11 Shirts For Marbles' 11th Birthday


  1. Jenny Hutchinson

    Jenny Hutchinson4 hours ago

    “he’s just a little boy and he likes to wear dresses” we👏🏼stan👏🏼progressive👏🏼parenting👏🏼

  2. Mercedes Rae Williams

    Mercedes Rae Williams5 hours ago

    Oh dear, I wanna be able to watch this ALL DAY. Amazing

  3. Barracuda {-JS&B-}

    Barracuda {-JS&B-}6 hours ago

    Nobody: Jenna: *ATH LET I C*

  4. abbey commons

    abbey commons7 hours ago

    The pink one was inside out lol

  5. Rhiannon N/A

    Rhiannon N/A11 hours ago

    Marbles is 77 in dog years. A 77 year old man in a dress. Marbles is best drag queen.

  6. I AM Astrid

    I AM Astrid11 hours ago

    Marbles is too sweet!

  7. Namjoon For the president

    Namjoon For the president14 hours ago

    Marbles is so handsome boy

  8. trash

    trash15 hours ago

    Marbles is so cute 🥺😭

  9. Snow_ r8 roeva

    Snow_ r8 roeva15 hours ago

    Marbel oldest me 👌🏻❤️

  10. Jordyn Brownlee

    Jordyn Brownlee15 hours ago

    I love how his tongue sticks out in almost all of the photo shots 🥰😍

  11. Jordyn Brownlee

    Jordyn Brownlee15 hours ago

    Whoever dislikes this is a evil mean little brat who probably hates dogs which is even worse!🤬

  12. Sevan Fuscellaro

    Sevan Fuscellaro15 hours ago

    this is like my 7th time watching this..........the way he gets so excited for his birthday pill pocket and the candle and the hat...........he's an angel

  13. Limey&Dot

    Limey&Dot16 hours ago

    Catching up on these videos, and I must say...if you only ever posted dog videos from now on, I wouldn't even be mad.

  14. Faith s

    Faith s16 hours ago

    Love marbles

  15. Random crap & roblox stuff

    Random crap & roblox stuff16 hours ago

    Who else noticed the video was 11 minutes?

  16. Hannah Mckendrick

    Hannah Mckendrick18 hours ago

    My dogs birthday in june 20th

  17. Magnolia Jensen

    Magnolia Jensen19 hours ago

    I've seen more of marbles moving and being active in this video then in his entire time on jennas channel

  18. its Foxilnda

    its Foxilnda19 hours ago

    Oh meh god me and marbel are the same age

  19. tee he

    tee he22 hours ago

    marbles is so adorable 🥰

  20. AJ D

    AJ DDay ago

    Dude the camera pans, the slomo, the angles.. The camera work really made this. I could watch so many of these. Christ

  21. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago


  22. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago

    3:45 never in 10000 years did i think id see marbles in something sports related

  23. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago

    im just praying that for christmas she does the 12 days of turtleneckmas with szhairmeht

  24. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago

    ariana grande: 7 rings marbles: 11 shirts *make a fucking parody jenna, or else ill just have to dress up as a dead sock and sing about shirts*

  25. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago


  26. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago

    jenna, we love u but u need to seek some help, dressing a dead rat isnt healthy!!!

  27. Buterra my croissant

    Buterra my croissantDay ago

    can we have more dog videos jenna?

  28. Jackie Appel

    Jackie AppelDay ago

    I can't believe how much happier Marbles seems since his teeth came out. Amazing. Such a stunning boy living his best life.

  29. Zoë Felty

    Zoë FeltyDay ago

    I now wanna buy pjs for my cat omg

  30. Moonchild X

    Moonchild XDay ago

    Nobody : Marbles : 🤪

  31. Loren Lowe

    Loren LoweDay ago

    Marbles is just an old man trapped in a little dog body

  32. Dylan / Shittyrama

    Dylan / ShittyramaDay ago

    How did i miss this video?????

  33. Lilly Tommaselli

    Lilly TommaselliDay ago

    My dogs birthday is on June 15th too!

  34. Lisa Hernandez

    Lisa HernandezDay ago

    get content 10/10

  35. Kevin Barrett

    Kevin BarrettDay ago

    My sister's birthday is on June 5th shes 11 AND SHE NAMED HER SELF AFTER HER DOG STAN. SHE'S STANNYBOI9000! Same exact age as Mr.Marbles!

  36. bashi

    bashiDay ago

    me: *reads title* also me: how the hell do you fit 11 dog shirts on a dog that small ?

  37. Bre Hope

    Bre HopeDay ago

    The alpha is so small

  38. Brenda Burgos

    Brenda BurgosDay ago

    Holy shi- marble as old as me..

  39. Daniela Buentello

    Daniela BuentelloDay ago

    Im so happy this video exists

  40. ninja zz zzz

    ninja zz zzzDay ago

    Is all are Street dog??

  41. Avery Hubbard

    Avery HubbardDay ago

    Me - sees marbles fashion show Also me - HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  42. Merwin McCrady

    Merwin McCradyDay ago

    I love how his tongue is permanently out.

  43. Summernyx

    SummernyxDay ago

    I love anything with her babies 💜

  44. Marcella Alvarenga

    Marcella AlvarengaDay ago

    The description of the clothes 😂

  45. Kimberly Michelle

    Kimberly MichelleDay ago

    I love how she speaks to him

  46. Marisa Carranza

    Marisa CarranzaDay ago

    Happy belated birthday Marbles ❤️😍

  47. Mikayla Palacios

    Mikayla PalaciosDay ago

    Kermit has the same birthday as me

  48. PB Nailz

    PB NailzDay ago

    Jenna: u so cute blah blah blah colorful Marbles: walks around not knowing what is going on them sticks his tongue out

  49. Yo It’s Maddie

    Yo It’s MaddieDay ago

    my dog died yesterday. she was 11

  50. Michael Carter

    Michael CarterDay ago

    Marbles: the emo tenager who is only happy when they get atention Kermit: the crying 5 year old who has 10 temper tamtrum a day Peach: the 2 year old who will copy everyone but at the same time is wildly herself Bunny: the new born who only likes their bed Jenna: the good mom who *has* a faviroite kid