HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls


  1. Sugar Cane

    Sugar Cane49 minutes ago

    Amanda Nunes does the same punch effectively.

  2. BurtMeister3000

    BurtMeister300053 minutes ago

    I thought Golovkin looked a little out of shape at the start of this. He doesn't normally get hit and usually makes much better use of his jab. Skills still there and so too is the power.

  3. rany lopez

    rany lopez2 hours ago

    This man is full of lies and contradictions and beating tomatoe cans until he met with a smaller fighter who started at 129 and came and dominated his own division at 160 were bumlovkin only knows how to fight. Canelo is much better then this bum period same style he has

  4. The only one

    The only one2 hours ago

    I’m not that impress.... Steve looks sloppy... canelos opponent looked way better fit on his toes.

  5. Oscar Cortez

    Oscar Cortez4 hours ago

    That punch was so hard that the guy in the background got a black eye. 3:08

  6. Mirlan Moldobaev

    Mirlan Moldobaev4 hours ago

    Головкин хороший баксер малочик 👍👍💪. Один удар глаза туман🤭

  7. Candelario Cupil

    Candelario Cupil10 hours ago

    Canelo le tiene miedo a GGG

  8. GBLynden's RC

    GBLynden's RC20 hours ago

    That guy was doing well early until GGG got it going and took over.

  9. Shaun Ghishing

    Shaun GhishingDay ago

    GGG the best boxer.

  10. cypresspuz

    cypresspuzDay ago

    Rolls is the Kevin Lee of boxing.

  11. Prankahan Lang

    Prankahan LangDay ago

    lets go asia..

  12. R

    RDay ago

    *That left overhand, has a new name: TOMBSTONE.*

  13. Vitor Hugo

    Vitor HugoDay ago

    GGG > Canelo "Judge-Bias" Alvarez

  14. IGPX Satomi

    IGPX SatomiDay ago

    "I can't Steve, I need the money!" LMFAO

  15. Koko Mmc

    Koko MmcDay ago


  16. kaido fujitora

    kaido fujitoraDay ago

    Golovkin gloves are smaller or what??

  17. عاشق الصمت

    عاشق الصمتDay ago


  18. Самат Абилов

    Самат АбиловDay ago

    красавчик головкин

  19. Временный Гость

    Временный ГостьDay ago


  20. pako joe

    pako joeDay ago

    Google GGG porn

  21. РЭЙ

    РЭЙDay ago

    Головкин красава!!

  22. Омаров Магомед

    Омаров МагомедDay ago

    Гена, Удача!

  23. fsoon yoog

    fsoon yoog2 days ago

    Да удар в челюсть это классика как и по печени..... Удачи Гена....👍💪💪💪👊


    PAPAMEXICO102 days ago

    The birth of the Golovkin,,, over the shoulder power punch to the head... Fuck yeah!

  25. lorenzokuskus lopez

    lorenzokuskus lopez2 days ago

    ggg 👍👍👍

  26. Aron Gilles

    Aron Gilles2 days ago

    Will it hurt baby top of his head? Yes, yes it will.

  27. Руслан Даутов

    Руслан Даутов2 days ago

    Поздравляю. Галовкина. Россия с тобой.

  28. Anjel Raisis

    Anjel Raisis2 days ago

    canelo N.1

  29. shotgun shawty respect the Elohim

    shotgun shawty respect the Elohim2 days ago

    That hook coming from top was the best punch I seen in my time


    NARKOHAMPON TV2 days ago



    NARKOHAMPON TV2 days ago

    GGG 💯 a BUM Factual Statement

  32. whactya

    whactya2 days ago

    GGG likes to strike down to the top of his opponent's head.

  33. Roam Wolf

    Roam Wolf2 days ago

    That punch on the top of the dome should be illegal

  34. yeni toy

    yeni toy2 days ago

    asi se hace colorado, que no se crean la vaca cagona

  35. guardian journal

    guardian journal2 days ago


  36. Spencer Steele

    Spencer Steele2 days ago

    GGG looks hella old now, Canelo will easily beat him for the last time

  37. Spencer Steele

    Spencer Steele2 days ago

    buncha old trash cans, move on

  38. alejandro

    alejandro2 days ago

    that final punch was beautiful instead of going to the inside he went to the outside

