HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls

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  1. starikan lex

    starikan lex8 hours ago


  2. Ken Tan

    Ken Tan12 hours ago

    GGG did well. But im trying to digest his southpaw style. Its entirely different fr the old GGG style. Except the iron chin is the same

  3. Donovan Gallardo

    Donovan Gallardo11 hours ago

    He got a new trainer so hes starting to pick up a new style and looks quicker than he did before with all the same power

  4. jakey wattsy

    jakey wattsy17 hours ago

    GGG’s chin is the hardest substance known to man.

  5. 4everhumble

    4everhumble19 hours ago

    I didn't know you can hit people in the top of their head,anyway canelo going whoop his ass

  6. mccali

    mccaliDay ago


  7. Giant Squid

    Giant SquidDay ago

    Ggg is a fraud. He ducks Charlo and Andrade and fights a 3rd rate guy who had 18 fights with not a single recognised opponent and the guys still catches ggg with power shots. He should have finish this guy in 2 rounds. Ggg you are a complete hype job. Who will you fight next. You don't deserve a rematch with Canelo and I hope he dont fight you until you start fighting top contenders.

  8. sidefx996

    sidefx99651 minute ago

    @Giant Squid And what exactly makes you "real boxing ppl?" I'm dying to know. So I guess all the World/former World Champions he KO'd were all "3rd rate." You're a fucking idiot please stop talking. Where are your World Championships? Like I said stick to scrubbing toilets at your day job you loser.

  9. Giant Squid

    Giant Squid4 hours ago

    @sidefx996 ggg should have plenty of gas hes only 36 and has only fought 2 half decent opponents in Canelo and Jacobs his entire career. Mayweather and Pacquiao fought when Pac was 36 and Mayweather was 38 and Bernard Hopkins fought into his 40s and George Foreman won a world title at 45 and they all has far more tougher opponents than ggg. Ggg has proven he can only knockout 3rd rate opponents. Get real .ggg is frauded the boxing fans. But not real boxing ppl like me

  10. sidefx996

    sidefx99610 hours ago

    "Fraud?!" You must be joking. I agree wanting to see him fight some more well known opponents while he still has a little gas left in the tank (he's back fighting for 2 more World titles in his next fight in case you're living under a rock) but how on earth is the longest running current fighter on Ring magazine top 10 P4P list (They've had him at #1 for a year in the past), 3rd best active boxer by Boxrec, highest KO ratio in middleweight history, World Champ for 9 years, never been knocked down in almost 400 fights a "fraud?" GTFO fraud... Have fun scrubbing toilets at your 9-5 you moron.

  11. james jones

    james jonesDay ago

    They should ban that hitting in the top of head punch

  12. Reynan Fernandez

    Reynan Fernandez2 days ago


  13. Chokeybear

    Chokeybear2 days ago

    GGG Vs Luis Ortiz would be a great fight

  14. Gamer 1870

    Gamer 1870Day ago

    Chokeybear stfu you stupid bitch

  15. Chokeybear

    ChokeybearDay ago

    @Gamer 1870 I was talking about boxing. With hitting and stuff. That would be a brilliant fight and everyone would make millions of dollars. You're a crazy person. Go back to the library.

  16. Gamer 1870

    Gamer 1870Day ago

    Chokeybear no

  17. Candido Ruelas

    Candido Ruelas2 days ago

    GGG es el mejor 👍👍

  18. Andrew Ma

    Andrew Ma2 days ago

    triple G is back!!

  19. allgood4j123

    allgood4j1232 days ago

    Who was that dude again???

  20. Jacinto Monstro

    Jacinto Monstro2 days ago

    Acually thats a dirty shot....but brilliant.....who thinks to cover the top of their head..🤔

  21. sidefx996

    sidefx99610 hours ago

    How is a legal punch "dirty?" Headbutts and elbows and low blows are dirty.

  22. wayne Agustino

    wayne Agustino2 days ago

    ggg vs pacman

  23. Armando Mm

    Armando Mm2 days ago

    Ggg doesnt want canelo smoke if there’s a3 fight poor ggg will get a whoop

  24. Armando Mm

    Armando Mm2 days ago

    He won’t do that too canelo :3



    Ggg really a weird fighter I dont know it's just a weird way of giving a great fight



    Golovkin think it's fun & games taking head shots until his personal doctor say " You cant take anymore violent blows to the head" "Fact" ⬇️

  27. John Wick

    John Wick3 days ago

    У GGG что 10 oz перчатки, а чёрного 12?!

  28. Haadi Zahoor

    Haadi Zahoor3 days ago

    Glovkin is shit.

  29. Jakarta123

    Jakarta1233 days ago

    This ggg wouldnt be able to beat canelo

  30. Giovanni Hernandez

    Giovanni Hernandez4 days ago

    Easy ass fight for ggg lmao

  31. Иван Борзов

    Иван Борзов4 days ago

    Арт удар Геннадия!!! Это просто как с авиации бомбежка.

