When We Met Other Human Species


  1. David Day

    David Day2 hours ago

    They will probly laugh alot about those to guys hair

  2. Gabz keenobi

    Gabz keenobi2 hours ago

    I think some people have more Neanderthal DNA in them than others?

  3. jon r

    jon r6 hours ago

    Lol all just humans , have you ever seen a Australian Aboriginal skull and bone structure to Caucasian or even Latino , completely different , still human .

  4. Jalisaa Lanaye

    Jalisaa Lanaye8 hours ago

    It’s so interesting to see people thousands and thousands of years ago , especially what they looked like and what thousands of years of reproducing does.

  5. S. X. Tan

    S. X. Tan8 hours ago

    These interbreedings are more likely the results of raping than ... hanging out. Stop glorifying the history please.

  6. Parker Bailey

    Parker Bailey8 hours ago

    Gonna be honest, I thought that neanderthals were just part of the evolution of humans. I literally had no idea that there were ever multiple species of humans living at the same time. This video was super informative and introduced my nerdy ass to a really cool new topic for me to aggressively research. Thanks!

  7. Edwin Reveron

    Edwin Reveron9 hours ago

    I would like to see a video that explain why Aborigines look so different then other people, like how they got the skin color of Africans and other dark skinned people, like Indians from India and others of southeast Asia, but yet looks so different...

  8. Alec Minnick

    Alec Minnick11 hours ago

    Pronunciations aren't vital to the discussion, and they seem to change so often that I don't reserve any brain power or space to trying to re-memorize the way to say a term, as when I apparently "mispronounce" a name, the listener still understands what I'm speaking about.

  9. Ed SR

    Ed SR11 hours ago

    We assimilated them, we added their biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, their culture adapted to service us, resistance was futile

  10. Damon Howell

    Damon Howell12 hours ago

    I don't buy that they couldn't adapt to environmental changes, because they were around for nearly 500,000 years, and lived through at least four ice ages. More likely to be either natural selection due to their low population, or modern humans brought all kinds of diseases which killed them, as the Europeans did to the Americans 150 years ago.

  11. Three One

    Three One13 hours ago

    I self identify as Neanderthal.

  12. Loo

    Loo15 hours ago

    I've heard one theory of the reason we beat out the Neanderthals was because we had a much higher ability of communication and also a better ability to use abstract thought which let us adapt to things easier and also allowed us to have larger and more prosperous communities.

  13. Sam S

    Sam S15 hours ago

    I sometimes feel a strong longing to NOT be alone. To have other groups of humans around us. I know the world would probably be even more racist and ableist if we had more human species, but on the other hand there would be even more diversity, and I'd just love to know how we would all fit in together in modern society. What would these other species bring that we haven't come up with? Maybe in a few hundred years we will bring them back by cloning them with old DNA.

  14. Annette Knudsen

    Annette Knudsen19 hours ago

    It takes about 100 to 365 days for a human to travel around earth for sure have human walk the eaths km/H about 1.700.000 times of 7 millions years

  15. Nicolai Manev

    Nicolai Manev22 hours ago

    According to the definition of species, if all those hominids could have had common descendants, they belonged to the same species. Or sub species are implied?

  16. bigredwolf6

    bigredwolf6Day ago

    Honestly I wasn’t expecting him to say we met them and interbred with. I was expecting him to say we met them, and then we killed them.

  17. Abhi

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  18. White American Male

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  19. Avoan Black

    Avoan BlackDay ago

    "We are the last humans"

  20. HonorisCreed

    HonorisCreedDay ago

    This taught me nothing.

  21. first Impression

    first ImpressionDay ago

    If they mate then they are from the same species, that is one way to define what a species is...

  22. Dingus - Games, vlogs, and more?

    Dingus - Games, vlogs, and more?Day ago

    Awesome video! Also, I've heard of another hypothesis about why the neanderthals were not as successful was due to lacking vocal abilities. While they could speak, they were nowhere near the capabilities of Homo Sapiens and this would have affected their ability to resolve group conflict, hunt, and fight/defend together. Over thousands of years that could chip away at a population. Not saying this is the SOLE reason, their demise was indisputably caused by many issues, just my two cents!

  23. They killed pookie

    They killed pookieDay ago


  24. Stonersloth Hughes

    Stonersloth HughesDay ago

    It's probably most likely all the things you listed are the reasons the neanderthals. They were on their way out because of the ice age, and whenever homo sapiens migrated north they out commpeated them in many areas, they then started inter breeding and because of their low numbers they were interbred into the homosapiens gen pools. The remaining were probably out compeated whenever dogs were domesicated and homo sapiens sphear technology.

  25. Strategic Thinker

    Strategic ThinkerDay ago

    Denisovans looked like Chewbacca?

  26. attovishnu

    attovishnuDay ago

    It's very reassuring to know that homo sapiens bred with neanderthals, now we know that the hybrid is Sasquatch. The tradeoff? We got dwarfism, sasquatch got giantism.