  39. Mitch H

    Mitch H2 days ago

    Massive fan of GGG but he is looking slow and no where near as powerful as he used to be. He wore way to many shots from an older fighter... sadly he is well past his prime now and he would be on a hiding to nothing fighting Canelo again who I don’t think is even at his peak, scarily enough

  40. БИЧ

    БИЧ2 days ago

    *Google GGG porn*

  41. dra lab

    dra lab2 days ago

    That look at 4:32

  42. Mega Sasha

    Mega Sasha2 days ago

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  43. Колька Синий

    Колька Синий2 days ago

    Да удар в челюсть это классика как и по печени..... Удачи Гена....👍💪💪💪👊

  44. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg2 days ago

    Салем с Москвы.Гена хороший бой.классно негра положил.рад за тебя.Удачи тебе и за знамя Казахстана...

  45. papa de OscarMatta

    papa de OscarMatta2 days ago


  46. Joe Northstar

    Joe Northstar2 days ago

    He is a strategist.

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  48. DA 1

    DA 12 days ago

    GGG is a power house and I believe him and canelo was not right unfair dismissal lol so when GGG gets him this time gonna knock him out! With the new hammer hook

  49. ThePlaylist99

    ThePlaylist99Day ago

    DA 1 you must be a casual.. he’s known to throw the ‘hammer hook’ from many previous fights so its not new Also, if he couldn’t even knockdown Canelo over 24 rounds what makes you think he will knock him out now that he’s older and slower and Canelo continues to improve? For the record the first was a robbery GGG should’ve got the win

  50. cactus jack

    cactus jack2 days ago

    why couldn't he do this to canelo?

  51. joeh tom

    joeh tom2 days ago

    A message to Canelo? Come on guys. Rolls and Canelo two DIFFERENT fighters.

  52. I eat horse meat on fight week

    I eat horse meat on fight week2 days ago

    GGG already beat him twice

  53. Naturalbornboxer #TheReturn

    Naturalbornboxer #TheReturn2 days ago


  54. Jr Dominguez

    Jr Dominguez3 days ago

    I'm sick and tired of the payhethic ggg he is not the "best" nor is near Canelos class. Why is this fool fighting bums ? If he is so good how come he couldn't to that against the class of canelo? #overrated

  55. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker3 days ago

    Украина за Казахстан!!!! Поздравления всем нам!

  56. frank lowe

    frank lowe3 days ago

    asi se hace colorado, que no se crean la vaca cagona

  57. Mgtow-Nator Self love.

    Mgtow-Nator Self love.3 days ago

    Rolls has good hands but along way from a 29 year old canelo.

  58. Lucas Ezequiel

    Lucas Ezequiel3 days ago

    GGG!!! El verdadero CAMPEÓN!!!

  59. El jr

    El jr3 days ago

    No mamen golovkin solo juega con el. Tira puros golpesitos. Y cuando siente que ya es hora simplemente lo noquea

  60. Melvin Groomes

    Melvin Groomes3 days ago

    Them overhand left's killed him. They are rearly thrown its usually and overhand right like what heart Joshua



    Steve Rolls looks like Snoop Dog

  62. shadow boxing

    shadow boxing3 days ago

    Everybody talks about GGG power, but his chin is maybe even more impressive. Remember that he s never been down in ANY of his fights. And I include his +200 amateur fights. That tells you how strong he is.

  63. maggic1989

    maggic19893 days ago


  64. gsimon123

    gsimon1233 days ago

    I honestly think GGG genuinely wants to taste a guys best shot just to prove to himself, the opponent, and the world that his chin is diamond tier shit

  65. Atom X Alpha

    Atom X Alpha3 days ago


  66. Тлеугали Шапанов

    Тлеугали Шапанов3 days ago

    Салем с Москвы.Гена хороший бой.классно негра положил.рад за тебя.Удачи тебе и за знамя Казахстана...

  67. Vlad Neverov

    Vlad Neverov3 days ago

    Альварес его унизил

  68. crjaded

    crjaded3 days ago

    Thanks DAZN. Subbed

  69. Koko Ya

    Koko Ya3 days ago

    Count was too fast. But he still got kod

  70. Tensors

    Tensors3 days ago

    Count was longer than 10 seconds...

  71. V1N

    V1N3 days ago

    GGG started fighting bad, but he was improving, and then KO!

  72. alejandro

    alejandro2 days ago

    ,hes a pressure fighter.

  73. Tanner Myers

    Tanner Myers3 days ago

    This fight was more entertaining that Canelo vs. Jacobs.