  32. luis vargas

    luis vargas4 days ago

    Canelo's BITCH

  33. sartael 666

    sartael 6664 days ago

    GGG just like punching bags 😂😂😂😂

  34. greg parlier

    greg parlier4 days ago


  35. jhon doe

    jhon doe5 days ago

    👊🏼💥😴😪😴😪nite nite rolls got rolled over

  36. Fernand Gamboa

    Fernand Gamboa5 days ago

    That's a sneaky up and down hook to the top of the head

  37. Pay My Student Loans

    Pay My Student Loans6 days ago

    Ggg looks old

  38. Haseeb khan

    Haseeb khan6 days ago

    The g shock punch is crazy

  39. Rasyay P

    Rasyay P7 days ago

    Ggg hits you in the back of the head ...is that legal ...hes tryin to bounce your brain around like a car crash

  40. Yea Ok

    Yea Ok4 days ago

    Ruiz hit Joshua behind the ear with a hook as well

  41. William Price

    William Price7 days ago

    Gennady, the fans know you beat Canelo. Adalaide Byrd et. al. and Oscar fixed the fight The real middle weight champion, Triple G

  42. dallaskyd

    dallaskyd6 days ago

    No. Canelo exposed this bum slayer. Canelo Álvarez beat him twice. Canelo will again beat him the third and you’re delusional if you think otherwise. And no the judges aren’t payed off stop with that fantasy.

  43. Kingzwearblack

    Kingzwearblack7 days ago

    🍒 pick

  44. PunchFor Pound

    PunchFor Pound7 days ago

    GGG looks pudgy and slow, even for his age, at 164. Maybe he just doesn't have the genetics (or steroids) to go up to 168 and keep his speed. I think he should go back to 160 and even come in a little lighter than he did before at 160.

  45. SuperBobby47

    SuperBobby477 days ago

    We need GGG vs Canelo round 3.

  46. The Notorious

    The Notorious7 days ago

    Monster !

  47. Javi Mdz

    Javi Mdz8 days ago

    Not gonna lie man, GGG has slowed down dramatically

  48. Bank Head

    Bank Head7 days ago

    I don't think so boxing is more about timing than speed and judging by that slow no it looks like his skills actually improved he looks hungry he ain't tryna throw fast he tryna throw hard I think that loss made him say fuck decision I'm knocking everyone out

  49. Safroulah Banto

    Safroulah Banto8 days ago

    I gotta say, for a low-ranking middleweight, Rolls' got some skills. He hit GGG a lot with clean shots, it's just that GGG eventually overpowered him.

  50. Bald Pupper

    Bald Pupper9 days ago

    Ggg has no defense what’s so ever

  51. Bank Head

    Bank Head7 days ago

    Lol does he need it 😂 409 fights never even put his knee on the canvas dude used to eat bricks for breakfast I swear

  52. VedderTheFixer

    VedderTheFixer9 days ago

    Steve ‘Egg’ Rolls

  53. Flint Cruz

    Flint Cruz9 days ago

    Golovkin is different

  54. Jay Gonzalez

    Jay Gonzalez11 days ago

    GGG is a fucking Monster!! cant believe Canela stole 2 fights from him!

  55. Daniel Jake

    Daniel Jake6 days ago

    Jay Gonzalez u crazy. U a hater

  56. jehovers

    jehovers11 days ago

    ggg good game guys..

  57. miguel martinez

    miguel martinez11 days ago

    Wtf this commentator taking about we don’t see ggg getting hit, dude every fight he’s like in punching bag mode

  58. Beast 195

    Beast 19512 days ago

    He’s said “here we is something we never see and that’s ggg getting hit” he gets hit a lot that’s his thing

  59. flymasterA

    flymasterA9 days ago

    Beast 195 , Yeah, if he's not getting hit he drops his gloves to make a "big drama show" for the fans. Even Canola was unable to phase him during his robbery.

  60. Poluzo

    Poluzo13 days ago

    3:07 que le paso a su ojo del tipo de atras

  61. Angel Ramos

    Angel Ramos13 days ago

    Rolls gloves seem too large. GGG has small gloves. Something wrong!

  62. Angel Ramos

    Angel Ramos2 days ago

    @Kai Nakamura Thank you for the explanation.

  63. Kai Nakamura

    Kai Nakamura10 days ago

    Its an optical illusion, when a fighter is wearing white gloves and the background is dark it looks bigger trust me lol i just went to a K-1 kickboxing fight live in japan and i thought that their gloves were small too but as i watched i realized that it just looked bigger on a black background

  64. AxZxTxExCxA

    AxZxTxExCxA13 days ago

    Tripongay ain't shiet...

  65. Hercules

    Hercules14 days ago

    Can anybody blame canelo for ducking GGG

  66. spacetape

    spacetape14 days ago

    ref fish eyes in da house



    Ggg back to fighting bums

  68. david taylor

    david taylor14 days ago

    Just watched the Lemieux fight then this one. No comparison. GGG aint the fighter he was. But thats why Canelo waited so long to fight him. GGG would have murdered him in his prime!

  69. Steps Vason Stepa

    Steps Vason Stepa14 days ago

    Best of best golovkin

  70. Kevin Loera

    Kevin Loera14 days ago

    GGG 😎🇲🇽🇰🇿


    SHAWN&CASZIE15 days ago

    Triple g is the best Steel chin in the boxing

  72. Jane Beresford

    Jane Beresford17 days ago

    Rolls won same way Alvarez did

  73. Bryan sulbaran

    Bryan sulbaran17 days ago

    The referee just puts his nuts on him after he loses lmfao😂😂😂

  74. urban cowboy

    urban cowboy17 days ago

    Con canelo . nunca tiro un gancho. Ni el golpe que pega en la parte superior de la cabeza. Que raro

  75. Ivan J Pulido Mora

    Ivan J Pulido Mora17 days ago

    My uncle fought ggg he was standing in line to get more beer and a guy asked him hey you wanto fight tonight my uncle said sure, he retired 0-1 record

  76. Pay My Student Loans

    Pay My Student Loans6 days ago


  77. Mohamed Salman

    Mohamed Salman18 days ago

    That punsh from up if the head should be called .. the ggg punsh