  27. Chizachuku

    ChizachukuDay ago

    Imagine a prehistoric proto-world war, sapiens vs all. That'd be a sick background for a new TV series if there's anyone out there who's interested cough Netflix cough hbo come on

  28. Charlie Clumsy

    Charlie ClumsyDay ago

    Does that mean that Africans can't handle cold as well as EuroAsian people?

  29. Charlie Clumsy

    Charlie ClumsyDay ago

    I love the Internet. I love having the possibility to learn information like this very easily.

  30. Afrika Smith

    Afrika SmithDay ago

    Next thing you know will discover that humans used to be as diverse as Middle Earth.

  31. Jim Battersbee

    Jim BattersbeeDay ago

    The most recent evolutionary split among hominids is to be found in the USA. an odd collection of humans that deny scientific facts in favor of "alternative facts". Truly bizarre.

  32. Alberto Fuijimori

    Alberto Fuijimori4 hours ago

    An attempt was made

  33. goatneck

    goatneck2 days ago

    Wait, if they were a different species how did they were able to reproduce with homo sapiens?

  34. Some Dragon to Slay

    Some Dragon to Slay2 days ago

    Could someone explain me why they were a different species if they could interbreed with us? Isn't that against the definition of species?

  35. Charlotte Gill

    Charlotte Gill2 days ago

    23andme tells me that I have 311 variants of Neanderthal DNA which is 93% more than average person 😊

  36. Charlotte Gill

    Charlotte Gill12 hours ago

    @Joseph Blanchard ngl I am quite hairy 😂

  37. Joseph Blanchard

    Joseph BlanchardDay ago

    Jk jk

  38. Joseph Blanchard

    Joseph BlanchardDay ago

    So that explains why you are over 90+% hairier than everyone else....

  39. 33kaus holokaust

    33kaus holokaust2 days ago

    If today the neanderthal lived, the homo sapiens would have used them as slaves . We as humans cant even tolerate other races of our same species. Imagine if the species were different We are less evolved than our ancestors. We are more divided than our ancestors were. Our ancestors survived because they learned to coexist. We will die cos we forgot to co exist

  40. G. Araujo

    G. AraujoDay ago


  41. John Kotab

    John Kotab2 days ago

    A note on "Species" Species differentiation as a scientific truth is quite grey now, with all that we've learned even in the last decade. We have found hundreds of examples of species that can interbreed and create fertile offspring once geographical (ie, different side of the mountain range or ocean) or temporal (ie, different flowering times, times of mammal's heat/fertility cycle) barriers are overcome, which is quite easy to do in laboratory settings. Climate change has broken down some these natural barriers to reproduction cross-species, so that it happens in the wild. Temperate-climate bears like the Grizzly and tundra-climate bears like the Polar now have overlapping population distributions, and have interbred. Its possible that some of these more-subtle (ie, noticeable over millions of years, not over decades like in modern history) changes in climate resulted in our interbreeding with Neanderthals.

  42. Tom Hansen

    Tom Hansen2 days ago

    The other interesting thought is the FOXP2 gene in Neanderthals, which affects linguistic abilities. While this is a hypothesis, I have a feeling that they may have had an influence on our languages. We'll never know for certain, though.

  43. mick hanks

    mick hanks2 days ago

    isn't the concept of a "Tree" as analogy becoming a poor metaphor to represent life?

  44. CBourn48223

    CBourn482232 days ago

    The H isn't silent bruh.

  45. Sentinel

    SentinelDay ago

    The h isn't there

  46. Its2AM

    Its2AM2 days ago

    Are you saying there are genetic differences between the races? I thought race was a social construct

  47. renge9909

    renge99092 days ago

    I mean, there are genetic differences _within_ races too.

  48. Kiss two Gays

    Kiss two Gays2 days ago

    This channel is so crazy

  49. Brain Snott

    Brain Snott2 days ago

    3 species of humans still

  50. Nate Taite

    Nate Taite2 days ago

    Can we all just agree humans didn't out compete them to their demise. They were killed off by a catastrophe. Probably a astroid raised tsunamis and killed a lot of them off. Especially when you think about how benefitial it is to live by the water.

  51. The Brocialist

    The Brocialist2 days ago

    In every social group, there has to be that one crazy bastard who’ll stick his schlong into anything with a pulse. You can thank him or her the next time you don’t die from a paper cut

  52. Donnie Pinns

    Donnie Pinns2 days ago

    Well, we may say we f***ed 'em to death lol

  53. E. MAR

    E. MAR2 days ago

    What a waste of time!

  54. Lumosnight

    Lumosnight2 days ago

    Interesting how a lot of these Neanderthal remains were found in the Balkans... you should do a video on the ancient Vinčan culture, located in modern day Serbia. These were some of the first European settlers.

  55. Oneal the music man

    Oneal the music man2 days ago

    I already knew like 90 percent of this lmao

  56. Caustix Soda

    Caustix Soda2 days ago

    What a load of nonsense

  57. Blue

    Blue2 days ago

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