  74. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus Gonzalez18 hours ago

    @Isaiah Michaud lol because there was a knockout ? Really? Did you even know who rolls was before this fight? No cause he wasn't top 10 middle weights. Jacob's was top 10 and canelo beat him better than ggg did.

  75. Isaiah Michaud

    Isaiah Michaud19 hours ago

    @Jesus Gonzalez yes it was

  76. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus GonzalezDay ago

    Lol no

  77. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez3 days ago

    A message to Canelo? Come on guys. Rolls and Canelo two DIFFERENT fighters.

  78. septady daniel

    septady daniel3 days ago

    Please ggg vs Canelo 3

  79. 羅家俊

    羅家俊3 days ago


  80. Igan Krass

    Igan Krass3 days ago

    Украина за Казахстан!!!! Поздравления всем нам!

  81. David Sos

    David Sos3 days ago

    Canelo by ko next time they fight

  82. Jordan Paradise

    Jordan Paradise3 days ago

    He's baaaaaaack!!!!

  83. Ismael Palma

    Ismael Palma3 days ago


  84. check left hook

    check left hook4 days ago

    GGG is a beast but his defense is dogshit.

  85. chik Tv

    chik Tv4 days ago

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  86. McDonald's Big Mac

    McDonald's Big Mac4 days ago


  87. Arman

    Arman4 days ago

    2:35 goofy lady rushing dropped her phone

  88. john alvarez smith

    john alvarez smith4 days ago

    Haha ggg was gettin outboxed in the first rounds by a 81 ranked fighter in tht division haha I’m dyin💀😂😂😂

  89. Sarasin Sinwiboon

    Sarasin Sinwiboon4 days ago

    atk100 def 50 vs atk 2000 def 2000

  90. Souhayl A Photographer

    Souhayl A Photographer4 days ago

    Inspiring ! 😀

  91. Rollin s

    Rollin s4 days ago

    Count was too fast. But he still got kod

  92. анти плащ

    анти плащ4 days ago

    Пиздец Головкин пропустил аж голова назад ушла, время никого не щадит, болею за него всем сердцем, но 3 ий бой с Канелло может плохо кончиться

  93. Najib Rahman

    Najib Rahman4 days ago

    Brutal knockout for GGG, should still be champion from his Canelo fights but he looked very sloppy early in this fight, especially round 3. Must have had something to do with splitting with Abel Sanchez.

  94. Anthony Pesqueira

    Anthony Pesqueira3 days ago

    He did that to make it a fight. He said he could've taken him out in the second round but wanted to make it a fight. Once he knew Rolls wasn't up to his level he just took him out. Notice how G turned up the pace quickly in the 4ty round.

  95. Armando Archivaldo

    Armando Archivaldo4 days ago

    Gennady grande🏆

  96. sonny marilao

    sonny marilao4 days ago


  97. Jesus Gomez

    Jesus Gomez4 days ago

    no mamen el negro traía unos guantes más grandes como lechuga y el otro joto ala mitad de grandes por eso gana el putito

  98. Ruben Velasco

    Ruben Velasco4 days ago

    That’s how you really know canelo got that chin.

  99. mighty blackhole

    mighty blackhole4 days ago

    ggg sniper

  100. Manuel Vallejo

    Manuel Vallejo4 days ago

    Hitting the top of the head is the same as hitting behind the head I don't see why the ref never tells him anyting

  101. Алексей Бояркин

    Алексей Бояркин4 days ago

    ГГГ великий!!! Но так принимать нельзя от шального никто не застрахован!!!

  102. Telman Aliyev

    Telman Aliyev4 days ago

    Так и продольжай......

  103. Hananda Hnd4

    Hananda Hnd44 days ago


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  105. Sup Herb

    Sup Herb4 days ago

    Now fight a real fighter. GGG is over the hill and will never be the same. Hes been ezposed and is not taking all comers!! He is manufactured and ducking all real tough fights... i hope canelo makes him earn a rematch cuz rite now hes pussy.

  106. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez4 days ago

    Ggg opponents list is weak except one

  107. Steven Nguyen

    Steven Nguyen4 days ago

    Switched to south paw for fire off that hook. No wonder the other dude was confused

  108. миша клюкин

    миша клюкин4 days ago

    Генаша-красавец как всегда.Полная УВАЖУХА ВЕЛИКОМУ ВОИНУ И БОКСЁРУ.