billie Eyeless

  67. Knight Gaming

    Knight GamingMonth ago

    Not Sans Blue Eye? Not very Creative

  68. Bluecheeseoreos

    BluecheeseoreosMonth ago

    Billie eilish is already scary

  69. SaveM3Official

    SaveM3OfficialMonth ago


  70. Jacob the Propagandist

    Jacob the PropagandistMonth ago


  71. kris

    krisMonth ago


  72. adam S

    adam SMonth ago

    Scorpion is the best edit

  73. Sportalood

    Sportalood2 months ago